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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 18, 2020 4:30am-5:01am EST

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grande bombing of eritrea and ethiopia are in one of the most strategically important regions on earth. all the more coming up in today's going underground a 1st while so-called president elect joe biden continues to claim victory in president continues to claim fraud and his coronavirus deaths in the usa approach. $250000.00. could it be time for the country to consider? another way of going forward, larry sanders is the brother of democratic socialist, senator and former 2020 us presidential candidate, bernie sanders and the green party spokesman here on health and social care. he joins me now from oxford. larry, thanks for coming on. so how far do you think any result whoever wins of the election was more a case of who the u.s. public didn't want to occupy the white house rather than did want to occupy that house in pennsylvania avenue where the very 1st thing i want to see not what, who it's president, and he's got lots of limitations to do feed your mass to true democracy.
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i'd much rather everybody. i mean, everybody close attention a lot is aware of what a person years both politically and personally, but well, not everybody is paying attention to this is an attempt to take over the military in terms of putting them on the street against american protesters. that's a turn to the democrats for a 2nd go, at least presumably this time around. you said you don't support biden, you didn't detect the kind of d.n.c. dirty tricks against your brother. that wiki leaks revealed to the world in 2016, as they showed they deliberately attempted to sabotage your brother. well, they're dead, that's their job. there are the other side. they have a set of issues and a set of alterations to what i never thought of them as dirty tricks. that is what you do in a political campaign against somebody who's basically your post and burn only
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basically approach to them both campaigns. and they did a lot of things. biden is on the placement, probably a little bit less aggressively nasty than clinton. but the crucial thing you stop those campaign trail opposition. the crucial thing is that a lot stronger. the democratic party is a very right wing of the year and in offering to live, well, you know, putting your green party hat on, aside from, you know, talk of the militarism of trump, your, your seem to be kind of well welcoming biden. and we know that biden supports fracking, which presumably you believe is a, is an existential threat to the entire planet. absolutely don't know. look, what i'm saying is that we have, by a whisker of all you did the most powerful man in the world, having direct control of military forces. 'd to be used on the streets, roots,
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country, that would have been an incredible step backward. it may happen yet. this is no, nothing at all. so what i'm saying, things that i am pleased, i am the odd one. it is not because i have great expectations of him in policy. the policy here his people have heard or when they have dished out or is brilliant, it is actually very good. it's as good as our euro and in some areas, probably more comprehensive. so if biden does a bite and there is some pressure on him, he's got a lot of leeway in this regard. byrne, or you can disregard the left, you can disregard the reach to some extent, but there is problem there. that means that siege and calling not just the whole science and our own opinions and to burn on civilians. but she grew corn 200 we
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signed up. so are you seeing you've seen who's temped and it's certainly not your brother. and one person being talked about is michelle flournoy. famously of the center for a new security which is funded by weapons manufacturers to congress people. barbara, lead them across from california and mark corn for a democrat from wisconsin. have written to biden seemingly begging the neo cons. are not promoted to biden's cabinet. and you know, by his record on, from i don't know, grenada and panama to the death squads of central america right to libya. why this serb belief that he can be persuaded to be progressive? biden is a conventional politician. yet we hold him to big money for years rolled into the defense industry and he has it in paper or there is no reason to think of him as a certain sure, green president. on the other hand,
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he has got to pay some of time. neither. you or i know how much the term free will, nor what will do well, but there is 00 on the side of the, the green movement. well, you know, i don't know, what do you talk to your brother meant, and many people around the world think he might very well begin bombing syria, or is this 1st a military escapade in january given the people he appears to be appointing. and the fact that those around hillary clinton appeared to be in the shadows. yes. what do you, what do you tell you that it would be better to have a different president? no one up with you or that i would different pressure that we don't know is the president we know who the president is. there are some people who pretended they don't know. that's a different role. and it's a real problem. you have, trump is a very powerful figure in american politics, even though he's a lawyer. well, let's just move over to britain. now of course,
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i should just say we want to talk about health. but jeremy coleman's been in the news here, an ally and supporter of your brother in the united states. what do you make of his attempts to get back into the british labor party on the sakia starmer? he's a cause to been accused of anti semitism here. similar to your brother being accused of anti semitism, arguably in the united states for wishing to support a resolution was on palestine. they didn't get away with it as it was just so far meant to suspend fowle at every point. and probably politically, we made a mistake in 03. around out. he said, well, why don't we do it already supported? strongly and certainly very important to the country. and colbert is an
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essential element. and i don't understand, marc farmer took shots are. 'd risky, politically, much less morally wrong. this is stammer, oversea, you know, is he has anything to do with the suspension of jeremy coleman from the labor party and that it was old to do with the process. but one thing is for sure. corbin detested the privatisation outsourcing of health care as a health care spokesperson for the england and wales green party. tell me how you think britain has dealt with the covert death toll worse by capita than trumps usa . well, in the eurozone, i think the us is catching up. the index are 1000000 people and so on. but i think britain is still ahead and the worst large country in the world, i think in terms of capital from coal. and you mentioned about the whole testing and tracing truck kind of thing and its connection with privatisation. see
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what wattage torigoe winters do are used actually are, and i didn't quite believe what they had here. we had a damaged public health system damaged essentially by the 2012 leslie health bill with broken into different pieces. but burton had actually a very good, very old what, leaving your original group in the world, and instead building back on those people fragmented, all a service was plus the local energetics. then the priests who know their new communities or slow government, we could have had a record low going very struck in trade system. i mean that the bar 3 days with boris johnson health secretary matt coffin, this 12000000000 of taxpayers' money was handed out to a diner. harding's test and trace, absolutely, i got says early, constantly improving our response to bring the confidence that high quality testing can provide. we've already built the largest coronavirus testing capacity in europe
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. well, testing is diving here in effect. it's not true. the testing system is most of it is inferior to anybody to the, to reality. but the crucial thing is that your test interest is center of how you deal with every time you have separate people out and there are 2 ways to do it. you could have a full blown shutdown and everybody stays home. and that's fun. with the stopping the spread, but it's very destructive as well. but what you, your main needs are to get remote to getting it back to square one once you're back to, to keep things from escalating because they could upgrade very rapidly. as we, as we've seen. you have to find ways of finding the people who have the seeds. secondly, because a lot of people are not symptomatic. you have to have testing to find those people . when you find those people who have the disease, you then truck out,
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all the people they've been in contact with is the merits of the operation tendon. tens of thousands of people. you have to have people who know how to talk to people and get their agreement, and then you have to have ways of supporting those. ok, well, i mean, circle obviously says it's doing that. the private outsourcing company and the c.e.o. and winston churchill, relative of sums ribosomes, has what we and our partners have done is nothing short of extraordinary. do you detect corruption in the procurement and all that? but at every level, yes, of course is corruption. you know, there's hardly a day goes by that there isn't a new company, private company, serco z. is those famous the most disastrous of them. but there's loads and they all have contacts them in the tory party. they're all either friends or relatives of cronies or what whatever. well one of again, i'm generally one of the only willian as well. only one enough 1000000000 pounds is alleged to have been given to tory link companies according to want to vest
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a geisha how much one and a half 1000000 pounds to one little fracture. yes, it retains, like i have been dead at the mall, there are many tens of billions. 'd 12000000001 girl on the, on the track and trace is probably there too, and they're working on this 100000000001 testing everybody in the country. but as i may try to make clear casting, use a part of your system, but it's not the whole part. just test you don't do anything. the point is to find out who's got it, who's in contact and get them out of circulation. that's what drives the dumbass. people suffering from the epidemic down. and they haven't done that. they set up this enormously expensive, totally centralized system, which has on train people on telephoto. hundreds of miles away. they have no idea who that they don't follow them up. no, they wasted all that money. more important than the money is
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a waste all those lives. we are back in the hole now with more people dying and having to go into it, shut down, which because people will be united will be compensated for. this is going to cause enormous misery and probably just as well. so the use of the failure to use the public system that exists and to build on that and that knowledge and that expertise. and to institute an entirely new massively expensive massively in a pension system as cost us. the money is the least, well psychosis, he returns he denies that he's proud of the record larry scientist. thank you. after the break, what is the fighting in the horn of africa? catalyzing? tens of thousands of refugees going to do with joe biden foreign policy. the world health organization, coronavirus, we investigate the fake news context of a grain attacks on every train. and ethiopia, all this is all coming up in part 2, i'm going on the ground
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credo transferred to say, simpson, exacerbating and alarming everyone. what that means was we
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end up making solutions that could actually drink very little actual solutions that work during the vietnam war. there was a secret war. and for years, the american people did not know millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. kids in decades ago is the u.s. making amends for that tragedy and help to the people need in that little
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. sports business, i'm showbusiness. i'll see you then welcome back. tens of thousands of refugees are reportedly fleeing ethiopia for sudan after 2 grand militants, bankrolled under the obama biden administration, exactly globally strategic nations of eritrea and ethiopia. earlier i was joined from washington d.c. by former long time ethiopian opposition leader, the amens elect, namin welcome to going underground. a lot of talk around the world about who joe biden might put in his cabinet when it comes to foreign affairs of the state department. and so on, should he become president of the united states?
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what propaganda? a huge detecting from the current conflict between the need to gray in people's liberation front and ethiopia, and eritrea in the most strategic place on earth. arguably where all the world's shipping goes through. as regards this conflict, they're not you pained and turned out in the international community, a totally false glossing over so many incidents where suburbs, arguing and prodding to destabilize for the past 2 years since the reformist government of came to 2000. this is a condemnation of destabilizing measures, violations of law, order in terms,
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inches and belligerence carried out by the left leaders because they lost the dominance in the last hour. they lost the lion's share of both on the political and economic life. or if you have a special song about the timing, just as it looks like it could be possible that biden may return to the government along with a bomb or hair or officials who might have to explain how the thing great people's liberation front were defacto funded by the obama biden government, when the p.l.f. were in power in addis ababa, arguably the grain of truth in that line of reasoning. because some of the people now president elect biden, who were very much working with the leaders, specifically the late prime minister and the p.l.f.
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strongmen. now we are worried about the continuation of this property. p.l.f. policy by biden's president elect biden for a foreign policy. why on earth, as you allege, susan rice, support and government in ethiopia are accused by so many n.g.o.s of war crimes. and why would anyone be interested in catalyzing? tens of thousands reported refugees fleeing right now to sedan from this conflict. continuation of a cynical attitude and practice because on one hand, you know, democracy and liberty, on the other hand, they support dictatorship like for 27 years plus personal
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relationships with people developed by the likes of arise and others within the previous obama administration. but the so limited to obama, administration officials, but other friends of the g.p.l. left about in europe and usa are now going to go up to you know, to, to, to give this false narrative that the current conflict was started by the federal government, britain and the united states both said they're helping the tsunami government, the haile mariam veselin government with aid money to help the poor of these countries. you say this money did not go to those people. the former chairman of the g.p.l. left who escaped their execution. their senior military commander,
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now in one interview, martin cloud, i believe on b.b.c. to say that they are used in the g.p.l. as in the eighty's used to finance their spin. that was their mark for the firman and the refugees to enrich themselves. and later, they even claimed that they seized the seed money that made them you know, that enabled them to build an empire economic empire under the name effort in dominance. really for rehabilitation of a multibillion dollar conglomerate that dominated your pen economy during their tenure for 27 years, you have to see that it is all the laws of your state. there are total domination of the top, an economy in politics for the past 27 years until 2018 then reform 8 years,
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which was launched by the pm are the who came to the 2018 means that they will lose all the privilege and the monopoly and your money they exercise, throws ethiopian in every domain of national life, from economy politics, security to defense establishment. they had the lion's share. so this conflict has to be seen in the context of what the tea p.l.f. is and mind you. they also from the very beginning, they hard, they can route you as a minority group that represents only 6 percent of the population. if they can roll, if you appear on their, their domination, hedge many as fine. if they cannot, then they will discover the g.o.p. and a greater tech, right? separate their prospects of
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a grey and separatist state being created some kind of shades of south sudan when obama was in power. right now it doesn't seem to create a separate decries state would much area less because they don't tell the majority of support among the ground. people very much doubt and they are militarily losing ground and turning was done from this point. they are encircled from many directions, doesn't mean that the operation that the federal government is conducting to, to enforce the rule of law in ethiopia and bring this criminal struggle of the t.p.a. left to fester justice will be over within a day or 2. now, that's not likely, but i think the odds are against them,
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except some of their international supporters on the ground are losing any ground war, either the concern of the federal government and most just as is that with men and civilian causalities as much as possible. we have to avoid civilian casualties and that exam people must not suffer. so end of this, you know, operation as soon as possible. but you know, war is unpredictable. these people have been fighting for 4 years and they have, you know, 2 years, they are prepared for 2 years and raising 250000 special forces and militia, what country in the world that original government would raise this number of forces, quarter of a 1000000 fighters. so that poses a challenge going forward, but i think they are overwhelmed right now, and they're losing ground in many fronts of interest to marriage. i want to get on
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to the world health organization in a 2nd because obviously there are some accusations about the head of the w a job and very, very briefly, it's infamous thing. sanctions by the european union and the united states against eritrea. do you think that what the degree in the people's liberation front may do, may exacerbate any tension between asmara and eritrea and hadassah about or is that peace knocked him? does a veritable question, jess today saying, oh, the strike us tomorrow with 3 or 4 rockets, missiles, but fortunately it's landed in areas that was not you know, better by civilians and they didn't hit that target. they intend to do it and intention, the objective is to drive after air into this conflict. saw regionalize of conflict . make it right, cartwright, so on. and so that the international pressure,
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international community will be mounted on the federal government forces, fire and negotiation that will really strengthen their arm to once again come and dominate the political space. that's their agenda. so after out there in force for destruct, it responded by saying not so not so great was miss out rockets. they're not going to even, you know, respond with a statement from a threat. well, they're certainly no signs of a divestment by the big funders from the global south, let alone china, eritrea of course, famous for being the fastest growing economy in the world a while back. just finally, what do you going to tell us about ted ross? what? because he is the head of the world health organization does go anywhere, all having coronavirus. we have 50000 dead here in britain there, quarter a 1000000 and rising dead in the united states. and the w.h.o.
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boss, you know, i believe is implicated in this, in this long going history, a long running history. very good question or a good question because the statements and some information emerging, it implicates search of those are down on to be working on behalf of the t.p.a., left lobbying regional governments, also the international community. and this gives credence to his role that he was using as many out there are people left working in many international organizations to, to use his artlessness,, to lobby and benefit if ideas and destructive agenda pretty p.l.f., where you as a senior member member of the exotic committee of was the p.l.f. and the ruling a p.d.f. and or saw one time i was the minister and the foreign minister of europe. so if
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through the 17 years, you know what he has been doing on behalf of the t.p.a. left and their agenda during his tenure as a official and senior party member. well, we can't verify any of the claims we have invited. the w.h.o. directed rahsaan, we invite him on again. and of course there is a news blackout into gray at the moment bonanza like a thank you. and them in the like as we need to be earlier than to finish or will be back on saturday, 20 years to the day, the florida supreme court granted you have democratic presidential candidate al gore's request to keep the presidential recounts going after the votes were contested, in the 2000 u.s. election, despite the recounts later being dubbed unconstitutional, does paving the way for iraq war architect george w. bush to take the white house until then you can join the underground by following up on you tube twitter, facebook, instagram, sound i
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was always on the ball, but i used to show big city bright lights, you jump but you know, g.'s and many dangers to blow the lid to. it's also a city where up to $300000.00 crimes are committed every year. all the last one, but it will be the new mosque. it's filled to the reserve least one police officer for every $200.00 residents in russia's capital cost on the wish. it were true that they will not go along for the trip
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was on the last results of the us election cycle. a surprise many there was no blue wave and the g.o.p. witnessed games all across the board. both parties have deep internal divisions and the court is in both parties based populist challenges. this is the perfect recipe for a political deal like the new gold rush is underway and gonna thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields, hoping to strike it rich. as they open to those that work, children are torn between gold. my family was very poor, i thought i was doing my best to get back to school. which side will have the
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strongest appeal violence on the streets of paris as france debates a bill to ban publishing, images of police for malicious reasons. i'll call respondent was caught up in the arm rest. we all cells were forcibly chucked out by the police, my cameraman grabbed by offices while he was filming, while we were trying to do an interview with the city. well, don't you don't think agency pons. the us for double standards after the summit, the banks have built.


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