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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2020 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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the great depression. the 21st century. psychiatry the only question. it is a fact. that all the steps we have taken recently will lead to the establishment of a long term piece of the benefits. and russian peacekeepers head to the. conflict zone for a peace deal. but the troops have been met with resistance. i protesters stormed parliament government buildings in the armenian. treaty our
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defeat for their country we've got live reaction on this story coming up in. mainstream t.v. networks celebrate. victory in the us. from presidency. live around the clock across the world this is your r.t. international from the team and myself you know neal hello and welcome to the program. a deal has been struck between armenia and azerbaijan to end fighting in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region the truce was brokered by moscow it's a prominent role for russian peacekeepers a lot of our putin has expressed his hope of
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a lasting settlement between the warring sides. what is happening in karabakh is a truly great tragedy i want to note with great satisfaction the outlines of compromise and the agreements reached on ending the bloodshed i hope that all the steps we have taken recently will lead to the establishment of a long term peace for the benefit of both azerbaijan and armenia. well the place to brokered by most has 9 points the 1st and the most important one is of course about ceasefire for 6 weeks the region has been seen to bloody deadly fighting with bombardments habit to refire and of course casualties including among civilian population we have been receiving dramatic pictures like these for this whole month and now the size decided to stop it the russian peacekeepers are going to the region to secure the graham and we know that 3 military airplanes have already lended attain the city of yet another mania this is these are the pictures provided
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by russian defense ministry. airplanes broad person now equipment transportation special week old. russian peacekeepers are going to be stationed mostly along what is known as the latching corridor it is a 5 kilometer wide road connecting the armenia to the gordon week and it is expected that they're going to stay there for at least 5 years and it could be extended what is the agreement say about specific districts well they do says that the army is stop there where they are now meaning as it is by john will keep the areas it managed to seize during the fight including a very important town of. different size called it differently it is a strategic location because it is on the high heel and you can see the whole step on the cat which is the capital of the go from there and military generals say if you have this shushi then you have the whole of the courtney and now azerbaijan will have it heard as
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a leader call and it. it is very important for both as it is by john that i mean him not only strategically but culturally and religiously as well well now as the debate john will have control over this town and also the agreement says that their media will have to return to 3 disputed regions a defacto following the conflict in 1901. the. luncheon regions so as you understand this agreement is basically everything that but who wanted for many decades and it is a defeat for the armenian side these are both leaders speaking about it so differently the text of the statement is unspeakably painful for me personally and for our people i have made this decision as a result of an in-depth analysis of the military situation this is not a victory but there will be a defeat unless you recognize yourself as a loser we will never recognize all services losers and this should. unification
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and revival. for my part i would like to say that i'm very glad that today we've sealed the deal to settle a years long conflict between armenia and azerbaijan and put an end to the occupation of regime land well obviously the agreement sparked different reaction among people from both sides with celebrations in azerbaijan and violent protests in armenia with so many people calling the leader of the country a traitor what about the people who have been forced to flee their homes during the fighting have they been taken into account yes of course and i think this is one of the brightest points of the sick room and we know that tens of thousands of people were forced to flee not gotten caught up but had now according to this deal they will be able to return safely back to their homes in the goal of the credit and this will be more determined by u.n. personnel u.n. staff and also we hear that the sides agreed to exchange prisoners of war and the
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dead bodies of their soldiers and their civilians we heard from the spokesperson for the red cross in the book she sees the truth as crucial for the thousands of people who have fled your ear. the impact of this kill a shot once a life the stick you put pollution across the region have been devastated and tend to last so i don't. speak about 90000 people who had to leave their homes in search for safety. or outside number in a car or bus maybe moving to army. people are eating meat for who cherish. mental health support psychological support could also support medical assistance and who are ready to peen where. president pro 30 directories to step in. if you stand by providing medical homes food 'd do
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not belong to the term always tender ready to support over those who are affected. by things escalation. or in armenia among large swathes of the public the treaty has been branded a humiliating defeat overnight protesters stormed government buildings in your of on. thank you how. thank. you thank you thank you thank you thank. you thank god because of my come back in the public square in the morning on. the still sign oh yeah you're meeting our minister and if she sang gets closer
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i'm here to see purchases or make things like this. so you can rest between. me and the connection here how high up in the last play down the last 24 hours. last summer some of the old saying the pushing out believing as to what was necessary. makes leinster agree that it's making the trains. into the scientists less people there than the last night there were some purchases like we're not going to get the sort of central sitting. all of them stand somewhere on the speaker. watching and the prime minister says. i say i miss him so i'm going to remember the non-life threatening injuries. purchased earlier and exactly where. i
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was a sign of all this attention your attitude. towards. parts and by just looks like it's going to be no november experience and i've got to do with last night. pleasure to welcome all to the program to get his thoughts peter because nick among many other things peter is a history professor at the american university in washington d.c. peter good to see you many armenians as we've just been looking out there not happy about the truce some even calling their prime minister a traitor but did he really have any choice do you think given a well meaning military advantage here. the as aries military
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is about 6 times as large as the armenian military the as every military budget is bigger than our media is total budget so from a military standpoint the there was not a lot of choice for the armenian prime minister but if we look at it a little bit broader context when he came into power in 28 seeing it was much more pro western than previous armenian governments and so in many ways he alley unaided the russians the alley unaided putin putin and then this situation we've got a situation where and from a geo strategic standpoint you've got the turks. supporting the azerbaijan position and then you've got russia to some extent
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and iran supporting the armenian position so had russia wanted to intervene more aggressively they could have changed the balance of forces but they have tried they've got friendly relations to some extent with both sides have a military base in armenia and the they're closer contacts and alliance is certainly with armenia but you have to remember there's also potentially a very dangerous situation because with turkey getting involved so heavily on the azerbaijani side and then bringing in mercenaries from syria to support the as a right out there on the side you've got a potential conflict here between turkey and nato power and russia and nobody wanted to see this evolve into a military confrontation between russia and turkey so putin understanding this and seeing the reality on the ground probably came up with the best deal that the
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armenians were going to get but their meanings are very unhappy with us. as you say those generally have good relations with armenia and azerbaijan but as we speak almost 2000 russian troops are heading to cutback to service peacekeepers peter how significant is that do you think i think is very significant on the one hand they get the armenian troops out of that region. and allows russia to play an even bigger role turkey and iran are also going to be involved and the country that all 3 of those countries border this region so it's still a very tense situation. where everybody is hoping that this cease fire will hold and the russian peacekeeping troops will be able to do so they've brokered 3 previous cease fires none of which help part of what the situation was that once
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the azeris. then they had a possible way to attack the capital in nagorno-karabakh that would have been a much more devastating defeat for the armenians and what they came up with here so it's not a setback to the armenians but it's not nearly as devastating as a total defeat would have been let's just pick up on a point you made earlier turkey's president. he's taken a strong stance in support of azerbaijan repeatedly calling for the liberation of car back from the us he ses armenian occupiers you've broken the conflict a cutter rise from certain situations with russian and turkish troops there but what do you think his long term intentions are. well everyone is being very aggressive throughout the region he's been very involved in syria is involved in libya he's trying to expand turkish influence throughout the region and in many
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instances it comes directly up against russian interests. which means again russia and nato potentially in conflict so and then you have to also remember that the united states has been giving a lot of military aid specially to the armenians $100000000.00 under from 20182019 the israel is get about 40 percent of their aid from azerbaijan of their oil for azerbaijan so the israelis have been giving enormous amounts of military aid to azerbaijan so and then you've got the russians mostly supporting the armenians so we've got a very complicated situation here with a lot of different interests involved and a situation that is the fighting has been expanding thousands are dead already and armenia has to deal with another conflict another crisis and that's coded code that
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is out of control right now in armenia and i see from the latest reports that with all of the wounded coming back from the conflict in a garner okara box there aren't even beds available for the covert victims in armenia azerbaijan has a code a problem but not nearly as serious as what's happening in armenia now which is more pressure on the armenians to settle the fighting and get back to what they need to do back at home yet tense time but maybe a glimmer of hope right now as it stands peter cosmic history professor at the american university in washington d.c. thank you very much for your time and thoughts you. told us justice department official has quit over president trumps a legal challenge against the election results after the attorney general or theorized a probe into election fraud on team trump applied for an emergency injunction to
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prevent joe biden's victory being certified in that all important state of pennsylvania. biden is projected to win 290 electoral college votes that's more than enough to get him into the white house but i will trump has cast doubt on the results with allegations of mail in ballot fraud meanwhile much of the us media has been celebrating already joe biden's win although they could be the 1st to lose or to win trump leaves office as ortiz aliyev a trinket explains. tears on air over the end of donald trump's presidency it's been a long time coming. my mom and her grandmother this morning they didn't have it right well we're going to do just look at this t.v. colleague of mine and motions as strong as after the end of the war or winning an olympic gold medal character matters it matters telling the truth matters the
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person matters. and this is a golden tie probably put on by another journalist when he realized trump was defeated he said for 4 years he'd only been wearing black ones i can probably show you hours of air time recordings proving how frenzied the liberal media are this time around but just let me ask has them the past 4 years of what you called one big white house reality show where they've really trauma and black tie grief for your careers voters turned out in record numbers to turn the page replacing a reality t.v. star raised in wealth he saw the presidency as the world's greatest reality t.v. show he was the executive producer the chief promoter and the star of the trump show if it wasn't for this reality show would ratings for cable news look so good
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throughout mr trump's 1st term an entire new standards dream team can be put together our of reporters who if you think of it probably all the president a big one for a true career boost the star and a means of trump on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist some people saw that as emboldening white nationalist not such a racist question. in america and it's people like this that cause division one of the statements that you made in the ceiling of the campaign do we go that honestly i think you should let me run the country you run c.n.n. and if you did it well your ratings i mean i'm not going to give you. you are fake . turning the loading of president trump in all shapes and forms into a perfect top story came to the rescue of cable news amid the rise of online media what will be left for them to go on about once the maggot man is out who's on healthy burgers and cans of coke are they going to count will there be someone else
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as important to be caught for cheating in golf for splashing the cash on my. sco prostitutes it will have to be something else than the russia collusion story to land the pulitzer prizes cry or not cry stateroom for the new era gone is russian collusion nobody talks about russian collusion anymore or chinese collusion or any kind of no collusion vote was 100 percent legit him when hillary clinton lost there was russian cold but not this time mainstream media need this morning you can imagine mainstream media are sitting back to be on the side silent the president is going to be a citizen trump it appears that he will be able to inject is opinion into anything in still maintain maybe even more of a powerful position because of the unfettered attitude i'm expurgated on. a
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plug in he'll be able to see and indeed watch so. if they think they're going to forget donald trump. if they think he's going to be just something from the past he can't be because their very existence their employment their revenue their their reason for being there exists a point donald trump he gave them life he gave them careers he gave them something he created the democratic party because they became the anti trump and without trump is nothing was the legal battle over the election gathers pace there is a growing push particularly from democrats to reform america's electoral college system and choose presidents based on the majority vote the system currently in place is aimed at giving all parts of the country a largely equal voice colorado has become the latest state to support a change. the national popular vote is very straightforward concepts one person
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should always equal one vote and the presidential candidate who gets the most votes should win the election an initiative known as the national popular vote compact is one such plan although it stops short of calling for a complete elimination of the electoral college instead electors would buck the who won nationwide as opposed to statewide it's now been signed by 15 states and washington d.c. to be enacted the agreement needs the support of enough states that collectively represent at least $270.00 electoral college votes and obvious the same as the threshold for winning the presidential election a president it's going to 196 vote i asked some guests about what they think is wrong with the current system. we know republicans always win texas just like democrats always win california and what i tell voters here to try and get them to vote libertarian as i say your vote will have no impact on the outcome of the
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election so go ahead and vote for a 3rd party like libertarians if you want. that example demonstrates how the electoral college does make a lot of voters preferences not very influential i would love to see a much smaller less powerful government so that we really didn't care so much who won the election there's no real identification of fraud in the us voting system we have a secure system what you have is a level of mistrust between both sides of this 2 party system who always believes the other side is cheating even though i think it's more of an american thing where we don't trust this money more like our sport we believe the other side is deflating the outgoing president we know that he tends to have more tangent than normal that has no relation to the electorial college we are technologically advanced enough to simply count the votes i think we need to even move beyond the
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compact and have a a system book a course in representation we have a long history in united states of 3rd 4th and 5th parties trying to break into the political system and they can't because 1st of all we have this because these before there's even discussion of the contact we have this this richard 2 party system that is based on who gets a call so that contact again is a 1st step in the right direction but it's still not enough. the united states has passed a grim milestone 10000000 coronavirus cases but there is a ray of hope pharma giant pfizer has announced that its covert vaccine has being 90 percent effective in trials president from post suspicious about the timing of the unspent made some 48 hours after media outlets called the election for joe biden. as i have long said pfizer and the others would only announce a vaccine after the election because they didn't have the courage to do it before likewise the f.d.a.
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should have announced it earlier not for political purposes but for saving lives the company's c.e.o. however has rebuffed thought claim saying the announcement had nothing to do with politics the vaccine is being developed together with german drugmaker bio when tech on a fall goes well the majority of americans who want it will receive it in 2021 head of the election the prospect of a job was used to score political points we will masses tribute in the backseat in just a few short weeks it will quickly eradicate the virus and wipe out the child to play once and for all if the doctors tell us that we should take it i'll be the 1st in line to take it absolutely but if donald trump tells us that we've taken i'm not taking it and i spoke to all of those doctors dr john dombrowski director of the washington pain center he ses governments should stop the political games as it takes focus away from saving lives. the covert 1000 pandemic at least in the united states is been a political football a thing to her donald trump the economy they will play up and the other side is
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this is the same way so i think it's very scary that we're here with we're seeing this tremendous and tragic intersection between politics and science which is not the way to move forward we can't make at least in the united states 330000000 vaccines right now me just impossible so we as physicians always do treat irish take care of the sickest patients 1st and worry about others so people who are sick elderly multiple medical problems they should get the vaccination 1st and we need to educate people what we've done now is politicized and we need to take down the temperature and explain people dislike a flu vaccine is healthy for you to people who are younger and healthy so people who get flu vaccines they do just fine because we're finding out if you catch the corona virus they do kind of need to do well so we should protect the weakest and sickest among our population 1st. russia is also in the race to launch a covert vaccine the most promising candidate is sputnik very developed by the
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galileo research center here in moscow it is currently undergoing post registration trials involving participants from all across the world the president of the italian russian chamber of commerce is among the volunteers he said politics shouldn't create obstacles to countries receiving the vaccine. it's been 3 days since i took the vaccine i feel perfectly fine i've been feeling perfectly well since the very 1st day i took it and there's a psychological difference i feel calmer when you read the press and see how big a problem the pandemic is and you see how much harm it has brought to the health of people to businesses only then do you realize how vital sciences and how important it is to look for solutions together in italy we're still using methods from 116 like lock down and there aren't any other options that's fine but i'd like to think that in the last 100 years new methods have emerged vaccines for instance can save
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many lives and politics shouldn't prevent the spread of medicine but politics shouldn't prevent human development and shouldn't create obstacles to the health of people including those in italy now who don't have the opportunity to choose whether to vaccinate or not die. let's bring you to south america in peru where thousands are probably begins the impeachment of the president announcing it could the head of state was removed from office congress and the speaker this case where an interim leader president stands accused of corruption failure to tackle the virus. alter. the friendship government's handling of the coronavirus is also being called into question students in paris faced off with police and tried to block the entrance to a high. by the station to keep the open despite
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a life long. in georgia hundreds of people have gathered outside parliament rejecting the results of their recent election the ruling party retained its parliamentary majority in the 12th vote but the opposition says the ball was marred life. well why don't you tell us your thoughts on any of this over stories by checking out our facebook page always good to hear what you're thinking there more great programs get going in moments here hope to catch you all against. the or tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit i don't even think people in the us really get that the police are allowed to lie to the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior once a false confession is taken the case is closed nobody really can tell the
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difference between a good confession and one that is. back kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable. to them. they stabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as. during the vietnam war u.s. forces. it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is a. heavily bombed country per capita. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn
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wieber. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in the 2 little. readings and sell you tell you. all right stop the cow don't stop the cow the election is a fraud this is a democracy at its finest yes those were the cries that have dominated the political lawyers and rhetoric coming from all corners of the democrat republican waterbirds this historic election week as the united states of america begins to move forward into whatever new future this election has shaped or wrought depending on your opinion.


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