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on the establishment. oh. 'd we're reaching this ok, who are what we call in political science to export prices, which is to blame it on an outsider to earn enough on an inside it. and then this case to be muslim countries, and that was the word which i'm the muslim community inside the united states would serve as a justification for the crisis. and of course, it would also justify any and interventionist policies to those here world news stories for this hour. i'll be back with more in just an hour, and i hope to see you then this
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is boom, bust the one business show you can't afford to miss something. i want to fail in washington coming up. more positive news for a little bit of action scene. how did wall street trading about the record on monday will break down where investors are putting their money on the top of a massive trade deal and joining $15.00, asian pacific countries, together with the world's largest economy and lucked out, we have a lot to get. so let's get started. historic day for modernity as preliminary results show its corona virus vaccine is more than 90 percent effective on monday, medina's early data showed $94.00 efficacy for its maxine data also showed the drug maker gave 15000 participants a placebo shot out of those 90 people got sick on the other hand, a shot out of those 90 people got sick. on the other hand, another 15000 participants also received the vaccine or actually received the vaccine. only 5 people got sick and that's where you get that nearly 95 percent
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efficacy. those 5 who develop covert 19, none of them had severe symptoms. but then as president, dr. steven hoag hopes to submit documents for approval in just the coming weeks. we know about 20000000 doses of the vaccine by the end of this year. and we're looking forward to making about $500000000.00 to a $1000000000.00 this next year. but given the rate at which we're are in pieces, we will have probably $150.00 or under $51.00 cases at the final analysis. we do expect that to be done within couple of weeks. you're in the early documents and the mcgurn, a shares jumped 12 percent in premarket trading. this is a 2nd vaccine in the united states to have a stunningly high success rate. last week, pfizer announced that early data shows it's back scene is more than 90 percent
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effective. meanwhile, the european medicines agency is human medicines committee said it's starting a rolling review of madonna's covert $1000.00 vaccine. the regular is already reviewing vaccines from astra zeneca and pfizer. all in an effort to speed up the approval process. now to a coronavirus update over the weekend, the us or past 11000000 new code 1000 cases. this comes only one week after hitting 10000000. that's an average of about 150000 last week. positive test rates and hospitalizations are up across the country, forcing states to place even more restrictions on social gatherings and even travel . the u.s. leads global cases and deaths with more than 246000 ppi teletubbies. meanwhile, countries in europe announced more lockdowns. strict measures are being placed as covert cases continue to search, and south korea sought 3 consecutive days of triple digit cases, also forcing the country to tighten restrictions. it's being called one of the
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largest free trade agreements in history. over the weekend 15 asian pacific nations signed the world's biggest free trade pact over the weekend 15 asian pacific nations. they signed this trade pack in an effort, in a way for lower tariffs or minimizing red tape. and artie's, a correspondent, has more china than have to have the 1st 10 countries to open fast tracks and going away and to facilitate economically opening. it's been almost 8 years in the making. and on sunday, the regional comprehensive economic partnership known as r, c. e p. was officially signed, it's the 1st trade agreement that connects china, japan and south korea among the 10 countries belonging to the association of southeast asian nations covering some 2200000000 people. the agreement makes already low tariffs on trade between member countries, even lower. some analysts say this new deal is the world's largest trading bloc,
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according to almost a 3rd of global economic activity. something economists say is needed for recovery during the pen demick. the agreement makes already low tariffs on trade between member countries, even lower. some analysts say this new deal is the world's largest trading bloc, according to almost a 3rd of global economic activity. something economists say is needed for recovery during the pen demick. the global and regional economies are faced with immense obstacles and challenges arising, not only from covert 19, but also from the decrease in global trade. the conclusion of our c, e. p negotiation, the largest free trade agreement in the end, a strong message that affirms asean leading role in supporting the multilateral trading system, creating a new trading structure in the region. the virtual meeting was designed to set trade rules, investment details, e-commerce and copyright specifics. the deal includes 15 countries, $2200000000.00 people with
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a sick product of $26.00 trillion dollars. economists say by 2030, the deal could add roughly $200000000000.00 a year to the global economy. the past initially included 16 countries, but india backed down amid concerns over cheap imports flooding the country, particularly from china on sunday. leaders open for india to join the deal. signing comes amid trade tensions between china and australia. it's not clear if beijing will cancel its latest tariffs and restrictions, well, the u.s. is not part of the agreement. the mini me's prime minister said on sunday it would continue its core. godless of who takes office in january. the trade agreement is set to effect within the next 2 years after countries ratified the deal reporting in los angeles and pasha suites. for more, let's bring in bill host chrystia. i chrystia good to see you and let's talk about the asian markets. bouncing and monday session, another after these 15 economies in the region signed this alliance. why is this
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such a big deal? well, it's not a pretty big step for china, especially as it's basically in the world's largest trade of the u.s. . so the entire goal of the r.c.p. is to all if some of the 92 percent of trading goods terrace, which would then the least of which would then deepen as i can get. so as a result and automakers. today, those names are soaring. we just need all those being the base and the shape. so you have nissan, moslem to be, she's an author, you know, i've presented a and also high tech such an alternate. so this deal comes after 8 years of negotiations. other countries are hoping that together, this will help you know, recovery from the shock of the right american. so i get disagreements and a very strong message to washington. over the trumpet. ministration has been trying to sever trade in favor of protectionism. but now it's china being, it's also trust us as a champion of station in our operation. well, it is interesting because they are the world's 2nd largest economy. but much like
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you said, this has been 8 years in the making. and this is, we're looking at a proximately adding $200000000000.00 a year to the global economy. much like you said, did you feel, do you believe that it's rushed? or that given the timing of this is really because of the pandemic? i don't think it's been a rash because it has been 8 years in the making. i do think it is a good comprehensive deal in order to promote further trading operation between the 2 mentions. i do think that the timing of it is very beneficial soup to especially the smaller parts of the irony. those have been the most severely impacted by the virus shots. and essentially they're, our economy is basically based offer to ours and service and streams. and those industries particular have been severely damaged by cobra 19, given that there's basically no trouble at all. well, india is also pretty high up and cases and their economies also struggle, but they're, they're unsure, at least as of now they're not part of this deal,
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correct? currently they are not a saying that if they will welcome you back into the whole issue is ready to join. but currently, as it stands right now, and yes, we used to join this alliance in response to that in response to the fact that they believe that they want to keep more of the high tech news in that region and regain its own country. and there has been tension between india and china. that is christy, how is washington taking this? what is their response if anything at well, this is a really alarming development for washington as it just basically expands asia's economic and trade and plans, especially in china. so this deal is being our way for china to drop the trade in the us now to transpacific partnership trade. so cartridges. so charming secretary that you made the 1st trump china at the time this week, saying that his incoming administration, they should start a new route. i remember she wanted to undo the past 4 years of great treats and
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that often also calls for a shift away from has lots of rest of that rests reciprocity to ensure the strategic competition between the world's 2 largest economy will result in the u.s. closing off well, so 2 years ago also had warned that the trajectory of the trumpet ministration, they would establish an economic ire. and it's interesting to see that after so many sanctions and that's the restrictions crackdown public knowledge. many of his predictions actually didn't hand out well if they really did. and you mention the u.s. and china, they've been in the trade war. and what president truman restoration has done with, with the relationship between the 2 countries. is this going to pave the way for washington under president elect joe biden, to then return to the transpacific partnership? we know that the trump trump pulled back from it and signed the executive order pulling out of it in 2017. well, potentially,
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so i did actually back to t.v. under obama and said that you would really go shoot a trade, you know, if he was elected, he'd spoken that you knew while it wasn't perfect, you know, it was a good way for countries to come together to pull her kind of access. so right now the r.c.m.p. and its people are kind of in a face off against one another with r.c. . he had a 30 percent of the world economy. and that he, in its original form, the u.s. that would have been at 40 percent. so when this treaty trading was the u.s. multinationals, they would definitely benefit from driving under the new ministration option, certainly on the table. so we could see the u.s. rejoin the successor deal, but we still have a long way to go before that because that's not expected to be. and i already from washington, given the considerable negative response to the negotiations from many segments of the u.s. market or well, even the united states. and here we've seen that china has been an issue, a bipartisan issue, where both,
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both the democrats and the republicans say they need to go against china, at least in terms of these tariffs and continue to not necessarily left tariffs or escalate tensions. what can we expect from from president elect, joe biden? you think i think you will be forced to also take a very hard stance on china, which is why it's, i guess, is not going to be a priority at all. he's going to make a priority about quiting grown irish central back. so this is going to be pushed on the back burner for now. because as you said, this is an issue that the democrats also strongly about saying and citing very specific instances that china and asia pacific nations because of the cheap labor they have been stealing jobs away from americans. that's that. and their stance for a very long time. which is why he wants to renegotiate a deal saying that is not the way it is right now. and that he will be very strong stance against trying, even, even as we try to simmer down the antagonistic reciprocity that we've seen over the trump ministration, especially with the tensions between them. we know
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a lot of experts analysts have said that, at least with joe biden, that we would president joe biden would be able to. he's a little more, at least a pragmatic about things and that at least people can see where he's going to go and how he's going to take this kristie cohost. i think that will only bank you for, for breaking this down for us time now for a quick break. but when we come back, another historic watch to the international space station opening up the possibility of a regular launch schedule from u.s. soil. as we go to break up, the phone was
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always in the building, but the especially big city bright lights. you just but you know, g.'s and many dangers and it's also a city where up to $300.00 sounds of the crimes are committed every year going
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up over the last living, but it will bring your mosque. it's filled to the reserve least one police officer for every $200.00 residents in russia's capital cost on the list. but they never appeared to me that we're not going to come in a little look for us on the beat. another big day for wall street. the dow futures jumped 500 points on news that pharmaceutical company announced the 2 had developed
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a highly effective coping seen as we previously mentioned. it was just one week ago when pfizer announced it developed a covert vaccine the how to achieve 90 percent africa c. in clinical trials. well, joining us now to discuss has been was co-host and otavio monsey. the c.e.o. of open was gentleman, thank you for joining me. today, ottavio, let's begin with you. i'm a journalist, claim it's a vaccine is 94 percent effective in clinical trials. and that meant not just a surgeon during a stock, obviously, but also in the stocks for travel and tourism. right. well i history or you could call a surgeon that has been a stock. i think 1st white looks to me like a bit of a disappointment. looks a bit like a damp squid when you think about it. modernity is sort of a start up. if the biotech company means it's one of the new after efficient and a lot of pfizer, the other big players and their approach to developing vaccines,
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but most of them. so now that it looks like their approach is vindicate, big breakthrough seems to work. the results are very impressive. and the stores only going up $0.10. i would say, that's a bit of disappoint, that's not terribly impressive. you'd expect this to be the movie that was successful. the stock price soaring in triple digits as a result of what is actually interesting too, if you know, as a stock piles that has come down, some of done as a market cap with $3.00 as market cap came down about 7. so there's been a net destruction of share over the write ups or travel, so it was a mirror to the world but more amazing as well. that something we're going to see. some are to what happened last week when we saw the pfizer stock surge because of the vaccine is optimism. we kind of started going down after a few days because cases are still going up. well, i mean,
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the case is still going up, might be good news for them as the banks in the banks, in when the banks actually comes to market. so i don't think cases going up is about to stop us and is bad for the world than the one who's infected, not for the pharmaceutical companies have a vaccine for the, for the illness. so i don't think that's driving. i think people are looking at this with some skepticism on either you have to write 5 stores of them. so i was since the dinosaur didn't get the poll that you expect to get was such a breakthrough. so i think the markets are looking at, this is interesting, there's a chance this works, but we're going to reserve judgment. going to be something cautious about c o. through that, it seems that way. and then we're not looking at effect an ounce amount of this covert vaccine in just one week's time of over 90 percent efficacy. but what does this actually mean for the rollout of the vaccine? which means a couple things. number one, obviously this is, these are claims being made by pfizer and by these have not necessarily been
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verified that the vaccine would actually work this way. this is just what they're telling us. and i do think it's important to note, you know, the mention of the stock jumping. so mcgurn of stock, jump back in the spring because madonna has a very bizarre relationship working alongside the national institutes of health and actually getting taxpayer dollars to develop their vaccine. other companies like pfizer got $2000000000.00 taxpayer dollars, but there's a difference here. the difference with moderna is that the technology they're using was actually developed by the end i h. and the national institutes of health. it's not really during his development, that's the 1st thing. the 2nd thing, i think it's very interesting about both of these cases and very few people are talking about this one mode, earn a stop shot up in the spring. will journalist top 5 executives actually sold 80 percent of their stuff. they sold a huge amount of it, which was absolutely shocking to a lot of people if you're really watching what they're doing, if your stock is going up, why are you selling it right now? a similar thing happened last week. the same day the pfizer made its announcement, the c.e.o.
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of pfizer actually sold 60 percent of his stock. now that already been kind of prearranged to happen. that decision to do so was made back on august 19th, but it just so happened that it coincided selling 60 percent of his stock coincided with this announcement last monday. so the only reason i bring this up is if you're an investor that has to make you say, let's give it a pause and let's see if this stuff really works. because why would the people with the most stock be selling it right at the time of these announcements are coming out for a vaccine that going to be taken world? why? well, and the other thing too, we're looking at these high efficacy rates, right? that number, the f.d.a. only required 50 percent. how important is that then? well, it is important if it's true, but remember again this is, this is what we're being told by muldoon. and this is what we're being told by pfizer. that's what they're saying. based upon the studies that they've done, all of this has to be verified. there has to be a process of verification that the f.d.a. is going through. and on top of that, obviously everything has kind of been sped up through this process. but even so
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there has to be verification for that. so you can come out and say 90 percent efficacy and we're doing it can say we can do better than that. we got 94 percent efficacy. great, but it has to be proven and it is, we can't just take you at your word that this vaccine is that is that effective still needs approval. number one, a number 2, we're looking at a new technology and r.n.a. which both of these vaccine right tend to have that we really don't know what some of the long term ramifications could be. and we, and we paid for the development of it by the way, as taxpayers. but we're also supposed to pay full price for about elements that we're already paying right. the mounts of money, of the millions of dollars for to have these manufactured without knowing whether or not they're getting work so that that's another thing. meanwhile, the p.m.c. financial services group agreed to by the u.s. army of spain's b.v.a. for $11600000000.00. the company's both said on monday, in one of this is one of the largest bank tie ups since the financial crisis. a deal would create basically the 5th largest u.s.
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retail bank with more than $550000000000.00 in assets. a giant in an industry that has been pretty slow to consolidate. what more can you tell us about this deal? what i think you actually write the banks have been quite slow this console or that because they haven't wanted, it's been more the regulator has been very cautious by giving them permission to do about the safety of the financial crisis. also banks for them to too big to fail. cash, very regulated, become very cautious and circumspect about approving these kinds of mergers and also make a few facts. so it's a deal that makes little sense in seize those areas of the sort. as we've expanded this acquisition of the v.a.'s crotches and assets in the us, you know, to, to expand south and southwest. so that makes sense. i think there's a sense that they might be paying a bit too much, this acquisition. so the price tag, the question is, is that worth that?
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and it looks like the market is sort of giving slightly negative, bracing on this is saying, well, a lot of the other regional banks, the day sophists, bank regions had a really good day on the back of this vaccine news because it looks like things were back to normal, not going to be losses in terms of exposures there. and p., and c. so is just about one percent was about average for the so a bit of a yawn in terms of market reaction to something makes looks at strategically and a positive sign that regulation would be easier on future mergers and acquisitions . the banking spaces and i want to get a quick answer before we go about a minute left, but how we hit rock bottom with stocks, we know china's recovery. it looks to be a little bit faster than the rest of the world. what are we should we expect? well, i don't know that we've hit rock bottom with anything at this point. i think there's always room to go down, but i wouldn't use the stock market again as a gauge for any of this. i think it's important to recognize that what we're seeing with vaccines very quickly here. yes, it's causing the stock market to bump
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a little bit, but at the same time, there are big questions about what will the policies, especially by the administration be going forward with or without a vaccine. will we see lock downs again? and will we see continued lock downs across the country if that happens, expect to see the stock market not recover the way that a lot of people are hoping that it will bend so on. thank you both so much for helping us break this down for everyone. space x. launched for astronauts the international space station, the 1st to regularly scheduled trip, taking for nasa astronauts to space. and what will be many more of this kind r t correspondent, john hardy, has more from miami, about the historic lunch of another historic launch, a joint venture between space, x. and nasa. and while this particular trip was once again to the international space station, more than likely both space x. and nasa will be launching missions pretty soon to not only the moon, but at some point to mars 3210.
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and with that, the taxi rides to space began. the space x. falcon rocket carrying the dragon capsule, name resilience for the mission blasted off sunday evening for the 9 minute shot into orbit aboard the dragon capsule. aptly named crew one astronauts. michael is hopkins shannon walker. victor glover and japanese astronaut sochi. early back in may astronauts, bob banking and doug hurley rode the space x. dragon in the historic 1st flight between space x. and nasa. a test to essentially work out the initial glitches while 4 hours after liftoff during this particular mission. nasa announced it was investigating a quote issue with propellant heaters, though the issue was resolved about an hour later. nasa and space x. completed the final certification process last week. providing space x. with the nasa seal of approval to shuttle astronauts regularly into orbit space x.
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president. when shotwell said more missions are scheduled to come in the next 15 months, we should be flying roughly 7 dragon missions. and this mission represents the initiation of a dragon in orbit, continuously knocking on wood. and certainly is really the beginning of a new era and human spaceflight space. x. found real on musk, unfortunately had to watch from the sidelines or whatever. he was quarantined after reporting. he was showing mild signs of cold, 19 and testing. oddly enough, both positive and negative for the virus. after the successful launch, he tweeted a single heart president elect joe biden. meanwhile, tweeted his congratulations to nasa and space x. and before the launch nasa administrator jim wright in staying tweeted this picture of both he and shotwell with the 4 astronauts will be brought into things last launch as the head of nasa is planning to step down january 20th, but he leaves behind an exciting new era for nasa space x.
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as both gear up for a mission to the moon. and one day a mission to mars. for boom, bust john hardy. that's all for now. catch us on a man on the portable t.v. up available on your apple and android devices, or check it out at portable dot t.v. . we'll see you next time. the banks are involved in a ponzi scheme attached to the federal reserve bank and the federal reserve bank is attached to a huge ponzi scheme called the global banking financial. and the i.m.f. and the world bank and the people at davos. and then that part of the ponzi scheme is backed by america's military. so america's military is kind of the force behind this global ponzi scheme. so if you defund the military, then the whole house of cards crumbles.
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during the vietnam war, u.s. forces also bombed to neighboring laos. it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know how much it is officially the most heavily bombed country per capita in appalling human history. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. jordyn wieber thing going to continue to happen again. even today, kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago. is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos. won't help to the people need in that little land of mines. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show, and i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics, sports business, i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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i mean to be inside the french national assembly, a controversial bill is up for debate on images that could identify police and you be used for malicious purposes on the streets. paris turns to turmoil as thousands rally against the new draft law. our correspondent has been in the thick of it. there are protests here on the street which is being moved at the moment by the police, a huge security presence on t.v. in paris this evening. the u.s. announces it will withdraw its thousands of troops from afghanistan and iraq before .


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