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they still live with the consequences to. the most pressing issues. the big. present. controversial comments from the head of the european union. on a campaign to. block. the . use of power we put the issue. should facebook
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profit from someone else's work without giving them some biggest problem. controlling the narrative i think this will social media. really control in terms of how it is monetize. to the world this is r.t. international pleasure of your company. were leaders come together. online meetings of the group of 7 nations the munich security conference which included joe biden making his ballot on the international stage as u.s. leader earlier i discussed the main points of all our correspondents charlotte toobin and peter over. this year's security conference wasn't so much munich security conference 2021 as it was biting fest 2021 the new u.s.
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president addressing the summit for the 1st time as u.s. president also becoming the 1st sitting u.s. president to address the conference in munich america is back that was the overarching message throughout his speech if it was to be summed up and he certainly repeated it enough times when i last spoke in munich i was a private citizen but i said at that time we will be back. and i'm a man of my word america's back i speak today as president of the united states at the very start of my administration and i'm sending a clear message to the world america is back the transatlantic alliance is back and we're are not looking backward we are looking forward together what we did hear from the u.s. president there was a lot of things we've heard from the united states in the past this russia is a problem when it comes to the european union we also heard from some of things
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about china particularly when it came to business joe biden saying that competition with china is going to be stiff but it's something that his administration relishes he also said that everybody has to play by the same rules there was also praise for the new u.s. administration from the director general of the w h o ted dross and. their world health organization chief thanking joe biden for bringing the united states back into it he was very much part of that overarching message as i said of the the joe biden love it was echoed by. a who's the main face solve the munich security conference also by chancellor angela merkel who spoke alongside if you can take into account the virtual nature of this year's summit the one voice that was straying from the message of joe biden is the king was french president amman you will crawl and he strayed from it slightly when he
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suggested that the e.u. needs to pay more attention to its own security and not rely so heavily on the u.s. in the future i listened very carefully to the prison biden and the common challenges i think it is time for us to take much more of the burden of our own protection when we speak about security at our borders it is normal and sometimes us could decide to be listen vald if we are too much dependent on the us we see need. we can put ourselves into a situation to be no more protected at our borders or money or micro misspeaking as the 3rd of that triumvirate of joe biden and angle merkel and president micron he did end with a bit of a strange diplomatic flex both the u.s. president of the german chancellor left and moved on to the next speaker he decided mr micron decided he was going to hang about and take some questions which seemed to catch a few people off guard a peculiar diplomatic flex from the elites
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a palace it seems. interesting peter thanks for that. first keeping our focus on today's g. 7 meeting a lot of talk ahead all about covert vaccines in particular the disparities between the wealthy west and the developing world was a key factor of today's online come together. 19 the high on the agenda virtual summit of the g. 7 with leaders pledging plenty of cash to try and help the kovacs program this is the global rollout of 19 vulgar léon from the e.u. said they would double their offering to $1000000000.00 euros in total around $7500000000.00 was pledged germany's angela merkel said her country was one of the biggest contributors. i'm happy to see the germany as one and
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a half 1000000000 euro supporting callbacks we're one of the biggest contributors to this program in fact among the biggest with the u.s. and u.k. now there have been calls before this thing for g 7 countries to do than just pledge money to actually pledge vaccines up to 5 percent all of their vaccine doses to poor countries to help the rollout of vaccination in those poor countries boris johnson ukase prime minister emanuel marquand president of france leading those cools but it didn't seem that the g 7 were ready to step up to the plate for that day plenty of money on offer but nobody is saying when they would send vaccine doses to poor countries there was an offer of surplus when all adults for example in the u.k. had been vaccinated but nothing than that now there is huge criticism now
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from major charities and organizations including unicef which is one of the organization. which leads the deployment of vaccine inoculations to poor and middle income countries and also from oxfam making huge piles of africa and asia unvented leftover vaccines from rich countries stalks is not just immoral poor countries should not be forced to wait for vaccines to trickle down to them between the g 7 nations have secured enough vaccines for everyone of the citizens to be vaccinated 3 times over while many poor countries a year to receive a single dose there have also been accusations of course of western countries ordering doses of vaccines the u.n. secretary general saying earlier this week 75 percent of the doses already when this is would win this did in 10 countries only and there's a suggestion that this race by western leaders to help out poor and middle income
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countries is a little bit more about politicking and that's because they're trying to catch up with russia and china who already for many months now have been sending doses over the vaccine to those low and middle income countries some leaders including president manual on raising concerns that they could use that as a sense of a new type of soft power of vaccine diplomacy but as the g 7 are now trying to catch up with this still not pledging actual doses or vaccines but money charities which is. busted them what it's described as being a lack of coordinated action from the g 7. let's go live now to city university of new york professor done you'll show off for his take done you're quite a lot to digest today some peculiar moments out that security meeting hosted in
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germany some have called it a love in for joe biden does he deserve all the applause he got just for being at a conference with other leaders. this speech in munich this one thing about america has returned we never got the missive the people look. ecuador in south america and really the entire global south never got the missive that america had not anywhere as in american imperialism so this whole new us army in india will consistently u.s. foreign policy has been extremely aggressive against any country that they can't control we see right through biden's rhetoric it's really a similar rhetoric to every u.s. president about this or that dictator a strong man that they oppose and of course when they use those words. those words are clues to those of the countries that they can't control that they want to bring back into the new york alone you awful you know you had biden proclaiming as he's done before america's bug but he had
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a new motto today the transatlantic alliance is bike don't you do you think the e.u. leaders can maintain what some of them have been trying to do it appears to do at least standing on their own feet or will be eventually caved to to us dominant is it going to be going back to the way it was do you think. well nato has consistently played a role of trying to contain russia look at nato i did libya to yugoslavia this countless examples of this quote unquote transatlantic partnership certainly donald trump was very bad for some wings of the ruling interests here in the united states so i think it is frightening but we remember obama's pivot to china to asia we see chinese growth we see these massive trading blocs we should be excluded the u.s.
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we see more countries whether it's portugal or others gravitating more towards the sphere of chinese economic influence in this is what scares the united states so they're trying to set up camp with their junior partners historically. england france japan so they continue they can continue to compete with china and try to go out you know yeah it was quite a few combative statements by china moscow as well both presented as terrible threats the western security who gains from keeping this tension going. all we know very well again the military industrial complex the united states needs bogeymen the arms industry that is like the human clones need oxygen so we are fed a steady diet here of the iranian threat in the chinese threat it's all so much about free trade but free trade is only good when they can domany their tree as
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soon as chinese capital can outdo them we see how quick to be on their rhetoric about free trade so it's very clear who benefits from this bellicose rhetoric why do you think any thoughts on the timing here to huge international conferences being held at the same time deal well by this trying to present a new face to face of clinical global partnership in this transatlantic partnership trunk was really very bad for the quote unquote polish global image of imperialism so the ruling class is pivoted it was clear. from the censorship of trump in leading industrialists in. big capital no longer doing economic deals with with trump that they wanted to go in another direction sobeit in paris this is their ticket this is how they think that they can keep countries from haiti ecuador to
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the middle east to southeast asia in the u.s. fear of influence thanks for sharing your thoughts on the program today professor daniel schorr from the city university of new york thank you well the talks come just a day after a virtual meeting of nato defense ministers that ended in the military block secretary-general on feeling a loss of only expanded mission in iraq insisting the measure would fight terror. today we decided to expand nato training mission in iraq. to support the iraq it forces us to fight terrorism and assure that isis just not return the size so a mission will increase from $500.00 personnel to wrong $4000.00 and training activities for now include more iraq a security situations areas beyond bugout a former u.s. marine corps intelligence officer scott ritter told us who he thinks stands behind
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nato as ramp up in the middle east when you're beyond baghdad out in the boonies in remote facilities training iraqi security forces that are in constant contact with with with isis or other extremist enemies there will be losses in nato is not configured to do this that prepared politically to do this so then the question is who will provide the combat backup and that of course is the united states and once united states employs combat force in support of nato the 2 missions become intertwined and then nato which has made a big point of saying hey we're being invited by the iraqi government which is the opposite of that the situation currently exists regarding u.s. forces this is just a horrible situation that underscores 2 realities one that nato is not a politically mature organization capable of making independent decisions and has been pushed into troop is direction by the united states into the united states is
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in a dire situation where it can no longer unilaterally impose its will and it increasingly has to rely on partners and his nato to do the heavy lifting for that. russia has accused brussels of politicizing the battle against coronavirus that's after a huge chief underline made controversial comments questioning moscow's motives and offering to aid the block with its sluggish flexing rule. we are perplexed to hear assessments by the head of the you exactly as it is either an effort to politicize the issue in an insubstantial dated and indeed deplorable way or indicates an inadequate level of awareness of the top level official we still wonder why russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progress in vaccinating the own people thrushes dismayed by the lack of diplomacy
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but also the lack of humanity that the chief has recently shown again politics beats cooperation when it comes to the covert 1000 francs seen for the e.u. it really has been a struggle a struggle to get production off the ground a struggle to get jobs and arms a struggle with the u.k. of the who gets however many doses and the slowness in inoculating its 450000000 strong population has got people angry and frustrated this was in that view a political test russel's failed to the point that wonderland had to publicly apologize and didn't notice the senate this fact is that today we're not where we want to be in combating the virus we were late in granting authorization we were too old to mystic about mess production and maybe we also took for granted that the doses it would actually arrive on time we must ask ourselves why and what lessons we can draw from it while one lesson that did come out was that the ease been so inefficient that individual member states have been forced to go out on the road
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looking for alternatives and then looking at russia hungry for example has rights to from urgency you sputniks see we also heard in the czech republic showing up a tight for the russian fraxinus so here we've got us out of one delay and buried by criticism humiliated by having to say sorry feeling the pressure what better way to divert attention from all the problems in your backyard than by fighting accusations at another country but do along the lions concerns have any. and here i mean i understand this but think of it is being registered in 29 countries already but what's the situation right here within russia well from the very get go as soon as russia became the 1st country in the wild to register with 1000 francs in president putin said russians come fast they are our priority and this was something that was reiterated by the officials and brussels representatives of the russian authorities saying 2 for community and business entities have repeatedly
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publicly stressed that vaccination of its own citizens constitutes an absolute priority for russia in its fight against kovi 19 and full compliance with the principles of democracy and human tarion law inoculation and russia's voluntary and to date all interested citizens are provided with the vaccine without delay and free of charge without free accessibility is undeniably a seen success russia is in top 3 if you're a pen nations in terms of facts nations at last count 2200000 including many of our colleagues who described how smooth the process was you know they turned up they didn't have to book in advance they did the medical check they got fastow's then the 2nd dose then they went home and they were getting back to normal life and this discrepancy between internal and external to mind is something that moscow raised recently. we haven't had any reports about vaccine shortages and us domestic demand for this vaccine is still gathering momentum as for demand for the russian vaccine of drooled it is indeed highly it's so high that it suppresses our production
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capacity that's why we are actively working on quickly launching production of the vaccine in several foreign countries production in foreign countries will kill the demand of brought while manufacturing inside the country will cover the domestic market so clearly that's the logical response to vonda lens quite hostile comments but hit pretty throwing up political punch was more important than logic perhaps not surprising we obviously know the e.u. russian relations are going through a slightly bumpy potch moscow says it's the straighted by brussels consistently interfering and it's in tons of files and it looks like hey we might be seeing the same story instead of trying to resolve its own issues the e.u. is trying to deflect attention and undermining a country who's trying to offer a helping hand. a heavyweight battle is brewing between australia and facebook we the contenders after this.
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eh eh. measures human beings to change make chips that are big enough to suit this i think is what this last verse is going to make people uneasy really why should we be
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forced to buy time just because nature. of the brain why don't we just choose the. 21 minutes into the program welcome back a campaign to boycott facebook is gaining momentum in australia it revolves around the tech giant blocking excuse me use posts on its platform in the country over a proposed law he's to make social networks pay publishers for news content the australian government has criticised facebook's the station. but i would just side of this is a struggle you're going to business here you work according to our rules but the idea of shutting down the sort of sorts i did yesterday as some sort of threat 'd i was trying to react to that and i thought that was a. the not
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a good move on the part of this morning so we'll see where one of those discussions go on we can find a pathway going forward yesterday's actions by face were unnecessary they were heavy handed they've generated a very strong reaction here in a strike. in addition to news post facebook also blocked a number of key astrue in government pages including health departments emergency services trade unions become a leader commented on the issue saying those accounts have been quote inadvertently impacted are not being restored the international weighed in saying facebook's willingness to control information that people rely on is quote extremely concerning. a lot of outside. supports really reaction canada has backed cumber and it is considering similar legislation to make facebook page news publishers saying also it will not be intimidating some fighting language
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earlier i spoke to a number of guests on the standoff. although i don't like facebook by any means i also don't blame them for trying to put a stop to what i think is a very bad policy that in the end well only end up hurting smaller independent and perhaps even dissident sources in favor of a larger more establishment media sources these news organizations are disappearing that's really what's at stake and they really don't have any choice because they're not generating the kind of revenues necessary to run these news this content of which facebook reliance on it we have seen a whole cloth disruption of paid you know professional journalists guys that spent 30 years cutting their teeth and there are a lot of jobs because who's going to pay him $80.00 grand plus benefits to write a story when you can get to me on his you know no unfair if i know real credentials in journalism typing out something and make more money on those clicks
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so the question is for democracy is what is the threshold where people deserve to have real information and should they have to pay for it should facebook profit on someone else's work without giving them some look you can understand facebook's desire not to give in and start paying for news stories like google did once the box opens there's $200.00 other countries surely saying we want some to facebook but you do to their shareholders right if we start saying all right facebook will have to pay to feature news articles and news links what's stopping other forms of content from doing the same this whole social media i guess ecosystem has really spun out of control in terms of how it is monetize and actually a i think more equitable if i can use that word solution to this would be to start talking about ways to break up the monopoly that facebook does have on advertising and also on user data basically the biggest problem with facebook is that they're utterly controlling that narrative and they're completely shutting out news that
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doesn't obey the narrative miss and this goes for almost. every issue down the line that is of the importance today let's remember back in around 2007 i happen to be one of those lucky ones who interviewed this guy who started facebook he was a nobody was still on my space my space everywhere and he said that he wanted to create an ecosystem similar to a a well at the time if we all remembered dial up you know well it closed circuit environment where all your dating your shopping your opinions and basically people who weren't able to have real friends in life could have thousands of friends make believe friends and call them their friends and you would never have to leave that world and it would do everything for you well that dream has come true and now all of us are sitting in the middle of it going well wait a minute it's either all capitalism where anything goes and we can all charge for everything or it's part capitalism or it's something but we're at that time of growth now where we actually have to make the grown up decisions. a huge storm
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sweeping the southern u.s. has killed at least 38 people electricity is returning to texas one of the hardest hit states but millions of people are still facing water disruptions freezing temperatures have caused water pipes the 1st leaving millions of texans without access to clean water locals have also been forced to stand in long lines for food sheltering low and supplies the texas governor's blame the power grid operator for the most of the teaches saying it failed to prepare for the storm came up and it's more. at a time like this you would think that texans would be receiving lots of love and sympathy from their fellow americans but not this time some just don't seem to be able to forget that texas is red they say this is god's punishment for election denial i feel for the people suffering through this weather but god doesn't seem to
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like ted cruz will join courneya these 2 also never recognized the jew war and if this isn't payback i don't know what he is hate texas keep voting for officials who don't believe in climate change and supported privatization of the power grid maybe in 4 years you can vote for trump again he believes in the latter but not the former perfect. isn't it great how the red states are the 1st to denounce the federal government and also the 1st one to start whining and crying for help from the fats when things go bad lead them freeze i say let them freeze with wanting to split away with us now they're begging for help their red states warm them up so here we have americans saying that americans deserve to freeze because they are trump's supporters and some find the whole thing up warry asli funny this is especially tough for texans because they're not equipped for snow they don't have snow shovels out there the best bet is to grab the air 15 to shoot each snowflake
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before it lands while this seems to be a shocking revelation of american solidarity many texans don't seem too happy with ted cruz their senator who's enjoying his vacation in cancun and maybe they're also devastated to hear that they're on their own from their mayor no one owes you will your family anything nor is it the local government's responsibility to support you during trying times like this sink or swim it's your choice the city and county along with power provide any of the service. nothing now that mayor has resigned that post has been deleted from social media but all of this has not made things easier for texans partisan mockery and mere celebration of the suffering of so many people in the lone star state seems to fly in the face of joe biden's claims that he's trying to reunify the country the nation is not divine do you go out there and take a look and talk to people you have fringes on both ends but it's not new is divided
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as we make it out to be and we have to bring it together as americans don't seem horrified by what's happening in texas but rather see it as some kind of cathartic revenge for their political opponents it seems that biden's promise of reunifying the country is pretty far off caleb mop and artsy new york. just before we go to break i want to bring you to spain because it's suffering a fortnight over the jailing of a rapper. was detained for quote slandering the crown and glorifying terrorism protesters are probably to cross the country to oppose his the tension branding it a violation of his rights to free speech scores of being arrested more than 100 injured during the week of violent clashes with police hundreds of public figures of. the international described his detention and an excessive restriction on his freedom of expression back in 20. tweets calling former king.
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the 1st. he also accused police of torturing and killing demonstrators and migrants a prime minister has condemned the protesters violence and his administration will confront all of its. well if you'd like to delve deeper into. this. dot com destination all with the latest developments on views to get you talking. joining me everything. sure. yes.


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