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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2021 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the the mid day moscow time in the headlines with russia's top level economic form in st. petersburg and talk given well high profile gas on the horizon, including russian president vladimir putin, to the next couple of hours. shocking evidence emerges in france regarding all these donated for scientific research, but it seems many within sold for use in military experiments and crush tests. and denmark triggers fundamental concerns. in the e. u and un office passed a law allowing asylum seekers to be relocated to countries outside europe while their applications and processed ah, life. marty's will do is age q this friday, the 4th of june. kevin,
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in here for the next 30 minutes for the latest, for you very good day. first and rushes high profile economic forum is in full motion. it's in petersburg, with global business movers and shakers. run the one roof for the week. no surprises pandemic and how it's all to the business environment was the early focus of many of the event and consensus as emerging to that the health of the global economy depends on a swift return to normality through inoculation programs. meantime, the review of russia's sputnik v vaccine by the world health organization and the european medicines agency is still in limbo this lunchtime, despite dozens of countries worldwide, already authorizing the job that of the russian direct investment fund that produces the vaccine. told us the bowl is in the m a's court right now. just had a very professional review by him, a technical team and they have not really raised any be critical issues and i think they're doing their work in the very professional positive manner. i think there
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are some bureaucrats in you who was saying, we don't need support. nick, we've seen we don't need fractions like seen. and we believe it's fundamentally wrong to make like since political time. and again here at the st. petersburg, international economic form. i keep hearing how the pandemic is taken and so on the international economy. but even more often, i keep hearing how much it's important to meet and person to talk about that face to face, to make sure that the pace of the recovery is good enough. some cannot afford it. well, the organizers of this form thought they could in there you have it, russia if throwing the biggest business events since the peak of the pandemic. i can tell you that the bottom line of those discussions here at the event is that the world won't be able to do without relying on math vaccination. and even though there is this understanding, we do realize that even in europe, it's
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a rich countries. there are still shortages of vaccine and all that is happening as the european medical agency is still reluctant to give the green light q rushes, but big v. although there are you members states that are absolutely not happy with this kind of approach. italy in particular, which was one of the 1st european union nations which spoke about the production of sport. in particular, as someone who was very keen to hear about the news for the go ahead for the western jap was one of our guests, the head of the russian italian trade chamber. it's a shame that politics has limited the distribution of sputnik for here. and it's not even a shame from russian business from the, from behind the job. it's a shame for us because we lost pace and leaving them behind. but the major thing is that you want to delay in accepting the russian vaccine has affected people's lives
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some dying because they didn't receive a job in time. i see that some states like hungry, for example, if you're able to make their own decisions in this regard, bypassing you policy, speaking of hungary, another nation that isn't happy at all with the approach in brussels. speaking of hungary, another european union nation which isn't happy at all with the approach by brussels, we were talking to the gary and point minister pets or the art though. and he was also very critical of use intense scrutiny of the russian jap. look, european commissioner made a big mistake at the very beginning by considering vaccines as if they were issues of ideology or geo politics. and they made, made a mistake regarding the contract as well. because the, if you look at the united states, the united kingdom, israel days been using best vaccines as well. but they received much more at the
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beginning, they were able to, to start their vaccination campaign watch was much more quickly compared to the european union. so there was a big mistake because timing, timing was very bad. these thoughts are being echoed by the representatives of the world health organization, which are saying that these issues are very important given that there are places on our planet where the situation is much more difficult than in europe. so they are underlining that bias when it comes to vaccines is absolutely unacceptable. as the regional director in charge of the w told for europe in region, i always had been very, very clear that approver should not depend on the concrete of origin and particularly not of direction for gratian rich has a very rich history in the vaccine production. so health is the young politics. that's very, very good. i also would like to think there's
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a date for the international solidarity because we need countries like russia to help other countries. only sort of that if we are going to get out of the public because no one is safe until everyone thinks very soon, you are expecting the russian president vladimir putin to weigh in on all the issues as well. plus the head of the austrian government and also the head of guitar. that is coming up very soon. yep. now, among crucial topics belong but making the headlines too, but also be discussed in the north street to gas pipeline project. on the sidelines of the some petersburg form rushes energy minister, hinting that it was just as he put some 100 kilometers from the finish line. and expressed hopes it would be completed by the end of this year. no stream to course that gas pipeline under the baltic sea that will deliver gas from russia directly to the e. u via germany. and while speculates to run the project continues, we spoke with the chairman of the germany, comics affairs and energy committee,
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closed earns to says a purely business enterprise. and his views been dragged into geo politics. for now, i believe no extreme to as a necessity because in europe, we're in dire need of gas for the foreseeable future. we know that the existing gas pipeline no stream certainly does not have the same capacity as no stream to, and therefore i am very pleased with this new pipeline is ready. i hope will soon be in operation. the u. s. is in the lead those against the gas pipeline. 50 years ago, they opposed gas supplies must be union because they thought we will become dependent on moscow. but in fact, they only care about selling the liquefied gas. this arguments about dependence on russia is just nonsense, because this dependence is not one sided and it's 2 sided. russia also depends on revenues from the gas supplies and exactly the same way as we depend on their gas. and by the way, you know, peons combined gas from other suppliers, tony,
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it is more expensive and more harmful for the environment like this very liquefied gas from the us. what the u. s. one is on the one hand to promote economic interests in an unfair way. and i think sanctions against other states absolutely unacceptable. on the other hand, still trying to keep europe in germany in particular from forming a reasonable relationship with russia. and this is an argument that i do not accept . we recently discuss this and the fund, the spikes economic committee, and the majority spoke in favor of a partnership with russia. that's a cornerstone for a strong euro. so i am for creating conditions for cooperation with russia and continuing peaceful coexistence, and that will help build a solid foundation for this cooperation. after the upcoming general federal election compound may go to those who are more alienated towards russian interests than the interest of nations. and this is not the best ground for cooperation in this regard. i hope that the election will lead to pearl and being able to improve
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relations with moscow and develop mutual understanding. so as you said, lot more to come later on today friday we can make form. it's in petersburg, nicole. so make sure you don't miss the thing here on our to international me. ah, the gruesome details of the motion of her bodies donated for medical research in theory and france of being used shallow davinsky has more now on how corpses were being sold for military experiments and crush tests. it's new or tale that many thought couldn't become any gramma in 2019 either merge that the bodies that had been donated for medical research had in fact been left to decay and unsanitary conditions here. and what was the center for body donations that the former perez dick university described as being nude decomposing with
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maggots in a room infested with wraps a mass grave in the heart of paris. it was some reported, it was still, it was revealed, whole bodies, little had been sold for private companies for a price. now in the latest finish, to turn it be confirmed that somebody was told me these allegations had been made previously, but now there was evidence to show dead for these were being used in this gruesome way in the car industry. almost 40 percent of the money and by the center for body donations came from industry that left families of those who left their bodies to medical science. shocked and devastated once again. if you'd like to go to, when we found out we the families of the donors that the bodies of our parents were used to replace crash test dummies. there was
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a real stupor because nobody could have imagined this. so we are in a situation in which we are all facing a nameless confusion disarray because no one was informed. it is necessary that the doctor had any connection with the scandal because it is a real scandal explain themselves. and then those who are responsible will have to face justice and pay for their deeds. there was no respect for the donors. the 1st thing, but the 2nd thing is that there is a market for bodies. there was so they, we used it is on upon nation. some of the people who did that must explain themselves. they are culpable, and the punish. this practice is not illegal and some argue that the use of corpses in this way is in fact essential. today with phase the problem of shock trauma among subjects who are very overweight, we are forced to use a corpse to acquire data that will be transposed into the modal. this is essential . we want to ensure that the devices are not aggressive and dangerous for humans. call manufacturers were not the only ones to have used for these tests. so 2
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days, the french. oh me. including to observe what happens in a vehicle when it hit a mine. you pick your hobo personal wishes were not taken into account. there were people who are answer militarist. imagine their body has now served in a military experiment, which goes against their way of thinking. it is necessary not to forget. one thing to give one's body is the most final act of altruism in the world. when we give a body, you describe a family of a funeral. someone who donates the body. it's still the most beautiful gesture of humanity. it's like a person is saying, i give my body for the internet and the medical students to practice on. i'm a come to doctors in the future to realize that these bodies were using a tank explosion. for example, i can understand what damage the explosion made for the body. it's just horrible.
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the car has been closed since the revelations emerged 2 years ago. the university apologize at the time for families of donors, but the scandal could provoke big changes here in prompts and government report in due this month is expected to recommend a better supervision of the donation of bodies. but that of course will be little consolation for the families who have already given their bodies for medical research. so db sky r t. paris. the passengers were turning to the u. k. a describing chaos surrounding the country covert testing rules with people paying hundreds of pounds for tests that the don't arrive or a late one case in point than austin a ticket that seems he paid almost 400 pounds for tests when he returned to the u. k. from america, according to the rules he needs to test on the 2nd and the 10th day after arrival, however,
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he was waiting for the results for testing company was removed from the list of government approved providers that it was forced repeat the whole procedure. more expense is why 1st started the campaign to attract attention to the growing problem . the government hasn't. yeah, actually, you know, said anything about whether that dealing with this that's been nothing from grant shops on a. and i just think that something does need to be done to make sure that these private testing providers are held accounts actually do what the people are paying them to do it. small companies that have been able to stop as, as contractors, they don't have the capacity to deal with the amount of customers. it's the huge amount of influx that they had. they also don't have the capacity in terms of the laps getting the results back to the one time. obviously that is a big problem where people having massive issues with p c. r test. as more people
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are now traveling since may, the 17th is just getting worse and worse. there's a lot of radio silence on, on this whole issue. and it really does need to be brought to the governments tension more because that they're not really answering to why things have gone so roman and this has been ongoing. now, since while i've been dealing with this since the solve may yet from the middle of may, the u. k. opened its borders for foreign travel, but imposed strict restrictions on people's return, including a test before you fly, then 2 more possible quarantine. plus, there's also the option of a 3rd test which releases you from self isolation on day 5 months ship. it depends, of course on where you're fly in for mind. to add to the confusion, there are different rules for inc. wells and scotland. ben parcher the managing director of one testing clinic, agrees that the system is on the enormous pressure travel is starting to take off more and more people are having tests to fly more and more cases of people not
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getting bad results back on time on not getting that becket delivered on time. people will sell swaby home using the postal services. there is a chance it will have major issues or cause major issues around again, around capacity in logistics processing. if both of our tree and the private providers don't work together to make sure that they're promising it deliverable. i think one of the challenges here is the providers are coming out of the woodwork to make money, which i guess not in business, but i don't think that's necessarily the best thing for the consumer intended to building a equitable, efficient private sector testing infrastructure that can meet the needs of customers, particularly when it comes to travel. thanks for checking in with our international this friday. let me tell you about some of the stories coming up. well,
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one of them for sure. denmark adopting a controversial law. i love your silent see, because to be said outside the e u while there applications appending kelly moore, the join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the media a reflection of reality the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type relation for community. you going the right way?
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where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is truth? what is in the world to corrupted? you need to defend the so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, denmark has passed a controversial law that would allow it to send the solemn speakers to countries outside the european union. whether applications are pending something that condemnation from the blog. we certainly confirm expressed by the un high commissioner for refugees. external processing that was fine print raiders from the medical questions about both the access to our procedures and effective access to protection. it is not possible under existing e rules,
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so the new danish immigration bill is aimed at reducing the number of migrants in the country. it's now externalizing the asylum procedure to try to discourage new comers. remember setting foot in the country. the move was voted through parliament by 70 to 24. as spokesman for the social democratic party in denmark said he wanted to move to send a message to asylum seekers that they are not welcome there. migrants coming from different places in africa, middle eastern countries. they will probably start seeking our buying class item and they know that they will be sent out of europe again. the new legislation comes from a rising pressure on copenhagen after it says stripped. a handful of syrian refugees of their residency on the grounds that the syrian capital, damascus, and the surrounding region now considered safe demos become the 1st european country to take such a provocative step that contradicts the use attempts to try to fix the broken
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asylum rules. the decision immediately ignited outrage among refugee and human rights groups which lead to protests that hit the country. indeed, in late bay, while minority writes consult a, we spoke to says in fact, he's not surprised with the law. as the current government has never hidden its views on immigration, this torment came to power. and do you mean argue that story in the election, especially this go very much against people from legally specially the machine background, you know? so they don't want them to come to the syrians came now they want to kick them out . also they are trying to, to make laws where they can send people back to see the problem is that this government trusted democratic government knows that it is impractical. and not a feasible idea, and they don't want to leave this away because if they did, they could just side by the far right parties. finally, for now,
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where's the base was almost all the lips of america for a cyber attack, waylaid the world's largest meet pocket j. b. s. plans were fully operational again thursday, but not before the f. b. i blamed the russian speaking hacker. our team pens form says the incident once again, that illustrates the fake narrative that moscow is responsible for all cyber espionage. there definitely has to be some kind of clarity put here because the problem is when, whenever you have media talking about these issues and you have publications talking about these issues, they love to conflate russia as, as a nation state with russian actors also with russians. speakers, i mean that's the most recent one. this is so incredible about the j be situation is that j b s originally said that they had confirmed these were russian hackers who had done this well. now if you look at the terminology that's being used, they're actually saying russian speaking, that can mean a whole lot of things and but, but it conflicts, right? it comes back to this idea of, oh, is russia doing this?
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is prudent, pulling the strings. he actually hacking g b. s, or is it someone who is either russia nationality or even russian speaking? well, i mean there are ethnically chinese people who can speak absolutely. russian. i think a lot of people in ukraine who configuration as well. i think i know some are things that speak russia. i'm just saying i come americans perhaps yes. maybe just perhaps . now a question was posed to the president in connection to the j. b. a ransomware attack about whether or not he believes that putting himself was, was testing and testing president violence. what do you make of that theory? is there any, any there's, there's no gravity to that. there's no reason to think that that's the case at all, but it fits perfectly into a media narrative, right? because the question is kind of thrown out of the, do you think putin as testing? oh, is this a softball? you're saying? well, it's as he was walking out of the room, right. so he's walking out of the room and the reporter. yes. how do you think it's
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testing you and? and for them by turns back and kind of smirks and says like, he wouldn't test me. but the thing is just, it's all this, it's all the show right, show of, i'm tough and he's trying to get to me when there's been no evidence whatsoever that the, the colonial pipeline attack, it was done by a group called the dark side, right. which is people who aren't even in russia, that we know what they're just in former soviet countries and a russian speaking, j b. s. in that situation, it's not necessarily coming out of russia by this group that they call revolt, against, like evil, with an are revolt. and they're apparently also, russian speaking that we have, we don't even have a geography for where they're located. so it, but it fits into that media narrative brush bed and is always trying to harm us. right? well, what do we know about who actually is committing these crimes? i mean, where, i mean, where are they actually from? if it's not specifically russian, people are russian state actor, i mean, are they, are they an asia, do we have any idea or did you have an idea?
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if you go back to 2017, there was a company that did a basic look at cybersecurity hacks. and what countries are most responsible for these people within those countries? i should say not to mention dates, but people within those countries where do they originate from china? is number one my by far with foreign above everyone else. second blaze. the united states about 17 percent come from the united states and then turkey, and then in brazil, and then russia. so wow, back in 2017, only about 4 percent of all of these attacks were originating in russia. far more originate in the united states and the vast majority. you wouldn't, you never know that based on the mainstream media real quickly in light of these latest revelations about the danish f. e. working with the n. s a here to spy on the u. l. i don't the u. s. do you make any distinction between that kind of spying and cyber hacking? well, listen, that kind of spine which we referred to as espionage, right? is actually far more dangerous. so there is
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a case of the solar winds case in which us agencies fly. agency said that russian state actors had gotten into us software and were able to spy on us. okay, that's not ransomware, that's fine. that is much more destructive. the u. s. does this all over the world . we know they've done it in the e. we know that they've the n s a tap the phones of world leaders, right? it's much or serious then some hacker getting into the ferry that takes you back and forth to martha's vineyard and saying i want them bitcoin to turn it back on. these are, those are much more serious instances, but there is a distinction between ransomware and cyber warfare. the u. s. again is heavily as a government in cyber warfare, not in ransomware band, and the guys are tailored american revenue, not one a bit for us. and you can follow everything else we're talking about today at r t dot com or, and if a social so now it's kind of 26 minutes past the kevin though, in the tv on the scenes here. moscow. thank you for watching and have a good friday the
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when i went to the wrong, why don't i just don't the room? yes to fill out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, depart. we choose to look for common ground in quantum mechanics work so well people don't like to use the word inconsistent. they like to say, oh it's, it's amazing and comprehensible. mysterious. when i say it can't be quite right. and this is what direct says, this is what i was reading. i
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met ashton on my little weekend and obviously wanted to know me and johnny get up now because you guys are not going to the up in the kitchen table out them out. i got a good my don't get a get. we'll put it on the shoulder. be meeting be bringing home like he's in this lamp. me by little by now. and then because you guys mean i love
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the man. why or why not? me? an entire village in alaska has had to move if another country threaten to wipe out an american. we do everything in our part a project in what of a escaping climate change poses the same threat right now. alaska has seen some of the fastest coastal erosion in the world. we lost about 35 feet, 35 feet of in just about 3 months while we were measuring it is bad and that means the river is $35.00 pounds. then learning was year before, i think we're part of america, there's for me or america for the worse here in
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the room, but the one business show you can't afford to miss. i'm been one in washington and coming up more news for bitcoin in the crypto market. as the vitamin administration look the gathering even more data across the globe in order to track transactions and the ceo of the company behind the funding v vaccine talks with rti about the end of the pandemic. and when things can return to normal, then the federal reserve says it's rolling back its purchases of corporate bonds in e t f. but just how much of this massive spinning program actually help the millions of small businesses shuddered over the past year. it's a fact show, so let's get started. and we begin with what was a while day for a m. c. a stock that over the last few days has once again been skyrocketing is
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skyrocketing, no more. or is it thursday amc announced that it plans to sell more than 11000000 shares amid the trading frenzy in it stock on that news. amc stock actually dropped some 7 percent. the stock was put on a roller coaster throughout the day, even reaching a new high of $67.00 before finishing closer to $51.00. amc has embraced its new status as a mean stock is kind of the king of the means. stocks right now. on wednesday the company launched amc investor connect for its retail investors, providing them with exclusive promotions like a free trouble popcorn and direct communications with ceo adam on who has been dubbed sober back. it shouldn't come as a surprise that a stock cell would decrease the price early in the day for amc stock. a share sell from a company up and hurts the stock price in the short term as it dilutes the number of shares outstanding. amc set of plans to use the money from the stock sell for general corporate purposes which may include pain down in.

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