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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2020 7:00pm-7:27pm EST

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and alarming everyone who mindlessly actually what that means is we end up making solutions that long, but actually do very little. it's just a kind of fuel, instead of actual solutions that were true inside the french national assembly, a controversial bill is up for debate on images that could identify police and be used for malicious purposes. on the streets turns to turmoil as thousands rally against the new draft law. our correspondent has been in the thick of it. there are protests on the street. we're just being moved at the moment by the police, a huge security presence in paris this evening. the u.s. announces it will withdraw all thousands of troops from afghanistan and iraq before,
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president donald trump leaves office. in january u.s., senate passes an act that could see huge fines or even jail for those involved in sports doping. but the world anti-doping agency warns it excludes american sports while allowing international prosecutions to go ahead and avoidable hostilities, russian president vladimir putin says the bloodshed between armenia and azerbaijan could have been halted weeks ago before the conflict in the go. in a car had reached the breaking point. i managed to convince president aliyev that it was possible to stop the hostilities. but he simply could treat condition was the return of refugees, including then unexpectedly for me, the position of romania and poland. this was formulated in such a way that it was on the acceptable for them
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any time of the day, anywhere in the world broadcasting live from moscow, it's r t international and i'm down on quarter with you here in the studio. welcome to the program. now we begin with the french capital, where crowds have gathered in paris to push back against a draft law designed to protect the identities of police officers. artie's charlotta been ski, has been in the center of the action. well, it's turning into an unwieldy night here in paris as the assembly, the national assembly debates that global security law that draw flow, that includes an element that could criminalize the publishing of images of offices that could lead to them being identified. there are protests here on the street. we're just being moved at the moment by the police, a huge security presence out here in paris to see even, and in the last half an hour away, it has really kicked off here. it looks very calm at the moment, believe me,
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the last half an hour we have seen police battening and whacking protesters trying to move them from the streets behind us. you can see that there is a row of police vehicles here that cannon is. well that's being used tonight as has ample tear gas. one person told me that they were being forced down into the metro, which is just behind me, where you might be able to see that there are huge a number of police officers around it. they said they were being force inside there, the tear gas being left off inside there and that they were being forced down to be a speck seated. well, of course we go down into the metro. but the rest of the scenes as they've been described by some of the protesters to no, i've seen women having their hay young to being used to be grabbed by the head to be thrown to the floor by police officers on the floor. you. oh, thank you. how was that medics being hit by police patton's?
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and in fact, as we were just about metro station filming some of the violence against the protesters, we ourselves who fool simply chucked out by the police, my cameraman, who grabbed my offices while he was filming, while we were trying to do an interview and ejected from not crowd her sister. yes, that is exactly why journalists unions n.g.o.s in the un have to cried part of this law as being something that could destabilize to have terrible democratic consequences. and that's because images over the police are protests, have been used time and time again. shown the violence that's been used and that has been used to pursue cool, says against police offices to bring cases to the
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police unions to the authorities here in to make sure the people of where of that this law would essentially stop that. that's what you say, they say that it is censorship. however, the government says this rumor is needed to protect police officers from the pilots . because while i'm talking about the police hitting protesters trying to move them around, we have also seen violence towards the police. the same thing, we've seen bottles thrown into woodson fires being lit. we have seen destruction here on the streets of paris bus shelters being smashed in. so there is violence on both sides and the government says this is needed to protect the police. police unions say it doesn't go far enough and if it is a choice between freedom of press and liberty, when it comes to showing these images to the security of their offices, they will side with the security of their offices every time. now anybody who would be found guilty about if this new post would find themselves one year behind jail,
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with a fine of booty 5000 year is that is the severe punishment. but let you tell me this . a severe punishment is being on the frontlines in an evening like this when the tensions are so high. and there is that attack from the police. possibly because they're also afraid over the protestors. but the reality is it is been a brutal life with violence from both sides perfume. a we have stated that violence has been mainly coming from the police to wards protesters who for the most part, we haven't witnessed him doing anything well deserved some of the violence. i've said this evening. political analyst nicholas markovitch, believes police officers today should expect to be captured on camera. because there is something going on with reorganization of the french police and law enforcement agencies. the tip of the iceberg that we're talking about today, and it's getting everybody really nervous,
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is the fact that you would not be able to morrow to assume a policeman. and i think it's important to state that people are not showing policemen today or law enforcement agents. who are law abiding, who are respecting the law, who are just doing their job in trying to make sure that demonstrations are going as normal. but people are feeling today because we've seen in france and these past years, extreme violence in a lot of demonstrators, their only defense is to the policeman showing that this is my security, my insurance, that you won't beat me up. if you do, i'm going to make sure that your base is on is an internet. i think it is extremely important that when people are in the streets that people be able to film this is extremely important. 'd that's part of the job police officer 2020. that's the way it is. if you don't want to be filmed or become a police officer, i think this is something which is, which is important. in other news, the u.s. has announced the withdrawal of 500 troops from iraq and thousands from afghanistan that is set to take place before the incumbent presidents donald trump,
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leaves office artie's new york correspondent, caleb moppin breaks it all down for us. the pentagon has announced that there will be a withdrawal of some u.s. troops from iraq and afghanistan. both countries will have only roughly $2500.00 troops. the withdraw will take place between now and mid january. this is what we've heard. i celebrate this day as we continue the president's consistent progress in completing the mission we began nearly 2 decades ago. folks will recall that recently donald trump removed a number of top pentagon officials,, including u.s. secretary of defense, mark asper. now donald trump is essentially fulfilling one of his campaign promises, at least partially. donald trump did promise that he would end the forever wars and the u.s. military involvement overseas. and it appears that this withdrawal of some u.s. troops from iraq and afghanistan is quite popular with the u.s. public polls show the u.s. public favors drawing down the u.s.
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military presence. however, the chief of nato was certainly not thrilled with donald trump's decision. take a listen. we went into afghanistan together, and when the time is right, we should leave together in a coordinated and orderly way. now the question remains, what will happen if joe biden takes office right now the u.s. election is still contested. however, most media outlets do consider joe biden to be the president elect now. joe biden did speak somewhat of ending forever wars and drawing back u.s. military interventions overseas. however, he did emphasize that he does not feel the usa should withdraw troops from afghanistan. joe biden was very outspoken in advocating a continued u.s. military presence in afghanistan. here is one of the statements he made about why he feels the united states should continue to hold a presence there. this is joe biden. history is going to judges very harshly. i believe if we allow the hope of a liberated afghanistan to evaporate,
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because we are fearful of the phrase nation building, or we do know, stay the course. not only was joe biden, a supporter of u.s. military intervention in afghanistan. he was also a supporter of the u.s. invasion of iraq and even drafted the legislation that made the u.s. invasion of iraq happen. now. he has named susan rice as his potential secretary of state. she is known to advocate u.s. military interventions. she served in the obama administration, and he has also selected michelle floor in a, as his secretary of defense. michelle 4 and a, was an outspoken advocate of expanding u.s. military presence in libya and in syria. so it appears that the biden administration will be more in favor of u.s. military interventionism. now the u.s. troops in iraq and afghanistan are expected to be withdrawn by mid january when a potential by did ministration would take office. so the question remains, would joe biden then send more troops in response to taking office?
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would he undo this move by donald trump? that is not exactly clear. however, donald trump does seem like he intends to drawdown the u.s. military presence in both countries before he leaves office. we spoke to michael maloof, a former pentagon security policy analyst, and he believes middle eastern tension will intensify under a biden administration. trump is doing this for political reasons and trying to fulfill a campaign promise. he's not told them all. you also got to keep in mind. he may substitute u.s. troops for private military contractors. the whole notion is for him to have all the troops out by next may, but then by then you may be into a biden ministration. and the troop levels could go back up again. really depends upon commitments by the taliban. and what have you, and you've got to consider that a biden ministration given the blood in the service may be jumping on board. his and ministration may pursue efforts to keep troops there. and even establishment
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republicans are calling for troops to remain in afghanistan. and probably even in iraq a new bill going through the u.s. has been described as a power grab by american doping authorities by the world anti-doping agency. the legislation could allow the united states to create liability outside of its jurisdiction. earlier. my colleague andrew farmer spoke with artie's sports correspondent alex. they are shifty about concerns over the rod shank of anti doping act. well, the biggest concern is that this new act which is called the russian named after a russian whistleblower, basically applies to international culprits, but not the domestic ones in the u.s. . now they're watching entails up to a 1000000 dollar fine or even 10 years in prison for not the athletes themselves, but the entourage of an athlete, or even the government which is accused or suspected of adopting scheme. but the original draft of that bill included u.s.
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professional sports and us college sports. but by the time it reached the senate, miraculously, this part of the bill disappeared somewhere. so now basically it excludes all the majority of us professional sport. now this is one of the things that they world anti-doping agency expressed their concerns about, among other things, including, you know, how come the u.s. is trying to make itself into the world. anti-doping police. let's have a listen in order along with a number of governments and sports arenas, issues, there's legitimate concerns about the routine of act. in particular, it may lead to overlapping laws in different jurisdictions that will compromise having a single set of rules for all athletes around the world order, which is also to understand why this legislation excludes vast areas of u.s. sport. in particular, the professional leagues and all college sports. if it's not good enough for american sports, why is it fine for the rest of the world? now the main mastermind of this new bill is traver steiger, the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency, and it's not the 1st time that tiger was,
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has been involved in some sort of rift between the usada and the world anti-doping agency. there have been cases where the u.s. hinted through tiger that they would even pull funding from water if it refused to play along. so basically, the only thing remaining for this bill to become law is trump signature and no one else. this will happen. so brace ourselves for more drama in this again, just to remind us to alexi why it is called the act. now obviously this relates to go to church and gov, who exploded the world of sports in 2016 when he made explosive allegations against russia, against the russian government that it was allegedly involved in some sort of doping scheme is hiding in the united states. there are rumors that he even changed his appearance that he had a plastic surgery or something like that. but the funny thing is there is a job going about now that the 1st person prosecute persecuted under this new act should be watching himself. since he claims that he was part of the state conspiracy and you know, going back, this is basically a criminal offense. now if this bill becomes law, but obviously this is named after him. i mean,
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the irony there is the sports rely on whistleblowers, don't know, but my exactly will discourage them from coming forward in case they get committee prosecuted. and i was rushed, then reacted to this bill. there has been a reaction from russia through the kremlin spokesperson, the method to scald, who called this kind of move unacceptable. i believe we can listen to that,, including the beach q., which we are extremely critical of any attempt by the united states to extend its jurisdiction to other countries. such cross border practice isn't acceptable. we disagree with that, and of course this can cause nothing but concern. it's not only just on paper looks like a unilateral decision to govern the anti-doping processes in the world, which is why those certainly unhappy, but you mention it right. the fact that whistleblowers will now be afraid of being persecuted. this basically hampers the whole process of whistle blowing. if this bill becomes law, we also heard from sports psychology and sociology expert, alice kashmere. cashmore who thinks the legislation won't be effective in fighting
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doping. the irony of this, the absolute paradox of the center of it is that it's designed to try to control being in the world and it will do nothing of the sort. in fact, it will probably have the opposite of thing because anybody who does decide to want to, to grass up in other words, to spill the beans, to inform, in other words on doping that they suspect is going on, well, immediately be held complicit in the action because they have a say, how did you know about this? did you ever do anything to contribute towards the doping offense? and if you did, maybe will not be as well. so it will actually intimidate potential. whistleblowers certainly not encourage them because there's no witness protection program. and so really, it appears to be the united states positioning itself as the world's antidoping policeman. i don't often agree with water, but i think that they will have something very strong to say about this because
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really straining on their toes. let's face it. come on, r.t. this news hour. a counter-terror prancer of the us military is buying up location data from apps linked to muslim communities. a full story on that more after this short break, the banks federal reserve bank. and the bank is attached to a huge ponzi scheme called the global banking financial. and the i.m.f. and the world bank and the people at davos and then part of the ponzi scheme, backed by america's military. america's military is kind of the force behind this global ponzi scheme. so if you crumbles
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the results of the u.s. election cycle, no surprise many there was no blue wave and the g.o.p. witnessed games all across the board. both parties have deep internal divisions and the party's base populist challenges. this is a political realign join me every day and i'll be speaking to fix this. i'm show business. welcome back to the program. now, russia's president has offered a behind the scenes look into the ongoing negotiations to end. the nagorno-karabakh conflict, lot of near putin explained there was a chance the peace deal between armenia and azerbaijan could have been reached
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weeks ago. but that one of the 2 warring nations was rather reluctant to give up. earlier my colleague taylor discussed this with our tease maria phenomena like putin spoke to journalists about the gold they could about for more than 40 minutes . and he said the bloody war that lasted 6 weeks and took so many lives and so much devastation and destruction could have been ended for not. on october 19th and 20th, i had a series of phone conversations with president lee have been prime minister passion yan. at that time, the armed forces of his of azerbaijan had regained control over an insignificant southern part of care about it. in general, i managed to convince president that it was possible to stop the hostilities, but his obligatory condition was the return of refugees, including to shusha, then unexpectedly for me, the position including to shusha. so then unexpectedly, for me, the position of armenian partners was formulated in such an of armenian partners,
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said that your way they'll accord in it is signed. there was a decision made to establish russian turkish monitoring center. and critics were saying that it could spark more confrontation and fight in the region, but like my putting it read to rate it emphasize it one more time that the turkish military will only end, uniquely the station on the territory all visited by john to avoid any confrontation, you wouldn't do it. you can assess turkey's actions in any way, but it is difficult to accuse turkey of violating international law. why provoke the armenian side with the presence of the soldiers on the border? it seems to me that president, one perfectly understood it and has understood it. we didn't have any problems. we agreed to turkey at the request of azerbaijan will take part in monitoring the ceasefire. but we will do this with turkey together. bearing in mind that we have very good experience with cooperation in the middle east,
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including in syria in the libyan zone. and on the border between syria and turkey. we organize joint patrols together. and also mentioned the role of collective security treaty organization that some critics accused of not doing enough to protect their mania. he said that the fighting was never on the armenian territory nagorno-karabakh. he is not part of our media. and this is why all the army is member state of this organization. it wasn't attacked, and this is why there was no any reason for the sea to step in. and he also said that the board and about for now will remain disputed territory disputed areas. so its status quo will remain, but in the future when the wounds are not living anymore. the countries that are by john and the media may return to discussion and may resolve this issue. speaking about that peace deal signed by russia, armenia, and azerbaijan. last monday, vladimir putin said that all 3 sides were very careful and very cautious about
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details and paid attention to every war than every basically cold war. and it was worth it because that was how the bloodshed was stopped. some of global still do the most important thing that's been done is to stop the bloodshed. of the 4000 people died according to official data. in reality, i think there are more tens of thousands have been injured and maimed. this is not a movie. this is a tragedy that is taking place in real life with real people affecting real families. you know, therefore, stopping the bloodshed is the key thing. and law group would also stress that it would be suicide to try to violate the agreement, because it is there to bring peace and it should be respected. meanwhile, troops from armenia and azerbaijan are now cooperating in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region. it comes as russian peacekeepers arrive in the area to uphold a cease fire between the 2 sides. and they've now reopened the only road linking
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the region to armenia more. i've sent us this report where it's a russian peacekeepers observation, post the monitoring station just outside of the now is it about johnny held. 'd city, this is something of a surreal experience because we see behind us, russian peacekeepers standing together with john the troops, very close together and just behind the armenian troops, these are neutral territories. these are areas to which is your budget and food as well as troops come to to resolve their misunderstandings or disputes outstanding problems that may come up. so now ultimately, everything is on the control. if any questions emerge, commanders from both sides and from our side as well, settle issues. we have full mutual understanding. there is no problem working together. today has also witnessed the opening of the corridor, the only route for the foreseeable future that link niña to the pro armenian
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what's left of the breakaway region of the gold in the we've seen a convoy head out for manini and the escort. 'd of russian peacekeepers towards the capital in the speech security of the area is maintained by the observation posts longer lashon corydoras and by military police. as well simple. we must ensure the safe transportation of civilians and money to the cease fires with the end of hostilities. the most outstanding problem now is the issue. that is the area concerns the issue of the return of tens of thousands of refugees who've been forced to flee their homes. that out of their villages because of the conflict because of the sheer brutality of this conflict. and the now is getting
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them back. and this is something that the latrines because will help with it's a safe route for all these refugees to return to their homes. there is a lot of humanitarian organization presence here. the red cross, for example, which is overseeing demining operations, the exchange of prisoners, the exchange of the remains of fallen troops. and as we're coordinating the return and help for all the 10s of thousands of refugees, are serious. that on the cooperation with both sides has been successful established, we have a productive partnership. everybody understands that we must bring peace to this long suffering last to do so. with the recent events here, people react differently somehow be someone neutral and civilians of course gave us a warm welcome to think that the war here is over again. aside then, imaginable, unimaginable. just
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a few weeks ago it was their budget and the military vehicle making its way into territory, held by pro armenian forces to negotiate to resolve this buttes with the armenian side, through russian peacekeeper mediation. a new report has claimed a counter-terror branch of the us military is buying up location data from apps, specifically those aimed at muslim communities. the platform behind this report called motherboard has said the exact reason for the operation, but a tree of the location data to target drone strikes is purchasing access to sensitive data. many of the users of apps involved in the data supply chain, a muslim, which is notable, considering that the united states has waged a decades long war on, predominantly muslim terror groups in the middle east. and has killed hundreds of thousands of civilian lives, of thousands of civilians just to plus craig's list and yours. in this particular case, one called x. mote. they in turn,
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profit counter church contract as is international. the united states is saying through the comic social classes part. 1 of explorer wanting the crisis not to lay blame on the establishment. 'd for reaching this outcome as to what we call in political science to export prices, but just to blame it on an outsider, not on an insider. and then in this case, the muslim countries and the muslim world with the movement from youth inside the united states would serve as a justification for the crisis. and of course, it would also justify any interventionist policy.


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