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solid in resisting attempts to topple mcgrew stands. they have experience from the past. they know what happens when you do. well, there's more on that in america and youtube channel jargon. thank you. thank you. that's the show we back on monday to talk about a future. very different from the one and visited by g 7 leaders in england, we told capitalism, democracy and the potential for war on china with venture capitalists and political scientists. eric lee until then follow us on social media. never missed story. and if you're following on youtube, comment below and tell us about the time you protest, if it's something you believe and join me every thursday on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guests in the world, the politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then me
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i actually don't want any variables, but i'm happy to handle. yeah, of course. ah, we're, we're not doing anything illegal. so this, there would be a law against it, but there is no law against taking food from the trash in. the stores are not giving the food away. the reason that there are stores just for people to make money. there's no announcement that's made 20 minutes before the store closes . attention customers. the food you're now looking at will very soon in 20 minutes . be on the curb. outside. don't bother buying it and you can get it for free. so the reason the stores are uncomfortable or the management of stores to people who work there might be uncomfortable about seeing people salvaging good food that they
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throw out is because it might be a threat to their business. ah, we're rescuing the food. it's not like we're not scavenging or we're rescuing resources that are still good. i teach english as a 2nd language and a few different colleges in town. laguardia, college bourbon happened college and patient adversity. i can afford to shop. it's not like i'm starving. but the environmental issue is a big thing. i have a 12 year old son and i'm kind of feel about the world we're leaving him. and i know that me taking the odd thing here. there is not going to change anything, but if a lot more people did it, there be a lot less stuff going into the waste stream. and i'm getting some eating the food that i get, a recycling the packaging. and composting what i don't eat. so i feel like if, you know, it's a little bit, but it's just, you know, be, had 7000000 people. little bit would make
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a math difference. food waste is a dagger in problem that i think many people don't conceive the scale. almost a 5th of the farmland in the united states and 4 trillion gallons of water grow food that just doesn't get eaten because it can't turn a profit, profit seeking capitalists have decided it's not sellable, therefore it won't be edible, almost 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to food waste . it's simply not sustainable. and at the center of the ethos of the freedom movement is to live more sustainable lives beyond the trappings of liberal capitalism. and it's, it's imperative the, the scale that this issue is that we do something about it the
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there's a waste in every step of the food system from the farm where the food is picked and the perfectionist standards that we have. where if you go to an american supermarket, a key we is always about the same size as a chicken egg, like perfect. and that's true of the size of a mango, the size of a papaya, the size of an apple, the size of a potato, which we all know, there's huge variation in these things. and so on the farm from right then everything gets wasted. and then the next step is when they package it and ship it, and some of it gets wasted in the packaging. and then at the supermarket, if it's produced, it gets a little bruised. if it has a little then surrounding it gets wasted. the whole idea of perfection seems like
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a nice idea. i mean that's what advertising is all about. to have the perfect house has the perfect vacation, have the perfect vehicle, have perfect couch. perfect furniture. have everything perfect. but what we pay for the perfection is a really quick destruction of our planet. and that's not perfect. all of these potatoes, holla, pianos, onions, all of these came from waste mound. sources. the i speak openly about my freakiness with my family and friends. i don't hide it from anybody. i'm not ashamed of it. it strikes some people as, as odd. put some folks off, particularly. i'm thinking of my sister when i told her that, you know, i do food rescue issues like, oh, what's that so well, food is going to be thrown away. so dumpster diving. i'm like, well yeah,
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that's one way to do it. like so you're in a dumpster like yeah, there's food in there. so i don't know. i mean there's some steps in there. oh yeah . there might be something. yeah. i like that good like greens and whatnot. i imagine that you can make a serial if you know what are the 2 things my god yeah. hey, just talking openly about it when we start being guarded, when we're ashamed of it. that reify as other people's impression that it is a shameful thing to do if you try to hide it like, oh yeah, well, you know, sometimes we're like in the dumpster, but it just says, no, we get food from the dumpster because good food is there. then prompt them to ask why, why is good food in the dumpster? well, all tell you because of these wasteful system that we live in. and it's an opportunity to have a conversation if you're just and upfront about it. stores in our country are
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abundantly stocked and they don't want to ever have to run out of any product so that people have this comfortable sense of having everything they could ever dream of. and this is the byproduct of that. we're also wasting all of this good food. this is not yet expired, but they got a new shipment in. this is best buy march 21st, which is in 2 days. so they probably got a whole lot more of this product. and so they got rid of the older one, and there's one type of food that they've last 3 years after they move buyer. and that can food and the same in the cabinet here, the mostly can that yeah. so if we have another bar in teams, i'm good. i don't know why it gets thrown out. i drive manga yesterday. ah, i opened,
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i can find the expression and i need to do things last forever. i saw by september, september 20th 2021. so i don't know why this, even in rather 5 months with my job isn't e s l teacher, i sense because i have all my foods or immigrants so i get the new opportunity to kind of be like them bastards, american culture. so i will introduce them to things that maybe they wouldn't get from another teacher and you know, some people are kind of, grossed out by it or whatever, but other people like find it. and i've had students that like, oh, how do you do this? you're working, you do you know where to where, you know, where can i go and i go walk around a neighborhood. if you see a dumpster look inside, you never know what's going to be in there. in new york city, the garbage is put out differently than in most of the rest of the country, because especially in manhattan, there's no back parking lot. normally there is no place where they keep
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a dumpster normally, the supermarkets and bakeries and stores all put their garbage on bags on the curb at night. ah, ah. ah, i lose. i think there are free guns who are finding lots more food than they themselves want, and it's just an instinct or propensity to not let the food get wasted, that you're going to take it just so it doesn't sit there in the trash. and then in 20 or 30 minutes, a truck comes by and it just gets shipped off and thrown out into
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a landfill. ah, darlene offered me some of the food that she put in her fridge and this was the picture she sent me. oh my god, what you'd like. yeah. and it's absolutely more. yeah, this is the bounty for today. there's more blueberries. i didn't know if you want to green a purple grape, not the both wash. beautiful apples jain, normal clean apple. and can just go straight. beautiful. remember last night when we were on our walk home and i found that container structure. exactly. so i was thinking that's why i didn't mention i need those 2 because i felt greedy. now i have enough, but i'll take because you know, they're going smoothly. beautiful. and i have a case of blueberries,
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if you would like more rain buried. i do encourage people to do it because if there is far more food and other things than i could possibly consume. wow, baby. yeah. and like, i don't usually take fresh stuff more than i need unless i know that my friend jared like will it's i want to see or i might get a little extra, but i don't want, i don't wanna take stuff home. they knows how to go bad. cuz i can only eat so much . i'm really grateful that i found this freaking group because just nice to have these good people in my life like darlene and rich. you know, people who think the way i think people are attracted to us because we think differently than most of society that we're not always thinking about. i have to get that thing that i just saw advertised because the newest and the best. but really quite the opposite that we're thinking, i don't have to get something just because it's newer and better that they're more important things than having the best of everything and,
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and kind of having the best friendships and relationships and integrity and knowing good people that's really important me i i got this place last may. i'm in the middle, the pad, demick. everything was close. i had no interest in going to stores on top of that. i have gonna buy anything. i was gonna buy cheap junk. i spent what i put on the place, but i managed to furnish this place beautifully just with things i got from for free. this on the side of the street, the solar side of the street. its thing weighs a 1000 pounds, a nice piece of furniture. i don't know who to put in it, but it's got nice shelves and doors and everything in here is stuff i've picked up there around from their various places that we ever wore or anything. got plenty of
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bandages and medical supplies, blood pressure monitor. this is, this is, this is like my, this is my, on my pharmacy to reckon. he things like toothpaste i got in the for years and here i had finally for magnesium or cohen how and health pill probiotics i've got them are i given the people they need them? it's just it's, it's amazing. like i pick a lot of random things and i try to give them away and stuff i don't use and do pretty good. pretty good job of getting rid of stuff and but you know, i know my, one of my goals is not to have too much, but i want to say that kind of was sad and funny that he is. am i found 2 packs of 5000 staples, i realized i will never buy staples again. as long as i live. i have to stable to rest my life. there are, there are a lot of resources on, on the web to find things on facebook. there. bunch of different pages called by their combined nothing groups and they're very local. people have babies out here and they, babies grew up and they get rid of their stuff. they don't need to buy it again. there's a baby carrier. so everything but the baby winter hat, some people post,
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i think i want to get rid of this. go say, hey, do you have this? and it talks people up. this one is actually this person's looking, her breastbone, this person has one. so now they're going to meet, you know, say here's somebody either by stolen from c as my, as a star by somebody get some spare chicken. and somebody else wants it. somebody is stopped by a few minutes ago and she got some lip balm and a face mask and things like that that i had picked up. and now now it's somebody's using it. it wasn't just thrown away. ah. but it was sanction, rarely, rarely work except maybe a week, maybe a month when the world always figures a way to get around the site. whether it's, whatever it is that was anxious, don't work. politicians you get the city. and they say, see, i am saving the world,
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saving themselves, and they're making friends, which these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger. i survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had the face was not having a face at a low patient life. i accepted that i except the fact that i made that appointment . we had no fears. del change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. ah . this is fun, someone to someone dropped off and love yesterday. so welcome to our free store.
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we launched this right now. we're just over our one week anniversary. this used to be just this stuff right here. this plywood just this graffiti and it was full of trash all of that sting away plastic that's blowing all over the city with stuck in here. cigarette but bottles, people were loitering, it was an eyesore. it was attracting 1st about stuff and we decided, let's put it's a good use for the community. and i found a bunch of stuff in the trash like this beautiful black side that was ready to go in the garbage. the show. everything came from the trash from our street right here and help kitchen. this is given take over everything, not just all of these items, but given take a skills resources. there's a lot of turnover in this neighborhood. that when people buy all their fancy things to furnish their apartments and then they leave town. so often it literally goes in the trash. someone took our shelf that was over here,
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the real estate, but we'll get more to this is what i'm talking about. this is amazing, that's exactly the type of stuff we need. so i love this, i've been enjoying looking at the pictures on the group and looking at the 2000 in the turn over. been like phenomenal people are see someone saw like there's a he ruler and they're like, oh i wonder if that's still there because you can see it. sometimes we post photos in our by nothing group that. yeah. okay. alright, we're off. so have a great day and it's, you know, pilot for the community and for our elected officials and for our building owners to see when the community comes together. yeah, it's going to stay neat. it's going to stay tidy. let us in your spaces, give up for 3 says there is such an abundance of stuff that people are getting rid of. there is such tremendous need. we don't need to buy anything more. we don't
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need to buy new. it all exist, whatever we need. and there could be so much more share and we just need the spaces to do it. what did i lose? oh my god. well that's great to see. you have a nice the were all the way to a 3 cycle event for kill clean. so i was here with all my giveaways and random things that i've accumulated over the last, whatever years and months and days. so this is a new event, as far as i know that they're running a lot. so people can bring things to give away and people can come and take things for free. and this is great for me because i'm always looking for a way to give things away. this was in
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the trash of a store because christmas was over. so it's a completely good item that became garbage tax laws, you know, definitely do benefit the wealthier people in our society. so that makes sense for them to throw it out and write it off rather than give it to somebody who could use it. because then that person is not going to buy it, of the core of the philosophy is reducing waste, whatever would otherwise become waste, stopping it from becoming waste. and instead using it in a way that transcends traditional capitalist markets. there is no exchange of money . so we're just looking to use things that other people no longer have any use for or have decided not to have a use for i'm just showing mark a gift that i'm bringing. i found this st recently like this week. really how
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that's a nice fine, that's awesome. yeah. yeah. so yeah. besides the missing strings that has like this might need. oh yeah. thing on the back. i forgot the not nothing. yeah. so the not needs a repair placement is not even an issue that we should only be thinking of as happening in the global south or over in somewhere in the 3rd world. this is an issue right here in our backyards. when people think of issues of food and equities and hunger, they always think of something maybe they might see on tv asking to make a donation to feed children in africa or what have you. but people are starving right here in the united states in our own backyard, in our community. there are people hungry and dying on the streets right here. this isn't a problem over there. this is a problem with which we as americans are intimately linked to because it's
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happening around us in our own communities. and there are resources to do something about it here in our community. any local rocher is throwing away, tends upon tens upon tens of pounds of food, perhaps even hundreds of pounds of food every week. and you could just go take that and you could use it to feed people in your community. we have the tools to build solutions to these problems at the local level, and it's imperative that we do well not everybody has to dumpster dive to get free food. and it's nice that i think, especially during the pandemic, there's been a lot of concern about all of the people who have lost their jobs and haven't been able to make rent, and haven't been able to keep up with the economy. but let it, let us grab freemans, let us grab it for you. let us grab it for you. so this is aaron mckenna's bakery. we pick up from here every sunday, and they give us
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a bunch of really good treat. usually it's what they have left from the day before, i believe sometimes they throw in some fresh extra stuff for us. people in the park just absolutely go wild over these everything weekend gluten free. not free, i think as well. so pretty much anyone can eat them unless they're trying to cut down on sugar more or less at the end of the day, we don't throw anything. we like to donate stuff. we give it out to the neighborhood, our friends around here or not. i know the area more or less so i know where there's people that are like homeless. i'll go on next to them and i'll give them stuff the. you don't waste that all here we try to make the best of everything we do here. wasting food is terrible in general, but i think especially in new york, just are so many people you know and such, close proximity that need it. i think other bakeries during the way, instead of donating it is kind of just crazy in
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a couple of dogs myself where they were like instead of donating. and they'd rather just throw it away because it was maybe losing money, but you lose money anyway, throwing it away. and so i think it be better if you just gave it to someone in rabbit funds that are right there. let me get you. my name is sam agnew. i'm a volunteer with the lower manhattan food, not bombs. and we are in tompkins square park right now, which is where we serve food every sunday at 4 30 pm. it's food that was otherwise going to be thrown away from a grocery store that we pick it up from. and we take the food of food. we cook it every sunday and we serve in the park for free. the people who are hungry as a way to mitigate food waste and feed hungry people and just build a sense of solidarity and resiliency in our community. we just have, you know, just sort of, you know, being in groceries. cato pampers, tomatoes,
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some through banana plants. and some of these bag i have read in them. now we got roll a cinnamon raisin bread. i just all contingent upon what we get on a weekly basis and our donations. sometimes we'll get 10 boxes of food. sometimes we'll just get one or 2 and none of the food was ever in the trash. this is all donated to buy groceries stuff. they're not going to sell, but it never makes us in the trash. and then we just didn't want anybody want that me. i never, ever, ever needed food because of code and my dog i became really scared. so we started going to the pantry. it's just due to the what was just to participate and it was there given now and anything i don't use, i think around the neighborhood to other people and i'm retired and there's no work . so it's very scary time. and people here are very afraid,
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everybody in the city is very afraid because it's empty and nobody knows what they're, they're planning on. i wasn't my 1st thing. i would say the majority of people who come here are people who come to the park regularly. they live in the area of a big chunk of them are on fixed income, or are on disability or on unemployment, or on food stamps, and don't really have a huge budget for their groceries. there are a lot of other places to provide deals for people in the area. one of them, you know, is government based. another one is the church nearby, but the majority are, you need to prove your financial need. you need to somehow prove that you need the help when it comes to food, not bombs, will serve absolutely anyone you know,
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whether they're doing well or not. because it's about, you know, redirecting food ways. it's about, you know, these, any, any amount of food that we serve them is a meal that they are not paying a grocery store for. or, you know, consuming in feeding into the market and creating more ways in the community fridge that we come to after. we finish serving whenever we have leftovers. we. we just put all of our, all of our leftovers in this refrigerator from its free food. anyone can come in to get anyone can come in for food and there's a pretty high turnover rate for this one. i check it every few days and you know, if you look at, if you come here like you in the morning and see what's in there, you come there the next day. all of that will be gone. so this, this refrigerator feeds a lot of people in the neighborhood, and we always just put whatever we have left over in the fridge afterwards. basically during the pandemic, i think last summer in particular, there was
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a big move to setup free fridge is all over the city. so it a lot of neighborhoods in new york city, there are these refrigerators that anyone can go to and get food. so yeah, really cool aspect of mutual aid in practice. and just to piggyback on that, that is a very, very nice thing that people do that they put food in a refrigerator because there are a lot of homeless people around here and they, i guess they do appreciate you know, what is being done in this neighborhood. i live right up the block. my name is robert. i bring stuff down also, just so that people can have something to this rough time. got a really, really pay, eat what's going on. as far as the pandemic is concerned, a lot of people don't have money shopping to head, you know, they have really parents or whatever the case may be. but you know, this is really, really a wonderful thing that people do bring. i mean, it's like
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a god then. i mean, you can't, you can't put in any other way. i wonder if i have another bagel bag for such purposes. yeah, i have a i have a clean bag for you here. i read the news recently. i didn't read the details of it hadn't kind of busy at work, but that france has, has recently made it illegal for sources. throw away food so they have to distribute the food. that's the of there's still edible reads like were here, things get near the expiration date. they throw it out like a great thing will be if i were to go look at it, i'm certain there is nothing there that would be that would be awesome. that's going, that's not going to happen. i'm not trying to get everyone to learn to dumpster dive. i'm trying to change the way that we're managing the economy and dealing with the food. there should not be all this waste. there should not be the ability to dumpster dive
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the the safety harbor and summer solutions every year. we try to dig into the solutions and we've got a special guest today. jim consular of consular dot com the news
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ah, with get used to the attacks from different directions, the attacks over various matters, various sorts and degrees of gravity. and i'm not stunned by all down. let me approach and speak to america, nbc network ahead of visit with joe biden. next week. julia sanchez, family calls on the u. s. government to drop the case against them as they travel across america to raise awareness, but with the country still desperate to extradite the whistleblower, his supporters believe washington was trying to send a warning to others. he is being held up as an example. keep your mouth shot or this.


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