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tv   Going Underground  RT  January 4, 2021 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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you know obviously that is a legal obligation but. the friends the system have succeeded in intimidating the world happy to methods that this is what's going to happen to you if ever you have to publish in our dirty. secrets and making that known to the world. well that's recap of our top story this hour a british judge has ruled against extraditing julian a son's to the u.s. due to concerns over his mental health the u.s. has said it will appeal the court's decision a son's will remain in custody ahead of appeal there is a chance he could be released on bail before then a decision will be made on weapons thing stateside the wiki leaks co-founder faces 17 counts of spotting a wall of conspiracy to government computer if i'm guilty he would face up to 175 years in prison and in another development today the president of mexico said he's prepared to give
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a son's political asylum. well if you'd like to have your say and not or indeed any of this our stories we do like to hear what you're thinking out there why not leave a comment or 2 on our facebook page can get pretty lively there but always entertaining. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is on spinning dramatic development only really i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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time after it and you're welcome to going underground the team and i will be back with a brand new season starting on january the 13th but today we're rebroadcasting our coverage of julian assange extradition trial that's today marks the sched jewel ruling in london that may decide the future of all global free speech black lives matter. movement has come up. against by the hard work for activists but the the core of what is driving it is footage that is undeniable that everyone it's not a matter of the you know do you believe the police to believe friends of the person who were shot but witnesses because i'm deniable of exactly what has occurred is
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not only stimulating parts of the black community i think the black community is on the understood this all too long. but it's stimulating enormous acceptance and sympathy outside our community because that argument has proved a son speaking to us in 2016 after being granted asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london the un special rapporteur on torture claims that. founder of wiki leaks has been tortured by u.k. authorities since his capture by scotland yard and this week the trumpet ministration seeks to extradite a sanjeev act that could see him die in a u.s. prison his supporters include amnesty international reporters without borders as well as even mainstream news outlets cognizant that the court of controversial english judge vanessa beret could lead to the nail in the coffin of free speech in britain as sanchez millions of supporters around the world here are a few who have spoken to us here on going on the ground it would be
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a cruel on the part of the british. to exceed 'd to the u.s. to their tradition. it would be to they've already committed many crimes. of surges of sense is not bill and if these extra good it comes up for trial on the us as spinoza's laws which even chariot to actual death. it's trial is being. committed the crime of littering the general population know things that they do have a right to know that powerful states don't want them to know anyone who exposes misconduct is not a terrorist i mean do the searches never threatened anyone he has never committed you know trying he's never threatens to commit one. and he's exposed oftener and so i think we should be grateful that we know
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these things and states should be grateful that senator hold up those people to becomes a real good war when he leaks has done an incredible job. hopefully you know the saying will be solved but it's an insane situation want to find a way for here all. and i wouldn't. i thank you for an incredible story for all we have to say and everyone can find. what i know look at the case of julian no sorry i've got a month to concrete a man with. cruelty pushed off cruelty a court can treat him cruel. is quite capable of
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a form of cruelty no problem policy but the most important information that we truly in the sand fellow citizens of the globe need is information about the secret malfeasance and wrong of our governments which are less who helped us to gain some of the knowledge that the powers that be would keep secret if they could support whistleblowers us part truth tellers to have a government after you know it's it's extraordinary to be up against that kind of all or even boris johnson must be the most stupid sometimes the journalist should understand if you will agree to what do you consider us to do i mean tradition craig's security mr andrews exposed wall cripes to margaret couldn't face. those things which the united states didn't. already.
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did any form. of the us constitution doesn't apply to them so they didn't think anyone out. there. to washington to pre-crisis most governments do the bidding and eat when people don't go out. and so on and so on during rush hour major and make many mistakes but excuse. in march when the contribution used to make us aware of the extent to which we drove many people a did enjoy it so well and for me the best place surely and i shall use google is just if i got out 1st and i say i soon as i started to hear about these were happily forward that it would end this way. the idea of somebody who says there's all this stuff that's hidden from you and i'm going to show you i'm
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going to give it to you left right and center. is the kind of person i've always wanted to see you know what i've always i've always felt that was so much that we just don't know about and here's somebody to kind of put me in the public domain one finger really upsets me is that. we don't hear about all of the stuff that they're putting out i saw a film of american soldiers shooting innocent people in the street this is big news these are the kinds of things that the people of my country the people who work should know about these are the kind of things that these people get up to some of the supporting julian assange says he faces extradition to the united states there as to the hearing itself his final word with those arguably on the front line of the battle for british and global press freedom i'm going underground social media producer parliament and today we're outside the old bailey in london by julian assange is the wiki leaks founder is arguably in the pipe or is the life why he
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faces the 1st day of his u.s. electrician hearing trial if he is actually right that the united states he faces a 175 years in a supermax prison behind me are many of his supporters and there are some big names out here today who are backing the wiki leaks founder i'm going to be looking to talk to some of them 1st they are themselves actually trial waters journalists are just condition he's been tortured according to the u.n. of course he's been tortured and he is not in a good place that's all i can say we heard in the. last minute bit of airing that his condition has deteriorated and i can. cross there's a faster trial what are your expectations and then allegations of bias from the court judge from right there any hope another's company or mailing we have to bring to the hope that my expectations are low but i demand justice and wish you told him and to justice in this case the abuse of process the been seen in this case up till now it is absolutely horrific it's been piling up in the years and the months
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leading up to this day there's been spying on legally privileged communication there's been stealing of material and 3 weeks ago the americans just threw into this court a totally new document an indictment that totally changes the narrative and julian is supposed to have 3 weeks to prepare for that and his lawyers will the americans have been cooking this up in a 10 year process this is absurd it should be thrown out and if it's not thrown out today it will be an abuse of process and an abuse against the rights of julian assange say the stars of course the way you don't want to go where german sanchez i should i said where i would put the fight go from the potentially this is only one battle in the war here in this court there will be appeals if he loses here we'll take it up to the supreme court we will do everything in our power to stop this extradition because there's so much at stake not just the life of julian assange
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but the future of journalism as i've been covering the german fans process of the last 2 years calling to every quarter that i've seen the protests grow and grow have you seen the same thing around the world a support growing for german fans and the thing the momentum is going to say that i think the momentum is is really coming to this favor and we're seeing that in the next you have journalists are starting to wake up to what is at stake because it's their future their job security their right to report or not. security issues when it pertains united states the president of this case is starting to sink in and we should all be of afraid all journalists should be afraid of what's happening here so much of the day and just finally some outlets are doubling down on all of that has again surveillance on for example washington post in a recent article so-called way he leaks a russian doesn't summation outlook what do you say to all of that all the other guys the germans on to the russian agent it's an absurd and it's a reflection of the new cold war that we are seeing being blown up not i mean.
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the please is also cold an anti secrecy organization what is that it's the play of we're doing a cold transparency international anti-secrecy organization we're fighting for trust total transparency just like every journalist should do in this world dossier of journalism is actually listen trawled has been on the show saying that there is been a lot of bias against response from judge for rights are any hope now for more impartiality now that we've called for the old bailey well as christine just said we can't depend on hope but. there is enormous pressure for justice and look at the people around here he told trying to really and is now at the center of an international struggle for justice so i do think that if this court. allows the extradition of julian. it will go to appeal
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and i'm reasonably hope told that it's tight appeal but that. used to be called british justice my profile i think most people are now intensely angry with this huge miscarriage of justice and. it's now found this way to the old bailey to the central criminal court to be. presided over by a system that israel people. are not giving through. any trust so the last one that i spoke to you were inside about a cage of a canary for joining us on what the football symbolizes must be was all about that we had a goalpost and a supply out of the pie and that the cold but pain you know i've been playing football with these pay trond every time they tried to get drafted he scores a goal vamp no case whatsoever to get him to keep changing the mill
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incenting the rules moving the goalposts and they do problems to get them but they will never admit that because it's so cobol that means i will find him to take the step back this is what we face what do you think the consequences will be if you're in a bunch is oxidized at the top despite a will forever be a shining lie he's a hero he's an icon he eats on the my film corruption on face poll if they're still alive because we say mass extinction will recognize him on the shining truth you have any hope that the british don't the will provide journalists are being out for the ball rhesus no listen to public opinion public opinion use changing in favor of studios it sounds said before like to. say go give
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us about that asshole that you want they want this is the problem of course he would be free because he has to he has no good no case against it it's all incentive and yeah and they had a ball even with that said case they will find him guilty. because it's completely a company that codell and that's why we wear these bags over our head. because that's what. goes with some of the biggest names down here in support of gitmo sarge for more coverage of general thought is actually make sure to say if you're going on the ground back to you off of social media producer fine ahmed there well we've invited the u.k. government to appear on the program or provide us with a statement they haven't got back to us yet but they've said in the past that they disagree with a number of the observations by the un reporter on torture who detailed what he saw as torture of julian assange and belmarsh prison the government also said judges
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are impartial and independent from government with any judgement based solely on the facts of the case and the a political law and of course u.k. prime minister boris johnson has previously said it's only right that julian assange finally faces justice join us after the break as we speak to a man who knows all about wrongful detention talk to use of salaam one of the exonerated central park 5 you spent almost 7 years in juvenile detention for a crime he didn't commit and whose story is dramatized in netflix's award winning show when they see us. welcome back to the kaiser report their time now to go to be in our dollar collapse dot com john welcome back to you stacy now we've known you for many years going back 3 bitcoin days and well 2020 seems to be the year that big point has driven the dollar to collapse in
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a way that gold was unable to. welcome back while julian assange fights for his life in london over the next 4 weeks are there any lessons to be learned from the wrongful conviction of the 1990 central park 5 they won the largest have a payout in new york state history $41000000.00 and the story's been dramatized in netflix's award winning show. when they see us one of the 5 of the use of salaam joins me now from atlanta georgia his new young adult novel punching the air co-author babies a boy tells the story through verse of one boy's struggle against the u.s. justice system it's out now yousef thanks so much for joining us on on going underground as i said in part one we heard about the julian a songe case a lot of people think he's innocent amnesty international all these different n.g.o.s fighting for him i know you've been asked the question before but how does anyone cope with being in
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a maximum security prison knowing they're innocent you know the biggest challenge just to try to figure out how to keep your mind free even though your body's in bondage as we know where your head goes your body follows and so as we begin to look at you know the opportunities even through now like we've been experiencing coppa 19 in the world and some people have been going out of their mind because of this and the greatest thing that we can do is try to channel our energy meditate as deep in as far as we can and channel our energy to keep our minds as free as possible because where our minds go our bodies follow but of course in this book there are so many different facets that you examine i mean there's a line here bail money let me know the people believed in me. something actually bijectively peculiarly apt for julian assange how how did bail money mean so much to you when you were incarcerated. you know because the community responds and the community responds in such a powerful way by putting their dollars against the system the whole system is coming against you and
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a great thing about it is that in black and brown communities in those most marginalized communities in america a lot of folks get it because they've also been known about a spike of justice and those indelible scars that they continue to experience allow them to take their hard earned money whether it be a $1.50 cent whatever it is all of their stuff adds up and when you need to get someone out of prison because they're going through this tremendous time their families are not also going through it's not just that individual the family is going through the awful a loss of not having them there with them the community is going through an awful time as well and so it's it's a really powerful. expression of hope of resilience of truth that someone would use their money to help to get someone out because people will know if they've seen the documentary central park 5 or the netflix t.v. show the appalling way the media can behave out as one cope when journalists are just acting as that over fas for power. you know that's the biggest
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challenge i think when i look at what happened in our case 2 weeks after we were accused the now president donald trump who was a real estate mogul back then took out a full page ad calling for our deaths it was essentially telling the rest of america that it was ok that open season for black people were ok and especially for the central park 5 as we warrants gnome. and made a sly. like . part of the way they have to do with us. they hope that someone from those most sinister sides of society would do to us
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what they had done to emmett till as a matter of fact another media personality pat buchanan wrote in the papers that we should take the eldest one corey wise and hang him from a tree in central park and that we should do this by june 1st and so we were we were up against tremendous odds the gravitational pull of the negativity that we were in is something that we are experiencing now because we have social media everybody has a front row seat to all pression especially oppression in america and you know white supremacy white male dominance is something that we are all experiencing the evil of around the globe and as we try to move out of that gravitational pull fighting against spiritual wickedness in high and low places we have a tremendous opportunity because the best thing about being born in the struggle is that you're automatically born on the side of right you're automatically born fighting for true freedom justice and equality not the imagined system that doesn't
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include all of us were talking about the inclusion of the kaleidoscope of the human family in the same way that dr king had a dream. and in this book welcome xx as mentioned quite early on in punching the air i should say julia suds talked about black eyes matter back then but of course he was exposing entering clinton you. obviously have feelings about the whole trump taking out those advertisement calling for your deaths but of course it was biden who is responsible for mass incarceration policy harris the vice presidential nominee was. there's a case daniel lawson an innocent man she wanted to jail for the 3 strikes law what can americans do now to prevent future central park. where you know what i look at i look at the fact that we have the opportunity now that we understand that it's not about just so to speak having a plan for the weekend we can't even just have
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a 5 year plan we need to have generational plans and as we play on this game of chess the idea in the understanding is that we're making incremental successes in guinea and so yes right now we were looking at the current election and the possibilities of what ought to come but i think it did mindset of you of of the heartbeat of america is different the mindset of our ancestors wildest dreams has been crying out and we've been talking about yesterday we were talking about reform and now today we're talking about abolition we're talking about tearing the whole system down a system that was imagined not to include us we were always seen as 3 fifths of a human being thank god i did. not you hear. us only had to have this because let's see we were relegated to the new cotton fields of the of america through the criminal justice system
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a system that i call the criminal system of injustice it's a description. you salaam 1611 great. here. i'm actually 30 graduate high school next year you tell me 15. each each give some grace. and i change the birth date on. a. child in fresno i'm going to 16. but now we have this opportunity to imagine what the great future will be like not necessarily for us but for our children's children's children and so in that incremental gain we have to make sure that the 46 president is much better than the 45th president and because we are the people and we are the ones who will agitate we are the ones who will hold people to their promises we are moving in the political space in
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a way that we have never will before we have our eyes wide open and that's one of the things that 2020 has given us is given us the awesome opportunity to have 2020 vision we see things perfectly now and as we move into 2021 and beyond we move with the knowledge and the truth of what we need to be about and we are going to be about that very thing in a very very powerful way that adds life to us and that as life to the rest of the world yeah but if you are right now in prison maybe watching this program what hope can you have from joe biden that alone donald trump well i tell you what if we look at a person's past 4 point past performance we can predict what they will do in the future now you're looking at both candidates and we already know that. donald trump is running as the law and order president donald trump is saying that he wants to make a good america great again on the eccles and we're there we're hearing in the
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background of states' rights and we know that states rights means especially in the south i mean states' rights to own slaves you know of course the trial would deny that and when you talk about the past you know that joe biden gave an impassioned speech for mass incarceration joe biden was opposed to the segregated schools not donald trump. well listen i mean if you look at it all we're talking about certain ology at its highest form and even though someone will deny this or someone has done this in the past what i would always say is we we like i have a different sort of speak connection into dollar champ of course and as we look at america right now what do we see we see that person at the top of the country saying that he is trying to unite us but then telling the give municipalities to get control over their cities in their states and what are those municipalities doing there being us in the in the face is almost like malcolm x.
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what he said he said they'll bus you in the mouth and then they'll charge you for being the accuser or the abuser it's like victim blaming we we've had enough of that and even if a new president is called into office the greatest thing that happens is that we the people have a new mind and we have a new opportunity because we're not looking at things like ok we'll just put that person in office and then we'll turn a blind eye and go back to do what we're doing we see what's going on in the streets and enough is enough it's about abolition now not about making a band-aid over the cut well we saw the defunding the police campaign we saw a brief flicker of statues coming down of racists it even happened over here after the george floyd killing your book weaves in and out of imperialism colonial legacy is in africa what about the fight back to all trump said just in
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the past few days no set as a coming down on his watch. well see that's the thing we're still talking about rick knology right the people are speaking. this is the united states the imagery that we see in the word united states is us meaning us but we've known that the emagine vision of the founding fathers did not include us as a matter of fact on the heels of emancipation proclamation the 13th amendment was included in the founding documents of this country which allowed slavery to continue by another name as we look at the criminal justice system we i call it in many of many of my constituents call it the criminal system of injustice because for us it has been just that we can clearly see that you can have a person shoot up a church and be captured alive and you can have a person sitting in their car reading a book and be murdered you have so many examples of the duality of american the
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american criminal justice system that is criminal to see what's going on and it's trick knology to tell us that we are getting better when we look like we're getting worse when we're experiencing more worse and more treachery more pression we want the american dream we collectively have the foot of america or the need of america on our next that's ever want to go favorite shows of the last season we will be back with a brand new season of going on the ground on january the 13th until then subscribe to the john on you tube to catch all the other interviews from this season and for online exclusive content merry christmas and a better 2021. a
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huge day for wiki leaks founder julian british judge rules against. the current editor in chief of wiki leaks points questions. still remain. with. the court decision.


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