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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 7, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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or as he was attempting to get those relationships and working again to save a rein in nuclear deal of course that didn't happen and trump refused to sit down with the iranian minister so yes european leaders hoping that a biden presidency. will see partnership together but there is a big concern here that if biden is the $46.00 president he's going to have so much on his plate when it comes to domestic issues whether that's the fallout from the election with of that's the 1000 pandemic whether that's the economy that europe may be waiting before those issues are dealt with one side new war remains to be seen how biden will change things one thing i think we can say they're starting is that they'll be a bit less twitter foreign policy on twitter rather was solid to balance the reporting from paris. why do you not to pick up on something that not he was talking about that just kind of expanded in the sense of how biden is going to negotiate with foreign powers how much the u.s.
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is going to try to exert its influence a brute right well i think it's definitely an important point to make because i mean when trump came to power right one of the main things he was he was campaigning on was ending america's endless war pulling out of america's military engagements of course he didn't deliver on a lot of those promises but. we can look back at the obama administration which joe biden has been really trying to identify with and getting more more votes during the election and it wasn't really much different i mean it was under the obama administration that the present of libya was overthrown moammar gadhafi the drone strikes were going on in yemen iraq pakistan somalia but at the same time biden has already said that if he becomes president he will have problems with saudi arabia if they don't and their war with yemen so that's perhaps a change of pace will suddenly i think off to donald trump anything will seem a bit and also be interesting to see all to see one thing that drew
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a lot of people to jump in the fast pace was that he went out he was committed he wanted want to be the global policeman anymore he wanted to be all about america fast and what was quite interesting is that in the speech that he made at the white house about 2 days ago when he said that i've i think on the legal fights i've won but once you picked up on that was that he said the republican party has become the party of the waka. waka you know so we're not supported by big tech fonts the democrats i'm representing the average joe in the rural areas in the cities and it's actually quite interesting to see how the republicans picked up a lot of ground in quite surprising places this election yeah i thought so as well i right heard that exact same speech and i was very surprised when i heard him say that because you know conventionally you would think the more leftist party would be closer to the working class and the more. right wing party would be more closer to no business owners or whatever but in the united states it does really seem like the republican party is gaining more of the working class demographic and actually
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not just when you think of the majority of white american workers but also in minority demographics in the united states as well we just had actually. publishing statistics that donald trump actually has gained more votes from minority groups in the united states then he had in 2016 and actually the amount of votes he he received from the white american demographic in the country actually decreased from 2016 so that's a very interesting statistic that you wouldn't think would be the case if you're just listening to mainstream media absolutely and if you actually what was really quite an astonishing number of what i write i had to sort of triple check it was that he'd gained more amongst minority groups than any republican in 60. you know you look at florida what was happening i mean many say that it was thanks to the cuban floridians the one the state by such a margin because they came out and they said i like him i like his walk ethic and i
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like the fact that he represents us also just picking up on something that was not she was talking about in terms of how the. how us is going to deal with you brett and max and doesn't give it away but what will be interesting is to see what's happening with brett said i mean 2020 has had so many other issues that people have forgotten that happened but it is still going to take place and we're kind of in the transition year so a ship becoming at the start of next year now biden has said that he is not a fan of. what would potentially put a trade deal post brick set between u.s. and u.k. and call themselves kind of special friends they say they have the special relationship will be interesting though it is worth noting that the u.k. actually said that they don't see that happening they think. a deal will go through the way right but in washington i'm not so sure because i'm hearing that potentially of the irish american lp by john of course having irish heritage well
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they'd have to like the brits a trade deal because they say that undermines any peace. so whether they try and exotic some kind of influence and make that difficult it will be really interesting to see how that plays out in the halls of of congress right we'll have to see because by the actually did say that he would hold off a trade deal with an independent britain until 2022 in the case of briggs it and briggs it of course is taking place so we'll have to see if that actually takes place yeah and no it will be either way i think it's going to be a huge change of pace obviously key players like china russia you know how the rhetoric is going to shift with a potential president saying he will suffer and be something to look out for only. while you're watching us he international will have more on the election just off the break could join us then.
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this is a story of women women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some. believe. out there. where nat is the person that. the cheesiness of the day are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. all the off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough and it. will give women on death row. anybody who thinks that because i just won the election we our problems are over
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that is simply not true the problems were there for president trump they're not going away you have problems with the economy in the long room you're going to have huge debt to pay for the things you're going to do 3rd we still have a problem in the united states which raises too many young are going to american. jails are growing possessions etc so those problems are. simply a lot you don't produce not does not solve them. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the dairy thinks. we dare to ask. welcome back to international and to our breaking news from the u.s. web projecting that joe biden has been elected the 46th president of america having secured 290 editorial college votes just trying to close to 70 are needed for
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victory the former v.p. is weighing in his home state of pennsylvania helps have crossed that threshold i don't know charlie meanwhile stands out to 14 while people have been celebrating cross the country bob donald trump's legal team has filed little suits in pennsylvania to which of michigan ours are not fodder out west and says it could go all the way to the supremes court trying to claim to have won on social media after criticizing biden for laying ugly claims to the white house we all know why joe biden is rushing to full sleep pose as the we know and why he's media trying to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed now if trump does get to the supreme court to consider his case it would echo the election 20 years ago when it effectively handed the presidency to george w. bush is going underground post office spoke with trump's impeachment lawyer on the president's chances of winning any legal battle. if you lose or use the election by
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losing pennsylvania there's a strong argument that his lawyers 'd can make that pennsylvania should not count ballots that came in late it's a technical argument but it's the argument that prevailed in bush versus gore and there are already 3 or 4 justices who agree with that argument but it would take a combination of circumstances during the election to bring that case into a posture where you would win in the court so i think it's unlikely he will prevail in the courts but that's his best shot what sort of time scale are we talking about would it be about a month as it was in 2000 with bush and gore i think we'll have a result within weeks not months in pennsylvania becomes a key state then i think it will take months do you think from always had in mind the 300 judges that were appointed under his administration given that he had already been suspecting vote tampering well i think he there are
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a lot of reasons why he wanted to appoint lots of judges his base wants conservative judges but i think part of the reason may very well have been as a backstop as a protection in the event that he had to take the election to court any president would think in those terms supporters of trump say he shouldn't have given that press conference on the night saying there is fraud and waited a little bit do you think that will affect any court outcome because he was alleging both little fruit even before the election and of course on the night rather than saying this is the state of play at the moment we'll wait and see i don't think that kind of statement affects the course it was done after the polls will close so i think it was just him saying what he believed and i don't think it will have any impact either electorally or traditionally. well this election has been anything but smooth an alien to try and go takes a look at some of the international reaction. of all the adjectives to describe
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democracy which stands for giving the people the right to choose who is in charge the man who stood up to take over the white house didn't pick fair stable or strong democracy is sometimes messy it's sometimes requires a little patience as well but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years in the system of government governance that's been the envy of the world just messy or it's just gotten way too messy and his country we have received reports of many irregularities we believe that there are dead voters that have been counted this is fraud this is absolute fraud trump campaign says they're going to court the biden campaign says it's ready for court fights protests by trump supporters and a series of vote fraud allegations by the president himself trump will go to war over this election and that is dangerous for this country there is quite
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a list of things appearing as cracks in the system take the mail in voting in times of covert when the nation was meant to rely on it at one point the postal service warned it couldn't cope the president flushed the method altogether saying it would lead to a rigged poll if you read some of these pieces there have been plenty of such the media has been questioning the confidence in us democracy here it's been watching the mess in the wings with raised eyebrows but the polarization of america should be a warning for europe we are successful because we preach differences between countries and peoples so we benefit together if we lose the ability to compromise i would democracies are in danger it was a blink in america does not quite correspond to the democratic culture we know from the united states it's important the result is then accepted by everyone is easy to be a winner but sometimes it is hoped to be. trumps late night speech puts a question mark over his possible 2nd term in office and his house or. imagine what
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the 2nd sam would look like when the president directly called for the abolition of the rules of democracy he's cool to stop counting votes is a blow to the essence of american democracy here's a voice of concern from allies japan we can say for the united states to get into turmoil and confusion because of the election is a minus for its allies and like minded countries but perhaps the most fascinating thing to observe is the smear by america's foes after so many times washington told them how wrong things are with their elections. what a spectacle one says this is the most fraudulent election in u.s. history who says that the president who's currently you know this is a rival says trump intends to rig the election this is how u.s. elections and u.s. democracy are we do not interfere in the internal affairs of the united states and we hate it when they pretend to give lessons in democracy to the world. and refusal
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of election results were supposed to only take place in developing states things have changed over this have occurred in the u.s. which is no longer synonymous with a stable civilised and consensus based society now just for a giggle let me read out one tweet it's an official one country a calls on country b.'s leaders to show commitment to the democratic process and rule of law we urge all parties groups and individuals to engage in inclusive dialogue to find peaceful solutions to their disagreements to heal national divisions full stop it's a tweet by the u.s. embassy country a in ivory coast country b. from the 4th oh the irony there's a reason a lot of western european nations stopped doing mail in ballots a long time ago france stopped in 1975 because the process is rife with fraud and i
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have to tell you i think it's incumbent upon the trunk campaign to say al gore took $37.00 days to litigate florida we're going to go litigate and we're going to demand recount some we're going to be automatic obviously in georgia but in wisconsin in michigan in pennsylvania in nevada in arizona we want to get to where we have free and fair elections where every legal vote is counted in a trustworthy and transparent way the american people deserve it i was wishing and hoping that last night trump was going to look into the camera and say i'm demanding a free and fair election that the american people can trust not for myself but for you because you deserve it and i think the scary thing in all of this is at the end of the day no matter who ultimately wins half of the population of america is going to think the election has been stolen that is a very dangerous place for us to be as a country. well let's take a look at what's happening in the u.s. and how people stateside are reacting to the news you've got images of course of the famous white house you might very well be getting a new resident come january if joe biden is indeed inaugurated on january the 20th
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looks that way it looks fairly mellow compared to scenes that we was seeing a bit earlier on in new york but you still you can see some american flags being waved there on this beautiful autumn day in new york socks and there were people out that sharing don saying that bite and how rest must it is still a pandemic that and also we also saw in parallel print trump protests in atlanta georgia which is of course proved to be a battleground state quite unexpectedly given it's been republican for many years but not that they are the people who voted probably for washington is off to a strong democratic hold only 5 percent of people in d.c. voted for trump celebrating the news that their mom probably won. one of course right now to. have one of the details coming out one of the latest
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numbers either way it looks like it's going to be a pretty big moment joe biden come to harris indeed well the reason that joe biden has declared victory and the reason that we're seeing a pretty much unanimous voice from us media saying that joe biden has won is because of pennsylvania it's pretty clear that joe biden is very solidly ahead in the pennsylvania count and pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes at this point are pretty clearly going to go to joe biden so based on that we have joe biden declaring victory and rejoicing in the biden camp take a listen. america i'm honored that you've chosen me to lead a great country the work ahead of us will be hard but i promise you this i will be a president for all americans whether you voted for me or not i will keep the faith that you have placed in me now the biden camp has also
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released a video of camila harris the vice presidential elect letting joe biden know in a phone call that they were victorious this is the video that has been released by the biden campaign and really really did it. here given that it is the president of the united states. now we also understand that michelle and barack obama have congratulated joe biden and it's also important to note however that donald trump does not see it this way donald trump tweeted out just a few hours before biden declared victory saying that he had won and by a lot and we have heard strong allegations of fraud from donald trump thursday night he addressed the country and said that there was ballot dumping going on that there was not proper transparency in how the votes were being counted and donald trump does not consider joe biden to be the winner of this election and we now have
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this statement from the white house. we don't know why joe biden is rushing to full sleep pose as the we know and why he's media and lies are trying to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed. so at this point with the white house not accepting the results repeating allegations of fraud saying they want to recount and recounts are scheduled in georgia and other states based on that today is saturday joe biden is the projected winner of tuesday's vote but it's pretty clear there are going to be a lot more legal challenges and that this is certainly not the last we've heard of the 2020 u.s. presidential election as chaotic as it has been there is pretty much going to be quite a bit ahead well certainly it's 2020 never ceases to amaze the party have ended up with 2 u.s. presidents can have more reports from new york. one
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let's go live now to who care about his u.s. base john let's have 1st of all i want to delve into i mean really if you had a phone in the room which is this idea of election forward to. the democratic process i mean rudy giuliani coming out saying we're gathering lots of evidence of this being set up a hotline we're getting thousands of calls what do you make of one of this. well listen the disallow action was going to have some fraudulent elements from the moment that a lot of these democratic governors sent out mail ballots to every registered voter in their state i mean listen you have a little bit of mail ballot harvesting and voter fraud in a lot of the. old. and some tough. we've seen it in new york chicago places like that but when you send out ballots to
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an entire state it gives the opportunity for a ballot harvesting and then there was a issue in the state of texas abidance top operative there dallas jones there was a sworn affidavit signed by a former f.b.i. agent who conducted a sting which basically proved that the biden. operatives in texas were conducting ballot harvesting in nursing homes in harris county which is a highly populated where houston if they were trying to maybe make houston county purple and think that that had a opportunity to give them texas daintily it didn't but the issues in pennsylvania where it's a pure constitutional issue i mean the counting the votes after election day that can only be decided by the state legislature and this was decided by the judiciary so a media at least all those votes they came in after election day have to be invalidated at that point trumped still had a commanding lead in pennsylvania and as early as today earlier in the day before
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it was called they were saying that there were still thousands of military ballots for the state of georgia that needed to be tabulated and generally the military would have voted for trump so i mean there are still a lot of issues and caleb said in the previous report this is far from over we have not heard the last of this alexion olio like you said a lot of irregularities in the selection and also an election that has really shown the country to be at one of its most divisive moments do you think because of these irregularities and the specific situation that america is in right now are we going to see heightened violence on the streets worse than what we've already seen what we're seeing right now. you know i certainly pray that it doesn't happen but i mean it was just too many instances you know like you're saying irregularities the project veritas video in. part of the squad in her district they were doing ballot harvesting so listen if there's if it boils down to let's say the republicans not
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getting their way i think there's less likely the potential for actual violence in the streets because the republicans you know conservative christians people of good moral and family values are less likely to go out and start destroying you know random stores and flipping over police cars and lighting police stations on fire that's something that will probably happen should the preliminary and i say it's very preliminary and way too early to call this thing if it does get reversed and let's say you know now you can have all the major news organizations because of the recount giving the election to triumph i would say that there is a likelihood for the type of violence that americans fall this past summer i want to talk to a little bit about the role of the selection it's gained a lot of attention as soon as fox news called arizona really early on and then a kind of a recall of it and then a cool head back and people started saying well hang on a 2nd it's not the role of the media to decide who think us president is how do you
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see i was so let's also talk a little bit about the different approaches meter of how to bite as a candidate and to truong do you think the media's being fat ham. oh listen to a basically there's 2 things at play here 1st off the american media large you know far and wide for the most part outside of let's say you know newsmax and sometimes fox news are are very anti trump so everybody was rushing in the other element everybody is rushing to call and get it 1st you know who actually won in all the elections for what i think the people prematurely are calling states which is a real issue i mean really these states wind up continuing to count votes for weeks after the election before they were actually ratified by that state's attorney general and that these are the official votes in the loop that's the final count of votes i mean in most states the counting is going to go on for weeks so these are always just based on projections they looked at they look at where where the
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outstanding votes or and what these voters were actually registered as in they tried to give a guesstimate and they give that information to the media and then the media makes the decision as far as when to make the call soul of course there's going to be a lot of wrong calls in but obviously we saw in america in florida 20 years ago we saw a close race that's i think in my opinion way to florida to way too close to call rather in georgia where they're going to have to have an automatic recount there and then when you look at let's say some sort of a legal injunction or something going on in pennsylvania because of the constitutional issues there this is for over and you know for people to get excited right now you've got liberals dancing in the streets of america i think a lot of them may potentially have their dreams crushed by the time all these legal challenges are actually heard was soft may know as a bumpy road to had for the u.s. but it's how to. prepare for anything that's to come that was here with our u.s.
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base john vause thanks so much for taking the time. thank you so much. well it's been about action season that say we need people in the restaurant to pay. and all of us aside as we watch this discussing the 2 camps are out in the hundreds in support of fightin on trump right now with crowds gathering in washington d.c. new york fed its alpha and all the major cities all across the country. some control for a middle. of the night most of them are very hardworking people who want to get
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ahead that have either have some some health issues or have some strict about luck the whole time joel moon told me he's paying for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be poll in the world's richest country. here is the smug class to protect that class so they feel very comfortable with their affiliations and associations with the institutions that run america the highest level the permanent institutions that are always running america the matter of who is the president they have friends in the media and those friends feel smug
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then the matter what happens that they are protected it is dangerous to have an entrenched smug in your society in your country because they can take liberties with the truth. and project a situation that is false and put people down the wrong craft. this is a story of women women with troubled histories and complex court cases you know some of us did leave leave who lives out there. who were not. the person that hears the cheesiness of the day are considered the most dangerous of criminals she's in a still. all the off 23 hours of the day tell me that it's not enough punishment it will give women on death row.
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protections put joe biden in the white house as the 46 us president as the key state of pennsylvania declares all of its vote count vice president elect a comma harris described the win now it's not just step out of office as she stands her congratulations. only only did it still. here give me the next president of the united states. donald trump declared victory for himself in this action that could still be wistar about the republicans most lawsuits over a late surge in postal pilot spoke. on the fallout from election night in america creates division we have from the.


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