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tv   News  RT  November 8, 2020 8:00am-8:30am EST

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this is a time to hear on america. after 4 days of counting joe biden claims victory to become the $46.00 us president and his projections in the vote came over the electoral threshold. twists and turns my head though those of the fine donald trump brothers the election fraudulent republican camp has also launched a late surge in postville ballance for biden. spurred by rejection all the result his supporters rally across america every.
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day. with the top stories from the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments as well welcome to the weekly an r t international a tense wait this seems to have finally chosen its next leader joe biden is on course to become the $46.00 president of the united states after media projections say he secured $290.00 electoral college votes that's well above the vital figure of $270.00 but donald trump appears out of the election was rigged readying lawsuits in the coming week r.t. america has been sworn breakstone came to be. joe biden has officially become the president elect for the united states it was saturday when that announcement was
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made by a number of media organizations after biden secured more than 270 electoral votes enough to put him over the top he spoke in wilmington delaware tonight alongside the 1st vice president of the united states come all the harris' 1st woman ever to ascend to the position of vice president here's what harry had to say in introducing the new president baby have elected a president who represents the best and. a leader the world will respect and our children will look up to a commander in chief will respect our troops and keep our country safe and a president for. america and the new president elect biden took to the stage tonight talk about the need for the nation to heal to come together and to be ready to move into a new chapter. joe biden becomes the oldest person ever to be elected president of
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the united states 5 days after voting 1st closed here's some of what biden had to say the people of this nation have spoken. they've delivered a clear victory a convention victory a victory. for we the people we've won with the most groups ever cash in presidential ticket and there's tradition 74 you. know obviously this call doesn't come without controversy as i said a number of media organizations made this call but it doesn't officially become official until the vote is certified across the united states in 50 different states and that won't happen over the course of a number of days in the meantime on monday the trunk campaign continues to push against this and will file a number of lawsuits in court including in michigan in pennsylvania. in arizona in nevada in all of those states the president's team is claiming there has been
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rampant and widespread voter fraud in the fraud to actually overturn the election here's what the president had to say tonight we all know why joe biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him they don't want the truth to be exposed the simple fact is this election is far from over now to be clear it's very difficult to have enough of these cases to be able to actually overturn the results of an election because it's more than just being able to prove fraud you would also have to be able to prove that there was enough fraud to actually change the outcome of the election and how far does it go does it go all the way to the u.s. supreme court in each one of these individual states that remains to be seen but in the meantime it seems that president trump is not yet conceding the race to president elect biden we should also mention that as these cases go forward there is some precedent for this back in the year 2000 when al gore and george w. bush ran against each other there was only one state that was ultimately contested
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that was the state of florida that race went on for 37 days while the new ballots were counted it remains to be seen how long this race could continue with all of these different court challenges across the nation i'm dense one. moments after some place biden in the oval office crowds of his supporters erupted in celebration flooding trump's home state of new york tens of thousands jubilantly took to the streets elsewhere in the country from. the east coast to california in the west supporters of trump also came out in force claiming the election was a fraud to a recount. in florida where donald trump prevailed and even in california which is traditionally seen as a rough fix. while those rallies appeared peaceful and one thing michigan things turned ugly when the opposing sides men.
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who are. breaking out here involving groups of people many of whom were armed more than 500 supporters had gathered wearing my hot sun chanting slogans such as for more years. daniel hawkins joins me now in the studio to this more of a quite extraordinary week really we've seen it's a country divided to listen to props props any time. since the civil war we haven't seen such a division and wouldn't election that many thought was going to be one sided towards it wasn't when you take into account the popular vote. what happened. well you're quite right that half the nation whatever the result in the end of the day would wake up disappointed when they read the news on their social media and
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that's reflected by the protests we've seen over the streets across many cities of america both by and celebrating barnes' victory and also reflected in the polling numbers though don't forget that although biden won the majority of electoral college votes the popular vote was much closer around 75000000 for boyd to 71000000 for trouble with record amounts yeah indeed the highest amount for any president and the 2nd highest amount for 4 trumps so this was not a landslide victory as you quite rightly said and that blew wave of democrat senators and congressmen as well that's also failed to materialise for the democrats biden though remains optimistic and was adamant that he was a president that can unite these divisions this was what he had to say. i plan to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. who doesn't see red states and blue states only sees the united states the bible tells us to everything there
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is a season a time to build a time to reprint a time to sew and a time to hear oh this is the time get here on america i. do so on the gold the right words here are the time when deficient is right but it's a tough task ahead i mean one is going to face a very much an uphill battle he faces a majority republican senate with some states still facing a runoff to see which senators take place take the seats there and let clear consensus which people were hoping for which the poll numbers woken for hasn't materialized what role the has materialized is the scale of polarization in u.s. domestic politics and very much the deep rooted devoid trump expose them 4 years ago in the 26 the election and this election shows they very much haven't gone away and ironically as you said all the right words from biden but this is a bit of deja vu for many american listeners because we've heard these words before
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following the 26000 election from incumbent president donald trump. now it's time for america to find a division have to get again. go all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people coming together of course is a particularly tough task given factors we should beyond bottle drops or job on to control the coronavirus pandemic how to handle that one key issue which the election was very hotly foretell which continues to polarize economic policy tax policy america's image abroad america's foreign policy these are all issues which do divide americans and which will continue to pose a challenge for this presidency and trumps campaign of course claims that the media in particular has been stoking these for many years and he believes that the only
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way he can get justice team trump can get justice is in the courts yeah absolutely i mean there's been a whole. host of allegations from trump's campaign. they say that a lot of the votes haven't been officially counted officially certified especially in those key swing states which have been making headlines over the last few days that trumps supporters claim that observers were allegedly not allowed into the stations to properly monitor the vote counting process that ballots of diseased voters were counted in favor of by a lot of these already have been debunked by officials but nevertheless he is taking legal action litigation in many of those key states that's going to head off into next year. i mean in one way who can blame them because again go back to 4 years ago to the 26th election the democrats there were also quite sore losers i mean hillary clinton was adamant that the election was stolen from the that's exactly right was and that resulted in 4 years of nearly 4 years of investigations
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and millions of taxpayer dollars seeking to find that link between trump and russia proving that collusion. course resulted in no evidence of such thing at all now ironically we see a complete role reversal here with the republicans with trump claiming the election was stolen from them and trump's presidency of course would have would have battle hardened him and sought him out to fight these battles because of these allegations over the last few years boyden though as we said remains optimistic that the us in times of how this election was conducted can very much show the world how it's done tonight the whole world is watching america and i believe that our brand america is a beacon for the growth. we're not only we were only not only by the example of our problem but by the power of our example. most of the world which has been watching this election closely while the leaders which expressed a lot of concern over the last few days of a constitutional crisis seeking to cobble sides looking at the protests the
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litigation the court battles which are due to go in until the end of this year probably well into next year as well they'll be looking at this and. thinking this is a slightly different picture than the one as biden is presenting quite incredible time as we said before have been seen for quite some time down the hawkins thank you very much. well of course we have been discussing with gas whether america will come together as joe biden said in except in speech or whether the visions right now are are just too deep. with trump's election there were 4 years of accusations that the russians had helped him become elected it was 4 years and i think around $30000000.00 of taxpayer money was spent investigating those allegations which as we all know have come to nothing now in 2020 we actually have video footage of things like ballots arriving in unmarked vans and of people correcting ballots
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which you are not just allowed to do so there's a lot more evidence of voter fraud than there ever was for in foreign interference in the 26000 election and i hope as to not be totally hypocrites that the people who are all upset about electorate election integrity when donald trump was elected have those same concerns right now you know this is nothing new i come from chicago i was a suburban chicago police officer but in chicago in cook county from the time that i was a child there was always talk. for our dead people voting and things like that the united states really needs to get a handle on our voting system and is there fraud in our in this system purely from everything i'm seeing there are some problems i know the f.b.i. has to go showing this is going to play out in the courts as a law enforcement officer it's very frustrating but what i'm more concerned about how it is that with day to day safety in our cities and the longer this
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plays out and the more tense people become the more dangerous it becomes for our citizens the more dangerous it becomes our business and of course the more dangerous it becomes for american law enforcement when the left leaning media is talking about unity dest their code for if you disagree with those shut up it's not real unity at all all that's going to happen is the people who feel left out or silenced by the media or by college campuses or whatever those people and their views are going to fester and become more radical there's going to be a lot of unrest on both sides because this is not. heald country is a divided country that has been actively divided by the democratic and republican parties that were 2 groups have been actively and intentionally isolated so that they don't communicate so they don't try to find compromise they don't try to find concord and instead try to view each other to view anyone who disagrees with them as an absolute enemy what we've seen from the d.n.c. in arms the have been behaviors that are corrosive to democracy and corrosive to
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a polite society into a civil society so i do believe we are in for several more years of major political unrest. and it doesn't sound great does it well during those 4 years in the white house donald trump received unprecedented scrutiny from the us establishment media with some even calling him the most dangerous president ever your senior correspondent steve however it ends the election trump will go down in history his vows to drain the swamp build the wall and make america great again they'll remember him what they'll write about him will depend on the book the author the perspective if they loved him or hated each the greatest failure in the history of the united states and the worst were present as america has ever had. the worst and most dangerous president where are you in 2070 when we had
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the worst president i would even argue that he is the worst worst president in american history he's the worst president the country's ever had 4 years of trouble was 4 years of bitter conflict at every level he and his opponents for it was a tom what grown ups behave like children in the white house and congress in the streets todd when democrats and republicans seem to put aside everything that they agree dog and focused entirely on everything that they despised about one another. the $252.00 congressional votes under trumped presidency $104.00 resulted in disputes and clashes some of the initiatives that congress voted on would to block trump's initiatives they voted to prevent votes on things that trump wanted and we're not talking here about things like the wall or deporting illegal migrants we're talking about politicians who supported trump's ideas like pulling out of the
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iran nuclear deal when he was a businessman suddenly reversing their positions when he became president seemingly out of spite i believe iran will not change and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions well ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power at this time and this place for so many reasons pulling out precipitously without our allies involved does not achieve any of the goals we need to achieve and hurts americans in different ways but politics is politics right they fought under obama too if a little less nothing new about the media then specifically them losing their mobs and throwing away any semblance of balance out the window. digging up tax records or leaking calls to even investigating trump's foreign ties
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it's journalism that's what journalists do it's normal no what they outdid themselves on is outright and somewhat petty smear campaigns about how awful trump is for drinking too much diet coke about how much of a cheat trump is that golf about how bad he is at it about how his own wife doesn't want to hold his hand all cheap all dirty and for trump easy to dismiss you are shake do is we are fighting the fake to use people in your profession that great fake news you do. and the president a your fake is the net result has been a collapse of trust in the media the news it isn't news when the publication has an evident interest in maligning someone. never in living memory has the establishment tried to sink a president elected by the american people from before he took office with sabotage
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with leaks with set ups they did everything to make people believe in the trump russia collusion sham the kumi investigation the steel dossier about prostitutes and urination the mueller report all to make impeachment possible the impeachment of the president of the united states impeachable conduct impeachment nonetheless we should begin proceedings to impeach the president move forward with impeachment and this president there's parties on impeachment this impeachment process cost a reported $11000000.00 trying to impeach trump $32000000.00 for the mueller report countless man hours wasted and they couldn't pull it off at the end of the day trump will be remembered if differently he was a tyrannical megalomaniac a man who drank too much. who sucks at golf and whose hand even his own wife didn't want to hold he was also
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a man of the people the underdog who is to drain the swamp that is washington and cost down the corrupt elites whatever version they read in the future that agree on only one thing it was a long and savage fight. against you have 20 minutes into the program you're watching our team or on the us election the fall are to add on the globes reacting as well we're back after the break time for action.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. anybody who thinks that because i just won the election we are problems are over that is simply not true the problems were there before president trump they're not going away you have problems for the economy in the long room you're going to have huge pay for the things you're going to do there we still have a problem in the united states with racism we have too many. are going to. jails are growing possessions are some of those problems are there are. simply a lot you don't produce not does not stop them.
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hello again international reaction has been rapidly coming into joe biden's projected victory israel's prime minister welcome biden while thanking trump for helping seal what he called historic peace accords such as the normalization of teles with the united are of emirates benjamin netanyahu told both politicians it's great friends on the e.u. leaders have generally expressed optimism about the new face to take over the oval
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office. congratulations to joe biden on his election as president of the united states and to come all the harris on historic achievement the u.s. is our most important ally and i look forward to working closely together on our shared priorities from climate change to trade and security the americans have chosen their president congratulations joe biden and kemal a harris we have a lot to do to overcome today's challenges let's work together i look forward to future cooperation with president biden our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to master of the great challenges of our time. getting some insight on what a biden win the means for the rest of the world we are joined by jim what came to my history and international relations professor of the lebanese university in beirut welcome to you how does a biden win translate to the middle east in general general. well i believe that
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his victory will not waiver the u.s. support to israel. actually he already. he will build on what has that you've already and normalizing relations between israel and some other states. with regard to put example with saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt i believe that biden will distance himself from these countries and will try to. raise the issue of human rights one more time with these leadership countries with this. issue. of course with the guns to turkey i believe that he will be more willing to support the opposition. capitalize on very latest because the minuscule elections in order to replace a gun with. a leader that would be more responsive to.
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american it's a. touch. with regard to. the region as a whole they will. also rely one more time on the muslim brothers on a lot of. thought and more prominent role in iraq. and they would write change the way they did during the. obama specially the biden was. getting to be presidential. so i believe these are the guidelines. as a whole they would the united states will. consider the saudi arabia as a light maybe they would paper one side over the other inside saudi arabia. 6 activists. just from having. any and i believe that they will
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keep it's collating in syria. lebanon and iraq in order to. exhaust syria and you know. let's speak about around for a moment because he has hinted joe biden perhaps a softer approach regarding tehran right now is what iran one thing walked back into and you can simply because it isn't trump enough there's a new face at the helm do you think in iran. i don't believe that it will happen right away. from already did by escalating tension with iran and raising. the tension in order to get more concessions from it once they will at that i think where she has european allies.
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he would rely more on the europeans. i believe it would be closer to the europeans . and. russia. was what example. was blocked from. getting good relations with russia on this when the deflect attention in the middle east. in lebanon in a way maybe they were not. not. on the. sanctions on economic sanctions on iran but there was definitely on get the concessions from just briefly touch another issue brought up and israel and palestine took some huge steps the parent to ruthlessly fairly capital do you think that joe biden will continue the. i believe because you're going to declare that nobody in the united states good jeopardised and me let's say
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well let's get a step that's good. they can do is the favorite of the jewish lobby or designers lobby in the united states we have a 30 seconds just just on the legacy that donald trump is left behind jamal in the middle east how would you how would you sum it all up. well i believe that he had a modest additional approach in supporting. the status quo thing quote. people who were with the strongman rather than with the muslim brothers or. elements that. had him out as always thank you very much for your time and your thoughts jamal wakim professor of history and international relations at lebanese university in beirut. i'm i'm. i'm. i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm. i'm. i'm
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i. this is art international next week zelman being her in the world's richest country some pretty staggering storylines i had to stay with us for.
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