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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  September 3, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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more people carrying because i would use the social infection. and the other thing that i think is something called to learn from is the possibility to move a patient and a donation organ. if one hospital is very busy and is not able to carry out, no such, we moved to a different part of the country to have that we saw that happening in a couple of places. and i think we'd like to see more of that kind of flexibility. that she'd use for now i'm next b m, x biker, and now mtv hose, t j 11, is dennis minutes plus one in just a moment after which i'll have your next update from r t in moscow. ah, the war drugs noted as a way to combat a great problem. what's the wonder? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check, told us that there was
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a competence short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly, they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like something else to be happening. join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the moon. hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one t j lab and he host the challenge on mtv $37.00 seasons that's been on. he's done
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the last 27. thanks. survivor meets, you know, the real world, that sort of thing, young people. and it sounds like a fun show will talk to g j who's been a long time host right up to this. dennis miller plus one the low, their walk of the dentist books are going to be joined by t. j. lab and today. and i know for some people who are not m t v lights or be i'm excellent. they're wondering who he is, a professional b m x rider, who handsome crashes a turned into a reality show. host of m t these the challenge. now folks, i think i was there at the beginning of mtv, i think it was my let's see. 37 seasons of the show now,
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that absolutely boggles my mind that i'll show you how fast time clips by the show is now and it's 37th season. now the new season is entitled the challenge spies live and allies allies and it airs wednesdays. 8 pm, 7 pm central on mtv. this the host will find out when t j got into the hosting business t. j 11. how are you, my friend? hello sir. how are you, brother? when did you, you weren't there for, for 30. great. you're not 37 years old. when did you get it? oh, thank you. very hope to hear that. i'm actually 44. appreciate you know, i know i, i've been for 27 seasons now. i'm on my 28th or 29th now, but i it's a season so people speak that a lot. 3737 years, but we actually don't do it. i understand it's like survivor to, you know, like,
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yeah, i understand it's not yours. i'm just saying 37 seasons and god bless you, brother, because you know those suits that any of these networks. i used to know judy, she just forget her name. when i worked at m t v, she was in charge. she's sweet and fresh that i know president, but there is a lot of suits at these places that after somebody makes the decision to hire somebody the next time they can look bright is the lack the guy. and for you to last this long, you must be kick on this job, brother, because some at some point they don't keep you that long unless you that they do studies and they go teaches a big part of the success that is a good for you. oh, thank you sir. yeah, i tell you why. i'm very happy and very excited and i cannot believe that it's last long. and i was always like, there's just no way the last thing, there's no way. but he doesn't or not. i mean your affairs out just keep everything
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dialed in and, and she lives and that's where. busy i've been my whole life. i've just been making my overhead low. try so good for you. keep it real. i like i like people were smart . listen show is. i know there's skills. i know everybody has something, but i'm telling you about people with skills that they're never got to taste. it is a cosmic endless summer wave. and if you use your head and don't become an idiot, don't become a, don't become too demanding. use your head, show up, work hard, be pleasant, says the people, you can make the long run. i always admire people when i, when i meet them in the business like that, good manners come for a lot and you don't have to get in somewhere and blow it up in the name of being an artist. so good for your brother. i'd like your approach. thank you sir. busy i appreciate it. yeah, i agree. 100 percent. 3 people how you want to be treated and just be as nice to
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the executive producer. now let us know, not everybody knows the show. so give me the will dial in on this season's theme spies lies and allies, but just give me the meta view, the overview. what is the challenge and challenges? competition show competition reality show where most people are on other shows. they come from survivor or really neural or like this, and we put them all in the house together and then they go out and they come from all over the world. i think the countries are so represented on the season, which is off. and i love having worldwide, right? no recognition and haven't people from the world be involved, not just american, not just, you know, not just mexicans where we are now or whatever. it's real cool. having, you know, and expect a group of people and this is like they're off by law and allies and whatever, but they're all, it's essentially
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a calm agency. so their whole. busy thing is basically demo 7 me sir. ryder me that's a good way to present that. this is one of the things that bugs me above water life is the, the, when they apply mystical notions to people from other lands. and they always talk about the americans. i get sick of it. listen, every country on the planet that america the in croatia. there's great people in both. busy of them and this whole thing that the other is always more noble. i like the fact that you're picking and choosing from all over the planet because they think it all set people straight on. yeah. there's great people from everywhere, there's drips to let's, let's see, their worst people let's see are. 1 percent, a 100 percent, you can be more correct. and you know, i, i see that there is, there's, there's all kinds of things that the americans are leading in different subjects or
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whatever. maybe, you know, be city and they're like, we have problems. we have this. well, i know for a fact that there's different levels of obesity in every country and there's different levels of every country. you know, it's not just american, it bothers being and it's only america, not that it's not just that it's, it's everywhere. so we all are. and i'm intrigued, i remember taking my kids one day when they were young. we went up to the bay area for the games. we were big. what was then the strong, a, travis restaurant, travis pastrana fat. and i didn't know is a kid. i mean, that sounds funny for me to say it's a fad, but i remember i took my boys up and eminem was there. and i am, and i'm, it seems like he had some sort of,
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he grew up. but at that point it was just all rough stuff and they said is over there you want to meet him as i'd rather be travis, restrung. now this kid was so beautiful. yeah, i know you're b m x and he was the motor bike, but he was the state of the art. he was the 1st can i ever say came off the handlebars and did the superman fly and that at the end that 31 he dumped it in the bay memory just dumped his bike which blew my mind. it was so cool. and i remember walking away from the x games and events like here be next thinking. ok. i didn't know what this is quite a bad. i didn't know if it was just kids play hooky or but you know their noses. the a thoughts i found there was beautiful. it was hard work. it was a way of life for them. i was blown away, brother, it was, it was an invigorating world. thank you sir. yeah, i one that you're actually 9. is that why do i want? i want to so and i want to san diego and then 7. well, i was very brother,
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i probably because that wasn't the only event i saw. i saw other events, it was such a great experience. and i remember being there in a yellow jump suit yellow, just be all yellow. everything was crazy. like it was, it was something that you know, the, the hope the ex motorcraft. 1 shots are great friends we, we all such a respect for each other because every run. right, so. busy everybody knows that everybody knows that one head injury anyway or, or whatever from being utilized from the neck down, like multiple friends with that. and i have friends with cd, you know, so they kill themselves and it's crazy like so there's just a lot of respect between the athletes nowadays and then back then as well because it's such a dangerous hobby and or profession. you know,
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i think travis must have been 14 at that point. what? you're probably where you 2018. where were you at when you want and say, just go. i had to be 996 points 2 years ago. so 2020 to judge you had, i know you've obviously had some crash ups in training for those folks. think about it to train, you gotta fall. so i know you must have and why you hadn't had the cataclysmic ones . the came later had you at that point. now once i hit 30, all the bone started breaking like crazy. it was really rough. i broke my wrist before i was 36 times 3 and 3. and you think like you never learned but, but i just, it was just 6 weeks out. you know, it's no big deal done. it's supposed to be a week,
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but you can take no worries. you send it. but, but at the time when i actually turn 30 just started going downhill for a crash and reiki and haven't broken leg i've, i did come with the bones in the window and then and then another time i had a head injury and bashed my face and had a broken orbital and there's risk right here to play to 10 screws in it now because i put it out, stop the fight to stop the fall. and when i did that, i state my own life, which is great. so that doesn't happen. yeah. you know, it's like when you look at things like that, you like them do like that's normally. so you, you tend to check yourself a little bit when you're over 30 and you're like, you have a lot more life live like this long, long go, you know, not funny. to 20 years old. you think you're going to live forever. then later on
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you qualify it and you're the 40 to go. well, i hope i get 98 if you don't start to dial it in, but that's the nature life. i look back on for stronger. he might have a kid that i don't know where he's at. you say your friends. yeah. he might look at his kids that are in my god does. but i'm to say it at that point he was a young pharaoh. he was like a god man. he came off those things in years. i remember sitting there, that is one of the most amazing things i've ever seen. and it's tough to grab a kid at that age and say, are you worried about getting hurt? they're not. i mean, it's just the circle of life. none of us were men. it was crazy. like, being hurt was so far away from my mind. it was crazy. and when it crept. yeah. yeah. then it seems inevitable. i remember when i tried to start skiing later in life, i remember i thought this is something you got to start early because i skied like
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a 44 year old bread winner. i looked down the hill at all. i saw a bunch of reasons that i wouldn't be able to tell jokes and picks. and i remember, and i walked and i learned this is 12. i'm not gonna learn this now. and up somewhere attraction or worse for the next year. anyway, were talking to frontier. ivan and the show is the challenge spies lies and allies . we're going to dilute on this season. we've got the meta view of the challenge. it's 7 pm central and mtv and 8 pm and the other time zones, and that's wednesdays. 8 pm, 7 pm central, and mtv will dial it in and talk about this season on the challenge. it's $37.00 called spies lies and allies this year, t j lab right after this, dennisville are plus one the one drug started as a way to come back, a great problem. what's the wonder?
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it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time, the fight against drugs took a check. he told us that andrew was competent short form. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in a river like that something else had to be happening with the folk. welcome back to dennis miller. plus one, joined by a mentor t j lab. and on the show professional b, m x rider. and i would remind you twice one the x games and his event that no small feat folks, every, every kid there was not only fearless but talented out. it's god bless that he has
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that in his memory bank and now he's a reality show host he, there's 37 seasons of the challenge. right now. he gets in a little later than that and they don't run criminal, you know, every year it's not like, you know, it's no country for old men here, but 37 seasons and my man is right at the center of at the new season is entitled the challenge spies lies and allies in that era. wednesdays a pm 7 pm central on mtv. how long if they've been going to the theme t j, or was it always just called the challenge then with an addendum or did that come later? and what was one me not exactly, i mean when we're on 30, it's called 3030. and when it's been a different, different situation is the island or whatever. but it's so it's a challenge to the island or something like that. and then so the challenge is renovated as the real world road rules because it was the real kids going to get
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a group. that's what i remember. that's when i remember dave here as a host. and he was this. he was the host that time. and i just like i just remember the old school and tv and i was like and all you guys around there . yeah, i think and then. busy and then carson daly was like, god, like and, and i just remember those days, man, i just can't believe it off the guy on mtv now like it's so weird to me. and i almost like. busy feel like i'm manifested that like i really want it to be that god, mtv and then now and then it's so cool it, it is, it really isn't. and like, you know, usually when, when did you get to be on t v or do things or whatever. i don't think they appreciated as much as i like because i'm so thankful to be that do that. i know where. busy it was and i
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don't nice and stuff like that. i know the crashes. 6 and all the stuff that it took. so here we're on that now. here this filming is in. i can't believe. so. i'm just like, i'm blown away and then 27 later. and i'm still going strong and it's great. you know, it's just like. busy mtv people could have been sweeter to me and they're there cooler fan. judy mcgrath was her name, her name just popped into my head. she is derived over there and she was and called them. and when you say dave mirror i get such a small my face. i haven't thought a long time. i remember that whole era. and my kid was in to be john. and i remember every time we went past the big mouth like up in sun valley, the slope, i forget the cat's 1st day, like it would look at we go, you think bender could come down or do you remember they, can they vendors, vendor?
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yeah, there was a bike writer, a vendor, and my kid, his whole point of reference was, could vendor come down there and it was, it was such a hard, it was like a whole introduction of a whole nother world of sports to a whole different generation. and look at the legs that has the game world, the it's its own thing and now it's getting a meritus status. it's getting old and in trends. it's funny, isn't it? yes, crazy. i mean now we have a lympics as well. so it's like elliptic ghastly friends. it's so weird and, and to things like, you know, it just is right and a little there by now side yard. and that is weird to me. some of the events are getting a little to where does watch and bit of the lympics this year. and i, i think one of the events now is tying together a parent tennis shoes and throwing them over a telephone line. i think that might be one thing that was
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a new event this year to j. tell me about spies lives in our lives. what's the theme there? you talks about the island. you talk about 30 for 30. what's this one little more conspiratorial? what's the title? denote yeah, what is this one go about like being secret agents. so they're going to be agents and then basically you're, you're making deals and things like that with everybody. everybody out there, you know their lives is and they make their making the or whatever. but i'm known as the handler for them, so i'm giving them missions to do different missions and say ok, go to this for, you know, they're, they're all time to become safe from elimination. the only way to do that is when they, when it's down. and so it's a really cool thing to. busy to, to win and be there, and just, you know, you're showing for another week, you know, so it's, it's awesome. especially if you get paid by the week. now let's say you watch some
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of these games. these are reality shows over the years, and there's always somebody who is posited as the villain. remember that they park in the real real world. and oh yeah, it was johnny fair play over on survivor. and then as i was reading the notes on this, that it seems like we actually did come across the guy who's ethics for us to win. those who is the scattered, screwed is part of the bread that unbelief of commander develop. that we are not, his name is johnny bananas legend in our world. he actually won 7 seasons of jones did say, and now you start to get a little bit of a competition from our friends. he was another guy and he was punching a cement wall. busy i believe in one of his real world days back in france or something, but yeah, so he didn't know that he thought it was, it was just like
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a particle or. busy something so some of those days are over, but that he's the kind individual now but, but he definitely really good and he's causing it on the way he can. he can get up there sometime in the awesome to have those to come out and listen. i don't understand the pay out the hottest bananas end up being able to take his partner's half of the winnings. cut out right? cut off. and because he gave more point the final challenge. so he was in charge of the govern. yeah, it's crazy, but it's something that, that i was totally blown away and then just completely baffled. that's how that happened. and somebody had the balls to do that. like that is crazy.
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all right, we're talking to t j lab and folks in the show is the challenge now and it's 37 season over there on mtv wednesdays. 8 pm, 7 pm central. notice that i remember watching jo ages ago, rogan, he was hosting that show where you live centipede and now he's a huge player in the national dialogue. what do you see down the road brothers? yeah, i don't mean you want to echo his notes. no, you got your own thing, but where do you see it going from here? what would you like to do right this until they turn a light side. right? yeah, i have no idea to be honest with you. i like never my life. as i said, okay, i'm going to do this. i'm gonna go to that. it's just, it's just been one awesome ride. so the 14 you saw that the right and bicycles. and then that was there's no way you can make a living. you know, that's
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a say and then somehow i made a living at it writing bicycle. i got real good at it and then then the show came along and they were like, we need an actually and then they got me and then it was, it just worked out one thing led to another. and now i just came and just put my head down, try to work hard to do the right thing. it's been worked out. awesome, so. busy i try not to plan too far ahead. i just do what i can to be the best person i can try to make sure everything is is, is it goes on. i talked to steve or sometime in the last 6 months and the light bulb is so gone. i'm really still steve ho. but it's so funny to me to watch. you talk about a reformist. he still funny you still cookie, but you see the light where, where he just rather you got, you got to just this
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a little as you move down the path here and it was so hard, it's funny. people used to just look at and think, oh, he's the guy who put fish food on his general horse and let the cuttlefish into the fact. now he's not listening to me and to be god. he was so wise about certain things. i said this is so trippy to watch, become the wiser older. do you know me across this path? you ever never talk shop with them cross path here and there we, we definitely cross circles, sienna stuff and. busy stuff, but we never hung up, you know, i never hung out with them back in the day like real real critic, the party animal stuff like that and i don't even drink like i never even got got it. i never did the drug. i was just born super square and just riding and just love and so i don't want to do anything that would curve that for me
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writing the next day. you know what a blessing for your parents. i'm telling you what was listen. b m x is dangerous. when your kid comes in and says, listen, i'm going to take something up where i'm at least hanging onto the handlebars as opposed to i don't got anything in my life and i'm going out with a friend that i'm getting going to get loaded. to hear you say you never got i because right and was your high what a beautiful thing for i'm telling you and your parents got a load at night they was and there was the happiest person that their kid had taken up. one of the world's most dangerous for my dad was like, you know, j, i don't want to play football. he's like, cuz i don't want you to hurt your needs. so that took up the most dangerous part. there is no, you see him in your risk or accordions. well dad, i never took up football, but look metal of my poor little brother. it is
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a delight to meet you. you got kids now they riding a bike. so where are you at and life? you got a family, know i have a wife and i have a daughter who i adopted when she was from. i got it from my wife now. she's 22. why and killing it? and she's a hair. las vegas and at a place called square which is like the high and cool hair place and help her all that job or to the school or anything she did all of that. her cell. busy so we really love it. what's, what's her name? her name is raquel rick square, folks, if you're out there, yes. and you need a nice cough get over there and sir, and raquel out, and that's awesome. all right, well we've met her daddy and he's a cool cat, t j. i could see where they kept your brother, your good people and your good hang. and you've got the bonafide from log and all
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the time. so you guys, the kids give you properties because you walk a road the road at some point and now you're the wise old host over there, season 37, the challenge folks and the new ones called lies give it to me by now there you go. who knows better than the thanks for your time, brother. good to talk to you. then. thank you very much. all right, later, gator t. j la dennisville plus was i i can't rec, drugs are essential for millions of patients. or are they? they want that pill that they hope will take care of their problem thoroughly and
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rapidly in the short term. they really work. the problem is in a long term, they're mostly disastrous. suddenly stopping a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms more serious than the condition. it was meant to treat instead of the beneficial effects of these different medicines ending up to something wonderful. very often they're harmful effects and up to something terrible can pills so of all ills. or are we trying to mitigate life itself? i just think i was like i was just scared. i was just care a little girl of 24. and like i didn't have to be so complicated driven by a dreamer shaped by those in
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me. i think we dare to ask the headlines this. our jo biden's approval rating dropped to the lowest in his presidency after the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. but the administration sticking to the belief that some good p r can still shift public opinion away from the object failure. pull out from cobble is also serving as a wakeup call for america's allies with top you diplomats now saying they can't rely on us the military support that the blog feeds its own army and it's been a shop drop in organ transplants. worldwide, new survey says that in the u. k, a load there have been hon.


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