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my above was violet beer that examined the dead like. you know those or you that will them to the beloved i'm getting i know it's the number i'm up by somebody in the addition of my a bob which isn't much of this is a. dealing deal with them i need a gun so pulling a slip on them. because it's good don't wish to when you post and you're too bored to shiver acts of misled by me ticket miss race couples who are such an issue in the united states i think rarely because of the jim crow laws of that intense. hatred of african-americans so this notion that you could mix. was was absolutely. you know impossible for many whites to accept that it was illegal in many states but you all my above. us. know what benefit the most on your children
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18 mikkel money is not. much of a thought if i knew. i knew bullshits that i knew it or i see as much below which incredibly that isn't very new country. since it has the constitution there actually. codes to racial gender and all different kinds of discrimination my grandfather george times. is from. virginia. and he ended up in russia in the most peculiar way hugh was able to land an amazing contract with the ministry of agriculture in russia and he. got in a boat and then in the soviet union in 1000. it's important to remember
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that this was the period of the great depression and it was also a period in which the soviet government was during a massive recruitment people with turkey. keith graduated university as agriculturist there's no career moves there's no jobs and there's so much discrimination when he spoke he went to a country where. she had no clue what was going on you watched russia on the news saw the union communism why would you want to go there george times had a dream. and he found a solution and seen. history presumably african-americans who went to school reunion in the night.
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look at. cern james crabbers. james patterson became a national icon. famous film circuit. the movie's circus has an extraordinary story behind it i think it was said to be stalin's favorite. opening scene there's a woman running from a an angry crowd threatening her and throwing rocks at her at the bundle says and carrying is her black child. this german impresario
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at the climax of the film reveals the truth to the audience in the circus that she has a black child and of course the soviet response is so what do we care we don't care if he's purple polka dotted. and then he goes yearly is passed. to various members of the audience policing him a lawyer by one of the languages of research. i mean it couldn't be more. saccharine and more propaganda stick by but it hit all the right nerves at the time as explained credibly popular even the song. that on the. air. was even a sort of a defacto anthem of the soviet union. it's
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definitely fear to say that those who appeared yunior with a prominent leader and anti-racism. government. if you. think you can. think what you look we. all know. that little black boy from the circus movie is now $87.00 he was born and raised in the soviet union he served in the navy as a submarine 'd then he became an also he lived short stories in the early 1990 s. after the soviet union collapsed. to the usa to his father lloyd patterson's
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homeland to translate his work into english in our lives alone in a social apartment in washington. they're. all me no. moon they. want to go off learn. valuable. through all do you. through it go there. baby boom. now so real do. they believe they're. going to go through doing. jim's father going to patterson like many other african-americans moved to the u.s.s.r. to work on a contract basis but he loved the country so much he stayed and started a family here he travelled in circles in the soviet union and moscow there he would
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not have in the united states had a wife. 3 sons career he was busy all the time his wife with. she was. fairly well known designer stage designer what he saw at that time and 132. in stalin's moscow however strange it might sound now he saw a loss of opportunity there. are tears. of loss i didn't move the big guns a little. more and since earl of the. old souls. it's just i don't got the. duck but it did me good on the medication.
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must finisterre as you go yeltsin's could last article. it's going to get said. i was a little dog let me know what you will probably i sure will mr shelby i mean you mustn't be doctor nobody ever spoke to middling at. good older. at the start. of this. ines are ross the daughter of serviette actor robert ross was born and raised in russia and now lives with her son james near moscow in a big country house. james was a talented athlete as a boy. in the late 1980 s. he played for the reserve team of one of the country's leading football clubs
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spacek moscow could anybody come. to little a small. little of this. me to not cause much so this point. so did racism exist in the serviette union. with the mildest of my own what are you when you're the lady in the ib and they slow up what's reported up ask them what happened after the iron curtain fell when the descendants of those african-americans could return to america their ancestral homeland get them an important story. to deal with and why now 100 years later is russia again attracting african-americans for skin to put the child in the toilet the kind of wall the crowd the way the catholic idea.
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the book. an entire village in alaska. if another country trying to wipe out an american. we do everything in our power to protect the. water the escaping the climate change is the same threat right now alaska does seem some of the fastest coastal erosion in
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the world lost about 30 feet. 35 feet of grass in just about 3 months while we were measuring. his face in case the river is. closer than the power. was or were part of a murder burst from. the same wrong. all just all. get to shape out just the attic. and engage. the trail. when something find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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sputnik 5 has the world. just like its namesake the original. the 1st craft to leave. orbit the world. many questions remain unanswered of russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. puzzles for. one of the family states please we may. be able. to receive. interest preliminary requests. but she's. all right this is happening. where you go and the reaction has been exactly the same as it was way back.
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the world reaction is made of green cheese. but. it's. a mass kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is on a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these has clearly not accountable and we're just adding more and more to the. global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed.
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the tiniest misspelt. in modern russia or it would be hard to find anyone who hasn't heard of yelena hunger she's worked on television since the late 1990 s. boosting several popular talk shows including russia's 1st t.v. show to discuss sex. the british and the spy that people should understand that a lot of the folks here are very very stupid or show he is a. russian . dyleski. at the movie. that nico when you are. a 1000000 times his father george times moved
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to serve you to union in the 1930 s. along with many other african-americans and settled in the republic where he helps develop cattle breeding on collective farms that's where a 1000000 spent childhood. new with. the deal is a lot of them i pity you must prove. he said stuart the. that. was big. and then this idiot here allusion i get it that i don't sneer that i says no when medicare. is by me to get the bill and that i see is an order bill chest to. go well you've got a bold. when you
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will but that was. i made a cuts and i did what you did that when you published when you put in your local budgets the service state was. they knew that there was racism throughout europe. but if they work or london or paris think you read in the very best hotel we're going to know what the experience you know mirror. daily life for an african-american in the thirty's was. you know frustrating there would be parts of town that you would not be able to go through or you would only be allowed to go to certain stores there were accommodations were black there would be separate correlates for example of why it would be separate water fountains. and they were usually of the lower quality i thought about this many times i don't even i don't know why more african-americans didn't. try to go. there his other places maybe it doesn't occur to them.
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to go in there will be a season to be sniffling meeting to push their nationals through. the wood in europe that has been this team i was because i still would stop with the cup the podio of them i was freezing you know top slow sally is a story that still to be done deal it's got to be natural. when the soviet union collapsed the descendants of those african-americans had the chance to travel and to see their ancestral homeland for the 1st time in georgetown and his grandson yogi tynes was one of the few who went to the u.s. in the early 1990 s. my approach to both acquire would be a terrific strain to work but it's your 1st so of course so you should look down cooked up sure someone has a boy for us all not having his will in the. area and it's in the dust bowl. because you know you just more than that i'm going to break you could be forgiven
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that says consumers are born to. streets in the course of the ball when you're older than you know you do a store or short enough to do is that the mushroom you know you do a postal short and i'm aware of your stocks sedated to keep them. but chose to lay a quid to work because what they started screwing up so that they would be with me while you were going to tape that bill dust over that the woods into the woods or the more you know with them yes that is it's. better to preach in new porno soaps dark with stars would deal with it sure i do with michelle and theater with the tomato and support your story shows i should think you know what i see the show so stood me gotta go out at parties kick up the rich you can eat you the star you know score well i mean a q. and you got sent the curtis machine lean more should quit with has no business sober to see them. i mean you in tediously of us who are going to be able to just
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post in there so take you though to. me what i see them as sober. unlike you want you to finds his own g.p. a 1000000 times moved to the usa and became an american citizen she's lived there for the last 10 years deal still exists it was she will live that loses is good and. what you need to do admit a series so you know what i see and i may be consequent to the janja which imprinting my. thought of the year with you blue sky. plus leave new war they're all just leave usual and use the d.v.d. in your store what they see is one beast. of. a familiar. but as they're so down there. are some way of. the witness themes and there's an old rule of doing good at the correct teachers in
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your bus was that. those doubles the value maze disputes you know because i were in their system so use it to show sport not. so much a waste of my school's commenced ritual but i would hear the record showed him a b. or c. could even out of milk resist rubberstamp as i know for to screw. with the. company of cutlery gave it a set name is a story of this president about the stomach of. the city of new business the stuff that straight out of the mall both of them are and never really understood to be. coerced motion and the thing is to compress to emotion the cut of the period and you gore. only know most christians he's premier and it's a from seeing that it is now on that ship are now going to do us mosque we'll horseless way mom will. sit down on the steps of the impersonal or corrective steps
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who swears as much as you would chose not to show you the source you. why did i make up my mind to move to russia i wanted to leave a country where i was space and scream a nation racism. have we are all the racial problems from the 1930 no not at all if you look at the recent events. it's all too frustratingly similar to. decades past. it was a situation i remember it was yesterday i aks for help from the police where i was like an emergency and then i became the victim i had 3 police officers. grab me and just throw me down on the ground. and i had
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a bruise on my hand to some my arm. i thought they were going to kill me. that they were going to shoot me and it was by the officer is it was the worst experience of my life that i have to not want to ever ever live again. because i grew up in a normal or orthodox family you know we're not gangsters. you know no one has and we don't have any hoodies at the police officer to help me why aren't they helping me. and it's history that's repeated over and over and over again and it hasn't been fixed my great grandfather george time staring. you know in the great depression so rights movement it's the same thing just a different version. of what.
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i've been living in moscow for one year exactly i teach english i'm a teacher. i feel free and living in russia because in russia the matter what time it is i can walk outside and i'm saying. we're standing outside the metro area and with the police officers too close ups is walking towards us and my heart's beating fast like. why because no living in america. you're traumatized and i was like talk i'm scared and then my friend just moved here from america and she's russian he's like really just 5 minutes later that same police officer comes back with the biggest bouquet of flowers a stranger and tells me welcome to russia you belong here. i
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do want to hear it's a piece of me and the more i had the more i'm here the more it i see that i'm not going anywhere and the russians that i meet here 1st they're like ok you're a foreigner that i have when i speak russian and then we wait. the national at least. the scene will. speak at the close of the deal with just the way you. would go into the water with seal up so you can see it but a sandwich and a little bit below it. with the with just 2 years a better deal less might do which is pretty vicious to get the bell of things i'm not. going to. be a good idea used to do the skills and much of. it you
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buy. my you. use it. in new york. because. i knew. the mom operationalize raising me as leisure will sit by in the more talk about my yeah. with this it's that no in an older. cyclists can steiner's than. just live with him struggling with. literals in the newbie and it's a new niggas in london but at the noon eastern us promise and discuss. anything
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. to see. the civil news just in the. small ball due to this supposedly mean data says no no no don't. think it's. so it's crystal clear. computer communication better than human communication does a lot to thing to do so the possibility just being restricted with the
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brains we go with the fine art no group growing but even today even just combining true human brains together. i mean somebody has a lot of the advantages. go in and you may never get out of. my teenage gang rules here. i do want to remove. the my. clothes. but. navy will be. minus. 0. and now it's looking for the yeah. and melanie when the little.
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ones you know i'm looking a little present i see. sputnik 5 has the world. just like its namesake the original sport. the 1st draft of off to leave. orbit the world sidewall many questions remain on a. russia's new vaccine the authorities are confident enough to go forward with mass production. puzzle for. less than the family states please when you speak of a life in the. raid to receive. interest
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early in their requests. billions those of us but see. right this is happening. the window and the reaction has been exactly the same as it was way back. in the us. the world reaction is made of green cheese. but. you have to. join me every day on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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the french interior minister it sells the country to brace for more attacks after a night. in the slaying after a night. in the slaying 3. fronts of. enemy from within and from without. with any religion with islamist ideology. protests spread muslim countries over a. fence of the right. in his previous remarks. insulting the messenger of god. the pretext of democracy is not.


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