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tv   News  RT  November 14, 2020 2:00am-2:30am EST

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i came to believe the lie, we were told about their own behavior. once a false confession, a stake in the case is closed and nobody really can tell the difference between a good confession and one that isn't. in the immaculate deception of one of the vines, this is branded the 2020 us presidential election. i think the president's team is working under the assumption of a 2nd term. we'll take a look at the history of fraud in american public also speak to former special adviser to barack obama about how different u.s. foreign policy might look on the job. i. right now, i think it's fine piers. we do see the country going through a searching debate in other news, working from home should be tax idea being pushed by german economists. during the pandemic, we had up how much we both work to save on commuting and lunch breaks. by
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the very good morning to you, you are watching r.t. . and let's start in the united states with a 2020 presidential election is surprisingly far from over. counting, recounting drags on in a number of states nearly 2 weeks after the vote and the trumpet. ministration is adamant, the president will secure a 2nd term my own view or looking at this election that we, we have what appears in some sense to be an immaculate deception. we're moving forward here. the white house knew something that there will be a 2nd term. the media outlets have called the election for joe biden, but star trump has yet to concede victory, and is making claims the elections were fraudulent. the state of the most legal challenges in several states and all demanding recounts when the fact is already
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underway that see georgia where the race is too close to call. though, some republicans, they're all raising concerns. they say it's not being independently verified and tally, and the 2020 presidential race in georgia is 159 counties is under way the largest manual retaliate in the country's history and hand count stems from an audit required by state law. according to the law, one race must be audited by hand to ensure voting. machines are counting ballots accurately. it began at 9 am friday and is expected to be completed by 11, 59 pm, wednesday. officials in nevada working to finish counting votes in clark county. although we still have work to do, the staff will be fully engaged friday, saturday, and sunday with reconciling all of the records that we have in place for all the votes that were cast in clark county. and now the republican party there result has filed a lawsuit looking for a recount of votes in maricopa county in a separate lawsuit. the arizona g.o.p. came together with the republican national committee and the trump campaign.
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litigation is looking to block certification of the state's election until affected ballots can be looked over by hand. trump supporters continuing their stop. the still rallies. thursday, demonstrators gathering in richmond, virginia. there was an even hour. i know that for all voters, you're quite right that he was there for the president elect but were about to order michigan were about to overturn wisconsin. were about to overturn that so very, you know, they're going to find out really where you're all very, very versatile. counting george there are in arizona and nevada because probably still in the way the u.s. postal service whistleblower who shared information about backdating ballots in pennsylvania with project there are toss was questioned by u.s.p.s. investigators. richard hopkins says he stands by his initial claims to say that i did not repair my state. after tweeting about the dominion voting machines, deleting votes, president trump tweeting friday morning that 2020 was
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a rigged election reporting for the news with rick sanchez and tossed. sweet state officials and independent observers have all said that there is no indication of wrongdoing in the election in a letter to the trump of ministration. u.s. election officials called the 2020 votes the most secure in american history. but a recent poll indicates widespread concern among voters that mail in voting could lead to fraud. our panel of guests discuss the issue. some bureaucratic agency saying they think it was the most secure election ever. that's fine, but we, the people have a right and a campaign has to get to the bottom of this. and if we get to the bottom of the process, the rule of law, the constitution this, that our founders knew how to set this up. we've had other elections where there either was allegations of fraud or enough questions of fraud that they changed the election. so let's get to the bottom of it. let's see what happens. georgia has a republican governor, a republican cheap elections officer, 2 republican, great senators, republican senate, governor. it's all republicans involved in this vote count. so you're telling me
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that republicans coronated it was fired against the president of the united states to create this, this loss that obviously is attributed now to going to truck in some state dept president obama is lecturing the american people on concession when hillary clinton and the democrats in congress never conceded the present, trump, they never stop digging into him. but look out, all i'm saying is don't accept the results until we get to the bottom of it. then we should. the question is whether democrats would accept the results if we get to the point where we find big fraud. bottom line is it doesn't matter who's counting, it doesn't matter what litigation you have by law, by statute you cannot do is beyond december 8th. zimmer, 14 is a day will be electoral college has to be and so those are 2 days i'm looking for. if anyone tries to violate those dates, now you have a constitutional crisis, and now you are impacting the transfer of power. that is constitutionally mandated by january, now, republican,
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supporting terms for the negations of putting democracy on a dangerous path. that's according to former u.s. president barack obama, for the u.s. election system. as i say, a big question for decades. auntie's downhole conflicts a closer look at the history of fraud in u.s. elections. there's a common theme in the media when it comes to the possibility of irregularities in the u.s. presidential election. it's a ludicrous claim that there chris, every vote counts. but when someone gets enough votes to win, the loser concedes that is what happens in this country. destroyed was unfounded, ludicrous, and baseless allegations made by president trump and his campaign team remain just that allegations until proven otherwise in courts of law. but such controversies are nothing new. ask former president barack obama. i come from chicago. so i want to be honest. it's not as if it's just republicans who monkeyed around with elections in the past. sometimes democrats have to. and his jerry not another
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democrat on the current chairman of the house judiciary committee. in my experience in new york paper ballots are extremely susceptible to freud. your paper with no machines, i can show you, i can show you experience, which with your head spin, wasn't followed. the 2004 election saw concerns raised about multiple aspects of the voting process. on key swing state, ohio saw democrat candidate john kerry question whether the outcome represented the will of the voters. and the d.n.c. chairman agreed. i'm not confident that the election in ohio was fairly decided. we know that there was substantial voter suppression and the machines were not reliable. it should not be a surprise that the republicans are willing to do things that are unethical to manipulate elections. that's what we suspect has happened. and we'd like to safeguard our elections so that democracy can still be counted on to work. former u.s. president jimmy carter co-chair, the federal election reform commission,
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which states that in 2005, that mail in voting is fraught with the risk of ford and coercion. he's since backtracked on that plane, but remains scathing about elections in the united states. the american political system wouldn't measure up to any sort of international standards for several reasons. lack of central election commission capable of issuing uniform rules, lack of equal access to the media for all viable candidates. and the inability to conduct recounts the election process in america has of course come a long way. in the 19th century voting was controlled by gangs who would broadly bore, coerce voters. it looked something like this. i'm all for it, my boy to form an alliance with you against bill cutting and is slated later this candidates go hsieh to hand some people every vote you sent them a nice way in the coming elections. things became less violence and more nuance than a 20th century. lyndon johnson ended up winning
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a primary. he was losing in texas by just 87 votes. all thanks to the last minute appearing of a ballot box full of votes for johnson. this pave the way to his rise in politics and later presidency. there was scandal at the time, but a mission took years to emerge. james, and did not win that election. it was students for him. and i know exactly how it was done. the 2000 bush gore election controversy has been cited by some as a comparison to 2020. results in the deciding state will close with the supremes court giving bush the nod. but the result could have been a very different thousands of voters in florida were labeled felons, preventing them from voting. bush's brother also happens to be the state's governor . no major law firm in florida worked for al gore, even democratic, even democratic oriented law firms. because everyone was afraid of the bush family and the governor and losing important state business in this election cycle could
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perhaps be summed up best by joe biden. himself, we have put together. i think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics. of course, this was just an ironic slip of the tongue biden was really talking about the democrats voter protection program. for many though, the issue with the presidential election 2020 may not be the result itself or even of trump's claims are all true or not. against the backdrop of election controversies spanning decades, it's the total dismissal and reluctance to even investigate the allegations that will continue to polarize voters for years to come. former special adviser to barack obama discussed what biden's foreign policy might like. this was on the latest edition of going underground. do you think it's a mistake to see trump is some kind of bolt from the blue. someone who broke in
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a fundamental way with american traditions because trump's isolationism is unilateralism, his protectionism, his racism, all of those after buttes have very strong roots in american history. going back to the founders, going back to the late 17 hundreds. and in some ways, i think trump has demonstrated himself to be a very acute politician, because he's been able to tap in to that different narrative that different version of american, except exceptionalism, america, as the city on the hill that stands aloof from the world, not the country that goes out to change the world. and so right now, i think as biden prepares to take office, we do see the country going through a searching debate about the nature of its role moving forward. and my own view is it's time for the country to find the middle ground between where it was in the pre pearl harbor era,
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which was doing too little and running away from the world where it has been more recently, which is drawing, trying to do too much particularly in the middle east, to find that stable middle ground to step back, but not to step away from one of the biggest global changes both about by the crow, the virus pandemic is a must shift to working from millions of people will by just staying away from the office of research is a job of his biggest bank is saying those people should be taxed for the privilege working from home will be part of the new normal. well, after the pandemic has passed, we argue that remote workers should pay a tax for the privilege our calculations suggest the amounts raised could fund material income subsidies for low income earners who are unable to work remotely, and thus assume more old economy and health risks. the doctor bank team is suggesting an additional 5 percent levy for remote staff. they argue it's roughly equivalent to what people save on transportation and food,
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and in that money could be redistributed to those who cannot work online, many of whom are blue, collar workers and lower incomes. the researchers estimate such a scheme would raise around $48000000000.00 in tax revenue in the us $9000000000.00 in the u.k. $19000000000.00 in germany. and most surveys this year have shown positive attitudes to home based work. a poll in the us found a hefty 72 percent of so-called knowledge. workers want a combination of remote and office to tease well only 12 percent would prefer to work only from the office. journalist charlie boyle and geo political analyst, ryan a wrote for their views on the idea of a new work from home tax. major cost for people is really nice and i was getting to work on that nice. try to get some sort of year and a lot of cases that automatically relief, sr. you know, significant costs associated with, with getting to an office job. i think this needs to be proven 1st.
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the people who are working from home at the long run will save money. you need a fully equipped, equipped office. if you need hardware, you need more space, which you need to rent or to buy. if people stay at home, work from home, the turnover is reduced for many other businesses and this hurts the overall economy. and this is not going to be resolved in the next couple months because the super slow downs over everyone's getting charged, going back to work. you don't rest and governments have really increased their debts quite considerably. so if there is a tax, if there's extra tax for people who can work for from home, it's supposed to be something like a compensation for these losses. and for these deaths, i think it's a totally misconceived strategy. it's no time to even implement there's even if
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they don't recall well, and i say yes, organ secured the 1st 3 months of next year. once it actually gets rolled out and we'll have the conversation very amicably. but what we need is to foster economic growth and activity. and this can never be done through a tax. to lead fisherman in france awarding the jobs will go and the marine life be damaged beyond repair. if plans to build a new wind valid brittany, go ahead. that story coming away a few moments. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, very dramatic development, only i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical to sit down and talk.
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welcome back. french fishermen are opposing plans to build an offshore wind farm in britain and they claim that it will endanger sea life and their livelihoods present around your microns long. been pushing for renewable energy projects. solar day was key pics of the story. fishing is a way of life. pay off the coast of brittany every morning, fishermen head off to sea in the hope of catching their parents to eat, but they're now not alone. a renewable energy company is also trying to get it hooks into this area's natural resources. the strong winds and tights here make the coast around the area which is near sawn creek perfect for an offshore wind farm. $62.00 turbines are planned with the site expected to be operational in the next 3 years, but fishermen are determined to sink the project. our leaders have been clear
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if they don't get answers to their questions, they say, cannot be a windfall. that is a certainty. and it is resident, he says he would rather die standing in the fisherman cannot be developed. the wind farm is important. politically, french president not growing has attempted to portray himself as being an environmental champion. now he hopes the wind power could generate almost the front to sell it to city by 2028, partly from offshore turbines. yet one campaign group says the construction of the wind farms is an environmental disaster. when you install a wind farm in a protected zone, the environmental damage is close and it will destroy the reach sea life and small scale fishing will disappear. the government has tried to offer comfort station,
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but you can't compensate damage to the sea. so there is no compensation for loss of sea life. we also have the biggest natural reserve in brittany because we are in the migration corridor for birds, and there is no compensation for the destruction of birds. the wind from project is said to be exacerbating of tensions to just the other side of where it supplants it's the isle of jersey, where fishing is also an important economy. it's no exaggeration to say that jersey fishermen are, i'm not able to access large areas of their own waters because it is simply covered in french, french nets, french gear. he says that's because french fishermen have been pushed all their own waters because of the wind farm. those vessels which are now turning up and increasing. yes, it too are in jersey's waters to an extent that our system and can no longer access
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huge areas of our own sea of our own waters. so that it is causing just on a set of all levels of hardships. a jersey fisherman, it's got, it's creating conflict between jersey fishermen and french fisherman. and it certainly creating unsustainable board has created unsustainable levels of fishing, if it in the water. that's the company responsible for the construction of the wind farm says it continues to study the impact it has on the environment and for the french government. this project is one key to france and moving toward to renewable energy sources. but locals here are determined to do everything they can to scupper, that. charlotte deal ski, r.-t., brittany, amid soaring criminality. the us city of minneapolis is approve a cash injection for its police department. the force will get an extra half a $1000000.00. this will be used to recruit more officers. the funding boost comes
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despite an earlier pledge by the city council to dismantle the department in the wake of the killing of a black man at the hands of local offices. the death of george floyd sparked months of nationwide protests. homicides in minneapolis have doubled since last year with only 75 killings reported in 2020 on the shootings has also reached a decade high. with 500 people shot this year. also a violent climb crime is hitting record highs more than $4600.00 incidents reported
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to authorities and $100.00 officers of left the minneapolis police force since the start of the year leading to an understaffing problem of resources are hemorrhaging . our city is bleeding at this moment. i'm trying to do all i can to stop that bleeding, and i'm starting that having the funds to, to launch a citywide joining force me team initiatives. we can try to try to stop the bleeding here in our city. but smith spokesperson for the u.s. national police association says defunding more involvement would leave citizens, unprotected crime, started to skyrocket, violent crime is out of control in certain parts of the city of minneapolis. and so this, this notion of defunding, the police actually hurt not just the police, but it's actually harming the citizens. what we're also seeing is the more resources you take away from police officers,
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the less community policing there are. and the more police officers get hurt. people are not dying quickly of covert 19 in the city of minneapolis. yes, people are getting sick from co and 19. most people in the united states recover quickly for us from covert 19. you don't recover from being murdered in order to keep the citizen safe. they're going to have to learn how to live with police officers. the minneapolis police department is one of the most progressive police departments in the united states and watching our team to national. i'm sure you knew that, but we're very glad that you all do join me for updates on the headlines and often join me every 1st week on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of
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the world of politics, sports business, i'm show business. i'll see you then this is a story of women, women with troubled histories and complex court cases. you know, some of those deadly leave who lives out there where not the person that there's a cheesiness and the they are considered the most dangerous of criminals. she's in a still body off 23 hours of the day. tell me that is not enough punishment in the world of women on death row. was a pandemic? no, certainly no borders, just blind to nationalities. as
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americans, we caught up with the we don't have the facts in the whole world needs to be the chief judge of commentary crisis please listen to modern times. we can do better, we should everyone is contributing way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges, craig, with the response, has been must so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together.
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they were going underground on the day 3 e.u. sanctions on venezuela were set to expire, as president obama during a opens up the possibility of dialogue with a country arguably bent on its destruction. the united states coming on the show as britain's 2nd chamber rejects boris johnson's attempts to violate international law and break the buy back. good friday agreement with ireland for brics said one of president obama's top advisers tells us whether the so-called special relationship is dead in the water. and could this be the man soon running, joe biden's intelligence establishment need to make the russians? right. the looking, i mean, you make them pay the price by killing russians. and yes, there's rumors abound that biden may pick hawks like mike morrell for the cia. we ask rolling stones mad about the potential for world war 3, whatever ends up becoming u.s. president in january, although some more coming up in today's going underground for us this week, britain's 2nd chamber voted down boris johnson's attempt to break international law
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in the name of breck's that some say johnson's actions of set him on a collision course with so-called us president elect joe biden. beyond that, after a president who didn't start any new wars, will by to follow in obama's footsteps in libya and launch new conflicts in the global south. joining me now is one of president obama's top advisers who served on the clinton obama administration's national security council director for european affairs and author of the new book isolationism, a history of america's efforts to shield itself from the world. professor charles koch joins me now via skype from chevy chase in maryland. thanks so much charles for coming on before i get to the book. if i may, what do you make of the fears here in britain about the biden presidency after?, he tweeted that u.k., violation of the good friday agreement will impact on any trade deal you know, on balance. i think british folks should breathe a sigh of relief with biden's election in the sense that we will have again in the white house, someone who values partnerships abroad,
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who believes in the transatlantic relationship, who believes in a strong europe has a good partner. does biden support breck's it know when he was vice president? did his boss, barack obama, go to the u.k. and argue against breck's it? yes, and so there will be some tough conversations between boris johnson and joe biden about this issue. but i think, you know, listen, biden is a pragmatist. he will want to maintain a good strong relationship with the u.k. . i'm guessing his message will be twofold. one, try to keep as close a relationship to the e.u. as possible and to don't do anything that could upset the good friday agreement or somehow undo the peace that has taken hold in northern ireland. bill johnson has been relatively clear. i know this new book isolationism goes right back into the usa. and, arguably, when the usa was a colony, you can imagine there might be people here in westminster think and resent the idea
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of telling britain what to do. well, listen times the times have changed. and i do think that going back in history, one can only believe that the special relationship we're in will endure because it really does go back to the 19th century in the u.s. . and the u.k. have been each other's best partners for well over a century. i do think that if this special relationship will need refurbishing, it will need investment because britain has segregated itself, its backing away from europe and europe aggregates. britain's power, that doesn't mean that i say that britain is going to drift off into the shadows. but i think it does mean that the government should come up with a program about projecting power about taking on new commitments about being a player in europe to make sure that it remains as, as relevant,
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a partner to the united states going forward as it has been in the past, well as you make clear in the book, francis 0 oldest. and of course those of all the bricks that they say, this is segregation. this is making it an international power when it comes to america 1st, i don't know how you've coped them with the way the trump presidency has been chronicled by so-called, mainstream media. you make it clear that this is much older than many of these journalists actually understand america. yeah, i mean, i am not a big fan of donald trump. i think his presidency has been very difficult for those of us who live here very difficult for the rest of the world. he's and some ways taken a wrecking ball to the world america made in cooperation with its allies after world war 2. but i do think it's a mistake to see trump is some kind of bolt from the blue.


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