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tv   News  RT  September 20, 2020 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich here is a good. day over the children are torn between gold and education a family was very poor i thought i was doing my best to get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. in our news review of the week russian opposition figurehead objects in the loneliest says he's making progress in his recovery after being allegedly poisoned as must now i'm berlin wrangled over evidence of the cakes. for you live pictures from hundreds were detained yesterday during saturday's opposition rally in the belorussian capital and as you can see another protest is getting underway anger over the disputed presidential election shows no signs of relenting a month on. also today the u.s.
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says it would resume post sanctions previously lifted on a brown and a unilateral move that's irritated washington's allies. welcome to the weekly here on r.t. international where we bring you the latest headline news on the top stories from the past week. or so an opposition figure have been the volley is on the path to recovery at a hospital in berlin after coming out of an induced coma last week isn't revealed his intention to return to russia as soon as he's fighting fit again you know all the diplomatic spat between moscow and berlin over his alleged poisoning has only gotten worse on monday germany said laboratories in sweden and france have independently verified that the moment was poisoned by a nerve agent of the no choke group the global chemical weapons want shug is also analyzing samples russia has demanded that information on the case be shared with them but so far to no avail. with their excuses are completely contrived germany
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says it can't tell us anything in direct says to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons but we've been to the o p c w several times and they say talk to berlin we are ready to talk to anyone but not when in the absence of facts we are pressured into giving an account of ourselves on the basis of specific clearly formulated concerns we are always ready to have a professional conversation. russia insists its doctors found no trace of never choke or any other poison while the bomb it was in their care moscow has repeatedly stressed its willingness to cooperate with germany in order to establish exactly what happened are days ago looks at the controversy surrounding the case election of ali is recovering whatever it was killing his body is on retreat and the politician seems to be almost out of these woods so concerns over his health make room for concerns over what exactly happened and europe is demanding that russia
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aids the investigation in the situations arise which only the russian government can and must answer we continue calling us here to investigate this crime our demand is that russia urgently explain what happened well russia has already contributed by not letting alexina volley die in the 1st crucial hours after the politician fell sick russia contributed by opening its airspace to a team of german doctors letting them visit russia contributed by eventually putting him on a german rescue plane allowing the value to be airlifted to berlin and by offering its medical data to german colleagues so now russia says the ball is in germany's court moscow current aid the investigation if it's kept in the dark on emerging evidence to the press with enough when it all all this is taking place against the backdrop of facts that our proposals to berlin to jointly sought at would have.
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i've been dismissed and the far fetched pretexts that's hurdles are brought into the race because berlin starts playing a game of all take and no give russia can get the results of the expertise made in german labs since it will reveal too much of the german army's capabilities too much but only to russia's eyes apparently because berlin had no problem with sharing its data with almost 200 other nations member states of the o.p.c. w we are very negatively the fact that germany refusing to assist the russian law enforcement agencies secretly transferred no boundaries test data to its trusted partners it is clear that this was done with a political purpose so that france and sweden would automatically confirm berlin's unfounded accusations against russia but wait russia is a member state of the o.p.c. w. and that means it finally has all the time in the world to scrupulously study everything
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the germany could find right or wrong the only thing that it actually means is that russia can hop on the merry go round of rejections because berlin tells moscow it can get everything from the or b c w and the o p c w seeing the exact opposite bumping russia right back to berlin russia is in a loop which doesn't really help o.p.c. w.'s reputation with moscow as russia had previously accused the un bag watchdog of becoming politicized bureaucracy don't you like so many international concessions it's always great to be subject to political pressure and that's critically from of course those the fund it largely funded much largely the western powers we've seen with the p.c. to abuse role in interest to go to alleged chemical attacks in syria but its investigations have tended to ascribe blame has been riddled
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with these. inconsistences problems that will not rise in independent investigation but there appears to be scope for political interference and pressure to take close to the source similar situation in respect to the case where. it was very reluctant to share its information with russia in respect of the what do you have to discover in terms of chemical analysis and so on are giving no access to evidence keeping waters murky playing every bureaucratic trick in the book this is how the e.u. is shutting out russia's investigators also raising the sanctions guillotine over the country almost like it wants a no investigation from russia but an immigration admission of guilt. and opposed to the end of all these instagram account of video shows his team searching his hotel room in tomsk shortly after new years had broken that he had fallen severely ill wearing surgical gloves they collect evidence in plastic bags
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which according to the person were passed to the german authorities one of the water bottles they submitted was said to contain traces of no child but one of the co-creators of that very nerve agent leonid brink it claims it was here's the novelli would never have even made it to the plane he was traveling on. it would be valmy wouldn't have been able to leave the hotel that's if it was normal jock and he really touched it or drank something 1st of all even in small or not very toxic doses provokes pupil contraction in such a way a person would be almost blind so could barely move so even with only very mild exposure he wouldn't have been able to get on a plane there are photos of him in the hotel in the plane in the russian hospital and yet we can't see any of the symptoms poisoning and novacek are not words to use for this case. richard that you would they definitely would
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get something they had just simple surgical gloves and that's it and also imagine a bottle that has traces of the substance on the outside it would be a very smart person who would try to fill a bottle with such a dangerous liquid and spill it all down the sides creating a dangerous situation for everyone. the u.s. has unilaterally re-impose sanctions on iran relating to its nuclear enrichment activity is watching and allies have been quick to react casting doubt on whether the move actually has any legal force secretary of state mike pompei also has a range of penalties are being considered for those who violate the restrictions we need sheeted the snapback process to restore virtually all previously terminated un sanctions if you when member states failed to fulfill their obligations to implementing the sanctions the united states is prepared to use or domestic authorities to boost consequences for those failures and ensure that iran does not read the benefits of un prohibited activities there would appear to be uncertainty
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whether or not the process was indeed initiated and concomitantly whether or not the sanctions terminations continue in effect does not for the secretary general to proceed as if no such on certainty exists the original sanctions covered uranium enrichment as well as the buying and selling of conventional weapons they were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal however in 2018 the trump administration unilaterally withdrew from that washington says it's taking action now as an arms embargo on the run expires in october paving the way for tehran to buy conventional weapons from russia and china. the international community must decide by itself whether to stand up to the bullying unfortunately due to the u.s. influence on financial markets they could apply pressure with financial sanctions of course those applying the sanctions say we did that even though we know they are illegal since they're powerful but it's they haven't noticed that the same
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principles will work for them to earlier we spoke with thought as are they a professor of political communication at the university of tehran he says the u.s. is isolated in its approach to iran. not to be any partners that's going to accept that premise. the u.s. is isolated in the unusual manner and what's going to happen is that the u.s. is going to use force to pressure other countries to accept legal interpretation of the un resolution 2231 and a few countries are going to accept that the u.s. has a history of mongering so you always have to be careful but the united states foreign policy so we have. of consolation escalating if we hope that president is not. the dog.
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scenario if he is behind the polls as he should know better not to engage in any military activities against iran to advance is put both. a small group of wealthy nations has already secured over half of the invision future supply of cope with $1000.00 vaccines that's according to a report by the oxfam charity means that only 13 percent of the world's population will initially have access to the sought after drug by slawson the head of oxfam's inequality policy division says this is a consequence of pharmaceutical companies seeking to maximize profits it's extremely dangerous for the world because rich nations monopolizing the supply of a potential banksy but more importantly they're doing deals with big corporations which are defending their intellectual property and their profits meaning that the
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supply of vaccines being own to fish should be limited. oxfam says there won't be enough vaccines to go around to meet the global demand the 5 leading vaccine candidates for which nations across the world sealed the deal are currently undergoing the final stage of clinical trials however even if all 5 proved to be a success which according to the charity is extremely unlikely around 2 thirds of the world's population will still have to wait at least until 2022 on top of potential drug shortages oxfam says the vaccine deals laid bare the inequality between prosperous and developing countries. for example the u.k. has managed to secure up to 5 doses per person depending of course on how the trials go off for bangladesh and this is a stark contrast the figure is only one dose per 9 people max lawson again says that prolonging an availability of the vaccine in some countries will result in many unnecessary deaths companies like their own are in the us are only setting
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their backs into very rich countries they're selling it at a very high price and somewhere between $16.00 and $35.00 a dose and you have to have 2 doses so that's like $70.00 per person so they are very clear that they they're doing needs to make a profit and they want to make money from this vaccine what we're saying is we need a people's backs in not a profit vaccinating we need to see. the breaking down of these patent barriers and we need to see open sharing your vaccine technology to maximize the supply safe and effective vaccines all over the world as soon as possible the huge economic and human cost of. a live aid ability of the vaccine if you think of countries like india or south africa brazil if these countries are not getting access to safe and effective thing into 2022 then they would have more lockdowns their economies would
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be huge trouble many many people would dog who do not need to because the vaccine has been artificially russian and for the profits of pharmaceutical corporations. the shortage of code testing in the u.k. has led teachers to question the safety of reopening schools cables and staff are among those struggling to get checked our correspondent is ali reports it wasn't so long ago that senior british politicians were promising that it was safe for children to finally go back to school i think the crucial thing is that. pupils get back to school it's much much better for their for their health and mental wellbeing their jobs their educational prospects we've made it clear this is compulsory parents do need to be sending their children back to school all the scientific advice is that schools are safe it's only a few weeks into the new terminal ready those claims are coming unstuck one
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teaching union is warning that education secretary gavin williamson may face legal action because they say schools were opened without proper safeguards being put in place teachers a 1000 in the alarm but a chronic lack of testing facilities means that you k. should in england make way to a halt the staff and pupils are forced to stay home school managements have been doing everything they chant but the government has failed to do their side of things testing is impossible to get hold of social distancing isn't possible in full class sizes i mean infection rates are going up so we have an absolutely chaotic situation where understandably and correctly pupils and staff are being sent home when they have potential sitting timbs but nobody knows if it's just a cold or coated and it's a completely lost story and of course the danger is that there will be some situations where in fact we did have an infosys child in the sco but nobody knows
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because we can't get a test to check one way or the other facing the lack of testing more than 200 school and college leaders said staff and pupils couldn't book tests locally and were being directed to test centers long distances away and with the government mandating no more than 6 people to meet at a time that encouraging students to get back into the classroom your thirty's the knowledge that the whole situation is in quite some chaos every school has a small supply of home test kits for those teachers that can diagnose a testing center teacher who tested positive had to wait a week for her results i don't deny that it is an enormous. and with children and teachers unable to get access to tests and essentially being told to get to the back of the queue if they want one union need to say that the government has failed to prepare despite having had months to do so and 5th of the country could go back into defacto lockdown one small children are being sent home who cannot get tests and parents are being forced to take 2 weeks off to look after them we will end up
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with an effective lockdown there is an escalating sense that they would end up with a return to lockdown by default it's not just with regard to the testing the schools are finding themselves short they also appeared to lack the basic hygiene necessities nearly a 3rd of teachers didn't know if they'd have adequate supplies of soap and water while just 18 percent had had from the tides and every call from its left parents to question how they supposed to feel that their children will be safe in school when teachers themselves don't seem all that convinced misuse of keep schools open . clear of they have to be violent and one of the fun things and speaking back is that you know. i'm self-taught on these as he. expects and try subversives i think you stance would not remind you given the gravity we need to test him they need. and honestly we can see he's which is the best one can. up next opposition protests are underway in the
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belorussian capital minsk you can see live pictures coming to from there right now from these protests against present alex on the lookout shango our correspondent will join us live from there right after the short break. the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those words. thinks. we here to ask.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy from day shouldn't let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only loosely engages i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. and. welcome back more opposition rallies are getting underway and the biggest in the capital minsk anger of the alleged working of the recent presidential election has been driving people to the streets for 6 weeks now our senior correspondent joins us live now. hello russian capital a month and
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a half on and people are still coming out to protest. the all of the marches is still gathering sensitive rallying in the square behind me i must say at this time last week there were many many people it's it's still early columns of demonstrators and protesters still gathering together they what they do is they gather together where they live in the different districts of the different streets and then they they solidified to a huge huge rally huge march the takes across mids to wherever the organizers direct them to and organize a surfer are still still gathering everyone telling them to lighten up but there are far fewer people than the last week perhaps 34000 people in the square behind me you may hear a loud loud music that that is authorities in belarus they've taken to
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they seem to play a pretty loud patriotic songs pro-government thugs which a irritates the protesters. the clouds of last week no ad nevertheless of the both sides you know the pro-government that the new in force with their preparing and the boches the protesters they're still gathering we've seen the entire street blocked off with with buses with with even bob while lines of police when the around the residence of the president government offices and protesters gathering here very peaceful so far here though we have heard about a resident people being detained in other cities in other areas of means for the crowd should start marching any movement now but as i said. since the if compared to last week. reporting live from men's cranky. when all opposition candidate. is expected to take part in
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a meeting with foreign ministers in brussels on monday the moves been condemned by both russian and russian governments. we consider such contact if it takes place as more evidence of the european union's departure from statements that they made in their regard in the absence of geopolitics in the situation with. this week the european parliament weighed in rejecting the results of the bellers election urged think sions against those who allegedly helped rig the vote and orchestrated the ensuing violent crackdown russia slammed the move as counterproductive also this week alexander lukashenko flew to russia to meet his counterpart vladimir putin the president discuss the future of minsk moscow ties it was stressed that belarus should handle the crisis through dialogue with the citizens and without any external pressure on sco also announced a $1500000000.00 loan formants. israel
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entered a 2nd national lockdown on friday it's expected to last at least 3 weeks and like oh good measure came into force just hours before the start of the jewish new year prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's a response to the soaring infection rate there. i know. we have witnessed another along with the increase in deaths and the continued increase in the number of critically ill patients as many of the experts have recommended we may have no choice but to tighten the guidelines. and then yahoo's decision is deeply unpopular with an already a pandemic weary public hundreds rallied against the new lockdown measures on a beach and television on saturday demonstrators were dancing and chanting slogans accusing netanyahu government of mishandling the covert 1000 crisis. the new restrictions include a 10 people limit on indoor gatherings israelis also won't be able to go further than 500 meters from their home while schools and shopping centers will be closed
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and businesses won't be allowed to receive clients these measures are aimed at reigning in the daily infection great this is almost doubled since the start of the little number of cases exceeds 180000 counting with more than a 1000 deaths israelis told us how they feel about the new lockdown it's very frustrating it's killing the economy and many people feel like there's no hope and they don't know what is going on it's probably a good thing because cases are rising that the roof so that's what we're going to do but i don't think it's going to expect that infections will go down but that the right back up as soon as the closure hangs on this doesn't affect me at all where i live 500 meters i go anywhere i want to do anything i want people i still see don't wear a mask so i really don't understand how this is going to help anything. lastly it's never too late to learn case in point in the time man who has graduated from university at the age of 96 filling
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a lifelong dream he told us about his journey. that after working i retired and said what do i do now i didn't like doing nothing so i started studying. when my mother gave me the money to go and buy breakfast so instead of buying myself a sandwich with potatoes i went instead to buy books. i seriously wanted to enroll because i am
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a little tired after 3 years of study every evening i finished reading and studying at midnight without exception even on sundays. that. life never drank alcohol i always drank milk and i believe this is the secret of my memory then of course reading helps the minds needs to be trained your. that's our breakdown of just some of the biggest headlines from the past week or more on those stories and the latest news head to our website.
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think. it is more easy to get money. any. don't make cost. money even afford. we'll have the minerals so. let's make it big. like that. please.


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