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my name's dr rachel mackinnon and my sport is track cycling. the debate about trans focus is almost entirely on trans women debate is is it fair for trans women athletes to compete in women's categories in sport i have
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become the poster girl for. everything wrong with trans women in the world. every single story that has a thing to do with trans women the trans woman athletes i get mentioned every time . you won a world championship in masters cycling has been hit with the wave of backlash including death threats. you broke the world's record. what's happening here is your guy. who was born male finished in the race and. becoming the 1st of a transgender woman to win gold in the competition. i'm a world champion in the masters track cycling sprint event as far as we know i'm the only trans woman world champion in olympic event. even though it's a masters event and that one podium photo is what everyone focuses on unfortunately
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people looked at me being bigger than the girls that i was racing and said oh well it must be unfair look how much bigger she is. people who i meet david they do not no one trans despite what people love to think online so people see a picture of me when i had much much shorter hair because i cut all my hair off the hair and say oh well she obviously she's trained she looks like a man. i received hundreds of thousands of hate messages at this point mostly on twitter. just the other day. so i posted that picture on instagram with so when we before we
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get on to get into the pedals and strap in we have to be held. and they always hold under the saddle and someone puts in its own comic being like izzy checking your sack and just like. of course these comments get to me to some degree. i have a lot of therapy i have a therapist a psychiatrist that i seek to handle exactly this. my name is jennifer wagner a sollie so i'm a cyclist i started writing in 2005 i definitely do not think that it's fair for athletes that were born as biological males to compete in the women's category .
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so that was me on the right in the podium photo. so i decided i wasn't going to disrespect the race organizer or my country on the world stage and i smiled for the podium photo. but i knew i needed to start fighting to change the rules i definitely don't think that that contest was fair because the winner had been born male and had gone through male puberty and had retained all the advantages that that entails. and there i would have faced the 2nd place rather at a later round and possibly could have beaten or because i had more confidence later in the race. i felt that wind was not earned and so i tweeted that i was the 3rd place writer and it's definitely not fair so after that twitter exchange i did find myself the target of some online hate it was really stressful time for me and my family and we actually
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feared for our safety. jennifer wagner she came 3rd in the sprint event she. responded to. pretty much tweet on twitter saying that it's not fair for me to compete but what that says is that. she has beat me in 10 to 13 races we've ever raced with each other. i don't know how it's unfair when she beats me 10 out of 13 times. but i did finish in front of mckenna several times but that does not mean that mckinnon did not have an unfair advantage if you and i were running and one mile race. and you started 500 feet in front of me. i might still win
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but that doesn't mean you didn't have an unfair advantage and. opposition. is pretty much always irrational fear which is the dictionary definition of trans phobia. i do believe that transgender people have rights however sport is one thing that's always been based on sex and i definitely don't see a reason that we need to start changing that now because of somebodies feelings. my name is j.c. cooper. powerlifting
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is a strength sport is 3 lifts the squad. and basically the goal is to. lift as much as much weight as you can in those 3 lifts. then if it's clear it means that i get identified like what my sexuality is and that it's not a fixed thing for me it could be fluid it could change from day to day again it's it's me saying i don't like your boxes i get to define what my sexuality is in mumbai gender it is at any point in time. for sporting purposes that's different because i have to actually declare it but in my personal life queerness for me.
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is just as much political as it is personal. my name is there i'm a housewife an amateur power lifter. or at that 200-1000 minnesota women say championships and. this is just 2 weeks after he won the minnesota women's. us a women's championship and a minnesota women's state bench press record. that is our reality we are a dime our fix pc's and we cannot change that x. if you ask me that jeezy's title in the u.s. p.a. is fair there's 2 sides to that it is technically fair j.c.
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rules the u.s. p.a. allowed him to compete with the doping females. however i do not feel that those rules are fair it is not fair for a male to take in women's championship effort in powerlifting the male advantage is huge bone structure muscle mass they play a role with every single lift in fact i have a female friend who's 11 time world champion in her forties and her 15 year old son is now close to breaking her records.
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today we're at the apartment click clinic and i'm going to get some blood panels. so what they'll do is they'll draw a few vials of blood and they'll test for testosterone. testosterone is something that does lots of different useful things in our bodies and people think that it plays a vital role in muscle and strength development we also know quite confidently that if you take someone's natural level and lower it they will probably get slower weaker. and now my personal bests are 215 in the bench.
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my squat is 3 or a little under 215 for bench and then about 364-3654 the deadlift i don't know what the best for records are for power lifters but i know the nico for our own is in my weight class cheese lifting $1400.00 pounds plus. it's i'm lifting about just under $900.00 so that's it's a significant difference and that's it don't play my own don't think cheap but in the grand scheme of things i'm still pretty in the middle of the woods. i think people are looking at it very closely. as a way to eliminate people's participation.
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he created women in sports for a good reason no all amount of transition in taking the morning testosterone can magically changing into. testosterone has been used by a proxy for womanhood and it's not we're not our hormone levels we deal with pregnancy ministration menopause and these affect our everyday lives they affect every minute on our training schedules. i myself know what it's like to have to live through having a crash. and even gone through a miscarriage is to have some different training i had as hard as it is to get out
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of bed. powerlifting has empowered me through that and. it's devastating to me that these men say that they feel like a woman and they will not ever know what it's like to feel the loss of a baby they have to keep trading through that. term many biological reality is that they will never face if they do not know what it is to feel like a woman who can simply feel are genders. it was spoken to be days been published in the african scene you know data from the
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. chinese. well you know all of our data holes all you can call them along the basis of about. the scientific basis of our scenes are given the thumbs up from a scientific or medical. we should be interfering with the process and if it's all also but. i'm going to. bring a. longer. point in the. not . i'm not.
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in the beginning of a us. you nationally for sides. in the new all. the new version i. mean it's all a. whole. new top of that if you should get to build you are you able review. in the store and don't let them bring me a copy of night. and let them know that you can be a. humanity has never seen such strange natural phenomena before giant coming to this appearing
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in the. one after another. look now that you've had your chance to get your boy you know i'm done with those who don't you want any of. this one appeared in 2020. how often and where will new creases appear. how dangerous own thing for human the slowmo is developed along the way and in 2021 russian scientists came quite close to working out what's going on. they build a full scale 3 d. model of the black hole.
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there's no such thing as a level playing field if by level playing field we mean that competitors don't have an advantage over each other every single athlete especially at the olympic level the world championship level we all have biological advantages over each other. so people like michael phelps for example and the many time gold medal swimmer his body proportions are ridiculous he's got very long arms for his body size he has feet that are exceptionally big for his body size so they're effectively flippers. so he's born with all these ridiculous advantages that effectively make him a fish and we celebrate that. you know why are you making money why are you making rules and people that are like michael phelps. but for some reason transfused are
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treated differently activists like to argue that normal variation in human bodies makes up for the male advantage but this is simply a red herring. we can easily look in america at the high school track records and see that the best boy in high school beating the women's olympic record. i agree in sports there is no true playing field however as a society we have decided to categorize sports based on sex there's no sporting categories for arm length or foot size we categorize by sex for the reason that men and women are different. and i think it's a legitimate question why do we have gendered sport do you have gender categories in sport because we do treat men and women differently so because women aren't
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giving as good coaching opportunities or women are or shamed this particular in this country for being right women with muscles get called men the way we play with children is different we're rougher with boys than we are with girls we let boys climb trees and break their bones and we try to protect girls these social difference is a matter to performance throughout our lives. males have larger oregon they have stronger muscles they're able to roll those muscles easier and hold on to that muscle mass for a longer. if you look at sports across the board that are power based there's consistently a ton percent difference between the fastest men and the fastest women if there were no separate female category in sports it would be very difficult for any woman to be a man and. competition there be no medals prizes or celebrations for women again
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that's a social difference it's not biological so we don't know how much the difference between men and women is social and how much is biological. also have to ask you to show us what your transition. medically. there is a social fascination with for example our genitals so it strikes us as people as a little weird that people want to know what generals we have when they have no intention of sleeping with us for example so. it's irrelevant to my day to day life for example what genitals i have so it should be irrelevant to how society treats us as well. as the.
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males competing in female sports it carries off of the field and goes into the bathroom and locker rooms it's a very private space for women a game and when we look at self reported studies of males who identify as transgender the vast majority over 90 percent. do not have surgery they are intact males. but they should through the surgery. i don't think i don't think i have to answer that. there are people in our society that don't want trans people in bathrooms and they don't want people to participate at all and something like as small as you know having access to. it is enough for some people. old to get aggressive. they're worried that trance
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woman. commit some sort of crime or sexual assaults against this woman and we know that dots and unfounded fear. doesn't. transfer women are far far more likely to be to victims of assaults in a women's bathroom and insists women are at the hands of a transient. it's not that they feel like all transgender people are a threat but by allowing them into our bathrooms in locker rooms we're training young girls to feel comfortable with male bodies in their private spaces this isn't right. calculated how many olympians there have been since the 2003 policy so that goes through the 2004 olympics in athens through the 2018 olympics in south korea and there have been over 54000 olympians
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in that time 0 turns off weight have even qualified level one a medal. it doesn't matter how tiny a proportion the transgender athletes are just ask the women who they're beating and whose records they're taking. i'm going to and i'm from canada yeah i was a mechanic she's us also from canada but lives here in the united states. as transgender athlete and i think it's great that she's out here racing and that we're able to compete against her.
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i don't think that it was her being transgender having an unfair advantage that she beat me in the race today i think it was a bit of an experience around my part am i thought to grow as a writer and get faster as well so. while we are only seeing a small percentage of males who identify as transgender entering the women's competitions currently it has increased dramatically and in my eyes one woman losing a title is too many when these rules were changed there was not enough time for the athletes to qualify with this new role in the 2016 olympics that's why we haven't seen man on the women's podium yet it's coming in tokyo.
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part of the news ought to be one of our the day. here is a balls to do it. if it's a good mental space or. it's a good place for me to. manage some of the like negative sides. that society throws at you i put on girls sports team since i was 8 years old sports mean a lot to me i develop confidence and belief in myself and i've learned the value of hard work and dedication sports have basically saved my life they have helped me through some of the most difficult times and i couldn't imagine my life without powerlifting now sport player. a massive central role in
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societies and many of our lives so to exclude a group of people for who they are from something so socially important is fundamentally unfair trans women are not men we're not men in dresses i worked so hard day after day year after year doing everything i can optimize my performance and i know that i can never compare to somebody that's going through male puberty. it's like banging your head against the wall do they really think this is fair. i believe the solution to males competing in female sports is either have in the male category or an open category for them to compete or for anyone to
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compete in it as far as having. a separate league or separate entity for trans people no i don't agree with it it's basically saying that no you are not a woman in i think that the idea of having an other category is really based on fear fear trans people maybe succeeding because nobody has issues with trans people in sports and told someone when it's transgender women are males . to compete in sports they will no longer have female sports to compete in or how men's sports. i think increasingly people are willing to say that trans women are women for sport and i don't think that makes much sense i don't think you can say that we are real women that we are really. fully included and we have all the same rights except for sport the
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practice of sport is a human right so to exclude trans women from sport is to violate a human right 5. americans love. this was a fundamental part of how our political leadership and our country at large understood the bargain you get a hope and then you know rebel right as the things you don't revolt if you have a stake in the system. be really interesting to dial it back and think about
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the longer deeper history housings man in the united states not just that question of the american dream but the bigger question of who the dream is for. always. get into any conversation or start answering questions. you're more likely to walk free if you're rich. you got. one now. so you should be seen here and
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a whole lot more if you don't take that advice easy going to dig yourself a hole. hungary's foreign minister a big. scene along with 1000000. next season is not. saving lives. giving the ok for the european medicines agency. but. patients are counseling. us department of health. days before the highly infectious.


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