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tv   News  RT  March 5, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EST

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from. the headlines this hour thousands of women in the british army suffer harassment and abuse from within their own ranks as according to testimony heard by. me completely. betrayed. you. can make saudi women feel like she's just like she was. basically broke for shipment of coby jabs. and what some are calling vaccine nationalism is now demanding the commission reconsider the move and texans joe biden after he labels the decision to relax frictions in the state of the thinking. the democrats and the government. the people in this country telling them what to do and
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the texas governor his back at the president to calling his immigration policy. after study shows that biden's could lead to a drastic increase in the migrant population. good afternoon is 4 o'clock in moscow you are watching r.t. international bullying harassment and sexual abuse this is what thousands of women have been subjected to in the british army according to testimonies given to a parliamentary committee. very hostile environment. you do find themselves in a position and it starts going wrong that's where and when you're vulnerable this is when the problem really starts women are paying an unnecessarily high price for serving join the army be the best it's the height of serving your country but it turns out some women are facing horrific battles of their own imagine $4000.00
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people a brigade that can be deployed anywhere without very same number of women both surfing and veterans have now come forward with shocking experiences in the army from voting and harassment to serious sexual assault when it's to make a complaint often to appear to treat somebody here simply immersed in makes out woman feel like she's just lame like she was asking for each everywhere else in the welsh military sexual trauma is recognized in years didn't tell us that parents should be able to identify that the subject traumatic puts a name to it and people can access help in this couldn't really it just wouldn't recognize sexual trauma the issue has long been swept under the carpet among the ranks according to the ministry of defense figures in the 5 years to 2019 almost 130 sexual violence cases were heard at military court martials just 10 percent resulted in conviction many of course fail to even reach this stage.
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you. know the number is increasing year on year with the majority of alleged sexual predators still among the ranks according to women's testimonies within the current
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military system it is extremely hard to report a sexual crime and receive support help and justice that women wait with here to teach me a service company or to draw a. criminal act. the feeling. best in the school was stunned existant so i think the investigation was. chiefs i think that women in which feel more support i mean on the system or doing the being the worst brought stories to change their evidence and to generally be. almost gaslighted to draw a story and not take it forward but while women on the frontline fight to protect their country it seems like their country is failing to protect than shot edward stashing r.t. in london. now straightly has asked the european commission to review its decision to cancel
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a shipment of the astra zeneca vaccine to the country is to use the new export control mechanism to block the delivery after ashura zeneca fail to meet a supply contract with the e.u. let's get more details now from our europe correspondent peter all over he joins us from berlin good afternoon peter just run through then how we actually arrived at this point because it seems to be a lot of mixed feelings over what's happened. well right at the center of this are 250000 doses of the astra zeneca job they were going to be transported from italy to australia as part of a contract astra zeneca has with the australian government italy put in place the export control mechanism that the e.u. brought in after astra zeneca failed to live up to its end of the contract it had with the european union now australia has asked the e.u. commission to review this decision but despite that the australian prime minister has said he'll understand where italy is coming from in italy people are dying at
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the right of 300. and so i can certainly understand the high level of anxiety that would exist in italy and in many countries or across europe well one of the reasons that scott morrison can afford to be so understanding or not is that australia does have the cillit east to produce its own vaccine in fact the deputy health minister of the state of victoria said it was lucky that they have that in light of these doses from the e.u. not looking like they're arriving in australia any time soon but while the australian side of be understanding there's been some concern expressed particularly by one german m.e.p. he says this sets a well and uneasy precedent pandora's box opened mystique if transparency mechanism leads defacto to an export ban unfortunately foreseeable under avoidable cops blanch for imitators could have fatal consequences on supply
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chains global bussell overcovered 19 vaccines escalation preprogrammed. the rules as they are at the moment in the e.u. allow member states to block the shipment of doses of vaccines from their territory if a manufacturer has not fulfilled the contracts that have been signed that was the case with astra zeneca and with italy france has said they completely side with italy in this and they french health minister said that if the shoe was on the other foot if it was france that was in this position they would have done exactly the same thing the french foreign ministry has gone even further they've said that e.u. member states should look inwards and focus on member states getting vaccines and not what denmark and austria have been doing and looking abroad for cooperation
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all conviction remains very clear that the most effective solution to meet vaccination needs must continue to be based on the european framework well austria and denmark of both signed a deal to work with israel when it comes to the development of future vaccines the austrian chancellor court said the reason that they've done this is in his eyes and from his experience of what's gone on with the use one for all and all for one vaccine procurement program is that it can't be the only thing his citizens have to rely on discipline then we can only be overcome through global cooperation and defeat we also all agree did wix soon will allow us to return to normality in the summer but we have to prepare already known for the next stages of the pandemic after the some experts say that in austria alone we will need about 30000000 doses in the next few years.
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well looking to the future is also important for a number of the e.u. nations that are either already in the grip call for preparing for potential 3rd wave of covert 19 here in germany the main area of concern is what's going on with mutated variants of the virus and how they will be affected or affect how they will impact upon vaccines when it comes to vaccines on that vaccine arsenal though russia's sputnik v job is currently being reviewed by the european medicines agency and that could well be rolled out given the green light to be used across the you very shortly ok thanks for the update that that was our europe correspondent peter all of us what are his some of the opinion we've been getting from on guests on this story. it's a country putting its interests ahead of others in the context of the pandemic and
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vaccines are clearly the only guy in charge of the research the implications or i think the lists of before a country are stronger then they would be for poor and around the world we know that as recently as a few weeks ago the vast majority of buyable vaccine was in the athlon nations of the world and or nations were missing out than are the countries that i think the most at risk in vaccination this is not not nationalism i mean we have such as in national country contract with us that of them they don't want or expect that this contract that we need last scenes we don't have in this moment so a lot of told people he need only are still dying every day how a lot of people are still taking the coronavirus because we don't have the best since so is normal that our government led by dr side to stop the shipment of some buses that are produced immediately to outrightly at the country not in the
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european union. and staying in europe or caught in germany has temporarily blocked the intelligence service from monitoring or turn it into germany party pending the judge's final decision the largest opposition party in the german parliament a.f.d. hit back what it described as a purely political effort to undermine its ahead of the general elections suits for france and the aim of the federal office for the protection of the constitution and counterterrorism is obviously in the short term to weaken us until the elections and in the long term to destroy the only opposition party in parliament that opposes the dissolution of the nation state and unlimited immigration from foreign cultures. day has been accused of having ties with far right extremist contributing to anti-semitism and trying to undermine germany's constitution federal intervention. agent service has reportedly been monitoring regional branches for
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some time i but now the parties activities will also be put under surveillance nationwide so far have not commented on the meeting the german federal elections a shed short for late september meanwhile hundreds of anti activists rallied against the i.a.f. being party during a campaign event in the city of often back scuffles with police broke out when protesters attempts to reach the stage where party officials were speaking we heard from 2 members of the a.f.p. who told us the moves against them were purely political. they have the political mandate in order to get us rid of a competitor as a political competitor we have the strongest opposition party and what we have to do some pollution is to criticize the government and that's what we do we do it respectively to the euro rescue parties huge favor that we do it with the migration policy which is very dangerous for us in germany and the population doesn't want it we do it in the energy crisis we will face so we actually have an opposition which
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really harms the government and that's why they want to get rid of us using this central intelligence civilians the very same day when the apostle shorts or domestic secret service got a court order not to call the the an extremist group of extras r.t. all the material was given to leftist papers which are very critical towards 50 years they got all the material while we are still in the dark and i mean if this is not a sign for clearly political move i don't know what such a move else could be. of more on the story you had over to r.t. dot com where an exclusive interview with senior a.f.p. member talks about what he calls the draining conflict with the establishment i'm already there you can check out a development from one of your. the stories because he has now joined in the removing of the classic deceased children's books. or these stories and more.
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he was. sent to.
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russia e.u. relations right an impasse the kremlin has made it clear it will no longer tolerate the e.u. lecturing about values and so-called international norms and the russians of an inductor b.-e. used interference in russia's internal politics he refuses to treat russia as an equal partner until those changes despite a lot of relationship appears to be on hold. but again they're less than 2 months in the white house and president biden is already facing a growing migrant crisis on the southern border in the temp to reverse trumps remain in mexico policy he promised amnesty to millions of illegal migrants already living in the united states which according to one study could lead to
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a dramatic increase in the country's foreign born population often as the story. thousands are at the u.s. border wearing joe biden t. shirts begging the u.s. president to let them in they are among millions currently headed for the same border. but. joe biden doesn't see a crisis brewing as a whole plan to deal with the border issue boils down to hope and a prayer. yes i do legalize a lot. isn't ministration doesn't see
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a problem either just a challenge and they're ready to welcome more migrants to leave right prices at the border. the answer is no i think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing and we have our resources dedicated to to manage and we are not saying don't come we are saying don't come now because we will be able to deliver safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible biden moved to undo the trumpet ministrations migration policies one of the 1st moves was to set up a juvenile detention facility but he insists this is not kids in cages it's prompted the migrant crisis spawns a lot of crime and just 3 days 1600 migrants were arrested with criminals reportedly among them and criminal organizations have certainly flourished among communities there are afraid to call the police out of fear of deportation there
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are people coming across a large number that are criminals a lot of people just looking for a better way of life on. it could create a situation where they may be vulnerable to criminal organizations trying to abuse them critics say the white house is just not being realistic about the potential dangers of its policy the green light is on now we're open for business again it is the message should be sending to the traffickers who were smuggling these kids across the border show that trumps border wall remains very popular despite that congress is moving forward on what the democrats call sweeping immigration legislation presenting an 8 year path to citizenship for $11000000.00 people in the country without papers such an amnesty would be adding a new layer of u.s. citizenship roughly the size of california the hole in the process will allow people to come in. or. out of. jobs
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is going to be a. task to hand and i think the government the u.s. government. and all of these illegal immigration. a lot of them. do today and then take a lot of business is going to close 1000000 people out of war and illegal the crowds at the border are getting larger and the country is becoming more polarized while trump may be gone the immigration debate is getting more intense it's becoming the most polarizing issue in a country that is already quite divided up and artsy new york the money even the texas governor has criticized joe biden the his migration policy. the biden ministration was releasing illegal immigrants legal immigrants into our communities who had code it that is type approach to dealing with the cobra situation and
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texans also hit back of president biden after he criticized the governor's decision to relax rules on the wearing of 6. in the last the last thing before we thank you very. much for taking us for good still after that should not be saying those kind of things it's very insulting we. criticize everybody else and. the democrats and i drove my hair in their boots on the on the mix of the people in this country telling them what to do oh i don't think there's anything i can for the name calling and i don't think you should be calling us neanderthals if he wants to talk about you need with a list he's 1st thing i think you cannot call people names you just have to respect well criticism over the use of the word neanderthal has even come from germany because the museum there felt the need to stick up the ancient humans did text
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a tweet to joe biden to say species was smarter than you might think. ok well let's look at some numbers there from texas because this is on a more serious note texas is still registering over 7 and a half 1000 new coronavirus cases a day although there's been a decline in infections and deaths in recent weeks at almost $45000.00 it does have the highest the 3rd highest sorry death toll in the united states after california and new york but despite the figures texans to support the decision to relax restrictions tired of not being able to go and do things we wanted to we're glad to get our masks rocker and go live life again that's how i feel about it i think it's time to open up to open up the restaurants and everybody go different places and
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forget today i'm going to my chiropractor appointment for the 1st time in many years opening up the business is great if you have to go out your risk anyway so why not just get it over with and get back to normal i think it's a good thing to get the economy back make sure we don't have any problems with. our work with the public so i don't have any problem with viruses because politically. the texas governor justified the decision sizing economic reasons on the start of vaccinations in the state he was said to that hospitalizations were at the lowest since october all the critics of the move think believe the state should be penalized in fact seeing supplies halted. texas we hear you you didn't want to be part of our electrical grid and now you've removed your mosque mandate and there are large crowds together we hear you code it is a hoax so you don't need our precious vaccine we'll send it to people who are
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saving lives by wearing mosques why are we wasting vaccinations on texas if texas has decided to join the side of the virus earlier we spoke to wayne allen root to form a libertarian vice presidential nominee about the situation texas has this image of mavericks and rebels and conservatives that have voted it big for donald trump and it's the symbol that democrats and liberals and communists and socialists in america ates and so they're using texas as the whipping boy texas is a symbol of freedom and if it ever comes to it if there's ever a division of our country there's a session or what i like to call a divorce you go our way we go our way everyone separates text this would be the leading state that would say look we're not going to follow biden's rules anymore because this is start to be ridiculous and so i think they've always aimed their guns at census because it represents freedom and it steers the big government big
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brother bureaucrats it's ridiculous overreaction makes no sense of course there are cases of course people get the infection it's highly contagious nobody could say oh i have the key to it i'll never get sick you have to weigh risk versus reward let everyone live their lives who's under the age of 75 and be very careful and spend a lot of money protecting the people who are over 75. the u.s. times representatives has passed a bill and tackling police brutality his name dr george floyd the man who was choked to death by a police officer in minneapolis last year but the may 5th being criticised by some is national police association member steve pump. and when they pass a bill like this and name it after somebody who's actually a convicted felon and was allegedly committing a crime at the time. i think that the good probably look for actual real victims
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and not somebody like that who would want to be a police officer if they knew that somebody who's just decided afterwards that something that you were taught. is illegal because it didn't look good on t.v. and you're being sued personally or you being prosecuted personally for something that either was a mistake or somebody deemed to be a wrong technique but only after you've been done even though it was only retrain because somebody who is anti police doesn't agree with the outcome of the courts or the disciplinary system it doesn't mean it was wrong it just means that they don't agree with it and says a lot of these folks just sort of this rule for bullies it's not that hard to understand that they don't agree with the decisions the us saw the record spike in murders in 2020 with homicide rates rising by 20 percent the largest increase was in new york with 40 percent and chicago with 37 percent and he's offices across america left the force in the wake of the price test spot by floyd's death and some
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citing concerns for their safety but despite criticism of police tactics they say that lethal force will always be a last resort. results are human beings we deal with human beings all the time the last thing we want to do is take another human being's life and for her somebody to be so frivolous as to say that or imply that we don't use deadly force as a last resort is an insult but beyond that officers have always used deadly force as a last resort and especially when you have to go by the individual perception that person is in a situation dealing with a person that's presumably a threat to their lives and they have to deal with that you know to to keep themselves safe keep themselves alive so i think that that's just an insult to say that police officers don't already used to be force as a last resort the officer from those criticisms i can come down on split 2nd
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decisions that later on you may be able to say oh wow why can you do this why didn't the officer do that but when you're dealing with split seconds you have to be able to to act like that and they can't have officers then later on being pulled up on charges. thanks for watching us today that's how the nice looking so i thought that i on the international have more news he and about half and i don't get they printed stories see what a website. kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering 1st visit this issue this week different. oh good this is a good start well we have our 3 banks all set up here maybe something if you're something going to america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in their tough talk received a softer didn't call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok
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let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacey beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money is highly illegal for a bunch of guys record. there's a myth metabolife small molecule that out bodies may come. from it and make less of it as we get older this is one of the things i work on it's going to be. because we have less of it we become more prone to infection and the crazy thing is that could 19th sars could be to one of its ways of attacking the body to deplete the body even more of that chemical which we need to fight infections. during the vietnam war u.s. forces. it was
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a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is officially the. country per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber going to continue. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in that little land. do you hear the other day when it was that mid in the congressional hearing the f.b.i. might have a legally acquired information from members of congress on or after january 6th we're going to give you the details on this very alarming story this security was on high alert today at the u.s.
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capitol because of an alleged at the right of violence by a militia group we're going to give you 360 of you up with our political peril and california has just announced they are going to try and phase out a gasoline powered cars from use within their state with one city now going as far as to ban all the new gas stations this as there is a key. i am pained to recall governor newsome continuing to get stronger we have one of the leaders from that movement right here today to discuss. hughes and you are watching a news view on r t america i i i. i . i. thanks for joining us you know during this week's congressional hearing it was confirmed that the f.b.i. tapped members of congress phones as well as possibly acquitted other data without their knowledge now you can imagine they were not happy. again whatever we're doing with all phone conference.


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