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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 18, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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flocking to the goldfields, hoping to strike it rich. as children o'toole in between, gold was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to see which side will have the strongest appeal. germany adopts a controversial new law, beefing up the country's lockdown powers. thousands are out in force though, calling it unconstitutional as protests turned violent in central berlin, the world anti-doping agency blasted the u.s. for double standards after the senate backs a bill to jail. those behind doping in sports, but america's domestic leagues get a free pass.
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meanwhile, violence on the streets of paris, france debates a bill to ban publishing, images of police that could have malicious consequences. we ourselves, were forcibly shocked at by the police, my cameraman grabbed by opus's while he was filming, while we were trying to do an interview with your world news headlines for this hour, i'll be back with more in just about 60 minutes. and i hope to see you then i am max kaiser, this is the kaiser a 4. remember big golden rule of big calling. you don't change bitcoin. bickley
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changes you face max keiser guess what citibank is now doing new math on big coin. yeah. to the moon i put my feet up like that because i do want to know that there were some comments in our orange pill espanol group. read max scene maybe s. and l. set is max without socks on the sets. and i could tell he, for sure, i see bare feet here. that's another on substantiated conspiracy theory. of course i would be wearing socks. you need socks to get to the moon. you need to wear moon boots for sure. then when bits are a requirement and a lot of other stuff is dated as the whole story unfolds, i can't believe what citibank is saying, because citibank has become actually even more aggressive on the price than john mcafee. and john mcafee was always like crazy beyond the pale price predictions.
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and now citibank has kind of taken the price prediction crown. but i think that we're going to have more banks are going to be competing with each other to come up with higher and higher price. predictions, but none of them are going to be capture the ultimate bull market number because remember, big coin has no top because fear money has no bottom. there are tons and tons of scammers with price predictions for big coin, but there's only a few that know what they're talking about. there's people like paul tudor jones. there are people like stan truck miller and there are people like max keiser max keiser has had a price target of 20000 in the near term for quite a while. back, you know, in 2011 or 12, he said it might go 210-0000. citibank is now looking at their 4 x. strategist as looking at it and says that big price to reach 3 $118000.00 by december 2021. as the new gold, citi bank director says,
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bequests market cycles are becoming larger and the current bull trend could take it to $318000.00 by december 2021 predicted a managing director at citi bank. he says this bull market started in 2018. that the bull markets and big queen have been getting longer and longer each cycle. and so this is why just based on comparing it to previous cycles and then being conservative about how much it's going to go up compared to previous cycles in the bitcoin market. since, you know, 2009 he says he's predicting a price of $318000.00 just based on a conservative estimate compared to previous trends. right. and he also said that he's looking for the dollar to have a sharp move down. right? so those 2 things go together. and because you have money is something from the 20th century, the 19th century of the 18th century, and it's being discerned to mediated or disrupted by bitcoin, which offers perfect price discovery, the price of because it is perfect,
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it's mimics nature. and that way it's like the photosynthesis of money. it's a perfect price discovery, the perfect market maker between risk and reward between consciousness and humanity . that's absolutely perfect. and that's why people are running to it. now in the shilling found money, we recently interviewed tone vai's here on kaiser report and he runs the conference called on confiscated bull dot com and on confiscated will, is the quality of bitcoin that this managing director of citi bank says is uniquely makes it so good he says, big queen is the new gold. it is an asset with limited supply, it is digital, this is the 21st century. gold is a 20th century asset in moves across borders easily and ownership is opaque. the last point is, i believe, very relevant. the huge fiscal deterioration of today as a cost in the future, either directly or indirectly directly. it is that at some point,
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the bills have to be paid, which means at some time in the future, the money needs to be found. while big quain may become subject to more regulatory constraints going forward, it is a natural store of money to avoid this indirectly. that argument can be the debasement a few currencies by creating high nominal growth and inflation. effectively a soft default, i do not believe hard default, particularly in the world's reserve currency is a real concern. however, and lesser currencies. it could well be the word on confiscated walls. but before i go into that, just mention talking about the fault, remember 971 america defaulted on its sovereign debt when it closed the gold window . so another default on the us dollar, it's highly likely. but this word on confiscate. a wall is important because what it means is that any 2 people in the world can transact without having to go through a 3rd party. and that means that not only is big clinton confiscate of all, but it's also on sounds horrible. there's nothing that stops any 2 people in the
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world from transacting at any time. that means is perfect crisis covering it reflects the perfect sum total of all goods and services, subjectively valued by all humans on planet earth. every 2nd of every day when you every put an intermediary in there like a bank or a country, the fear money is state money and other forms of credit are bank money. but if you get rid of all that, you just have to wreck one on one or one to a 1000000000 commerce happening simultaneously globally. you have peace actually is the ultimate upside of big point is that it's peace versus fear money because it's a ponzi scheme. it always favors war. it's important to remember what he meant. he mentions fiscal deterioration and inflation. and when he's talking to citibank, wealth clients, or j.p., morgan is talking to their high net worth individuals or fidelity is talking to their high net worth individuals. what these family offices and very wealthy people
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are concerned about is not speculation and money go up, money number go up. they're concerned about retaining and keeping their wealth for the next generation or 2. so they want to make me not lose that wealth. so, confiscation is often and usually done in the modern era through money printing through inflation. so they're saying he's saying that this is a better than gold. and terms of your wealth is not confiscate a bull through inflation or but through, in the case of gold in the united states has already been confiscated in the past. and obviously could be done again. he also mentions that you know that because it's, going to stand out in this world of c.b.d. c.s.o., this central bank, digital currencies versus gold. and he says this, this is a double edge sword on one side, it c, b, d, c. the central bank digital currency creates a much more effective mechanism for distributing stimulus, particularly fiscal,
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but on the other side, it also makes capital confiscation easier. for example, negative interest rates, both these scenarios would look to me to be positive bit and in the 21st century, give us the digital equivalent versus fee digital of what we saw in the 20th century when the financial regime changed. gold versus paper. and we said this quite a while ago that this is a sort of moment of like 1971 when we went off the gold standard. and in terms of just a huge regime change. and in terms of the wealth confiscation, you know, the negative interest rates get hit hardest to those who have savings and the savings. how if you look throughout europe, where they have applied negative interest rates to dollar to deposits in the banks . it's mostly been people over $100000.00 euros who are hit with these negative interest rates. so they're the ones that are going to be driving into gold and
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especially into big quine. once again. you know, kaiser report is ahead of the curve because when central bank digital currencies were 1st, being talked about, a lot of the people in the other financial press were talking about in terms of all this is going to compete with bitcoin. but as we said at the time it is now citibank is agreeing with us that it actually causes people to panic, buy bitcoin, because they realize that the central bank, digital currency will just be a way to one inflate the value of the money. michael saylor calls it the melting ice cube and big gives them easier ways to confiscate wealth. so now there's a panic buy of bitcoin and we're seeing that the price action of price action is reflecting panic, buying and that panic buying is going to continue to panic. buying by not the ordinary public. you saw that 2017. you see in the google trends there was mass searching for a good point. how to buy the queen back in 2017, huge spikes. anybody could go check it out today. there are not all the people
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buying it now. are those who will be hit by negative interest rates? who will be hit when this fiscal stimulus stars with the c, b, d, c's? they are the michael saylor as they are the paul tudor jones. they are the stand druckenmiller is these are people with billions of dollars and it's hard to hang on to billions. michael saylor says he wakes up in cold sweats, thinking he doesn't have enough decline. he's clearly panic, buying decline. and so to anybody who's got any wealth that they want to preserve in an environment of unlimited paper, money being printed by the trillions and hundreds of trillions and a government in bold and to confiscate all property. i mean, you thought the saudis were bad and seizing all the princes. so wait until you see what america does there with oligarch's. this guy's opinion at citibank could be wrong because, you know, opinions often are wrong. but, you know, it's never on the market. that's according to jesse livermore, one of the greatest traders all time, that's something he told me when we 1st and then of course, markets are never wrong. only opinions are. so we're going to turn to an opinion
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that keeps me wrong over and over when bitcoin market prices were at a dollar at 10 dollars at 100 dollars, 1000 dollars at $10000.00 to $20000.00. he's always wrong. and that is peter schiff, the recent rise of big calling relative to gold in no way proves that big corn is a superior store of value exuberance investors are flocking to risk assets and shunning safe havens worldwide. as the riskiest asset at the mall, bit coin is being bought as part of the risk on trade. i said, you know, peter schiff is the gift that keeps on giving. right? and it's great when i write, interact with him and not so much anymore because he's tired of losing the debates with they. but for a few years they're going all the way back to 2011. when i try to get peter schiff, the guy, because i had a dollar, you know, i was at his house in westport, connecticut, and his son was there too. and his son is now because i think i turned up at that time got the seed in his head. but with, with peter, whenever i do have a chance to interact with them, i try to shamelessly kind of pillory him and mock him. because i know those things
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go into the public record. so years from years from now, people can look at the you tubes of me, you know, in person just calling peter schiff, a complete idiot and him having no response. because i knew i've known now for 5 years that he was dead wrong and just go down in history, is the, the worst mine manager in history. exuberance investors though, really. i mean, he's saying they're shining safe havens will look at the u.s. treasury bond market as he, as he looked at that like 300 year high. it's like, that's not exactly a risky asset. no, he has. he's the worst money manager in history. his performance is horrible. and adjusted for opportunity costs. he's been losing money at a rate. an incredible rate. it's amazing. but again, opinions you should do your own research. listen to peter schiff also read pete paul. tudor jones stand talking. mellor. michael saylor and figure out who has more skin in the game, who is actually have has a better track record over 3040 years that you can see with some of these guys
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peter schiff and wright dahlia, should open up a pub somewhere in the middle of nowhere and cry in their beer all day live because they messed up so badly. anyway. then take a break. when we come back, much more coming your way greater transferred to simpson, exacerbating and alarming everyone mindlessly. actually what that means is we end up making solutions that cost along, but actually drink very little. it's just a kind of fuel. instead of actual solutions that were tricks, global warming was always on the boom, but especially a big city. like you, joe. but you know, g.'s and many dangers of the rest of the globe of atlanta. it's also
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a city where up 230-0000 crimes are committed every over the last one. but it will be your most still through the reserve league one police officer, if you prefer 200 residents in russia's capital cost on the english. i mean to say that they will not go up boysen and the muslims who would have to last. welcome back to report. i'm max keiser time now to go to lorraine artie's from the bitcoin embassy in mexico city, where i perform a stand up rage in february just as the covert pandemic was going global laureano.
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welcome of the kaiser report. they give very much, max is a pleasure for me to be here in your program. it actually is a dream come true. you know, i am really excited to be here. well, it's great to have yeah. now i know that with cove it times aren't exactly normal at the moment, but tell us about the bitcoin embassy when and why did you open it and what exactly do you do there? well, kind of visit our east physical place in mexico. where because i nurse and people that east interested in him because i'm trying to, chris can search for information and meet other people. so we aren't about aids and radio then in december 2018. and yet they have been, if you call lately, because we had to be closed for months and now we're ok. and
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cells are a little bit low now. right. you know, i know when people talk about because they talk about it as in terms of its ability to protect people's wealth. when things are bad or when hyperinflation hits or there's a crisis. now here in, obviously around the world to cover it, pandemic, there is a global crisis. and, and so, is there a sense at the big point, embassy bar in mexico city now of a greater urgency? like, you know, it was a theory before that because it was good in a crisis, but the crisis came and a people now understand more thoroughly what this big quite is all about. yet they may do actually that their recent that we aren't still in business is because it will be coming because of their reserves that we have for our strummer say all seem to be the kind we have to certainly don't different during this time to keep on
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paying our employees already and everything. and now people are starting to search more information about this. we have over just the channel to where we did it teach people about these topics. they are, they're searching for us that they're there, approaching us and searching for an announcer to get us trying to get bent because all the economics are collapsing, all the people who are in, in economic troubles. yeah. this has been, i lifesaver. now how did you 1st hear about because i'm, well, actually i was planning a trip to japan and i started to make some savings. and i asked a friend that help my mom here with investments. where can i put this money to make it work for matrix and hits on me while i,
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i can introduce you to a friend that you seem some weight stuff to about some cryptic or is your something like that? and maybe you will like it. so he introduced me, they've been a real guy, that is my partner in the kind of a cigar. and that's how i met he, he tell me a applebee's kind of and all they don't know, gee, that's left behind. much of the western world is in lockdown. and in the u.s. we have the world reserve currency, of course, and we printed some much of this money that americans during the crisis have seen their incomes and savings go up. of course, that's one of the great things about having the world reserve currency. what's the situation like in mexico during the lockdown? what are you saying really happening on the ground there during this global crisis? well, actually because south the united states is trending a lot of money and mexico are meant, i think we ask it,
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is some how to say to borrow to lend some money. but i think because of they can see an effect, and maybe it won't make the all the things worse here in mexico, you know, because by the time all that money comes here, it will be it will be worth less than the. so i see, and of people on the streets asking for money, much more than that was before a lot of people is less in there is their employees and business are getting odds that they are closing. so i think on, on, on of day facts about all of these money that's been brazen will be it will be found in much more time in how the state
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will thin it, what we will have on this issue in long time from so you think that this will result in a long term problem going forward, and i would imagine also if you look at the latin america, all the countries are suffering and in a similar way. and of course, with, with bitcoin, you have the ability to create your own individual sovereign say. but you know, in latin america, we know that for the most part, the political agenda tends to be what you would call a left wing. or and this is quite popular. political system in latin america is bit
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cooling. what do you tell your socialist friends about how they should maybe think about bitcoin as a way toward a more of a better way? actually i don't have a lot of a session is friends because we dun, dun think the same. it's the same thinks you know, because i am and an intern or so. so they see me maybe yes, but 1st, some kind of but i told them that is for everyone. the good news for everyone that wants to be simmering, even if they are in a group, you know, i have song and i have talked to people that are in how do you say it in collectives? like i have some feminist friends and i have told them that they can even
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a sure beats if they want to. they can make a collection of pecan and share it with each other, you know, and they can be sober. and that way they can help each other the way son, i think beats going m. can be used in any way, even in capitalism and social. he's made me a if you have that id at all for sharing, you can do. absolutely. so when talking a socialist, we should say that you can have your own node and share the network with everybody on the network. you can share the code, it's open source with everyone on the network. you know, it today has a lot of ways you could convince socialists to participate and bitcoin and that they could perhaps, you know, it's too bad. the country itself, of course, suffers from inflation as do many countries, but as does america in its own way. and the government, of course, do you think the government has just what would never take on this concept of
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bitcoin here and in the united states. and we had an election and a couple of senators are now very interested in big coen, was one in wyoming, for example, that was to bring walks, becoming to wyoming. are there any politicians in mexico that know about decline, who want to push it for further into the establishment? actually, i don't know any, a mexican police should know most about pete kind and trying to regulate that, trying to regulate it is something call a fiend. take in mexico and they are plenty to exchanges and all day how to save other companies that sell by. but i think that one of the things in these low that they are doing is that because you can see that they don't know they're talking about what they're trying. so yeah, i think that here in mexico and enough people don't know anything about,
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especially the part that they probably think it's difficult to even get the a conversation started. i know that when i was men in mexico city, of course we're good friends with jose, rodriguez said, but so, which is a very influential in spreading the word. and i know at the big, quite embassy bar where you wear your work. it brings in a lot of folks and that the message of course, of bitcoin is beyond just financial freedom or individual sovereignty. there is a lot that goes with it as well, where people have something to say about the improvement of their their spiritual wellbeing. if you will, i noticed when i travel in mexico, you know, the culture is so vibrant, so rich, so beautiful, and it's so uplifting. it seems like the character of the people in mexico and because i would go together naturally. what do you think of this mexican culture is
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about before the france we everybody because it's kind of like that too. you know, he's like a way to share with everybody. so when one mexican people know about, it's good. they want to spread the word. they want to tell other people to save them, you know, and to, to share with them all the knowledge that they have accomplished. so. so i think that's, that's kind of a good thing about mexican people who do want to share with each other to want to be friends and to, to give them some advice and to say, so let's look ahead to post code of aid world. you have been working with us a rodriguez, as we mentioned before on organizing a huge event block chain land, which is an enormous event,
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a ferry cost $60000.00 or $70000.00. people attend this event. it's a technology and entrepreneur event. can you tell us about it? this block tonight is in an event called talent land is one of the biggest of latin america. and they have a lot of let's you know, game land, a human on their hands there. they have a lot of, especially in the matter in their hands, an earplug west integrated to treat years ago. i think so. you know, was that the 1st to learn? a lot of people that you see in the community is critical. resist and blood change . john, there is a get get together there and we share it with other people. the things that we know, you know, i'm sorry, and the things that we know. so we participate and we share our experiences and the
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knowledge that really, that we have collected through this time. and i think is very important, these events because i don't have students go there when a specific. so we are a, making an impact in, a new generation in people from 101315, b., engineers all. and he's really, he's really amazing to get to those people because they are the next generation. they are learning a role in that age will make an impact in the, in the global economics toradol arena, our teams, thanks for being on kaiser report. thank you so much. masts they had to stacy out, will do. all right, that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me. max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our guest. lorraine are tazz. if you're an mexico city, please visit the kind of a city bar. it's like time results
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of the us election cycle, no surprise many. there was no blue wave and the g.o.p. wave is games for all across the board. both parties have deep internal divisions and the court is in both parties. thanks. poppy was challenges. this is the perfect recipe for a political deal like big
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city, bright lights, huge opportunities and dangerous. like any capital city, moscow's standard of living comfort and growth rates, attracts people from all over the country and beyond. and they all come with different intentions. it's also a city where up to $300000.00 claims are committed every year in the.


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