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tv   News  RT  November 2, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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up did you need to descend. so join us in the death. or inmate in the shallows. donald trump's covert advisors told to apologize for giving an interview to r t after being routed on by the mainstream media got out this was branded a russian propaganda for warning against tom containment measures. the argument is on tonight i don't want guns are killing people. chop towns i met with civil unrest across europe following a reckless such incoherent factions. contest this week the muslim world against the french president's crackdown on hardline it's gone after a series of terrorist attacks all gassed
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a bus that's news on this uprising bread. religion this is an opinion we are for terrorism but we also want the right for our boys to be heard in these countries i must say those extremists have a completely different view that's how they know i'm just. making sure you never miss a story this is our chance national guard room welcome from the whole team karen mustard joint. what our 1st story for you this hour is how don't trump's advisor on coke at 19 has apologized for giving an interview to us to r.t. off to a wave of criticism from mainstream media outlets speaking ongoing on the ground scott atlas slammed the use of lockdowns to contain the spread of the fire us. i don't so it's been one of the one of will go down as an attic sale year of our
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policy people who refused to accept they were wrong were wrong words used to exact they were wrong didn't know they didn't care and became a frenzy of stopping calling 980 says at all costs and those costs are massive and what's happened here is that the argument is undeniable the lock downs are killing people this is a very controversial fellow his views are controversial he has a lot of power has a lot of enemies in the united states and what happened when his opponent and we can call them that because this is largely the criticisms logic coming from c.n.n. and b. c. a b. c. they went absolutely nuts saying how would they appear now on the eve of the elections on a russian propaganda channel senior white house official tells me dr scott atlas did not have approved from the white house before going to see adler's did it on his own without seeking approval from white house senior aides to raise concerns
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that that was would it be on the russian outlet the scots atlas is having an interesting week here he is on the russian propaganda network occy which casually opens the segment with some facts about u.s. imperialism when he was of an interview with russian propagandists talk to school to the supporters and radiologist who has the president's ear spitefully sub tweets dr anthony fauci an actual expert on infectious diseases you know there was never this sort of outrage when adam schiff will or other democrat functionaries officials appeared about t. to talk about you know various topics regarding bad demick the economy foreign relations and suddenly you know when this guy a trump of trump follow a close adviser of trump appears and r.t. all hell breaks loose we've got a bear in mind almost election and everybody shy to squeeze every little bit of a. vantage that they can out of the situation they managed to successfully you know
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to get him to back down and apologize for a reason you didn't interview with the team was on a with their registered foreign agent i regret doing the interview and apologize for a loan whistle to be taken advantage of well especially apologize to the national security community who's working hard to defend us this was a tough interview tough and rough there's no mollycoddling new frills about it these were challenging questions his views as i said very controversial avoid in the he's against the locked out he's against shutdowns economic restrictions he wants the economy wide open he says that the damage from from a shut down economy will be the bigger than from you know even the economy. so his views were challenged by action right that you know that the democrat leaning mainstream media says it's coronavirus that could spell the end of the trump presidency and i think there's a gross distortion that is certainly. not. risks to younger people is extremely low the university of washington study that
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says there will be 500000 dead by february kind of contradicting the york your lack of correlation between cases and deaths here the situation with covered in the united states is absolutely catastrophic. the highest number of infected in the world it enormous enormous damage to the economy the social fabric of the united states and this is something i put together a report on on how these elections aren't so much about the economy and so much about foreign policy there now more than anything else about the pandemic 2020 was going to be trump's year stock markets breaking records the highest employment rate in a decade and he'd finally absolve himself of any ties to russia it was going so well nobody you know except one country can be held accountable for what hap. and it was easy america's achilles heel the health care system paid health care where
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people can be billed hundreds of thousands of dollars for hospitalization and we're talking here about a pandemic this was a system wide collapse they couldn't even agree on how to count the dead and he said we're in deep the world is and we need. it was failing from the get go while much of the world hunkered down shut borders went into quarantine the us choose to ignore it the virus is just another flu official said had officials urged people to potentially sacrifice their lives so the economy could keep running let's get back to work let's get back to living let's be smart about it and those of us who are 70 plus what will take care of ourselves but don't sacrifice the country reality he to whom hod what emergency ward cartoons were lined with beds when hospitals had to pack bodies into freezer trucks because the
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morgues were full worse and worse and worse until even trump fairly ill and his opponents his opponents saw the pandemic saw all the mistakes as a miracle but a tremendous opportunity we're just so lucky we have to use it well that is god's gift to the last. instead of uniting america the pandemic divided it there were protest against everything for mosques against mosques for shut down again shut down for trump against tribe against china against democrats now the democrats are politicizing the coronavirus you know. they're politicizing it we did one of the great jobs you see house preserved from doing to go home. he's given up. on you couldn't your family
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couldn't america of course the democrats didn't do any better look at new york which ranks 10th in the world by hoover deaths among countries as many as in all of france or in all of spain whatever they now say however better they claim they could have handled this pandemic they didn't good news in the sense that it may not be as serious an illness in the vast majority of people that that's something that we'd want to see we have heard a lot about the coronavirus spread after an emergency room doctor he or she will tell you that it's the common flu that's concerning them if they are positive and they didn't know they were positive they're found by surveillance that means that they weren't that sick the vast majority of people aren't going to get sick from this and this nonsense has continued for the whole year states shutting down and reopening based not on infection statistics but political affiliation a week of arguing between the reds and the blues about stimulus about couvade
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relief for ordinary folk they even managed to politicize the one thing that will end this the vaccine. are already in the final stage. joe budden vaccine. here is putting a little risky literally doing it for political reasons it's very foolish if the doctors tell us that we should take it i'll be the 1st in line to take it absolutely but if donald trump tells us i said to take it i'm not taking it is a spectacle of absurdity the clues into the election we got the more ridiculous it became they were arguing not about who to vote for her but about how to do the actual voting democrats people to malin their votes while republicans are in their boots to go vote in person and they're getting tired of the democrats. i don't see any of the saw the cover covered covered 10 democratic cover to cover
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you know why the judge a judge everybody out of voting people aren't buying it see and. that was. what could only be described as monumental acts of duplicity and hypocrisy they would warrant each other law to politicize the pad demick the same people that brought you all of these the bungled response the in a name celts and accusations had the gall to say this this is become a political thing let's sort of crazy that it's become a political thing this is not a time to score political points to baseless commentary it is a time for facts unfortunately it's become very clear the democrats are more interested in keeping the coronavirus as a political issue than actually fighting the virus we all know about the memes about 2020 what a catastrophe it's been and it has but no matter who wins this election no matter
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how they win they will inherit a country riddled with division and infection a population seeking todd of politicians and duplicity the many this isn't an election about picking the better president it's an election about making sure that the other guy loses. watch out here on i spoke with afshin rattansi who of course interviewed scott at less on going underground i think that it's always surprising that trump's covert advisor coolth thought to stop by appearing on r.t. is arguably mccarthy a times we should expect that when journalists from countries other than the united states brought us information that are helpful is helpful could be helpful to united states citizens we should expect this kind of press opprobrium from the so-called liberal mainstream media this is a 1st amendment issue i think even though. he has to register under this foreign
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agents registration that which the name agent is probably probably hoodwinking a good few liberal journalists in the united states it doesn't mean we're all spies who were killed and it's a sad day i think specially given the corona virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people all around the world the highest death toll in the united states and all we were doing was giving the chance of some of them the white house coronavirus task force to speak and i think he enjoyed the interview it was disappointing i think that he said he was taken advantage of how was he taken advantage of when he was allowed to speak to you or tease audience and the audience reach is hundreds of millions of people all around the world in doing so he will those who are hate him and dislike his scientific views to be attacked on all grounds how can he actually be a proper doctor if he doesn't know what t. stood for and what the ownership. was about and who funded it the idea that
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all these networks can call straight on that rather than what's in the interview which affects the lives of hundreds of millions of americans. after months of relative normality countries across europe are going back into knockdown following assad and career. virus facts and case numbers have doubled in the past 5 weeks to reach 10000000 now and this time around the containment masses are being met with strong public resistance.
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we've seen that demonstrations taking place across europe against measures that are being put in place to try and stop the spread of covert 19 europe 10 percent of the world's population 22 percent roughly of the world's kovac 19 infections here in germany where i'm speaking to you from we've just entered into what's been called lockdown light from one day until a miracle said she wants to try and get infections of covert 19 down by around 75 percent in germany and the way that they're going about doing that is trying to keep open as many schools kindergartens and elements of business as possible at the expense of social contact so it's the it is bars restaurants beauty salons jeans that are paying the price they're the ones that are going to be shutting down in the attempt to do this however in bringing in these measures some politicians here
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in germany were caught breaking them already. the focus should now be on protecting the population and at such time when the demanding so much from people. the titians need to set an example. for the covert 19 measures that have come into place here in germany mean that bars and restaurants will have to close for normal business they will be allowed to
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carry out operations to take out well new covert 19 measures are being put in place across europe in france we saw them enter into a really strict new lockdown where pretty much all of the same measures that were in place in the spring up back in force similar measures taking effect in belgium on saturday night the british prime minister boris johnson announced that the u.k. will reenter a month long lockdown from thursday number of all the countryside the introducing new measures are expected to introduce new measures over the coming weeks or one country that has seen a big rise in the number of cases is russia 18665 new confirmed infections of covert 19 on sunday the number of dead in the country has now passed the 28000 mark there are no signs of a new full lockdown coming into place in russia however over 60 five's have been
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told to stay at home as much as possible those in the out risk category we know the virus attacks those who are older much harder than it does the young but when it comes to things like night life in cities like moscow that remains open may said it is so beyond the rushed. the mayor of the russian capital has said that the q.r. code system that's being used to allow people into bars and nightclubs will continue but it may be under review showed cases continue to price we have from john let's stand economist paul bit in a can he believes that some countries really need to rethink their priorities when it comes to dealing with this pandemic as an economist i look at trade offs and and to be honest measures taken in most of europe like the lockdowns do seem too much focused on trying to avoid infections at all costs rather than trying to find a balance between debt and other goals such as keeping the gandhi life affording poverty and maintaining individual liberties so i understand it's difficult for any
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government right now to take the right decisions but it seemed too much could i think and towards trying to avoid infections in europe yeah we will most likely see civil unrest in crees over the next few months because of the lockdowns will be harsh winter everyone hoped after 1st lockdown with relatively mild summer that the worst was over but now we started the new episode off of another lockdown and god knows how long this will take so what will be very challenging for the rest of the year and also early next year or no if you look at the polls in holland most people still support the law and strict measures but the of course when we see the unemployment rise we see more bankruptcies there will probably be a point where people say ok no more and that's something you really seems trees are forcing the only increase as long as we can we don't find a way to to to live or deal with with the virus while still ahead on the program
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turkey has accused of xenophobia with its crackdown on hardline as well about that and a bit more after this break. american media greed nearly in lockstep ovoid each practice journalism again ideology trumps common sense reality and after the election how many voters will say not my president. the world is driven by shaped by from person.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. joins me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back now gunmen have stormed the largest university in afghanistan killing 19 people mostly students on injuring 22 more a group of militants entered kabul university on monday while a book was taking place attended by the iranian ambassador they opened fire with assault rifles in the lead to a 5 hour gun battle with security forces in which all 3 attackers were killed so
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far no group has claimed responsibility on the taleban has denied its involvement. finally the french president has infuriated many in the muslim world with his clampdown on radical islam that's following a wave of terror attacks on it sparked a war of words with turkey. if i speak i understand and respect that people might be shocked by the character choose but i will never accept that someone can justify physical violence because of them i will always defend my country's freedom to speak to write think and draw these. so you there because of them just we see the countries that teach the world about human rights and democracy take the lead in islamophobia and is in a phobia a fight needs to be put up against and to move them sentiment today just as a battle was waged against and to some it is more in the wake of the holocaust. along with 13 muslim nations including pakistan a bank attacks have called for
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a boycott of french products there have been major rallies in those countries and also in yemen with the french flag set alight now this comes after the french government shut down muslim groups on a major mosque following a series of stoppings and shootings. we are at war against terrorism terrorism can always strike there is no 0 risk and the state is doing its utmost to protect the french people passing them on the
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french demand justice we want these people to be deported to their country or legs so we are in a country that has witnessed atrocities great teachers being beheaded priests having less throats slit people are beheaded in a church that's not france and even if we take in all possible security measures have been able to come in with a knife to do is deadly deed 0 risk does not exist you know there are i think 40000 churches in france we could put a 1000000 and a half soldiers there but that would not change the problem we can take someone who wants to kill someone else many countries especially in the middle east have taken measures against terrorists for knife attacks. while we discuss this was in conflict with someone guests on the program. president a french president was very right to confirm that we stand for a secular state and for the freedom of speech in the secular state of france
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religion is seen as an opinion we need to address radical islam in france and we are in a war against radical islam and i don't think mr micro is going far enough you can never justify terrorism or violence of any sort so what is the issue with president micro on his war in islam is that is the terminology that he's adopted which is and then murder has in which he tarnishes every single stem and holds muslims responsible for the action of a small minority of terrorists nothing i actually heard from. it is really attacking islam and moderate muslims in france what what i think he's trying to do is say look we have a country here we have laws and regulations that we've built up over centuries and this is how this country works and actually go 63 minutes to have a completely different view of how they want life to be and maybe separate into
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their own type of society. france is probably not for them we need to deport foreigners who preach islam on our grounds we have radical in moms preaching. against telegrams what you mean by that what i mean by that is by hate speech is against the western way of living against a securely way of living we have men not shaking women's hands we have most preaching for separate swimming 0 is we have young girls going being told to put on the veil this is not what we are listening to certainly the pen is approved but it is still not is there nothing to take place to stop tonight is to be and talking about you know what you talking about you just sound like as if you're talking from the national fruit and here gender of the far right we as muslims recognize we have a problem there are. people want some it's i said this there's a problem with people who are involved in terrorism he want to bring people decent people who are against terrorism come together let's do that but just do away with
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this rhetoric that we're hearing tonight mr shafiq you oughta know that many mosques in france are preaching and saying that the laws of the of the qur'an are superior to the loss of france which nice please no i have no answer for you and i do not envy you oh that's your father and recreate what your colleagues in the far right what about the colleagues in the far right not a single word about the far right neo nazis far right extremists or which is totally out of kilter kaberle that your shows are just focused on demonology the whole community we all feel the same very strange that need to be dealt with police are having to deal with the rise of right wing extremism but at this moment today we're talking about people being beheaded and jews and basilicas and things of course because france that's the issue that france is having to deal with at this moment let's speak a sister let's take on their narrative a terrorist but don't do that the expense of orderly innocent muslims around the
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world we are poor terrorism but we also want the right you know for our boys to be heard in these countries are not free not to be attacked in a way has been tonight france is a country where all religions can peacefully live together and i live together with millions of muslims i have many muslim friends who are and latent muslims and whom i adore we can exist all together it fell out of that the condition that our traditions and loss of secularism are respected. likes to keep me company this past half hour you're welcome any time you know i thought i hope you have a great day and see soon. some control for a middle class to homeless overnight muslim or very hardworking people who want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some of it out of strict about luck the full time job won't always pay for
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a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get she will victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted to anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be paul in the world's richest country. when else so it's seemed wrong. but old roles just don't hold. any new world belief yet to shape our disdain to come to advocate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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they were going underground on the eve of the 2020 u.s. presidential election that will arguably decide the future of war and peace for the world coming up on the show will 2 neoliberal presidential candidates mean continued suffering both within and without the united states or will is no i'm sure use a joe biden presidency open an avenue of influence for progressive policies that could heal centuries of exploitation hatred and american college we hear from legendary political party jimmy door plus the man who could have been giving
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counsel to a president bernie sanders for the bag me on why the world needs joe biden in the white house all the more coming up in today's going underground but 1st tomorrow the united states goes to the polls to choose between 4 more years of trump or an arguable return to the obama years with joe biden a choice with seismic global significance progressives who have reluctantly supported by do have done so partly on the premise that once in power he will divest from his decades of support for arguably draconian criminal justice policies illegal wars in his siding with big business and move left but not everyone thinks it will work out that way jimmy door comic and host of the jimmy door show thinks it will in fact be quite the opposite and he joins me now via skype from his studio in california jamie thanks so much for coming on on this important day. angela davis that icon of resistance no i'm chomsky i know you know you've read
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so much of his work they say american voter.


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