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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 21, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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give it to paul tudor jones of stand talking miller, who are long bitcoin and seem to understand this new internet money plus raise haven't horrible year is like down 18 percent or so. so he's clearly doing something wrong. he needs to get with the program. well this program kais report educated somebody else. that is ricardo plea a go. he's the 3rd richest man in mexico. he owns azteca t.v. . we courted some reports at their studio and that was in 2015. you spoke to him, you told him to buy bitcoin. he now admits that he started to buy bit quaint, soon after in 2016. and here's his tweets. this is the twitter translation out this spanish today. i recommend the standard this book is the best and most important to understand bit queen bee queen protects the citizen from government. expropriation, many people ask me if i have because yes, i have 10 percent of my liquid portfolio invested in it. his net worth is somewhere
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between $12.00 and $18000000000.00. he's saying his liquid portfolio, which is probably a lot less than that. so he's put 10 percent of his portfolio in there and the rest, the other 90 percent. he says he hasn't gold and silver miners, all the dominoes are fine for now we, we've pitched ricardo him because actually when we visited with his dad hugo in 2012, when we were traveling down to athens in greece to try to get the country to get out of their financial problems using a silver standard. i was adamantly pitching hugo about because i mentioned it to his dad. we mentioned to his dad again and 2015 when we did the interview and he mentioned the big coin standard safety of a most is book. and of course we were the ones who told safety and most about because it is right there. you know, we pitch them out because we knew it was in the $100.00 or so and initially like ray deleo, he scoffed at it like even michael saylor micro strategy. initially. they scoff at it, but then they take, you take a close look,
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got it. and then safety went on to write this now. call assoc standard book that is really changing the world. you got ricardo salinas price, which is who is now heavy into big ricardo, selling us a go in mexico. they go by their dad's last name for us to go. he says mom's last name as that is silliness, price. everyone should just change the name to pick on x. because i'm their wealth. ricardo, but coins of bitcoin everywhere. right? and of course we told safety and i'm loose about bitcoin in 2011. he was a gold guy, austrian economics. we knew he would get it eventually. you need got it quite soon after that. we also talked to sean ono lennon in 2011 about bitcoin and when he came to visit us in paris and we have an interview with him tomorrow, an hour and a half long interview on orange peel pod cast. so make sure you go check that out because he was orange held long ago before re dally. oh, before paul tudor jones, before stan talked in miller. so again,
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this is something that we've pointed out many times that because it is unique in that so many because report goes so over 100 countries and as dubbed into spanish, we have people all over the world who was were able to get into big point and start stacking stats back when it was a dollar or 3 dollars, 10 dollars, 100 dollars, 1000 dollars. and now, you know, these hedge fund guys are buying at 18000 joeys of dollar josh brown. we've sold them under $100.00. you know, we're saying look, i get into this and wiesenthal was very dismissive of it. just brown didn't want to be bothered with it under one $100.00 and john the jerry and we told ron $100.00 or $200.00 a big point. he eventually did get it a few years ago, so he's got the mental agility. you know, it's a litmus test. if you have intelligence and mental agility, you overcome your resistance a bit. going to become a bit cleaner. if you don't, if you're stuck in your mire and you're just not that bright like a peter schiff, for example, you're never going to get it. it's just us just a darwinian fact of it. so remember ricardo salinas plea
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a go. he said that protects the citizen from government, expropriation. so this is kind of what he means here, the latest data show, the m one money supply in the us has increased by a staggering 42 point one percent compared to 12 months ago looking parabolic looking exponential, kind of like the pandemic. you know, this election in america that we just had, i said very publicly, that if the democrats went, you could have a return of the 2008 period. and the 2008 period was massive fraud on an epic scale in the american financial system. money printing and we're going to see higher taxes. so the fact is on confiscate a ball and it is impossible to print in a counterfeit that i said we'd have a sharp rise of mediately and sense the election because on a tear. so i was absolutely correct, and this is situation is only going to become exacerbated as news from washington leaks out about higher taxes and more expropriation of people's wealth and more
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inflation. because so $100000.00 prediction we made in 2011 when it was still a dollar is going to happen a lot sooner than people really kind of even imagine. speaking of the 20082009 period. that's when obama, the hope and change guy came in. and what did he do? he said, we have to look forward not backward and remember that because he is out with a new book. his autobiography, he says, in the book, you know, all these leftists were trying to get him to, you know, charge some of these bankers for collapsing the global economy. but he basically says that that would have cost societal collapse if we disappeared these bankers. but because doing it and you see no societal collapse, do you see these bankers having to behave like ray dahlia, can't enter, pick one without behaving. paul tudor jones had to behave to enter because when you can't just come in and cheat the market, and that takes me to another story that kaiser report got right. max kaiser along
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own amongst all commentators on this. and that is the hash war that you saw coming . so there is this, you know, new console or of the currency. ryan brooks watch this, the very 1st internet of money, which was the watch in about 10 years ago, is now essentially owned by china. so as a country we now face a geo strategic competitiveness issue, which is do we in the united states want to own internet 2.0 in the same way that we own internet one point, oh, i start talking about this 2 years ago. i've been talking on kaiser report many, many times because game theory will jump to the sovereign level and you have global hash wars. countries will need to strategically geo politically get into because, and this is what's happening in the united states right now. it's that sputnik moment, you know, it's internet 2.0, but it's also sputnik to point out. remember, soviet union put up sputnik america, entered the space race. now with iran's got almost 4 percent of the hash array, there is a lot of mining in china, but it gets it wrong by saying that china's got
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a certain percentage of the mining capacity. therefore it has a dominant position, a big point. he doesn't yet understand that miners don't control because the nodes do we learn that 2017, that knows control because not mine are so that he's not, he doesn't yet understand that, but he is correct that there is our geo political race to grab as much because as you possibly can, which of course increases the hash rate increases, the security increases the price, so $100000.00 and then it competes with gold at $500000.00 and then it competes with all global forex at several trillion. but he says a sig, geo strategic competitive issue. and this is important is that it's competitive that the u.s. can't just dominate because we created the internet. we dominated the internet just like rape. just like paul tudor jones, just like stan talk in miller, the united states has to compete. they have to compete with all of these nations weather there with bitcoin. it usually attracts the bad guys 1st, you know,
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in the individual level it was the porn providers. it was drug, you know, online drug dealers and stuff like that. that 1st came into big claim back in 20102011 because they were not able to access the financial system. at this time, you're seeing all the countries that are sanctioned by the united states of venezuela. iran, china's getting into bitcoin as a geo strategic level, not just the individual citizen miners, their nation state. so you're going to see those nations go 1st and it's going to, you know, the u.s. comptroller of the currency is going to say, these are the bad guys. we have to control it right again, right down to a completely wrong dahlia saying, well, what if somebody like america bans? because, and i've always said no, it's actually the other, the opposite argument that countries like america will need to competitively jump in and try to own as much big going as possible. so once again, ray is wrong on that point. hopefully ill educated soften. he'll start buying aggressively for i feel bad for his clients are losing our let's look at this
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bloomberg thing because let's compare it to gold and how the u.s. is now positioning itself strategically with bitcoin. big point is becoming the new gold as a hedge against risks, including a drop in the dollar. so if this guy, you know, the u.s. comptroller of the currency is saying we have to start hashing. basically we have to start mining bitcoin in america. it's the same thing as like so much gold. you know, the united states theoretically owns $8000.00 tons of gold, but they own several 1000 tons of gold, of other nations. they're securing the gold network that, you know, the united states sees itself as securing the gold supply for the global financial grid. now a new money monetary system has come along and they're saying, hey, we need to also secure this is that we need to be in charge of securing this network as well. but you can't bomb your way in because of supremacy you have to peacefully just acquire it and not be such a loud mouth and belligerent bomb throwing nincompoop as american foreign policy.
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decades later can't do that with big cry. and that's the thing that's going to be great about this because you can't just seize anybody's bitcoin without like having them physically, exactly in the oil, but policies of america. you know, we go into these countries, we take their oil through force, we take their gold through force, but you cannot see these because through force, it's an confiscation of all american policymakers. but also i want to say, you know, before we go, i want to say the u.s. dollar because we've had 0 percent interest rates and the fed keeping interest rates at 0. we've had this like bizarre situation of fracking, which has never made money blows through money. and players all this national gas off, it's a total waste of money. this is more of a strategic this makes more sense rather than fracking to just start mining instead with your free money. oh, i voted for stacy for president. i will reveal that they are going to take a break and when we come back much more coming your way.
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it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wounds still haven't healed. you and the thing going into the thought it was pretty and it was because for me from a go to the bottom we suppose to meet you in the face of the suits me. the older than just that's important to you know, of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption.
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feaster to this day, mothers still search for grown children. while adults look in hope for their birth parents. newly elected u.s. presidents invariably vell to steer the country in a fresh, bold direction. this time though, things may be a bit different, at least on foreign policy. joe biden has promised to reengage with allies and restore the us his position as leader of the democratic world. now, will the biden administration before mon, the global stage, will we see a new approach or a return to the old ways? during the vietnam war, u.s. forces also bomb to neighboring laos. it was
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a secret war. and for years the american people did not know until our found myself mouth had rebound country per capita. all human history, millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country. jordyn wieber went on a kind of attack that even today, kids in laos, fall victim to bombs dropped decades ago. is the us making amends for their tragedy and help to the people need in that little land of mines? the world is driven by person.
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no dares thinks we dare to ask. welcome back to the cast a part time now to go to the want to know only that, george galloway host of sputnik on our team and mother of all time. he's a former m.p. running once again. george is this true. you're running again. i just can't stop running. there's a byelection not yet been called, but the disgraced m.p. will shortly be receiving har darst to march and she will face what's
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called a recall petition. i think you have them in the united states. in fact, you had them before we had them. she admits to a series of super spreading events, including indeed chamber of the house of commons, where she risked killing the entire government with one sneeze with a positive coronavirus test in her handbag soars. she's not long for the westminster well done. i like by elections as you know, max, i'm quite good at them. so yes, it probably will be. 3 live in the year and i can't wait to get in about them, but is the government and the opposition? where is this going to happen? what constituent say is going to be graced with galloway? it's in the lanarkshire area of scotland show less than an hour from where i live. it's called brother dylan and how milton west is going to be
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a very famous by election. and you will already have spotted the i only go for constituencies that could be the names of american mountainy idols. from the, the 1950 s. . you'll remember brad west's broadford west. you'll remember the beautiful york stone arch of which it was built. well no, i'm going to be there. be for how moved on west i'm waiting for you to run for the marilyn monroe constituent, say somewhere in there cardiff who would be fantastic, but seriously, george, you're going to be up there in scotland. and of course, that opens up a lot of questions about what's going on in scotland. i guess the 1st question would be, what are you, what are you going to make scotland great again, that's my question. well, we need to make sure that scotland remains a part of this small english speaking island that we all inhabit for better or
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worse. where we have lived does one country for well over 300 years. and i'm not a fan as you, nor of secession. whether it's in the balkans or, or in the former soviet union or in china or anywhere else or in america for that not to be dead against the secession of california from the union. so that's the 1st task and begins next may with the scottish parliament elections where we have got to unite all the people that want to keep britain together and keep the s.n.p. the separatist partition party out of office. and we're very confident that we're going to do that. making britain great again, will not be done under boris johnson. that is for sure, the man is ever more threadbare, constantly reinventing himself,
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going off on his brain schemes. now he's off. on a green card. he is going to in 9 years from now, just 9 years, make diesel and petrol cars illegal when we have absolutely no infrastructure to charge electric cars and electric cars are about 3 times the price that the average person in britain can afford. 'd this is his latest tweet, us, of course it's own look over there. it's to divert people's attention from the many and deep political and economic problems that britain now has imagined that if i keep britain together and you're against assassin, now what's going on in the world today is something fanaa and all that. you and i been talking about now probably for 15 years. we've been friends, we've been talking about what i'm about to talk about here for 10 years. and that
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is something called bitcoin. and the reason i bring it up is that the u.s. comptroller of the currency says that the u.s. needs to get a bit coin plan, because he recognizes that countries around the world now are crighton fee out money like the english pound or the u.s. dollar or even the euro, because they're trying to pay all of their sayings by printing money a now in great britain, now the debt is skyrocketing. the money printers are being running at full time. and so a lot of countries that are turning to a bit bitcoin iran, interestingly enough, has almost 4 percent of all of the bitcoin mining in the world. that as well, isn't a bit going back. kazakstan just put almost a $1000000000.00 into big going when you were in the race for mayor. not too long ago, we developed something called the mayor's coin, which was a project to try to put governance on
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a block chain. so we've been talking about this for a number of years, george, i know the people in scotland who watch our show on your show. we got, i mean, typically when it was under onder dollars, they, they're aware of it. our eyes are anything going forward on this in this direction? george galloway, this is our prophet. no. on our, in his native land, but that's not going to be true of you much as you well, the profit of this no supersonic development of big corn which has taken off. i'm very glad to say you got me into it. a very, very low price. and i did it only because i was following your prophecy and your prophecies and you're not even an old munya. have now been vindicated. the whole world does no talking about which only you understood back then at least in my circle. i've never met anyone who knew anything about what you were talking about
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with the big con and block chain and all the rest of it. but my goodness, i have seen the future. and that works. and the countries that you don't break today are, i have one thing in common. of course, they are all hunted by the united states empire, which seeks to close them down cotton gin them overthrow their governments regime change them, refashion them in the wonderful model, the american model which looks so as we view it today. but the day will come when other countries and that's coming yet other countries that are not as it were, are international outlaws or us imposed outlaws because it just makes sense. and it makes sense to me because you spoke about it so much for so long. but
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in an era where money is tunnel a discredit, in fact, you couldn't count, i couldn't count the quantitative easing that britain has already undergone. they used to say, where's the magic money tree? well, we now know it's in threadneedle street in the city of london. underneath the bank of england, you know, we've had this conversation for a while because politically we see eye to eye on many things. but we also have some difference of opinions. and now i would definitely put you off a left wing cap. i would put my sophomore in a right wing cap, but nevertheless, there's a tremendous crossover as we see it. and when it comes to money itself, it now this is an issue that seems to satisfy both the left and the right. because if you have south and money, and remember there were times in history when governments would be on the gold standard. and this would be
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a way to have some economy in the economy without the ability to just print your way out of problems constantly. and so my guess my question is, is this sound money in bitcoin? is this an area that overlaps both the left and the right? can they come together and both express their political views. but on top of a framework that is sound money and bitcoin is harder than gold. it's the soundest money of the ma. it's out of possibility, george 1st of all left and right are now fairly meaningless concepts. the term left has become utterly confused with the term liberal. in fact, the liberals think the of the left and myself culturally socially conservative, but economically radical. and you definitely are economically radical, though you would not call yourself of the left. i'm in favor of what's right,
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whether it's left or right and with don't jumping. a doesn't matter. whether the cut is black or white, as long as it catches mice and does use a bit coin, could hardly be sound. it is the soundest of sound money promises and then an era where, in fact we've got a chance. there is a central banks printing money like drunken sailors. they don't even know how much they're printing. no good can come of the we're buntu come a cropper. so there's going to be a correction, whether a new bretton woods or some kind of break up of the world's financial system with china and russia and iran tops india, brazil, maybe the brics countries plus having their own financial systems which avoid the dollar avoid the pound and avoid the drunken sailor?
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the printing presses. yeah, i totally agree. that's why i think when you're talking about let's you know, keep the britain unified and voice a session. my point is, if the game is over, all these countries are going to fragment out anyway. and they're all going to go on a big point standard. you're going to be up in scotland. i'm a surprise she took you so long to get back up to scotland. you're a frickin scot. your name is galloway. you should be an m.p. in scotland from the beginning. why hang out in westminster without us, you know, spends in london cockneys. that's no good place for george galloway. now let me ask you this as i am the defacto head of the maxwell clan. the maxwell clan, of course, as the camelot consul. but there is no formal appointment of me as head of the maxwell clan, us, and p a. n. scotland. how do i reclaim the chieftain of the maxwell clan, my tartan, my people, how do i do that? there is no cut in chief of the galloway clan,
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so i'm going to claim the title. and here's how you do it. and once i've done it, you must do it to you find a hill in your, your clown area. you stand on the hill, you invite by want of mouth bonfires on all the mountain chains. you do it nowadays on georgia and so on. you invite every moksha well in the world to come and hear you proclaim yourself the chief and hear any objections or on the proposals. and i see the day, god willing, if we, if we continue to draw breath, i see the day when you'll be in your castle, i'll be in my will both be clown chiefs,
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thanks to your big will all have enough to live on revver asco, which is the same of my clan, we will rise again. george galloway, thanks so much for being on castle report. always a pleasure. right. that's going to do it for this edition of kaiser report with me . max foster and stacey everett want to thank our guests, george galloway until next time by our new gold rush is underway and sounds of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields, hoping to strike it. rich as children are torn between gold was very poor. i thought i was doing my best get back to school, which side will have the strongest appeal newly,
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elected u.s. presidents invariably, well, to steer the country in a fresh, bold direction. this time though, things may be a bit different, at least on foreign policy. joe biden has promised to reengage with allies and restore the us his position as leader of the democratic world. now will the biden administration before monday a global stage? will we see a new approach or a return to the old ways? is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation community? are you going the right way or are you being led away? what is true?
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what is faith? in a world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wounds still haven't healed me from your feet. a market economy in the us at the us is mean older than us and they seem to you know, cells and have newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption that only feaster to this day mothers still search for grown well for the parents
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of clashes break out in central paris over a security bill criminalizing the filming of french police officers on and saying it will fuel police brutality and finally press freedom. a lawsuit by u.s. republicans claims that democrats encouraged native americans in nevada to vote in exchange for gift cards. helping joe biden win the state with question whether a new us german public will be viable seem to need to store it at minus 7.


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