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this saturday we'll be going live shortly to us like a laughter, often a press conference from from yet i've found so do. stay tuned for that. i've been talking about kaiser apart many, many times because game theory will jump to the sovereign level and you have global hash wars. countries will need to strategically, geo politically get into big boy. this is what's happening in the united states right now. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wounds still haven't healed from going into the voting was pretty famous because only from, you know, do you get what are we supposed to mean in the face of those who is mean they would have understood the same question which would have newborn babies were torn from
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their mothers and given away and forced adoption. it only for the robot is a feeling that to this day mothers still search for grown children for their birth parents. this is the one business show you can't afford to math, unfair montecito going to washington coming out as promised by their hossam. and if the emergency youth application for the tough in 1000 vaccines to the food and drug administration are processed, that could start limited 1st shots as early as next month. and u.s. treasury secretary steven who announced cut offs for the federal reserve's lending
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program and hopes to leave it was little spooky, had to rest for the watchdog had of the russian railways, representative of the finance ministry. and we've so they gave us the model in the same time we held meetings which is between the russian defense minister and russian emirate come minister to remain in authority. so as you can see, so this goes all the areas sold agencies that are represented here. so we have the comprehensive of those talks and 1st of all we talked about the tasks on implementing called the joint statement. so believe hundreds of that sort has a pressure meaning, and sort of agendas from the 9th of november about the truce, about this cease fire agreement around things or nicorette bastien about the
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implementation of the skipping commission and on humanitarian. see both of these acts to support the surveillance a everyone that's sad that there is no alternative for these solutions. there is no other way to settle. all of this situation escalated a number of weeks ago was emphasized. we've got some you can buy after one, but any attempts to put in doubt at least statement will not only inside the country, but you've been abroad. so attempts are unacceptable, and we have confirmed with those who were sort of mystical. and so this is to make it work. so in the armenian authority, as we have also met with the president of permian post human, the prime minister, who held over them to hold this jurist problem is helping to save lives. and they will go by doing the supply going to criminals and they will do for everything possible to make it work. and they estimate is the word from the russian
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peacekeepers and busy creo. the russian president have vowed that launching interdepartmental sandor a little bit human rights, a current imation bed starts working. we have also talked about our bilateral relations lands as soon as we are still in the sincere restrictions, should you do that? so make this billions of look around the virus. if you have held just a mr session, the meeting called part of mental winter regional forum because of all the regions of russian armenia and all kind of fog various bands along with the military. and they didn't get and we haven't made as much less attention to international support for the international support to include them. big, grim and soldiers 9th of november. and here for us to look at this international economic crash into us for it is absolutely, and we are interested with you deceived and you should give calming
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institutions. we have requested 20 good spirits from the secretary general. we have requested a built in texas december a leader and we also work with the children of the year when we have the development programs of the united nations to talk yesterday with the director general of the with the u. mass of the cuban director, general bad placement of organisations should be more secure and so you use the conventions, legacy. it's to preserve cultural and civilisational and religious legacy in the corner and around the garden. a car about that would be a scary mordant, this is just being to preserve the international interrelation of need. so that the men and their sanch and the world that we hope you nationally is showing many sad as it will be more active in the band. the sense of love and response to
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a lot of requests, which is to preserve the cultural legacy of the objects inside our brand from unesco bieber. and every asked if i'm trying to break out from the those sides. and as a conclusion, i would like to mention or confirm. so you is deepening of alliance with a wave, the russian federation. we consider our lives. if you're of the, comes from a nation like us, we support but a president who didn't have the grasp on the number of occasions which is support for our media to provide the stability inside their main in society as a sign of fall where it's supported, the words that are meaning, the authorities with the prime minister and the president as you did, are leading up to the implementing the statements of november that allowed us to stop the conflict. and the started that he is making it was and he has said that
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and all the conflicts in the corn occur. but thank you for going up tension, but we must sleep now. thank you. all right, we've just been listening in to the russian foreign minister, sergei lavrov, he is and here events is just a match with the armenian president and the prime minister there talking about bilateral relations and keeping the peace in the region and helping the civilians who are there, we're going to come back with more news after this short break during
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the vietnam war, u.s. forces also bomb to neighboring laos. there was a secret war. and for years, the american people did not know how much it is officially the mouth can rebound country per capita. all human history. millions of unexploded bombs still in danger . lives in this small agricultural country, jordyn wieber. even today, kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago. is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos? what help do the people need in that little land on
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is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation community, are you going the right way or are you being led away? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. backscatter financial survival guide. stacey, let's learn
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a salad fill out. let's say i'm not so i have to fight street spot. thank you. thank destroy. that's well, actually, every day, as you're watching our 2 international welcome back to the program, a key e.u. summit failed to agree on budgets or a crucial code recovery fund as talks expose deepening rift between members. our europe correspondent, peter, all over reports migration. the budget for the upcoming 7 years, they're the 2 main problems for the european union. at the moment. there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel and getting agreement on either of them. on the line, the e.u. commission president said ahead of the summit on thursday that there needs to be an overhaul of the way that migration is dealt with in the e.u.
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at. that's been pretty much evident, since at least the height of the migrant crisis back in 2015. the way it currently works is that in 1st nation, the 1st member state, somebody seeking asylum arrives in, that's the one that is obligated to look after them or see that's not particularly fair on countries like greece or italy on the line says the current system is not fit for purpose and needs to be overhauled in favor of something. farah, the current system no longer works. each member state without exception, must support member states under pressure. the idea of more burden sharing isn't agreed on by poland and hungary, poland, hungary, also not on side when it comes to the conditions of the e.u. budget for the next 7 years. now poland has found itself accused by brussels, of having undermined the independence of the gita surety, as well as having
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a row did some of the checks and balances of democracy, while in hungary, those fingers pointed at them, saying that in particular, the, the prime minister of hungary, viktor orban, saying that he's launched a crackdown against free media and academics under some of the clauses that are written into the new budget. if you don't play by brussels rules, you don't get brussels as money and that is targeted directly at them, but they aren't alone in not being happy with this move. but i've also known notion of propaganda club has emerged in the european union deciding what the rule of law is and how it's broken from communist times. we know well how such clubs eved and i reject such tools because the rule of law is now being applied in the e.u. is a scare tactic, and people possessed of his true meaning. the rule of law should mean the right of states to reform themselves in accordance with treaties and the constitution. it's no small change that poland and hungary are holding up, though we're talking about 1.8, trillion euros,
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the budget for the next 7 years. that's the cash that supposed to launch the covert 19 recovery plan to build back better. also, the green initiatives on digital colony projects that were put forward. it doesn't look like it's going to go through any time soon. the deadlock is well pretty much locked as it stands, there's a lot of work going to have to be done if new budget is going to be approved. and if there's to be any breakthrough when it comes to the future of migration policy in the e.u. european history, professor power denia told us the e.u. increasingly resembles a super state trying to emporia impose uniformity on its members. but i think it's been my dream that there's a soul called the superpower. we've actually walked to the moon because he's gone into a lot of history. and they should not be fully formed. is there who are getting out
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of the old principal source of the already we are facing major major competition between the western side, which is the most power cycle to you and include all the france germany and the rest all the european union to be european. so for a week before the u.s. state of nevada certifies its election results, republicans have filed a number of lawsuits to halt the process, citing irregularities and voter fraud on claim, alleges native american voters were swayed by gifts or improper outreach programs by politically biased organizers, mainstream media have called about it for joe biden, 533000 votes. there are around 60000 voting, age, native americans in this state. republicans claim they were lured to vote democrat through a gift scheme by
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a left aligned nonprofit group. a group pov are denies any political leaning as artist reports in nevada's tribal areas. voter participation was being encouraged by a nonprofit, some very nice prizes were handed out in order to encourage people to vote in the 2028 presidential election. there were even $500.00 gift cards. now the nevada native voting and because it did not seem to be partisan, the nevada indian commission, a state agency, had no problem getting involved on that of that indian commission. facebook page 6 posts offering gift cards of the a raffle share. in addition to that, the nevada indian commission offered its own prizes, raffling off 3 major pieces of art to those who voted. people may not be aware, but encouraging people to vote with rewards is illegal. whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate shall be fined under this title or
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imprisoned. but nobody got the memo. and in fact, a reno sparks, indian colony official was even filmed handing out the loot. we have $2525.00 gift cards to round off and a lot of money cashiers. the excuse is that this is simply a nonpartisan effort not aimed at helping any candidate or party. except there are indications to the contrary. nevada is a swing state and nevada has over 60000 registered native american voters that could really make the difference in our state's them a chain get out of here, get them out. and harris, campaign swag. as you can see have mass, they have a t. shirt, sign stickers, all kinds of hand sanitizer. all right guys, you have it there. he has them buy it and that he's for you. i'm all to support it and if they see to get out the vote, get to the polls and vote partly think it's best the facebook page of the native
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voter project, even shared post from an ngo called the native organizers alliance. and that made clear that their an aim was to flip the electoral map from red to blue. not surprisingly, a lawsuit was filed by the nevada republican party. there was scheme set up to give voters something of value raffle tickets. t. shirts, other things like that. if they would come in and vote something that violates federal law, something that violates nevada law. now the nevada native voter project says they didn't do anything wrong. they say that this was simply had nonpartisan effort to encourage voting. and furthermore, they point out that no member of their staff or any other volunteers ever attended any biden harris events. however, their statements did leave out those $500.00 gift cards. u.s. officials have actually condemned the government of venezuela for offering incentives to encourage voter participation. but in nevada,
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i guess it's ok. now keep in mind that native americans vote pretty consistently for the democratic party. it looks here like a state agency, was involved in a very targeted campaign to encourage vote participation from a constituency that leans a certain way. nothing reeks of clay and transparent elections than handing out valuable freebies and prizes to encourage certain people to vote in america. at least, you know, we, we don't think that there would be any corruption in our government. and so you would assume that this would be so nonparty, non-state, actor or organization that was just corrupt and doing something wrong. so when we see things like in nevada, where you have the state authorities, you have a government authority participating in this scheme, participating in these things that interfere with our election. that's what's been most troubling, i think for the american population, of course, and in other countries, people are used to governments that might be corrupt or to state officials that
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might be corrupt. and in america, we're finally starting to see that that has happened. that's the most troubling thing would nevada, joe biden continues to fight efforts to question his victory and this focusing on putting out messages of unity. there is a slight hitch. many of his supporters want nothing to do with the 70000000 people who voted for trump. no seriously. how do you deprogram 75000000 people? where do you start? fox, facebook. this is not your standard partisan policy disagreement. this is a conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality and basic decency
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. well 82 years ago kristallnacht happened could lead to genocide against a whole identity after 4 years of a modern day assault on those same values by donald trump. and
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my pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify. this is the time to be here on america. medical experts are voicing concern over the extreme transportation requirements of a major new coronavirus vaccine for the u.s. pfizer applied for emergency authorization of its job. but analysts are questioning whether distributing it at the necessary minus 70 degrees is even realistic. their reality is there has never been a drug that requires storage at this temperature. it's a logistical nightmare for rural communities,
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but no one is immune to the challenges, distributing the facts and poses for the medical industry, the whole infrastructure to do the distribution. i don't see that coming together in a rational fashion. it's so cute kapranos. it could work out in a decent way. it doesn't appear that it is. i'm worried about that seeing this abuse. not going to the right people and not when it will be i can't predict the numbers. but wow, it is a dysfunctional set of people, right at the moment. few cargo companies have the capacity to transport goods at minus 70, which is colder than the south pole. and fact, many firms don't even have the facilities to do it at minus 20. and that's far from the only logistical challenge expected, particularly in poor and remote areas. that exene also need special deep freeze suitcases which can be used for just 10 days. it also requires dry ice, which is a hazardous material. and few hospitals and pharmacies have ultra cold freezers at
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the company behind the job remains confident. we have already produced more than 20000000 doses in our cars, and to continue as we speak, producing more and more. this is why we said that the baby had to leave here, which is even there how many weeks we expect to actually 50000000 doses that you can distribute to the world. we spoke to a senior clinical lecturer at britain's university of exeter medical school. he says it's important for different vaccines to be created across the world to provide choice. well, it's very important to maintain what you would call the cold chain extremely important. otherwise, you are injecting people with substandard or the nature of vaccine, and it is a waste of time resources and everything else. so it is very, very important to make sure that the vaccines when they leave their live oratory, where it is made to where the patient is going to receive it is maintained always
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at the right temperature. you either have facilities to transport them or you use other vaccines and there is no reason to suspect that the other work scenes are inferior. once they're licensed, they're licensed and we know that they are good enough for the job. therefore, it's very good to know that there are also other vaccines made by other platforms. also coming on stream in given time and online backlash has created the london metropolitan police as controversial target for 40 percent of our crits to be from ethnic minorities within 2 years. of forces reacting to repeated allegations, it discriminates against black people that some on social media think ability should be the only recruitment criteria. one and plain why quotas are needed. one of the reasons why over the course of the last few weeks and months me but our team, as police have been speaking to the listening blood to learn,
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to see what we need to do to increase the trust or confidence of bloodletters have more than they currently do with the police service, the shield description, and she's one that affects not just stops and searches, but also the use of force and the sort of cases. the forces, former detective chief superintendent, warns victims of crime, care about quality, not equality. all the public wants when they call police, and this is true all over the world, whether it's russia or frogs, or whereabouts, the police to turn up quickly when they call them for help. the place to solve the problem, but a professional and then let them know what happened about the incident of which they're not all that. where they're all, they get a black, asian chinese or japanese heritage police officer turning up solve the problem, nor they pull that, whether they're male or female guy, all whatever. what they want is
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a professional representative of the state justice if you like to turn up and do the job properly. if you're a couple of junior level police officers patrolling in your new york police car and you use a piece of black news, who you know of bad and you think you should go and speak to the maybe you've got a decision there. do you want to risk a confrontation? do you want to risk a horrible fight? perhaps? do you want to risk complaints of the racist elements, but i can possibly risk your joke or do you want to carry on down the road to the gas station? get a coffee and a cup of donuts will the choice for all police officers is clearly stice. you go to the gas station, get a coffee, and they some donuts. if you emasculate the police, continually threatening them with complaints. the police are not going to do their
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job. they are not going to keep ordinary people in sight, regardless of the color, black white chinese heritage and so on. you're watching r t international. we're going to take a quick break, but i'll be back at the top of the hour with your headlines. is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, community? are you going the right way or are you being led away? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted,
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you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wounds still haven't healed me from a dog. the bottom is above all of us at us as mean older than us and the same cause which we know sells ins of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption. the only feaster to this day mothers still search for grown children. adults look in hope for their birth parents. up
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a new gold rush is underway in ghana. thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields, hoping to strike it. rich. as children are torn between gold, my family was very poor. i thought i was doing my best to get back to school. which side will have the strongest appeal to newly elected u.s. presidents invariably, vell to steer the country in a fresh, bold direction. this time, those things may be a bit different, at least on foreign policy. joe biden has promised to reengage with allies and restore the us his position as leader of the democratic world. now,
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will the biden administration befall me on the global stage? will we see a new approach or a return to the old ways in the day's headlines, russia's foreign minister holds talks on the as area truce with armenia as prime minister faces growing internal calls to quit for signing the peace deal. also this hour and election fraud lawsuits by republicans claims nevada pushed native americans to vote in exchange for ruffled gift cards. helping joe biden pick up the state plus a would just tickle nightmare experts slam a major new code vaccine for the u.s. warning. it's really extreme requirement to always be held at minus 70 degrees is simply unrealistic. don't hold them close to the nearest.


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