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down and talk on to it. his angry over his recent blocking in nigeria saying a free and open incident is an essential human rights for the same time, the platform senses it's american use is gunning down white people that sort of psychologist a yell university told her class was her fantasy. nearly amazed audio lecture respond outraging the she bronze, typical white reaction. i began my talk by saying that if i start talking about race in this way, i'm going to be free. the wine and white people followed my textbook like the u. s. chief medical advisor course for the health records of 9 people in china, including were hand lab work is giving you life to the coven. lovely theory,
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which had been written off as a conspiracy. ah, good morning. thanks for joining us here on our t international. western diplomatic missions have condemned the suspension of twitter in nigeria, african country, and definitely by the social media network. and twitter had removed to postpone the nigerian president that promised a crackdown and separatist while the u. s. tech john claims a free and open internet is an essential human rights. i can america appears to operate according to different principles on these acres don't offer boats. the free speech wing of the free speech boxing. this is how twitter executives love to define that platform. the self righteousness of this is only matched by how far the twitter executives are detached from reality lately, the band,
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the jury and president over this to eat. many of those misbehaving too, too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the nigerian civil war. those of us in the fields for 13 months, who went through the war will treat them in the language that understand, taught or moderate may not be able to find nigeria on the math. but apparently, their interpretation of the country's history is more accurate than the presidents who obviously wasn't impressed. and he's government wasn't taking any of that. where people was born, a politician. i couldn't a police re interior door to us for today. it was about the right to protect what is similar to happened when the capital he became me for action when i'm going to be
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fooled by anybody wherever he can go to room. how do for the rest of our ability. twitter wasn't ready for that, and it is hard to judge them for it. they had already successfully band one of the most powerful men in the world and got away with that consequence. free nigeria though, did something about it, the or das etc. we are deeply concerned by the blocking of twitter in nigeria, access to the free and open internet isn't essential, human rights in modern society. just put everything down for a 2nd, appreciate the absolute, logical pandemonium here with me, twitter, which is very trigger happy over an arbitrary set of rules to deny people the right to speak out is trying to be a champion of free speech. you can make this up, but the ban caught the eye of some politicians who condemned it. diplomatic
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missions of canada, the european union, the republic of ireland, the united kingdom and the united states of america, convey our disappointment over the government of nigeria is announcement suspending twitter. funding systems of expression is not to the answer. these measures inhibit access to information and commerce the information most time, even if it appears very attractive candidate to, to foreign state. how to live, how to interpret historical events, what movies to watch, or what music to listen to. otherwise, instead of freedom of speech, it becomes a dictatorship of opinion for sole purpose and some other politicians who in turn got ideas. twitter noncompliance with our rules will lead to unintentionally consequences, including twitter losing exemption from liability as an intermediary. and perhaps more efficient should take a closer look at nigeria handling this. because if banding a president over an opinion, somehow made it into twitter,
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his definition of free speech, we all need a lesson in how to deal with big tech tear any twitter has no business deciding on what geo political figures have to say about anything because they're not they're not informed enough to the to do so they're just are responding based on their own political prejudices with very little knowledge about what the situation involve. especially in nigeria, twitter is pretending to be the government of the world along with other social media platforms. they are trying to institute their own sort of governmental power . the social media platforms combine, have more power than all the nations of the world. and in fact, to all the states in the world, in terms of political influence. so no, this is not surprising and it's not warranted that these nations would be trying to
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her. twitter is political power like giovanni psychologist at yale university has sparked outrage. and she told the audience that she'd like to gun down white people. dr. hill, a non a presented her ideas on the alleged problems of a white mind back in april, but the talk wasn't made public until journalist uncovered and uploaded the audio audi. suskin has the story. a trip to psychiatry usually means a comfy chair. a face space, a piece of new judgment to pace. you feel free accepted? have you met dr. re not killing already. i had funds as is of unloading the revolver into the head of any white person. the guys in my way brings our body and wiping my bloody hands as i walked away, relatively gills less with bones in my step. like a did the world favor? yes, dr. caitlin on he is a license like i trust, and i think we can all agree just from those few was that she's perfectly qualified
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to advise people and how to live that best lives. and she's all about hearing your story unless you're white because really they are such bus kills. this is the cost of talking to white people at all because of your own life as the suck you dry. there are no good apples. how the white people make my blood boil. now these on the leaks private notes talk to canada right from. she's sitting opposite how white patients know these comments were made in front of hundreds of people. yale university at a lecture called this psychopath. problem of the white mind, that's the face space i was talking about among the of the revelations from the 52 minute long balance lecture from a top professional. the white people have 5 holes in the brain in medical opinion. they found demented in her medical opinion, and she's cut off or how white friends,
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because nothing says di, bus to like, bring out of color chart when deciding if you want to hang out with someone. she's using her psychiatry and her profession to advocate for causes that the left would support. the reality is that people like her are french. these are friends elements that believe in that promote these ridiculous and absurd ideologies and ideas. i don't think that while i do have a lot of problems with what the far left and then what the left put forth, i don't think that she is representative of the major already of people on the left . this is where i see the danger coming. not so much that, that she represents love right now, but that these ideas could disseminate and be accepted by people on the left. now it's some of the comments had been made against any other community. they'd probably be deemed respecting on hidden to violence and fighting supremacists, toxic devices, and not see a cnn headline story. but know this time, only the dean's office raised its concern. i imagine replacing the words white's
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mind with asian mind or gay mind as we work towards equity and inclusion and unity . i wonder what impact this presentation will have. probably realize how demented it sounded. then remember, the universities only can full and destroy careers of bod topple, to thought people try. and then remember gales too busy firing faculty members over the very important issue of culture insensitive helloween costumes. though they did decide not to post the video of doctor kit and on his speech, just an audio available only to yale students who are the small display mom, which i think we can agree was the one test thing to do. i'm the violent one. i'm the crazy one and see that coming away i did, i began my talk by saying that if i start talking about race in this way, i'm going to be seen as a crazy psychotic one. and white people followed my textbook like
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a script. well, which slide holds in that brains? what else could she expect? but it doesn't matter, doctor, can nani knows her truth, which is the only thing that counts nowadays. just as how website says she knobs and welcomes every one even if sometimes she doesn't want to take an a k 47 gun them down. but you know, everyone has their own unique ways to unite and, and he'll, and racial divides. i just hope that no white people are standing in dr. kellen on your way. yeah, i mean, i think it does kind of reflect what's going on in our country right now. i mean, there, there is a huge division along party lines in general. when you have people who engage in this type of rhetoric, there is always the, the risk that somebody might become radicalize them, that they might try to express this in express these ideas using violence. i don't think, i mean, we already feel a lot of political political violence going on in the united states right now. i
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mean, we've seen an tivo, we've seen the writers at the u. s. capital. on january 6. we've seen the george boy protest some of which were violent. so it's not a stretch to think that this, this type of rhetoric could possibly push some individuals to take violent action. jo buttons, chief medical advisor, is called on beijing to release the health records of 9 people in china, giving new life to the cove. it lab league theory, which have been written off as a conspiracy by us media among the documents. so those that detail, the cases, a 6 minus fella love to entry, go back k, back in 2012 scientists from the we've had the sci fi roland subsequently visited that k to take samples i would like to see the medical records of the 3 people who are reported to have got sick in 2019, did they really get sick? and if so, what did they get sick with the same with the miners who got years ago,
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it is entirely conceivable that the origin of thought called to was in that cave. and they, they started for the naturally or went through the lab miss exactly the theory that was splendid, a conspiracy in 2020 but then had lunch blossomed with phrases like, no evidence. almost certainly not true. experts disagree. and so on. last week, only though, some major admitted they made a mistake, dismissing the lab league theory just because donald trump and other republicans had banked it, but the mainstream sees have changed, the new credibility they call it was fuel by 2 factors in major biden gave the us intelligence services, 90 days to get answers on where the virus was born. and also back much to build health organization has sent a team of international scientists to work on in china to examine how the disease 1st spread to humans. the law blake theory wasn't ruled out, but the un discard the report has been far from conclusive us. former president lo still defends the theory proud. she has perhaps never been more wrong than what he
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denied the virus and where it came from. the time has come for america in the world to demand reparations and accountability from the communist party of china, which has been denied the theory or its involvement all the way over the summer. right. takes a look at whether anyone can really be trusted on the issue. big corona virus, pastor humans, because someone in a chinese market a bat sandwich. what was it accidentally leaked by careless boffins from a wound hand laboratory? no one knows not even i 100 percent mind to the or i know i personally am having to we informing, totally thought our opinion on this mission theory does prove one thing that we do know the call dropped, anyone the some of the cost involved in this murky who done it,
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the spies of western intelligence agencies, the chinese government, and it was worry, a diplomat. scientists and then questionable motivations and social media and the media. i mean, holy pandemic about 9, he saw you on a lot journey of the them theory shows is pretty much everything is going wrong in the world today when it was 1st muted months ago. it was dismissed in the conspiracy theory. anyone suggesting china was behind a list was called a racer. comes lou dominant strain of white cream, actually shut down the bait social media even sense of people from talking about it . then facebook, it's listing. it's banned on parse that claim. carver dante was man made on manufactured the right to debate freely return when western government funded that maybe it was in the conspiracy. after all, experts in the by did ministration are now actively considering the possibility.
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once dismiss cove, it may have been accidentally leaked from a chinese lab any they taking there was that intelligent night. and then we heard that the u. s. intelligence agency couldn't even decide what they thought amongst themselves. it says the intelligence community is split. so when the virus came from human contact with an infected animal or emerged in a look for a tree accident in america's top immunology, stand to be found. she who publicly dismissed that theory last year, i mean e mails even show that someone from the lab thanked him publicly for his support is now back tracking. why don't i start with fanny? why? why did you dismiss the lab league theory as, as credible me? i have always said that the high likelihood is that this is a natural occurrence. i didn't dismiss anything. i just said it's the high likelihood the world health organization that she sent
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a team to woo hoo right report. thanks. it was extremely unlikely that this virus came from a lab, but since then, the director general of the w h o has come out and said that the report was not extensive enough in ohio offices remain on the table. china, which is the west coast bogeyman, gets angry when anyone ever suggests this could have come from them. shows that the us does not care about facts or truth and has 0 interest in a serious science by study of origins. but then there are those dois of the chinese sciences going down to the north, the bug, the few weeks before this happened. but then those to come from the american intelligence, them to the continent, their minds. anyway, britain's former talks by m, i think, came out to play politics this week and he said, john is probably destroyed any evidence. there was anyway, stories that do ensure that beijing would never be able to prove it probably will never know for sure. and it's going to come down that who do you trust? it's hard, isn't it? but in some ways,
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maybe it's best we don't find out because if china is to blame, the world will demand that something is done and they might find out there's nothing it can take. trump once join us, pay $10.00 trillion dollars in compensation. good luck with that. still to come, it's been revealed that the justice department has been spying journalists. the guy go, this is try, sees new york times reporters emails. and through the sources that story involve. after this break. oh, i lose. i me.
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ah ah, i use the summer solution. that's right. we don't look at the problem to look at the solution today. we've got the one on the marshall auerbach is the market analyst that levy institute researcher and tragic follower of the toronto police. but maybe this is they are they want to stanley cup? ah,
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welcome back. it's been revealed that says joe bud into the office in january, his justice department has been spying on journalists. use the gag order to try and seize new york times report the bales. and to a master sources, the president said he wasn't aware of the move, and the department promised. it won't happen again. i guess the it has more. it is an age old tradition in the states to on camera to lord and to profess respect for journalists, adult camera track to monitor to spy on that bush. did it a bama did the same thing. problem for now. why do the justice department relentlessly pursued the identity of sources for coverage that were clearly in the public interest in the final 15 days of the trump administration, and the biden administration continued to pursue it? as i said before it profoundly undermined press freedom. martin administration
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didn't just pursue it. the biden administration, gagged journalists forbidding them from, from telling people that they were being spied apart for their work by the government of the united states. that their calls and emails were being tracked. you will believe what the white house is, excuse was. no one at the white house was aware of the gag order until friday night . while the white house does not intervene in criminal investigations. the shooting of subpoenas for the record reporters in the investigations is not consistent with the president's policy direction to the department? no, no, no, no, no, no. the button team came to power in january. that's february. march april may, june 5 months, and they're still trying to say that they had no idea of what was going on. especially given that the head of the department of justice merrick garland was piqued by biden and much to be seeing some measures and emails. and would you
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prevent your just from doing that only you are on your own? sure, absolutely. positively. wrong when you don't like you're just they will say the same thing. it's wrong that shouldn't happen. that freedom of speech and journalism. hello. then they get busted, doing this for successive presidents now have done the same thing. they're all oh, so sorry. when they get caught, the by the justice department voluntarily moved to withdraw the order before any records were produced. the department strongly values are free and independent press and as committed to upholding the 1st amendment. say, they're sorry, which means that they can now confidently go back to lecturing. everyone else and the value of press freedom. that leaves until the next president read something that annoys him and ordered his grudge to go have a look at the authors calls and emails. because the government has the
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capacity to true wholesale surveillance. obtain all email and phone or any form of electronic communication. if people within the system within the government have become very hesitant to speak about crimes allies or fraud or malfeasance on the part of the government. with reporters, that's not new. that is why when edward snowden leaked his information, he left the country because he knew he could easily be traced. this is just one more step in affectively drying up. any ability to monitor the internal workings of power, killing me to some of the new stories happening around the world. the
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being through the scenes witnessed outside at east jerusalem police station after an activist was arrested and taken the 23 year old woman, led protest against the eviction of palestinian families from areas and was late to release the police. he stun goodnight to disperse the crowd. migrating her to 15 wild elephants is causing havoc in china. they've been giving locals of fried by wandering into villages in search of food and water. in some cases, leaving a trail of damage behind them. lava flows from a volcano in the northwest of iceland range, stay nearby valley. the russian began in may. the stunning sides been trying to visit is ever since. the 1st option in the region is 700 years angular beckles cd party school to convincing. when in the final regional votes before september's nationwide folks leaving the a, f
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d and left wing policies behind the election in the state of saxony, unheard was a litmus test of the political will in germany. the to oliver has more a good night for the conservative cd you a bad night for posters in the state of saxony. unhealthy had predicted a very close drawn thing between the conservative christian democratic union and the fall right. alternative germany party didn't materialize at all. in fact, we've seen the c d you post over 10 percent more votes than they were predicted to 37 percent of those pilots cost went to the conservatives. this is the last state election before germany goes to a national poll in september where they will elect a successor to angle and merkle and demand. looking to be that successor from the c d u party. and last year we'll be watching these results coming in from facts in the on house and thinking, well my guys did pretty well there and hoping that translates into
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a pretty good night for him. in late september, what we've heard from the leadership of the c d u is they're pretty pleased with this result and height, lifestyle. we are the strongest governing party with a clear li live, and our result today is sensationally. good. people want leaders who compromise in the home society together and carry the responsibility that the biggest challenges in these times for all people are made with trust and a sense of social well being on goodness. i'm hoping targets. the 2nd place when to the right wing alternative for germany policy, the right wing is, are much stronger in those states that were part of the form of east germany like saxony on health. they dropped a few points on the election in 2016. but what this does show what they're posting around 21 percent. is that even when there isn't the migration crisis that the, the front and center of the election campaign in the news agenda that they do have
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a solid base in the states. now their leaders have said that this was a good night for them, considering as far as their send everyone without to get them the thing. this is a great success for facts, and they help, especially when you know that we are full full by all parties, but also by the unsafe and how the election, campaign, and saxon, the unhelpful, degraded by our political opponents wasn't a good night to the left party they dropped quite a few vote. the social democrats pretty much continue their general malays across the whole of germany, but could well find themselves back in the, in the state. governments of saxony on health as part of a coalition. the greens made some small gains, but the free democrats, the liberal party, called back in the fall of saxony, on how for the 1st time being 10 years keeping an eye on how that translates nationally across the board. ahead of the election in september of last year. who
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is the candidate for chancellor, be looking at all of this and thinking i'm fairly happy with that result in the stages that can be unhealthy. currently, polls nationally at around 26 percent, 5 points ahead of annalee, a bad bulk of the green party. still a long way to go yet, so just over 3 months until election in late september, and just how much we can trust the poles here in germany. well, particularly following this result and following this result in saxony on health. well, that's anybody's guess at the moment. okay, that brings you about it today. don't forget, you can check out plenty more new stories that we have covered for you. they're all there on our website. go to our c dot com. ah. join me every thursday. i'm alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm
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. as a korea professionals bought is much tougher on some than others. she was euro meyer by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl. the price paid to, to, to achieve really was, was to read in the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's going to start linking all this together. there's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming. is that documentary? see it on r t the
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with me. i'm actually return. see, we're going underground, taking you out of the mainstream media shallows into the depths of the truth coming up in the show on the $54.00 was that of us in the middle east, 6 and a war armed with us weapons. what is the legacy of us biological warfare from nate bomb and vietnam, nicole and pals white test you but the un to the closure of for dietrich. we investigate the origins of cove in 1900, with a journalist who points to a us funded chinese lab and is allegations of genocide in china against the weak population in london tribunal. amid the new hand probe, we speak to the president of the center of china and globalization,
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to go to get china story all the more coming up in today's, on the ground. but 1st is the 50 for the anniversary of the middle east. 6, a war is a reminder of the geopolitical implications of all out war, but is an unseen will being waged in our name one that is biological even if you don't believe in ca. and that might fix reef journalists after their poor records on w. m. d, should we all be taking more notice of the lab, lee hype offices about the birth of corona virus. to me now from new jersey is woman york time science editor, nicholas wade. nicholas, thanks so much for coming on before we get to the actual article. do you think it's being unfair? how arguably disinterested a pc written which was republish in the bulletin of atomic scientists how it's been treated as cold war propaganda. what i haven't seen that i'm sorry that's been but the piece just tried to stick as closely as possible to sound the facts. remo policy, some of these i'm just looking at whether sounds re, fax, lead.


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