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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2020 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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figures including a former prime minister, condemn reports that the country soldiers tortured and murdered dozens of afghan civilians. we hear from people in kabul, who say they want justice. in apologies not the solution is foreign powers to control the country. but french catholics rally against a ban on religious gatherings during the lockdown amid a surgeon. one worshiper pointed historical parallels in french history. this isn't the 1st time that has been considered illegal or the churches have been
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going to mass could be considered a crime. and rescuers from countries including russia, help refugees to return and rebuild their homes. but many find they have nothing to return every day we drug house, it's a sad sight. every house that's being destroyed and broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our team international . certainly glad to have you with us. now, australian officials have condemned what they call the unforgivable atrocities, committed by their country's special forces in afghanistan, the defense minister, governor general, and a former prime minister,
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spoke out after an inquiry by australia's military into the alleged murder of $39.00 afghan civilians including prisoners. i got the report weeks ago and it made me physically ill and it was very, very distressing rate. the un forgivable atrocities were committed by a small number of individuals and deliberately concealed from immediate chains of command. i'm disgusted by the findings of this report detailing counts of cold blooded murder by members of our armed forces. those are messages of remorse, follow along with of apologies for war crimes committed by coalition forces in afghanistan since the 2001 invasion, or to go comments. now on how those waging a war on terror became a source of terror themselves. 2 eggs, australia, and afghanistan, thousands of kilometers apart. one, a very keen to help the other. we remind committed to
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assisting afghanistan in resisting it. terrorism. resisting the taliban forces providing in cooperation with other countries. i live all of stability and to live the lives curity. as it you'll country can build for itself. a strong and prosperous and secure future. it took the australian prime minister a bit more than 13 hours to fly over to kabul to say all that a bit more than 13 years ago. by then, australian troops had already been engaged in the war torn country for several years, almost 20 years ago since the aussies got involved. their number one military man has no other choice, but to say, sorry, i sincerely and unreservedly apologize for any wrongdoing. by
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a stray in soldiers. i say no choice because allegations of 39 civilian deaths at the hands of his defense force as a result of blood lust and competition. killing deserve an apology or actually much more than that large parts of the military report. we can't even read their blacked out, but even what's available, sounds horrendous and disgusting. this shameful record includes alleged instances in which new patrol in the members were coerced, to shoot a prisoner in order to achieve that soldier's 1st kewl in an appalling practice known as bloody atrocities. ranged from reports of troops killing a 6 year old child and a house raid to a prisoner being shot dead to save space and a helicopter apology given measures to be taken culprits to be punished. compensation to be paid. but just think of how many times since 2001,
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we heard the same kind of stuff from the coalition. do you call it? what you were just one of the course of the interview with president obama spoke by telephone to apologize and express his condolences for the m.s.f. staff and patients who were killed and injured. sincere apologies for any offense. this may have caused my apologies to the president of afghanistan, and we will make sure that anybody who was involved is held fully accountable with the full force of the law. these are the cases that they thought deserved an apology. unlike some unfortunate, i mean quite a few of the fortunate civilian deaths from drone strikes that were often referred to as, remember the phrase collateral damage. but in any case, there is no winning the war on terror without drones, right?
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they were dangerous to these young men, often deliberately and casually, cruel. i wanted somehow to save them, send them to school, give them a trade to drain them, of the hate that had been filling their heads. and yet the world that they were a part of and the machinery i commanded, more often had me killing them. instead, it all makes you wonder, just how many more thousands of deaths or command full pause. we're still unaware of, especially when it's revealed how much the people in charge were in denial about what they were doing. the problem is there's a disincentive, really, to tell the truth. we created an incentive to almost require or for people to law. there is an odor of mendacity throughout the afghanistan issue, and i know congressman connelly has heard me talk about this years ago mendacity and who bruce so well, the latest report that left the ozzies,
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red faced strategic consequences and military mindset u. turns well, by how badly trumps plans to cut the troop presence in afghanistan have been received. is just wishful thinking for now. we've been in afghanistan for almost 20 years and no need to ally wants to stay any longer than necessary. but at the same time, the price for leaving too soon, or in uncoordinated way, could be very high afghanistan. risk becoming once again, a platform for international terrorists to plan and organize attacks on a young man's. so i guess it means more apologies could only be on the way your ledge to war crimes by australian forces have caused outrage in afghanistan. we asked people on the streets of kabul, what they think should happen. but yeah, it was strange, he has admitted to killing innocent afghans and has apologized. but these cases happened years ago. only hearing about them now. afghans were killed as if our
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blood was worthless. leaders need to end their inaction and speak out. the foreign soldiers come here to serve their own interests, not to help us. no afghan wants these foreign powers to control our country. we need to decide our own future. but i don't buy that it's good for the 1st time, confess and as soldiers killed us. but i don't think any of bogeys enough. the afghan government needs to uphold the law to make sure the family so good victims are compensated. in apology is not the solution. the afghan government must make sure that no foreign soldier can get away with killing afghans. and the foliage is not enough, it wasn't just wanted to people, they killed around 40. i want the government to take this seriously. then there were console, just many afghans in the past and the us would condemn the actions of its soldiers . but then do nothing about it. i'm sure the same will happen in australia because for them, one of the soldiers is worth
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a 1000000 share. because the former governor of afghanistan's province notes australia is not the only member of the us led coalition to have carried out such horrific actions. these are something that is very serious and we feel that that is beyond our comprehension. and i'm really appalled that that how could anybody and the name of humanity will what even do that, especially with this poor afghan people. and we hope that that will manifest to something real and not only for the australian, but also other nato countries. and also, united states who have committed similar acts in afghanistan, also needs to pay heed to this issue and reconcile their own differences that i have done. and afghanistan his shooting has been reported at a shopping mall in the city of a while. what in the u.s.
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state of wisconsin, police have responded to what they call an active shooter situation with 75 officers still on scene. the local milwaukee f.b.i. office says it is responding as well. authorities now say that the suspect left before law enforcement's arrival, police confirmed that 8 people have been taken to the hospital, but none of the injuries are said to be life threatening so far. one of those injured is a teenager. witnesses claim that they heard $8.00 to $12.00 shots in the mall. mayfair mall was the site of a shooting in february in which a police officer shot and killed a black 17 year old. it is been the target of sporadic protests for several months since that. of course, our newsroom is keeping an eye on the situation and as it develops, we will bring you more news. the world health organization has voiced alarm over europe's surging coronavirus death rate. after $29000.00 fatalities were registered in a single week, this,, according to the w.h.o.,
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one person in europe is dying from the virus every 17 seconds. and france is one of the worst hit with intensive care ward, more than 95 percent full and struggling to deal with more than 2000000 covered cases, the continent's worst, talley medical staff are warning. they can no longer cope. what is this? if you do only thing, i will complain and that is that we need some rest but we have limited places. the less serious patients are in the hospital ward and we only get the patients in the most serious state. yes, it's difficult now. he said over the to the government's promise is serve the interests and then the comics in the hospital. i've never seen that either for the patients, only caregivers, but france is ban on all religious gatherings, including mass, as part of the lockdown has sent angry believers on to the streets in protest. worshippers warn that some things are more important than covert restrictions. as
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artie's dubinsky reports, churches may be closed for services, but catholics are still meeting for prayers and they are protesting. knock down measures that seem religious services essential under france's measures to fight the virus. only funerals and weddings are currently allowed in religious buildings or services. the limits on the numbers that turned religious leaders say the restrictions. contrary to see could part of the catholic faith, catholics in france, suffer from not being able to come together for the sunshine moment. the sunday mass, many do not understand how disposable to shop in the supermarket filled with bias and how to split the same time to meet in our churches in strict compliance with
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health precautions. despite taking their pleas to france's highest administrative court, the catholic church has failed to persuade the current sleep state that religious services such as mers are essential, and should be permitted during the lockdown. that angered some while others have decided to take matters into their own hands. well, if i might go to confession with you a bit, charlotte, i did not start going to master in the 1st lockdown, and i don't intend to start doing that this time. keen not to drop focus from the authorities for attending these prohibited masses, we have agreed to hide his identity. do you feel that that is the responsible thing to do to continue going to mass responsible thing to do. for us as catholics, we are mostly responsible to god before we are responsible to our government. and
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obviously it's always best when those 2 are together. but in french history, this isn't the 1st time that going to mass has been considered illegal, or the churches have been locked, or that going to mass could be considered crimes by making this decision. do you not think that you are putting the general population in? do you think that as a catholic is the right thing to do? you know, because i'm not asking anybody to do anything that they don't want to do. if someone doesn't want to go to mass, they're not being forced to go. and as they say, oh, be all of the laws. as my religion asks me to on public transportation, etc. so i will be a paying the front. so i know because the laws of france do not extend above god. so there are limits to france's power. and i simply recognize that in the practical order, max is not repentant for his desire to continue attending mass,
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nor would he feel morally responsible, if someone in his congregation caught and delegate nowhere in my life up to 2020. have i been held morally responsible for being a vector of a disease? i could very well have passed a cold on to someone in the past or the flu, unknowingly. and the way that covert has operated with many, many asymptomatic carriers. it's very unlikely that anyone would ever know. so given that i had no intention to distribute the virus or any desire to do so, i couldn't feel bad in that sense. that attitude is likely to in theory, your services such as this all banned. well, for the protests by catholics will not be tolerated. life is more important than anything else. and life is about battling the coronavirus. it's not just catholics who have been impacted by this. the blanket ban hates any religious service. that
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means that muslims, jews, hindus and others are all in the same. but, but given that france is still a majority catholic country, there are voices and voices of anger. are roy sing above the crowds, shoulder, altie, paris, still to come this hour. the e.u. summit ends in deadlock after 2 nations veto the blocs budget, accusing brussels of adopting communist tactics. that story much more of a short break. this is our extra thank you.
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greater trenchard, to say simpson, exacerbating and alarming everyone mindlessly. actually what that means is we end up taking the long but actually very little
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this is the european union has failed to agree on a coronavirus recovery fund and a 7 year budget during a video conference. expose the deepening rift between member states on issues ranging from migration to the rule of law over reports, migration, the budget for the upcoming 7 years. they're the 2 main problems for the european union. at the moment. there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel and getting agreement on either of them. on the line, the e.u. commission president said ahead of the summit on thursday that there needs to be an overhaul of the way that migration is dealt with in the e.u. at. that's been pretty much evident since at least the heights of the migrant crisis back in 2015. the way it currently works is that it 1st nation, the 1st member state, somebody seeking asylum arrives in. that's the one that is obligated to look after
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them or see that's not particularly fair on countries like greece or italy on the line says the current system is not fit for purpose and needs to be overhauled in favor of something. farah, the current system no longer works. each member state without exception, must support member states under pressure. the idea of more burden sharing isn't agreed on by poland and hungary. they say no, they don't want lots of poland, hungary also not on side when it comes to the conditions of the e.u. budget for the next 7 years. now poland has found itself accused by brussels, of having undermined the independence of the g d surety, as well as having a row did some of the checks and balances of democracy while in hungary those fingers pointed at them, saying that in particular the, the prime minister of hungary, viktor orbán, saying that he's launched a crackdown against free media. and academics owned some of the clauses that are
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written into the new budget. if you don't play by brussels rules, you don't get brussels as money and that isn't sitting too well with either warsaw or budapest to feel it may be targeted. it pretty much is targeted directly at them, but they aren't alone in not being happy with this move. but i've also known notion of propaganda clubs merged in the european union, deciding what the rule of law is and how it's broken from communist times. we know well how such clubs evolved. we reject such tools because the rule of law is now being applied in the e.u. is a scare tactic. the opposite is true, meaning the rule of law should mean the right of states to reform themselves in accordance with treaties and the constitution. numerous media outlets and some political groups in the european parliament are openly threatening to use that instrument. wrong would term the rule of law in order to discipline individual human, but states those of us who spent part of our lives under total terror in regime no
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. the deviation from reality begins when process is institutions are given a name that reflects the exact opposite of the essence. it's no small change that poland and hungary are holding up though we're talking about 1.8, trillion euros, the budget for the next 7 years. that's the cash that supposed to launch the covert 19 recovery plan to build back better. also, the green initiatives on digital economy projects that were put forward as the big marquee goals on the line and her commission set out for their time in office. it doesn't look like it's going to go through any time soon. the deadlock is well pretty much locked as it stands as a lot of work going to have to be done. if that new budget is going to be approved . if there's to be any breakthrough. when it comes to the future of migration, policy in the e.u. european history, professor paolo bernardine, told us the e.u.
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increasingly resembles a super state trying to impose uniformity on its members. european view has been mocked. that's assault with superpower. with the low actually what do they mean that one party is not the center. lot of the street and the other they should not be fully formed as there are for all of the old principle of sorts. if you are ready, we are facing a major, major confrontation between the western side, which is the most power to side with the european union and include all the france germany and the rest of the european union to the european union in the east. so therefore, these crowds have gathered for a tense day in the armenian capital yerevan, demanding the prime minister's resignation over an unpopular peace deal with azerbaijan. activists formed a human chain through the city center,
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leading to an intense standoff of police and dozens of arrests. despite the protests, armenians are returning to not go in a kind of box main city, step on character which remains under their control. teams of russian. rescuers are now helping them to return artie's, but i've got to have reports. the war may be over, but the humanitarian situation here, instapundit here is still dial scenes, like these are repeated hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times across the city and left to their own devices. look, emergency workers would be overwhelmed. this is why russia has sent help aside from
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peacekeepers who patrol the routes and heights. russia also said civilian rescue has engineers, father, than builders. they gauge the devastation and the estimate how much aid will be required. it's neither easy nor quick. let's go for the next one. how many do you have on your list? oh, there are too many. how many have we visited today? about 50. neither is it pleasant. every creator has a story. every destroyed whom has its goofs and with almost every visit. we hear again and again about how he were a she were all of them died. they were in this room 2 cousins and my grandmother. i was in the room over there which wasn't destroyed. i fell off my bed, opened my eyes, and only saw dust. it took me 5 minutes to crawl out the window.
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help has come from all over the world, humanitarian organizations, lukoil and russian rescuers catalogue ruin. after wreckage, our 1st task is to cover all the broken windows and glass, so people can survive the winter. it's some pleasant even scary. i had some role in the construction of many of these buildings is painful for the priority now is making carol a livable again, wreckage will be cleared later, but light damage has to be repaired. now people are doing what they can, plastering, move a smaller holes and covering empty window frames with plastic sheets. but they're alive and even for that. my house wasn't heat so bad. they've lost way for live below the window solid, but they're houmous which suffered much worse. really can't complain. the city is
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sloot coming back to life. the shock of the war ease wearing off and with every returning refugees. there is a sense that the city of state by the character has come back from the dead. but in every street there is a somber reminder that life will never be the same. and some people just can't come back. every day we drive by this house and it's a sad sight, every time. a dog guarding a house that's been destroyed and a family that isn't there more, i guess d. of tea from the garden, a car, a bot. the moscow brokered truce earlier this month, put an end to 7 weeks of deadly fighting in the contested mountainous region. russian peacekeepers have now moved into all of the positions assigned to them by a peace deal under the terms both armenia and azerbaijan will hold on to their recent gains, meaning that large swathes of not going to have fallen under control,
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including the city of shushi, armenia, also has to hand 3 other districts over to baku. the loss of those areas has prompted many armenian residents to flee their homes. they are taking all of their movable belongings and some have even burned down their own houses, rather than letting us about johnny's move in. for we have lost everything. there is no sense in life. it's painful. so people are being forced to leave their homes. it's no good. people are not given any place to live. where packed in here, 32 and a half minutes, that's when i will be back with a full and fresh look to news. this is our team trash. but everyone newly elected us presidents invariably, vell to steer the country in a fresh, bold direction. this time, those things may be a bit different,
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not least on foreign policy. joe biden has promised to reengage with allies and restore the us his position as leader of the democratic world in the biden administration before him on the global stage. will we see a new approach or a return to the old ways as well as on the ball, but 1st national big city bright lights, huge opportunities and many dangers to blatantly to it's also a city when up to $300000.00 crimes are committed every year goes to the bottom of the mushrooms and into the more than your mosque, it's filled to the reserve least one police officer for every 200 residents in russia's capital cost on the list. i think you missed most. we all put them out of my tree that i will not go up voicing along with
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the muslims. will move him to mosque. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. sports business, i'm show business. i'll see you then this
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is the one business show you can't afford to mess. unfair montecito going to washington coming out as promised by their hossam and its emergency youth application for the cove in 1000 vaccines to the food.


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