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global gathering leaders remotely discussed the most pressing international issues at both a g 7 meeting at the munich security conference one of the main takeaways from those events including what some say was gushing welcome to the president but. moscow warns that brussels is politicizing the fight against the pandemic as the kremlin hits back at controversial comments from the e.u.'s head lost in doubts over russia's covert vaccine. spraying the seas a 4th of the protests over the arrest of rapper accused of glorifying terrorism. i. rush in on the topic.
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from moscow thanks for joining us tonight here on our team to national i'm daniel hawking's welcome to the program. the world leaders have come together for power online meetings of the g. 7 group and the munich security conference which clued joe biden making his bio on the international stage as u.s. leader. discussed the main points from both ends with our correspondents shot at dubin ski and peter out of. this year's security conference wasn't so much munich security conference 2021 as it was biden fest 2021 the new u.s. president addressing the summit for the 1st time as u.s. president also becoming the 1st sitting u.s. president to address the conference in munich america is back that was the overarching message throughout his speech if it was to be summed up and he
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certainly repeated it enough times when i last spoke in munich i was a private citizen but i said at that time we will be back and i'm a man of my word america's back i speak today as president of the united states at the very start of my administration and i'm sending a clear message to the world america is back the transatlantic alliance is back and we are not looking backward we are looking forward together what we did hear from the u.s. president there was a lot of things we've heard from the united states in the past that russia is a problem when it comes to the european union we also heard from some of things about china particularly when it came to business joe biden saying that competition with china is going to be stiff but it's something that his administration relishes he also said that everybody has to play by the same rules there was also praise for the new u.s. administration from the director general of the w h
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o ted dross and. the world health organization chief thanking joe biden for bringing the united states back into it he was very much part of the overarching message as i said of the joe biden love and it was echoed by. guy who's the main face solve the unix security conference also by chancellor angela merkel who spoke alongside eat if you can take into account the virtual nature of this year's summit the one voice that was. greying from the message of joe biden is the king was french president mind you well my craw and he strayed from it slightly when he suggested that the e.u. needs to pay more attention to its own security and not rely so heavily on the us in the future i listened very carefully to the prison biden and the common challenges i think it is time for us to take much more of the burden of our own protection when we speak about security at our borders it is normal and sometimes
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us could decide to be less involved if we are too much dependent in the us with a need to we can put ourselves into a situation to be no more protected at our borders or money or micro misspeaking as the 3rd of that triumvirate of joe biden and angle merkel and president micron he did end with a bit of a strange diplomatic flex both the u.s. president of the german chancellor left and moved on to their next speaker he decided mr micron decided he was going to hang about and take some questions which seemed to catch a few people off guard of peculiar diplomatic flex from the palace it seems. interesting peter thanks for that. also with 1st keeping our focus on today's g. 7 meeting a lot of talk ahead all about covert vaccines in particular the disparities between the wealthy west and the developing world was
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a key factor of today's online come together. 19 the high on the agenda virtual summit of the g. 7 with leaders pledging plenty of cash to try and help the kovacs program this is the global rollout of 19 is still a volatile a in from the you said they would double their offering to $1000000000.00 euros in total around $7500000000.00 was pledged germany's angela merkel said her country was one of the biggest contributors. i'm happy to see the germany also as one and a half 1000000000 euro supporting callbacks we're one of the biggest contributors to this program in fact among the biggest with the u.s. and u.k. now there have been calls before this meeting for g 7 countries to do it and just pledge money to actually pledge vaccines up to 5 percent all of their vaccine doses
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to poor countries to help the rollout of vaccination in those poor countries boris johnson ukase prime minister emanuel marquand president of france leading those cools but it didn't seem that the g 7 were ready to step up to the plate for that day plenty of money on offer but nobody is saying when they would send vaccine doses to poor countries there was an offer of surplus when all adults for example in the u.k. had been vaccinated but nothing than that now there is huge criticism now from major charities and organizations including unicef which is one of the organization. which leads the deployment of vaccine inoculations to poor and middle income countries and also from. making huge profits of africa and asia unvented leftover vaccines from rich countries stalks is not just immoral poor
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countries should not be forced to wait for vaccines to trickle down to them between nations have secured enough vaccines for everyone of the citizens to be vaccinated 3 times over while many poor countries a year to receive a single dose there have also been accusations of course of western countries who are doing doses of vaccines the u.n. secretary general saying earlier this week 75 percent of the doses already when this is would witnessed it in 10 countries only and there's a suggestion that this race by western leaders to help out poor and middle income countries is a little bit more about politicking and that's because they're trying to catch up with russia and china who already for many months now have been sending doses of the vaccine to those and middle income countries some leaders including president manual on raising concerns that they could use that as a sense of
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a new type of soft power of vaccine diplomacy but as the g 7 are now trying to catch up with this still not pledging actual doses of vaccines but money charities which is. busted them for what it's described as being a lack of coordinated action from the g 7. international affairs specialist daniel schorr believes at this point biden's pledge that america is back for some countries that never went away. this whole thing about america has returned we never got the missive the people looked in ecuador in south america and really the entire global south never got the missive that america had not anywhere as in american imperialism by this trying to present a new face a face of clinical global partnership with his transatlantic partnership well nato has consistently played a role of trying to contain russia look at nato i did libya to
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yugoslavia this countless examples of this quote unquote transatlantic partnership certainly donald trump was very bad for some wings of the ruling interests here in the united states so i think it is frightening but we remember how obama's pivot to china to asia we see chinese growth in this is what scares the united states so they're trying to set up camp with their junior partners historically. england france japan so they continue they can continue to compete with china. as talks came just a day after a vital meeting of nato defense ministers that ended in the military bloc secretary-general unveiling a massively expanded mission in iraq insisting the measure would help fight terrorism. today we decided to expand nato training mission in iraq
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to support the iraq it forces us to fight terrorism and ensure that our system is not returned the size so our mission will increase from 500 personnel to wrong $4020.00 or 2 this will now include more iraq a security situations areas beyond boggled former u.s. marine corps intelligence officer scott ritter told us who he thinks that is behind nato is ramp up in the middle east. when you're beyond baghdad out in the boonies in remote facilities training iraqi security forces that are in constant contact with with with isis or other extremist enemies there will be losses in nato is not configured to do this that prepared politically to do this so then the question is who will provide the combat backup and that of course is the united states and once united states employs combat force in support of nato the 2 missions become
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intertwined and then nato which has made a big point of saying hey we're being invited by the iraqi government which is the opposite that the situation currently exists regarding u.s. forces this is just a horrible situation that underscores 2 realities one that nato is not a politically mature organization capable of making independent decisions and has been pushed into this direction by the united states into the united states is in a dire situation where it can no longer unilaterally impose its will and it increasingly has to rely on partners and his nato to do the heavy lifting for the. russians accused brussels of politicizing the battle against the coronavirus that's off the e.u. chief listen to fondle and question moscow's motives in offering the aid from to a block with its vaccine. we are perplexed to hear assessments by the head of the
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you exactly as it is either an effort to politicize the issue in an insubstantial dated and indeed deplorable way or indicates an inadequate level of awareness of the top level official we still wonder why russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progressing in vaccinating the own people thrushes dismayed by the lack of diplomacy but also the lack of humanity that the chief has recently shown again politics beats cooperation when it comes to the covert 1000 francs seen for the e.u. it really has been a struggle a struggle to get production off the ground a struggle to get jobs and arms a struggle with the u.k. of the who gets however many doses and the slowness in inoculating its 450000000 strong population has got people angry and frustrated this was in that view a political test russel's failed to the point that wonderland had to publicly
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apologize and don't know the senate this fact is that today we're not where we want to be in combating the virus we were late in granting authorization we were too old to mystic about mess production and maybe we also took for granted that the doses would actually arrive on time we must ask ourselves why and what lessons we can draw from it while one lesson that did come out was that the ease been so inefficient that individual member states have been forced to go out on the road looking for alternatives and then looking at russia hungry for example has rights to from urgency you sputnik see we also heard austria in the czech republic showing an appetite for the russian frack scene so here we've got us out of one delay and buried by criticism humiliated by having to say sorry feeling the pressure what better way to divert attention from all the problems in your backyard than by fighting accusations of another country but do along the lion's concerns have any. and here i mean i understand this but think this has been registered in 29
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countries already but what's the situation right here within russia well from the very get go as soon as russia became the 1st country in the wild to register 1000 francs and president putin said russians come fast they are our priority and this was something that was reiterated by the officials and brussels representatives of the russian authorities saying 2 for community and business entities have repeatedly publicly stressed that vaccination of its own citizens constitutes an absolute priority for russia in its fight against kovi 19 in full compliance with the principles of democracy and human tarion law inoculation and russia's voluntary and to date all interested citizens are provided with the vaccine without delay and free of charge without free accessibility is undeniably a scene success washers and top 3 if you're a pen nations in terms of facts nations at last count 2200000 including many of our colleagues who described how smooth the process was you know they turned up they
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didn't have to book in advance they did the medical check they got fastow's then the 2nd dose then they went home and they were getting back to normal life and this discrepancy between internal and external demand is something that moscow raised recently. we haven't had any reports about vaccine shortages and us domestic demand for this vaccine is still gathering momentum as for demand for the russian vaccine it is indeed high it's so high that he suppresses production capacity that's why we are actively working on quickly launching production of the vaccine in several foreign countries production in foreign countries due to the demanded ruled while manufacturing inside the country look over the domestic market so clearly that's the logical response to vaughan to len's quite hostile comments but hc clearly throwing up political punch was more important than logic perhaps not surprising we obviously know the e.u. russian relations are going through a slightly bumpy potch moscow says it's the straighted by brussels consistent. interfering and it's an ton and it looks like
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a we might be seeing at the same story instead of trying to resolve its own issues the e.u. is trying to deflect attention and undermining a country who's trying to offer a helping hand. so some of the mass blackouts and interruptions the water supplies in texas following a huge winter storm some of the problems are symptomatic of the current state of u.s. politics story after the break. the post trauma era has begun or has it what role would the former president play within the republican party by all accounts trump intends to remain relevant if this is the case what is the future of the populist wing of the party and importantly if indeed the g.o.p. is now the party of the working class will the party leadership in phrase this direction. measures human beings to change
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nature so i think you know the rules you this i think is what was lost there is that there's going to make people uneasy. force a good time just because nature. when we could choose. the global silver markets approximately just under 2 trillion so certainly within a few months because it'll be vaulting over silver it's on its way and my believe in 2021 to get half way or so against the market capitalization of gold that is it would be 4 trillion on its way to 10 trillion and then you know once it gets past all there's only $10.00 left. in the program spain suffering a 4th lot of riots over the jailing of a cut on russia problem cell was arrested for slandering the crown i'm glorifying
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terrorism protest this of running across the country to oppose his attention branding is a violation of his right to free speech around 80 people have been arrested across the country since the protests began. as things turned ugly during the rest the country's prime minister denounced the violence as an attack on democracy also. reports from among the crowds in. the couple of months so they're screaming still please release. it already dead for a day on the practice even kept along. the main c t 2 release problem how so who was imprisoned for 9. years i was screaming this is their aggression on the freedom pressure and they are demanding the release. so the protesters have does this. one of the main banks of
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catalonia. if you can see behind me. they are getting quite aggressive from there all the time provoking the police they are doing the shopping as you can see behind me there are rubbish containers fired by the protesters there mostly young teenagers playing the music becoming aggressive the provoking the police. and it seems like it is going to last for another couple hours probably tomorrow or. storm sweeping the southern u.s. has killed at least $38.00 people and it kristie is returning to texas one of the hardest hit states but millions of people are still facing a lack of fresh water freezing temperatures of course the 1st leaving millions of texans without access to clean water locals have also been forced to stand in long lines for food as shops run low on supplies the texas governor's blowing the power
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grid operator for the massive outage just saying it had failed to prepare for the storm. has more. at a time like this you would think that texans would be receiving lots of love and sympathy from their fellow americans but not this time some just don't seem to be able to forget that texas is red they say this is god's punishment for election denial i feel for the people suffering through this weather but god doesn't seem to like ted cruz will join courneya these 2 also never recognize to do a war and if this isn't payback i don't know what he is a texas keep voting for officials who don't believe in climate change and supported privatization of the power grid maybe in 4 years you can vote for trump again he believes in the latter but not the former perfect. isn't it great how the red states are the 1st to denounce the federal government and also the 1st one to start whining and crying for help from the fats when things go bad lead them freeze i say
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let them freeze with wanting to split away with us now they're begging for help their red states warm them up so here we have americans saying that americans deserve to freeze because they are trump's supporters and some find the whole thing up warry asli funny this is especially tough for texans because they're not equipped for snow they don't have snow shovels out there the best bet is to grab the air 15 to shoot each snowflake before it lands while this seems to be a shocking revelation of american solidarity many texans don't seem too happy with ted cruz their senator who's enjoying his vacation in cancun and maybe they're also devastated to hear that they're on their own from their mayor no one owes you will your family anything nor is it the local government's responsibility to support you trying times like this sink or swim it's your choice the city and county along with
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power provide any of the service. nothing now that mayor has resigned that post has been deleted from social media but all of this has not made things easier for texans partisan mockery and mere celebration of the suffering of so many people in the lone star state seems to fly in the face of joe biden's claims that he's trying to reunify the country the nation is not divided you go out there and take a look and talk to people you have fringes on both ends but it's not new is divided as we make it out to be and we have to bring it together as americans don't seem horrified by what's happening in texas but rather see it as some kind of cathartic revenge for their political opponents it seems that biden's promise of reunifying the country is pretty far off caleb r.t. new york. poorly organized expensive and unsafe that's how some travelers returning to the u.k.
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have described the country's quarantine hotels the facilities were opened this week for people arriving from covert hotspots under the new measures travelers returning from red listed nations after quarantine in a hotel for 10 days it's cost $1750.00 pounds per person that's about $2400.00 an additional $650.00 pounds for a 2nd adult bodies showed it was there she reports from outside one of the facilities. foreign travelers and brits returning home from $33.00 reckless countries are now forced to isolate and government mandated hotels in the u.k. for 10 days it's all part of measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus variants but not only are rivals like elaine involved confined to the 4 walls of the small hotel room they've also got to foot they have to build themselves because you. want to know what we've got to be on the bar when you come back. you know. we want to try to come along
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a bit but right now there i don't want to be a new rule how about i don't know i don't know yet but this couple to loan many thought it's been cancelled and a party dates change due to complications of the cave in 1000 pandemic and it's not just the financial burden that's weighing heavily other rivals tell me the current policy is no safer than isolating a home a plague take. home a. 5 year. old. i mean i like. being a feature bringing it. all again. i watch one. currently the government has almost 5000 rooms available across 16 airport hotels with another 58000 on standby but as has been
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throughout the entire pandemic scotland has gone one step further by enforcing hotel currently measures on any international arrivals regardless of which country they arrive from even in exceptional circumstances we were due to. us we know almost in. its whence what we're not used managed or seen of late mr consul 'd just automatically wants the 16th and that's. when the rest if. you can already have them along if you were going to england or if you were willing to get in the ring and ring haski because. it's just so if you will be penalized for a moment you know you know we're not. just. feeling like captives thousands of arrivals have to wait before getting home to their families as. evermore anxiety it's already testing times. are to you k.
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. up next our documentary follows the lives of the indigenous trucks you people in russia's far northeast are back in half an hour with the latest news updates join us again. the as any to fish in sea in the last 4 years it was the fact that you know we had this transformational president with with really grand aspirations that were broadly supported by the american people in the most populous present in this country's recent history were matched by the appointments that were made in the administration but i think maybe with his background in business he might have underestimated the importance of personality but you know having worked in the white house in the executive branch of government so much rests on personnel
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. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests what you see in this these techniques is the state devising methods to him to essentially destroy the personality of an individual. by scientific means this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation psychological torture. disseminated for within the u.s. intelligence community and worldwide among our allies for the next 30 years then tell the victims say they still live with the consequences today.
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