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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 7, 2020 10:30am-11:00am EST

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i can take you to any part of the world that we put in 230-0000 or 150000 troops we can absolutely and the courage. but we're there and in the wake of an election that will arguably do nothing to change the course of us imperialism what can we learn from the united states history about a pretext for war and regime change we have to jaipur shot about the washington bullets catalyzing global con a judge bolitho more coming up in today's going underground fast as trump goes to the courts to try and win a 2nd term i'm joined now from massachusetts by lawyer and author of the case against impeaching trump professor alan dershowitz who says the law may favor donald trump alan thanks so much for coming back on why do you think trump may win in the courts well it depends on how he loses in the states if you lose the election by losing pennsylvania it is a strong argument that his lawyers 'd can make that pennsylvania should not count ballots that came in late it's
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a technical argument but it's the argument that prevailed in bush versus gore and there are already 3 or 4 justices who agree with that argument but it would take a combination of circumstances during the election to bring that case into a posture where you would want in the court so i think it's unlikely you will prevail in the courts but that's his best shot you broke media myths about different cases time and time again over your decades in law what impact do you think the so-called mainstream media is going to make on the case they seem to have already decided that joe biden is the president of the united states. well the media mostly engages in wishful thinking and they're often wrong because they substitute was 'd they hope will happen for a careful analysis of what will happen and you know the most likely outcome obviously is that biden gets elected with more than $270.00 electoral 'd votes and he wins in court if you have to be betting money that's where you have to be
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betting but with our judicial system it's impossible to predict the outcome what are the timescale are we talking about will be about a month as it was in 2000 with bush and gore. if if it turns out that that biden wins the election without pennsylvania i think we'll have a result within weeks not months if pennsylvania becomes a key state then i think it will take months do you think trump always had in mind the 300 judges that were appointed under his administration given that he had already been suspecting vote tampering. well i think he there are a lot of reasons why he wanted to appoint lots of judges his base wants conservative judges but i think part of the reason may very well have been as a backstop as a protection in the event that he had to take the election to court any president would think in those terms how is the average american supposed to understand what
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on earth is going on you may know that social media company twitter is already throttling the ability to share tweets made by president trump about the election well twitter is violating its own terms you know it gets exemption from defamation suits gets a supposed to be only a platform but it's become a publisher and it decides what goes in and what stays out and it decides whether to flag tweets or not that's not its job and i think the american public is getting fed up with the social media and them being exempt from they're above the law in some ways and yet they act in a way that's inconsistent with the law of the twitter denies and says it's a it's changing all the time as to its policies as regards politics what do you think the role of lawyers will be on behalf of trump we had his
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personal lawyer rudy giuliani on the program he's been giving press conferences in philadelphia to the press will you be helping the case or do you see that it will be giuliani and his team who will be defending the. interim president it will be giuliani it is chamber i've known really for i don't know 30 or 40 years i've done my duty to the president of the united states of america by defending him against the unconstitutional impeachment charge on this issue i'm going to just sit back and watch 'd i have my own podcast or analyze the case and i will be an observer and a commentator but not a participant in some historical now what he was telling us on the program was about to biden and making extraordinarily geishas about the president's son and. well maybe the president and certainly the president future president biden himself why do you think it didn't make any headway on the news channels in the united states and a polling day well i think some of the news channels didn't cover it if there were
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any anti biden they covered it if they were pro by and they didn't cover it that's a tragedy. that you don't get objective news it should have been covered it should have been investigated it's a serious charge but the media if they're pro biden just say it's an uncorroborated on document the charge and the other side's acts as if it's totally 'd proven it's a charge worthy of being investigated and i suspect it will be investigated if and when joe 'd biden becomes president by what do you feel in the night when you're watching florida declare so decisively relative to 2000 and the other states coming in i was surprised i voted in florida and i thought florida 'd would be much closer as it has been in the past the remarkable thing about this election is how little has changed over the past 4 years obviously the country has changed dramatically but the vast majority of states voted the same way 'd they did 4 years
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ago then difference in the popular vote 'd about $3000000.00 is about the same as it was the only difference is a handful of states which incur. lohse all actions went the other way and that will determine the outcome of the election supporters of trump say he shouldn't have given that press conference on the night saying there is fraud and waited a little bit do you think that will affect any court outcome because he was alleging both before it even before the election and of course on the night rather than saying this is the state of play at the moment we'll wait and see i don't think that kind of statement affects the courts it was done after the polls will close so i think it was just him saying what he believed and i don't think it will have any impact either electorally or judicially not just finding out something different i know you've been accused of being brought to the epstein sex trafficking right scandal we had a guy on who worked for israeli intelligence who made
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a claim that amp steen and maxwell were israeli spies anything that you knew of the daily mirror pension fund being used to finance epstein and israeli intelligence being involved i am totally convinced that bass completely false is false as the accusation against me and my case the accusations we have emails that my accuser tried to suppress and which she admits she never met me we have her lawyer and take it meaning that she was wrong we have the f.b.i. former f.b.i. investigating it i have been totally completely exonerated and the proof is overwhelming that my accuser made up the whole story and i think people making up stories about them aside i don't think there's any truth to that at all why do you think people who knew epstein i'm actually saying things like that. well you know he's a mysterious character people now know a lot about him visited me once in israel i think it was the only time he was ever it is really he didn't seem to know anybody there i arranged 'd
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a lunch for him at the time before i do anything wrong or anything improper that he had done i arranged a lunch with him with the judges and justices and important people he had never met any of those people i can't imagine that he had any contact with israel but it's easy to make up stories and i think the media has an obligation to check those stories i've asked 'd the f.b.i. to investigate me and investigate my accuser one of us should be charged with perjury and it obviously should be her because i never met her she made up all story i think we have to be so cautious about epstein related stories because people are so inclined to make them up specially now these days and need us no opportunity to respond i'm not here are going for epstein what he did what i found out he did afterward is terrible but i didn't know about it most people who know him didn't know about it before but i doubt he had any connection to any intelligence agency why do you think the media are more interested in the story than the hunter biden alleged corruption. and should be why news
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about a man who will be president of the united states the other is a bad enough secure financial guy is dead but one is salacious the other is not and i think the media follow salacious stories and they don't investigate properly if they investigated the accusations against me with the same or here that they've investigated other allegations they would dismiss them out of hand i hope they do imo i'm an open book i've done nothing wrong that's why i'm prepared to speak about it many of the other people have been accused aren't prepared to speak about it but i have nothing to hide absolutely and i should ask you given the trump gave the golan heights illegally occupy the new u.n. resolution to israel recognized jerusalem as the capital with the u.s. embassy then what if my does become president will be us is. relations. to patiently go on hikes is completely totally lawful as a professor of law specializing in these kinds of issues i can assure you that capturing
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a battleship in an aggressive war waged against you and not giving it back is perfectly lawful united states did the right think of the year by human security council resolution is different all but well the un security council resolution is dead wrong and it's been wrong in the past but but but as for why. he will stand by the decisions made by president trump the only place you'll never get perhaps is on the iran deal where he'll go back and try to get a better deal from iran but he won't reverse true so he won't reverse the golan heights and he certainly won't reverse the peace process between israel and the gulf states which is a very 'd positive development to israel as nothing different not that much difference between trump obama i think biden will 'd be better than obama but not quite as good for israel 'd as trump but i think biden will be fine i've known biden for 40 years he's always been pro israel 'd generally and i think support for israel warming bipartisan among the democrats and the republicans with
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a few exceptions on the hard left of the democratic party prince around thank you thank you often the break washington ballots to washington bullets will the u.s. election do little to impede the march of u.s. imperialism we are asking both of egypt rashad about assassinations in the name of democracy only some more coming up on 2 of going on the ground. l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the 1st law show your identification for should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point of view screen is to create trusts ever the shia. muslims might take on various chimes in with artificial intelligence will
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summon the demon. the robot must protect its own existence and existence. will. join me everything on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to guess of the world the politics school or business i'm show business i'll see you then. the u.s. has a history complicated and heated presidential election what's different this time is that the biggest political events of the last 4 years is happening amid the coronavirus spend. the rest of them to the level of civil unrest sparked by the death of george floyd's. the why of the radical groups on both sides of the
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political spectrum. right there with the city ordinance. say. these groups attract barely a week members who have taken to the streets making protests look like full scale work you see here was only a state of what's about to happen this demonstrators are sometimes heavily armed and they are not afraid of violence or law enforcement. if you want a war let it begin with us. we're going to meet these groups and their leaders to find out how far they're ready to go to fight for what they believe the state for this country.
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welcome back regardless of the litigation now underway about this week's contested u.s. presidential election some things arguably never change as the u.s. military seeks to block chinese economic supremacies as the u.s. deep state seeks to neutralize rival power was i'm joined now via skype by author another division of his new book washington bullets a history of the cia coups and assassinations is out now and he joins me from north hampton in massachusetts thanks so much for going back on does it matter who wins obviously in some minute but as regards the issues in your new book. you know the issues of the u.s. foreign policy u.s. aggression towards countries like venezuela towards countries like cuba the difference is not only minimal it's just not this is a bipartisan consensus whether you've had a democratic president liberal democratic president or you've had
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a far right republican president they've all tried to troll overthrow governments and they succeeded from the overthrow of mohammad mosaddegh in iran from 1053 do able more alice in bolivia 2019 there's been no difference you know when you look at the record of these people they all have a very similar active duty toward the world which is to use u.s. power as much as possible to secure the basic you know advantage to american corporations and i don't see any difference in a biden administration between biden and trump they'll be a difference in attitude you know a trump presidency was a presidency where mr trump essentially pushed people aside at international meetings to get to the front of the line when he's photographed biden will be a little more polite but this politeness when bombs are being dropped on you is to my mind irrelevant i'll get to the bullets in more detail but you mention even
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morale is there he really has written the preface to your new book how do you think washington will react in the past few days it's happened that even morale is can return to that lithium superpower we often talk about the fact we all carry a bit of bolivia with mobile phones that's well said we do carry a bit of bolivia with us in our mobile phones. is returned to bolivia the bolivian people stood up against a coup d'etat which they faced in november 29th it's extraordinary action we haven't really seen many examples of a coup d'etat happening and in about. the people he checked the coup government in a democratic process this struggle and they fought and the united states we mustn't underestimate this we saw this recently in el salvador with the president about salvador center right person went to china got a lot of deals on the way back to el salvador stopped off in tokyo japan she
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whispered in his ear and said don't cut a deal with china regarding the port the americans showed up they signed some deals with those out of putting a lot of pressure to break with china this is exactly what the bolivia story is about it will more or less be did his country toward china they had a number of important deals in booting the chinese help putting a bulletin satellite into space called to book atari satellite the americans were furious about this and they overthrew the the government so this cold war with china's commercially trysts and south america being pushed back by the united states not through its own commercial dealings because united states cannot actually compete commercially as you see with huawei and zte that d. they're using extra economic means to break the back of the chinese commercial developments in these parts of the world and that's what we're going to see again whether it's a trump or biden ministration really an anybody administration because you see in
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silicon valley option not one silicone valley c.e.o. has come out to condemn trump's trade war against china because they agree with the trade war because that's the only way they can compete with chinese high tech firms at this time but the bluefin example is really something to hold on to the people who helped fast r.c. had you know gasoline and red being thrown on her head was cut and she looked at the camera and says we are not afraid and now she's been elected as a senator in the senate didn't believe you have something to hold our heads high for ok well we invited the u.s. ambassador i don't. which one it might be in the next few hours whether it's the same one joke in washington obviously deny what you're saying they say was a formula and a constitution that evo morales was responsible for you mention bolivia che guevara was killed in bolivia by tehran reputedly told him he told the killer
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his own killer you are only killing a man with the idea that you're you know killing an idea you seem to disagree in this book washington bullets you believe washington bullets actually do have actions greater than jake of even so when i was a young person i was so enthusiastic about the rise to power in so then known as up of altar of a young man by the name of thomas and carter in 1903 some kind of came to power brought in very sensitive policies very progressive people into the administration you know he did something so intelligent he said on every wednesday women will not do any cooking not do any cleaning not do any washing we've got to teach men to take charge of the carrick on i mean side the house it was at that level of sensitivity that he put policies in place in 1907 he was assassinated it was killed
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the collusion of french intelligence the military in so and so on the in the highest some got a project at that moment lost confidence you know people lost confidence in the ability to move history forward the killing of some of the killing of lumumba that had a catastrophic effect on the national liberation policy in the congo can't underestimate what it does how it shocks the psychosocial capacity of a people when their standard bearer is killed in cold blood and you know we can recite name after name after name the assassination of chris hani at the beginning of the south africa. experience after apartheid he was killed in 1904 going out to get a newspaper this major leader of the communist party. you know leader of the work a spot in tunisia shot dead right when tunisia was moving out of ben ali's regime these people dead dead it has an impact because it diminishes our feeling that we
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can move the streets guess millions of people and i don't want to underestimate that it's not it's not true that just a person is killed not an idea sometimes option the idea is killed so you're actually saying that these cia ling bullets are responsible for as you say in the book the richest 22 men in the world having more wealth than all the women of africa put together the one percent owning the wealth of 6900000000 people. it's not irresponsible by itself one washington bullet doesn't create a billionaire but it certainly helps you know for instance if the people of the congo were able to in 1061 have a political agenda in front of them with patrice lumumba leading their movement if they were able to create a sovereign country with control over the economy duty you wouldn't have a company based in switzerland essentially mining copper and cobalt out of that country and being the country very little being the people of congo which is that
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sub minimum so the 1000000000 is a created by the killing of you know important people in movements but also let's stick colombia with almost every day a social movement leaders assassinated we don't know all the names of sion that's the other thing but in a small look at the or take the case of honduras when bush took a carriage was killed she was leading the fight to defend the people against you know a big dam project when she was killed the thought that it would minimize the impact or you know on the project a huge deal look at a project that. backfired it's not always the case that the killing the killing of lumumba for instance is going to have an impact which benefits the 1000000000 is sometimes it backfires it backfired in the one duras where but to cook at this is people continue to fight and that project is now put into some disarray so i mean it's not
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a case every time you kill somebody somebody is going to make money but it's often the case that when you kill somebody and you destroy the confidence of the people to fight for their basic rights they're going to work generations for sub wages and other people are going to make billions that glencore example that's the last man that bill clinton pardoned the head of glencore mockery each. well his company domiciled in switzerland and glencore moggridge say they have robust human rights practices in all their endeavors the book traces the i.m.f. the world bank the marshall plan and arguably corrupt foundation of the united nations we've just had remembrance sunday here in the last 24 hours this book examines the white washing of history why do you think that no collective consciousness about well many people believe. was the reason we ended world war 2 no one knows about dresden and the bombing arguably when they commemorate with
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their red poppies on their lapels world war 2 tell me about the white washing well 1st i just want to say option that i don't have any problem with events like remembrance sunday because human beings went to war and they died and we should remember them because war is a horrible thing and nobody should be sent to it and whether you're on the side of the angels or not we should celebrate the death of people who died for not think frankly but there is a lot of white washing of the system that produces war not the people themselves who are going sacrifice you know for instance in the unite united kingdom why hasn't the you. government daken an incident like jelly l a bug when in 1919 british soldiers went into a square and killed over 300 unarmed people as they did an on peaceful protest that was a massacre conducted in certain 1900 why hasn't the british government just apologized for that they don't apologize for it because if they apologize for it they have to
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knowledge the system of imperialism that benefited britain and continues to benefit britain there's a direct line option between the massacre at genuine a bug and b. a systems selling its weaponry to saudi arabia as it bombs yemen if you apologize for the bug how are you going to so easily give be a systems the license to continue to saudi arabia to conduct 2020 level massacres in yemen and i think that's the issue with amnesia it's not really amnesia it's actually consideration for the continuation of those old policies into the present you don't look at iraq you don't look at dresden you don't look at the soviet red on me coming across the great casualties to dick you know defeat the nazis you don't look at all that because you need to have a self image of britain as the shining star you have to have the image of the
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united states as someone exceptional untainted by the nastiness of history that's because you want to continue your nasty policies in the present and package it as something humanitarian liberal and beautiful that's the cause of so-called amnesia and it's something we need to you know talk about and explain that saying that i'm against this amnesia doesn't necessarily mean i want to denigrate you know your ancestor who died in some war somewhere not because they were the cause of benefited from it but because they were basically the foot soldiers well i'm easy production is in your manual. all regime change which is included in this book i presume not prescriptively obviously be a systems would deny what you are saying they say they're robustly equipping the saudi air force as it. continues to be involved in the world's worst humanitarian crisis they have given interviews i should say to business child to david cameron
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we invite him on the show about white as an apologist for jeb bush at thank you thanks a lot and that's it for the show will be back on monday 60 years to the day democrat john f. kennedy was voted in as president of the united states the youngest elected u.s. president in history and under whose presidency the arguably came closest to complete annihilation joining the cuban missile crisis until then catch all our interviews on you tube and don't forget to join me on the ground by following us on twitter facebook and. anybody who thinks that because i just won the election we our problems are over that is simply not true the problems were there before president trump they're not going nowhere you have grounds for the economy in the long room you're going to have huge debt to pay for the things you're going to do 3rd we still have a problem in the united states which raises we have too many.
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jails for growing possessions or some of those problems are. simply allowed to produce not does not solve them. some control from middle class to homeless overnight very hard working people who want to get ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some of them had a stroke of bad luck a full time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a. months rent can get she will take to the gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the
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case see how it is to be pole in the world's richest country. kind of financial for the on the job today was all about money laundering 1st visit this to the 3 different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas or cayman island to do all of these banks are complicit in the congress we just have to give him a call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for a mac. do you know what money laundering is highly illegal. watch guys record.
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you'll have a final declaration. of victory yet. the numbers are clear we're going to win this race stopping short of declaring victory democrat joe biden says he is on track for the white house that is key states continue to count votes meanwhile president trump claims it's him that's actually won the election and launches lawsuits over a late surge in postal pilots for biden plus is that the world's greatest democracy we gave the international reaction to the chaos that some folding in the united states while on the streets of america itself we get the views of new yorkers as claims of fraud hangover democratic.


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