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and the political order, ah, the shame that was spelled out, but not some in paris, but come to view, prepare a suburb is up in arms over the construction of a wall designed in theory to keep drug out its out saying it's in humane and in practice. only make matters worse. it really feels like a zombie movie. this last week, we have faced assault or assault that would put them to one side like animals. it's a long western tradition to segregate new military. you saw the pandemic as a chance to test propaganda on citizens. according to a troubling army report. us senators rose to facebook after leaked internal
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research suggest the company's instagram platform for harm children's wellbeing. ah . are broadcasting my direct from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. no anger is mounting in a paris suburb over the construction of a wall designed to keep drug users out. but instead of solving the problem, residents say it's actually made matters worse. and turn the area into a living hell or struggle. davinsky takes up the story. the writing is on the wall quite literally the wall of shame. that's what the graffiti spells out. and that's how some encourage have come to view this. this barrier has been built to hide one of the cities, ugliest problems. crack addiction for months, drug use is turned hawk. it will in the 19th home,
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decent paris and the surrounding streets into a living nightmare for locals. now they have been moved to around this location, meaning the problem haven't been tackled. it's just for a new set of glucose to deal with what it really feels like a zombie apocalypse movie is last week. we have faced assault after assault theft after 1st my neighbor is still in hospital at the trying to catch a drug addict who robbed him. he was beaten up. noel says, this neighborhood has long suffered problems. but this addition of more than a 100 drug addicts on the doorstep only creates greater insecurity. that's been done yet. we are almost a breaking point. there's a feeling of nervousness, violence. we think about it every day or even up to our myself with protective equipment to take us a taser or a but why? because just last weekend, there were 5 fights that happened on friday,
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then saturday and sunday they just didn't stop. we have drug addicts who come here every day because they need crack. this war was hastily built with the authority saying that it was necessary to protect glucose from the drug uses. but it happened to walking around in the neighborhood. we have seen everything from spilling over into commercial areas and drug deals, taking place openly in the metro is mounting here, locals, all protesting against the fact that they have a centurylink on the doorstep. just last, i'm angry because these people are being treated like animals. we countries, people like that, we can just move them to place further away from fairies. well known color, why are we angry today? because of everything that's happened. we're always been attacked. it's getting worse and worse, women are being assaulted, threatened. we must find
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a solution to the problem and we find that scandalous. there you go. we have to do something. so you don't want the, instead of relocating people to good neighborhood where moving them to areas that already have difficulty with them. they just shifted the problem a few blocks away, instead of building the infrastructure to accommodate the people. it's an acceptable so they'll call left. we are angry because instead of taking care of the deprived migrant population, we put them to one side like animals. it's a long western tradition to segregate new comment, to put problems, to one side instead of solving them. it's nothing new. the fascist were very good at it. said crazy, it's the book. the medical supervision have been approved by the government, but every time a location is suggested. physician from people who are buying some lightning. the plan is putting rock and they know the menu schools and
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endangering children. cool is something that dresses like a logical and also the psychiatric needs. i think there are about a 130 and a 150 men and some women living in a kind of shanty town on the outskirts of paris and totally unsanitary conditions. they need social and health care, not this type of security response. they had already been about. this is the major play of insecurity, which really gives a sense of how to solid even a new canadian army report has revealed that military bosses saw the pandemic as a quote unique opportunity to test propaganda on the population plans weren't implemented. but a disturbingly army chief thought they did not need approval from higher authorities. several officials or military headquarters warranted that such
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policies are not usually deployed against citizens domestically and had the potential to be abused by targeting government critics. the campaign called for shaping and exploiting information c, j o. c claim. the information operation scheme was needed the head of civil disobedience by canadians during the karone of ours pandemic, and to bolster government messages about the pandemic. this project which attempted to shape and exploit information was launched in april of 2020 without the request or even permission of cabinet. and even though then, chief of the defense staff, general john vance, gave verbal orders to shut down the initiative that very same month report show that these influence activities as the military likes to call them, continued for 6 more months until events finally submitted a written edict in november and now you might be wondering how such authoritarian and frankly even mackie valley in projects could be allowed to take place in
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a supposedly liberal country like canada, is specially since canadian law states that the military is within canada. unless given explicit permission from the federal government. well, it turns out that the answer there is essentially creative semantics. you see, according to the department of national defense, cy ops are only used abroad and they are, of course, completely and totally different from what it is. instead choosing to refer to as information, operation, campaigns. sure. and as terrible as all this sounds. the sad truth is that this isn't even the 1st time that the canadian military has set its sites upon fellow law abiding canadians. another initiative, this one spearheaded by intelligence officers focused on gathering data from the social media profiles of canadians, is included collecting data on b, l. m. leaders and collecting posts that discussed public opinion of ontario premier doug ford. all of this is specially when combined with the increasingly strict code
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protocols put in place by the federal and provincial governments paints a grim picture for candidates future. it seems increasingly like can, teens are finding themselves in a position where their own government and yes, even their own military views them as the enemy and a group to be controlled. us senators have grilled facebook's ahead of safety over the effect of the company's services. have on young people's mental health. this comes after leaked internal research suggested it's a photo sharing platform, instagram harmed children's well being started kill me up and comments. at this point, we see facebook once again in the hot seat of the us senate this time because a report showing that a facebook apparently worked to conceal information about the harmful effects on the mental well being of teenagers caused by instagram. it has weaponized childhood
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vulnerability against children themselves. it's chosen growth over children's mental el and well being greed over preventing the suffering of children. this seems to be a recurring theme with this company. do everything and anything to mould the world into your own image, for your own profit without any regard for any harm that is going to be done because your focus is on your pocket book. this book is just like big tobacco pushing a product that they know is harmful to the health of young people, pushing it to them early. also, facebook can make money. i g stands for instagram, but it also stands by insta, greed. facebook had to postpone the rolling out of their new app directed at children under the age of $1313.00 and younger because of
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a wide spread outrage and the barrage of criticism that facebook was facing after the wall street journal revealed that facebook was well aware of the harmful effects caused by instagram. we make body image issues worse for one in 3 teen girls, teens blame instagram for increases in rate of exciting and depression. according to what is being reported among teenagers who are suicidal and contemplating killing themselves. 13 percent in britain and 6 percent in the united states actually listed instagram as having a been a factor in their desire to commit suicide. now the tech giant has, you know, a basically accused of these reports of, quote, cherry picking facts on the eve of today's hearing. they did release 2 of their own internal reports, but many are looking on with disappointment because this is certainly not the 1st
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time that facebook has been caught suppressing data and channeling information in their own way. the research that we've seen is that using social apps to connect with other people can have positive mental health benefits. many people across the political spectrum in the united states, democrats, republicans, it seems like a consensus in the united states that there should be some better regulation of big tack and social media on that. the harmful effects of social media should be controlled. but despite there being such widespread feeling and they're being ongoing hearings on capital hill, there doesn't seem to be real legislative agenda being rolled out there don't seem to be real legislation being put into the work to limit the power of big tack and the social media monopolies, despite some colorful hearings, like we just heard. we discussed the issue with a former vice chairman of the libertarian national committee, who thinks a solution would be for companies to distance themselves from facebook. regulation
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isn't the answer? the answer over here is for free and voluntary action to shut down facebook and whether that's something like a small business. refusing to advertise on facebook or over a government agency refusing to share information through facebook. the key here isn't to regulate it because it's going to end up only favoring facebook, but rather to leave facebook and especially for the government to show an example. and to set to remove all government agencies from facebook and facebook subsidiaries. the idea that they could some police all their content. i mean, it is absurd and when they do police their content, they end up policing in the way that favors one very specific set of political ideologies over other one. so they police their content, but all they're really doing is promoting their political agenda. the government is the one that's turning it into a utility. so if the government simply steps away from it, and that includes also as well, i think repre electra represent representatives have a moral responsibility to leave facebook. that decreases its value of the utility
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and leave. that is what it should be, is basically sort of a small, a small site to share some basic information. mysterious blaze has broken out and stood guard in the south west, germany in which 10 buses park at a depot called fire emergency helicopters more than 30 fire fighting vehicles. and $150.00 personnel were deployed to the scene. there were also explosions, as tires blew up, as they burned. still not knowing what caused the fire, but the situation is now under control. there have been no reports of any injuries . the, this is art international all the way europe, the feeling, the heat as it struggles to stick to its green goals. have mentions rely on the fossil fuels to keep home was warm this winter and 4 years
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or it as we just mentioned about natural gas prices while they've hit a new high in europe. now, reaching $1150.00 per 1000 cubic meters, and prices have been skyrocketing since the beginning of september. and it's not only gas which europe desperately needs the continent has also been struggling to reduce its consumption of coal. in the line with policies aimed at limited greenhouse gases, but as ortiz, dmitri polk comments, those green energy ambitions might have to take a step back just for bit. environmentalism is all the rage right now, but mother nature doesn't always play ball. winter comes whether there's wind enough or not to power the turbines and where it's freezing cold. no one actually cares if gas and coal are green. energy prices are skyrocketing in europe and environmental initiatives seem to only be making things worse. the fact that wind farms are useless when there's no wind is a big problem for the likes of the u. k. for example, where they're supposed to produce around 20 percent of the country's energy supply
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. so it's back to dirtier forms of power. less than that, we need to learn that fossil fuels are still needed in the energy mix in order to back up renewable energy. because if we continue to remove all the bases capacity that is coming from sources like the gas called a nuclear, without having something that is like come backups the intermittency of wind and solar. then we will be having tight situations of the one that we're experiencing at the moment. take the current unreliability of wind and solar at the increased demand and low supply of coal and natural gas throughout the continent. plus all the carbon permit fees for coal producers. and you've got a perfect recipe for energy crisis, but somehow no one saw it coming. not a good start for what the likes of ursula underlines they will be defining era for environmentalism. it's a pleasure to welcome you to this conference on the make break decades for climate
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action. the next 10 years might be italian point, 1st and foremost for global c o. 2 emissions. good luck with that 3 month after she said that and you lawmakers are already extending subsidies for fossil fuel gas until 2027. all the while the energy commission insisted it had nothing to do with the crisis. the current increase in energy prices has little to do with our climate policies and much what to do with our dependence on volatile foreign fossil fuels. right. and the price of coal permits which have more than doubled over the past 2 years. probably also had nothing to do with the current situation, but higher coal prices and a shortage of supply isn't just effecting europe right now. china is also having a hard time with the whole environmentally friendly approach to energy. large sectors of the country's industry have been crippled by energy shortages and regions are being forced to ration power with chinese governments calling for an
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increase in coal imports. and we're not even into winter yet. going green is trendy and it sounds nice, but in reality we're a long way off before it's actually practical until then it seems non green energy sources are here to stay, trying to limit them without thinking of the consequences is simply a recipe for disaster. at the moment we have to state that physically, it's impossible to get rid of all the fossil fuel sources for energy production. if we did not get now nuclear power production and a little later on and achieve production from coal, we could maybe use less natural gas. but natural gas seems to be the major back bone. so usually for promot providing a stable energy production at with natural gas,
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you can quickly lift up energy production level when the wind stop blowing. when it start, the white house has admitted it's coming up with the you to stop china from getting access to high tech know how us commerce chief made the revelation at a top transatlantic tech trade. at summit we had to work with our european allies to deny china the most advanced technology, so that they can't catch up in critical areas. after he talks, gina romando branded brussels and indispensable partner, the meeting also focused on artificial intelligence, climate solutions, and development of 6 g networks. but it has not gone as smoothly as those u. s. comments suggest with france among others, opposing a statement about the summit goals. paris is still bristling over the new august
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pact between the u. s. the u. k. and australia, which saw camera scrap a $40000000000.00 summary deal with friends, is called august a stab in the back raising fears about the future of the western alliance. a political expert in china told us that europe simply can't trust washington. you're looking really being cheated by the u. s. many times in europe in countries like for lady then the us government stuck in the us cannot love your end of the yellow yet if they are also different degrees, i believe that you will have being the american lives in hoping to maintain independence, political, economic, and even military actually be companies in europe. i cannot fully call pre to be and, and china, the world largest condenser, much,
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or if we can talk a lot for them. if they don't fail to try and those companies, if you look at the trade data, if you will know that using the pen, that peers trying to train, you looking countryside is hooing rapidly and they have increased by 20 percent and even the 30 percent. so yield nice, china's market and trying to protect more than 130 judges in the u. s. are being criticized for taking part in cases in which they or their families stood to financially gain. wall street journal reports that 131 judges failed to recuse themselves from 685 cases since 2010 involving firms in which they or their family held shares. and 2 thirds of the cases ended up being ruled in their favor. the judges or relatives held stock worth more than $15000.00
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in companies involved in $173.00 cases, and more than $50000.00 worth into $21.00 cases. the report also founded that in $61.00 instances, the stocks were created during court proceedings. the us courts administrative office says it is looking into the allegations. the wall street journal's report on instances where conflicts inadvertently were not identified before a key was result or transfer dis troubling. and the administrative office is carefully reviewing the matter. i can say with absolute certainty that i never made any decision in favor of a company, because i own stock and was invested in that company. i dropped the ball. thank you for helping me stay on my toes the way i'm supposed to. i just blew it. i regret any question that i've created the appearance of impropriety or a conflict of interest. the newspaper highlights a new york judge who handled a pollution claim against oil giant exxon mobil while owning ex on stock. and
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colorado judge, who oversaw case against nbc universal owner, comcast, in which they to own shares. the judges failure to step aside when there is a financial conflict of interest violates federal law, and this has sparked a furious public reaction. will they go to jail and be impeached? if not, then it's just another story of entitlement with no repercussions and prosecutions . we expect judges to be fair and impartial. you now see why americans didn't trust . there is water and corruption in every level with no consequences. tell me how is that, okay? and nothing will happen, but the whole problem. look at the senators who benefit from star traits, nothing out to them. different rules for different people. lawyer and new york politician marnie hall also says the situation underlines the reality of america supposedly go and partiality. if it would have been one chase, that would have been fine, but instead it was
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a 131 judges and nearly 700 cases. so this really proves to be, you know, a pervasive and systemic disregard for the choose a law. and it really illustrates how the judges, the federal bench, the whole system as an institution, you know, is, is impartial and biased. i think this is just the tip of the iceberg. i think all these judges have been exploring this for choose all law for a long, long time when the public gets a win that the system is corrupt and you know, did the judiciary is not fair and impartial? i think that that really pushes the public to put pressure on our elected officials to come up with structures that demand impartiality that does it for me. this are, i will be back with your headlines and let's say 26 minutes. 36 minutes. even you're watching our 2 instructional
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ah, the ah, me, jamie diamond was critical, a big claim starting what it was, a $200.00 a coin. it's now around $45000.00 boys depending as he points out. 10
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x from here. so he's looking for up to $450.00 to $5.00, and about a coin the latest one most. and i'm not really sure what the most of the limitation of unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. real enough to build a new new look. and moved
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to new mazda thought this new, the all new, and i got the sale. i wonder what you know about julie who knew you didn't know i had to put on the scarlet and mother and all body bill. you nice little to do. you want to on this, she my new on it and all. i isn't all 7 long gates in the you know, put them out to take your bus. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings,
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accept where's the short or conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with demon a robot must protect this phone existence with the yeah, i'm still with me is work is ah ah, the matter
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because i don't want the cause. the choice of shirts underwood while you're committed. it's not no more recent you can listen. can you not leave to imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my name was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and all i end up doing is passing
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the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america, on our t. hey folks, next up on dennis miller plus one chauffeur, chef darnell ferguson. you've seen him on guys, grocery games has a new show that he's the lead john over and discovery plus great concept, tiny food, fight all the flavors, all the cooking, all the implements, all the ingredients, a great idea. darnell ferguson, right up to this one. dennis miller plus one they folks welcome to dennis miller plus one. i always love the talk in the chefs,
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and today we've got darnell super show ferguson on the show. he is a celebrity chef that has appeared on the rachel ratio. guy varies. triple g guys, grocery dog, confused with a triple. b, i'm a real food chef fat, but this is the triple di and triple g. so don't confuse n b poppy plan, the food network. but what i'm most struck by is i think i saw light up the great a g exploring shelly over some pork dish. and trust me, that woman is a killer shelves, a good for super chef or beating or on guys tournament of champions season one and 2. he's now the lead judge on the new food competition series. and this made me laugh out loud. tiny food fight, tiny food fight is currently available for streaming on discovery. plus that's a long way of saying, please welcome darnell super chef burgers.


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