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tv   News  RT  November 22, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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i mean it is about paris sees a new wave of civil unrest as. 6 the french government pushes for a law, making it a criminal offense to publish. images of police correspondent was caught up in the chaos. we all cells will simply shocked out by the police, my cameraman grabbed by opus's while he was filming, while we were trying to do, we need to be australian military inquiry uncovers a series of killings by the countries of forces in afghanistan,
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dozens of civilians are believed to have been tortured and murdered the world, anti-doping agency accusing the u.s. of a double standards after the senate passes a bill to jail those behind doping in sports except in american league. broadcasting live direct for studios in moscow. recapping week's top stories with our weekly program, this is r t international. now a french bill intended to protect the police, has sparked outrage and several days of rioting in paris. a new measure criminalizes the filming of officers. if it is done with malicious intent, it has been passed by the national assembly and will later go on to the senate for approval.
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hold on. as you can see, police vehicles are moving down and pushing the protesters down that the street protesters who've come, i'm going against the global security lure to draw. 7 for real that's being discussed in the national assembly on tuesday evening. this is a rule which includes an element which if cost could make it illegal for people to disseminate to record and publish images of police officers. if there is intent to harm criminalizing soon, all of the could lead to mourning amphoras who are in 845000 euro.
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thank you. thank you for help. i've seen women having their hay young and being abused to be grabbed by the head to be thrown to the floor by police officers, medics being hit by police battens. and in fact, as we were just at the metro station filming some of the violence against the protesters, we ourselves were forcibly chucked out by the police, my cameraman, who grabbed by offices while he was filming, while we were trying to do an interview and ejected from not crowd that. oh my god, the image is over, the police are protests,
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have been used time and time again shown the violence that's been used that this law would essentially stop. that's what unions say, they say that it is censorship. however, the government says this new is needed to protect police officers from the violence because while i'm talking about the police hitting protesters trying to move them around, we have also seen violence towards the police this evening. we've seen bottles thrown into woods and far as being lit. we have seen destruction here on the streets of paris with the shelters being smashed in. so there is violence on both sides. and the government says this noor is needed to protect the police. police unions say it doesn't go far enough and if it is a choice between freedom of the press and liberty, when it comes to showing these images to the security of their offices, they will side with the security of their offices every time the reality is it is been a brutal like with violence from both sides, but from where we have stood,
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the violence has been mainly coming from the police to watch protesters who for the most part, we haven't witnessed them doing anything to well deserve some of the violence. i've observed this evening, journalists and international organizations have lashed out at the french security bill. the u.n. has called it a threat to freedom of expression. we discussed the reforms with french journalists . violence may be used within the framework of the law where there is self defense, or if the use is strictly necessary and proportionate. and but only only the possibility of filming freely without constraints gives these guarantees. but the rockets are of this low does not like the expression of police violence because he thinks that there is legitimate and illegitimate violence. i think in a nutshell, we can say that france is experiencing an authoritarian bonapartists rift,
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as it has unfortunately often experienced in its past. i'm sorry to say that journalism is the cornerstone of a healthy society. you would have only if you're familiar with the case of alexander ben, allow the bodyguard of president mccall or you would have george floyd if people did not film those events. you would know. and if you don't know, you slip into dark areas and, and that, that article to me for which is part of a, along with the body cause in a war as is detrimental to journalism. there's already c.c.t.v. cameras everywhere. there's people from coming in over the everybody's got a cell phone, you cannot stop people from filming. australian military inquiry has concluded that blood lust and the competition killing may have provoked the country, special forces to murder dozens of afghan civilians. some of those horrific cases
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appear to have been part of an initiation ritual for new troops. there is credible information. the junior soldiers were required by their patrol commanders to shoot a prisoner in order to achieve the soldier's 1st kill in a practice that was known as bloody special forces inside has pointed to a number of deeply concerning norms within australian special forces, including the shift from unacceptable behavior to war crimes the glorifying of these crimes as being a good soldier, competition, killing, and blood lust. the afghan foreign ministry has described the murders as an forgivable and call for justice to be served. but for many afghans already scarred by years of war and regular reports of war crimes by the us led coalition, the findings came as no surprise. afghans were killed as if our blood was worthless . the foreign soldiers come here to serve their own interests, not to help us. an apology is not the solution. the afghan government must make
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sure that no foreign soldier can get away with killing afghans. then there were console, just killed. many afghans in the past and the u.s. would condemn the actions of its soldiers, but then do nothing about it. i'm sure the same will happen australia, because for them, one of their soldiers is worth a 1000000. afghans like the australian foreign ministry has written a formal apology to kabul for the atrocities, but explains such apologies. tend not to result in any real action. 2 eggs, australia, and afghanistan, thousands of kilometers apart. one a very keen to help the other. we remind committed as i.e. nation to assisting afghanistan in resisting it. terrorism. resisting the taliban forces providing in cooperation with other countries. i label of stability and
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a liberal obscurity as that you will country can build for itself of a strong and prosperous and secure future. it took the australian prime minister a bit more than 13 hours to fly over to kabul to say all that a bit more than 13 years ago. by then, australian troops had already been engaged in the war torn country for several years, almost 20 years ago since the aussies got involved. their number one military man has no other choice, but to say, sorry, i sincerely and unreservedly apologize for any wrongdoing. by a stray in soldiers. i say no choice because allegations of 39 civilian deaths at the hands of his defense force as a result of blood lust and competition. killing deserve an apology or actually much more than that large parts of the military report. we can't even read their blacked
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out, but even what's available, sounds horrendous and disgusting. this shameful record includes alleged instances in which new patrol in the members were coerced, to shoot a prisoner in order to achieve that soldier's 1st kewl in an appalling practice known as bloody atrocities. ranged from reports of troops killing a 6 year old child and a house raid to a prisoner being shot dead to save space and a helicopter apology given measures to be taken culprits to be punished. compensation to be paid. but just think of how many times since 2001, we heard the same kind of stuff from the kolisch. it was just one of the course. president obama spoke by telephone to apologize and express his condolences for the m.s.f.
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staff and patients who were killed and injured. sincere apologies for any offense. this may have caused my apologies to the president of afghanistan, and we will make sure that anybody who was involved is held fully accountable with the full force of the law. it all makes you wonder, just how many more thousands of deaths or command, full pause, we're still unaware of, especially when it's revealed how much the people in charge were in denial about what they were doing. the problem is there is a disincentive really to tell the truth, we have created an incentive to almost require or for people to law. so well the latest report that left the aussies red faced lead 20 strategic consequences and military mindset. u. turns, well, judging by how badly trumps plans to cut the troop presence in afghanistan have
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been received. is just wishful thinking for now. we've been in afghanistan for almost 20 years and no need to. i want to stay any longer than necessary. but at the same time, the price for leaving too soon, or in including 1000 when he could be very high in afghanistan, risk becoming once again a platform for terrorists to plan and organize attacks on a young man's. so i guess it means more apologies, could only be on the way, cher course, the former governor of afghanistan's governing province says the actions of australian forces follow a long running pattern in the coalition. these are something that is very serious and we feel that that is beyond our comprehension. and i'm really appalled for that that. how could anybody and the name of humanity will leave and do that, especially with this poor afghan people. and we hope that that will manifest to
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something real and not only for the australian, but also other nato countries. and also, united states who have committed similar acts in afghanistan also needs to pay heed to this issue and reconcile their own differences that i have done in afghanistan. the world anti-doping agency has criticised the us build to jail those involved in sports doping except in us leagues. what i've said it will destabilize global anti-doping efforts by giving the country's domestic athletes a free pass. and you duping agency wishes to understand why this legislation excludes the vast areas of u.s. support. in particular, the professional leagues, and all college sport. it is not good enough for american sports. why is it fine for the rest of the world? washington's rolled out its latest offensive in the war on performance enhancing
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drugs. it's called the rod chunk of act, anti doping act of 2019, would strengthen the integrity of international sports competitions by imposing criminal sanctions on certain persons involved in international doping fraud conspiracy. the act would green light washington for legal action against doping conspirators in games involving american players and it outlines some have to be penalties, fines of up to $1000000.00, as well as prison sentences of up to 10 years. a dream come true for the usa today . it is a monumental day in the fight for clean sport worldwide, and we look forward to seeing the act soon become law and help change the game for clean athletes for the good. considering how the u.s. has treated domestic doping in the past. the log book could probably use of updates take julian edelman, the patriots shining star and super bowl m.v.p. his career seen some great achievements with a little help from dope. he treats wide receiver julian edelman is facing
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a 4 game suspension for performance enhancing substances. a 4 game suspension is quite a long leap away from 10 years in the can for edelman though, the cushy treatment didn't end there. he was still showered with awards at the years and even sealed advertisement deals. there are no rules in basketball. it's a similar story. last year basketball, prodigy deon, dreyer, 8, and was caught doping up his punishment jail. just kidding. he was suspended for $25.00 games and then showed up on the jimmy kimmel show. he's a member of the n.b.a. all rookie team from the phoenix suns. say hello to deion 38, and hello to you, mary kay. and here's the best part. he's now the face of a protein health shake commercial i was on the prize so you know, washington's long made it clear,
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they take doping in sports very seriously. when, of course, it suits their agenda. this has nothing to do with lease welfare or looking after cheats. if it did, it would be totally different stuff looking out for the us, it's not going to mean before the sponsors of the sports. it's simply looking out for the money interests, the hollanders, media, and government. it's nothing to do with our seat whether because it was about the welfare they would have voted in across the board. that all of the major league sports in america would sign of the mishti to water. but you won't do that because the owners of the big major sports teams, immediate networks, who cover them. and this huge be massive situation investors in these sports won't happen. so does, has nothing to actually whether this is simply about greed and the dollar
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coming up with that, return to their homes and not going to cut it back in late june after the truce between armagnac media. and i was about john, our correspondent, but i've got a deficit report on the ground when we come back for the weekly on our 2 international. is your media, a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe from? tyson nation. community. are you going the right way or are you being that way? what is true wants is faith in the world corrupted. you need to
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descend join us on the depth forum. maybe mashallah with nothing really settled. some of trump's enemies want the president and his supporters to pay a price for the cost for years. and in rumors of war, as trump tries to bring troops home, some say he instead wants to start a war. welcome back. this is our to international and the weekly, a truce between armenia and azerbaijan, that continues to hold in the disputed region with russian peacekeepers deployed in the area. those forces are now helping refugees returning to their homes. but as our teams, but i've got the of found out,
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it's not an easy homecoming. the war may be over, but the humanitarian situation here, instapundit here is still dial scenes like this are repeated hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times across the city and left to their own devices. look at emergency workers would be overwhelmed. this is why russia has sent help aside from peacekeepers who patrol the routes and heights. russia also said civilian rescue has engineers fallen builders. they gauge the devastation and estimate how much aid will be required. it's neither easy nor quick. let's go for the next one. how many do you have on your list? there are too many. how many have we visited today? about 50, neither is it pleasant. every creator has a story, every destroyed whom has its ghosts and with almost every visit. we hear again and
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again about how he were a she or all of them died. i knew they were in this room 2 cousins and my grandmother. i was in the room over there, which wasn't destroyed and i fell of my bed, opened my eyes and only sort dust. it took me 5 minutes to crawl out the window. help has come from all over the world, humanitarian organizations, luko and russian. rescuers catalog ruin after wreckage. our 1st task is to cover all the broken windows and glass, so people can survive the winter. some pleasant even scary, had some role in the construction of many of these buildings is painful. or the priority now is making cattle livable again, wreckage will be cleared later, but light damage has to be repaired. now people are doing what they can plastering,
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move a small holes and covering empty window frames with plastic sheets. but there are laws and even for that my house wasn't hit so bad. they've lost way for live, blew their windows song out, but their homes, which suffered much worse, really can't complain. the city is slowly coming back to life. the shock of the war is wearing off and with every returning refugees. there is a sense that the city of step by the character has come back from the dead. but in every street there is a somber reminder that life will never be the same. and some people just can't come back every day we drive by this house and it's a sad sight, every time. a dog guarding a house that's been destroyed and a family that isn't there more, i guess d.
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of tea from the garden. the peace deal was signed between armenia and azerbaijan 2 weeks ago, and it ended in more than 6 weeks of deadly fighting over the go to no cutting back region. territorial feud has been ongoing for almost 30 years now, but it will hold on to their military current positions. armenia will keep control of the disputed regions, largest city to panic and will take the 2nd largest city through sheen, which it captured just before fighting ended. armenia will also have to hand over 3 other districts. meanwhile, police in armenia have detained more than 90 protesters during rallies against the peace deal. demonstrations have been ongoing for almost 2 weeks, demanding the resignation of prime minister nicole passion young. they have branded as a traitor, the premier says that he had no other choice but to sign the truce. and that if the conflict had continued tens of thousands of our millions would have died.
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world leaders have called for united response to the pandemic at the g 20 summit, which is just drawing to a close the 2 day gathering of the world's largest economies was held by video link up for the 1st time ever. and it was hosted by saudi arabia, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the g 20. together. those countries make up 85 percent of the global economy in a closing declaration that they pledged to help low income countries deal with the economic impact of covert 19 and support the distribution of affordable dark scenes . earlier. my colleague saskia taylor discussed a range of issues with saudi arabia's permanent representative to the u.n. . your country's hosting of the summit hasn't been without control of a say to national no to that women's empowerment feat says predominantly on the t 20 agenda. despite the fact that activists have spared had to campaign for women's right on languishing in jail facing trial,
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that's that quote. what's your response to the odds? the strides that have been made by saudi arabia over the past few years are impeccable and unprecedented. we have bordeaux pushing, this is for women economically for women in the workplace, in the field of education, in many aspects of human life in places of leadership, in government and in business. and it's kind of be judged by the situation over a few individuals who have come across the law and have being held under the procedures of the legal system. in his opening speech, king solomon said the country's need to create the conditions for affordable and equitable access to covert fax scenes. could you tell us a little bit about your country's efforts to achieve that goal? we committed $500000000.00 to do that, and we also made addition contributions to the world health organization.
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and we will continue to, to help in the development in the companies that are working again. but he says that is being made of flotsam. a person also said in his summit speech that vaccines should be the property of all of humanity, and that russia is willing. and it's not the fast time it's about to provide countries in need, without facts and with saudi arabia be one of those and to support a global program like that. we would certainly be a party to, to that effort. and if any vaccine is developed, it's other events will also be made available to the entire ward. i also want to talk a little bit about international relations abidin in pos house, cool to saudi arabia, a quite pariah state. and that's not long running military campaign. in yemen, how sound to a bad thing to deal with such, anita? well, i'm sure that's we will be developing stronger relationship with mr. biden's ministration
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in the same manner that we have developed good as strong relations with tens of administrations before that we have declared one sided ceasefire several times in yemen, talking about when the syrian situation and the threats of famine, all of that is happening on the territories controlled by the school fees because of the fact that there, hindering and obstructing the delivery of international aid to the to be separated areas back in march, we saw that was an oil price down to off between moscow and riyadh. and the result was that must come at aipac failed to agree on a production caught which led to a crash in the global price of crude. many people worried how can such disputes be avoided all prevented in the future? i think close correlation is taking place between the kingdom and the russian federation. and we have all of proven to ourselves and to the entire war and that cooperation and understanding achieves better results than confrontation and
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going it alone. and i think that relations with russia on a good standing on the oid front and on many other fronts as well. i that doesn't mean to solve the facts more than weekly at the top of next hour. this is our 20 join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics, sports business, i'm showbusiness. i'll see that the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person of those thinks we dare to ask the president's press conference from the new state department auditorium, march 23rd, 1961. i want to make
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a brief statement about laos. it is, i think, important for all americans to understand this difficult and potentially dangerous problem. these 3 maps show the area of effective communist domination as it was last august and from december 20th. now to the present day, at the end of march, the communist control a much wider section of the country. the position of this administration has been carefully considered. and we have sought to make it just as clear as we know how to the government's concern 1st. we strongly reserve, at least for the goal of a neutral and independent laos to no outside our group of powers threatening no one and free from any domination by fellow americans. they are far away from
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america. but the world and the security of southeast asia will be in danger if laos loses its neutral independence. i want to make it clear to the american people and all the world that all we want to lay off. and i want and i want to get to the truth i'm going to tell them.


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