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very idealized image. this older america makes americans look past debts that happen every single day. this is a modem. history of the usa. my america. oh, nazi. ah . hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one super chef darnell ferguson. you've seen him on guys, grocery games has a new show that he's the lead john over on discovery plus great concept, tiny food, fight all the flavors, all the cooking, all the implements, all the ingredients, small with a great idea. darnell ferguson right up to the side. dennis miller plus one thing
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a folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. i always love the talking the chefs. and today we've got darnell super show ferguson on the shell. he is a celebrity chef that has appeared on the rachel ratio. guy varies a triple g guys, groceries don't confuse it with a triple b. now i'm a real food chef fan, that this is a triple di and triple g. so don't confuse n b poppy plan. the food network, but what i'm most struck by is i, i think i saw a light up the great a g. i'll exploring shelly over some pork dish. and trust me that woman is the killer chefs, are good for super chef for beating her on guys, tournament of champions season one and 2. he is now the lead judge and the new food competition series. this may be left a tiny food fight. tiny food fight is currently available for streaming on discovery. plus. that's a long way of saying, please welcome darnell super chef ferguson. hey jeff, how you doing fasting?
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how much is so good, but i appreciate you, carmen some time out for us. i know you are i i heard were earlier. you were going to try to do it from the car. it's such a a good egg. but as he was with his kids sounds like get dad duty to day, brother. yes. and i bribed him with candy to be quite a candy in a world made me not talk that always works. and i listen. i have to say i could see it on your face because when you go up i, i saw a clip of him against the, like i said, the great alex garnish. shelly, they are both they working with similar ingredients and they're on the tour of the chip is brother, you must have been pleased to knock her off because that is the m v p. i think no exactly. is this use a one seat and that term? so it was the of that even i was surprised when you were like, you were like sha minot and those soup tournaments before the season where you came in at the 8 seed and you under right out of the box for the last 2
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legs you, i i didn't even celebrate after i got on the list and i think it worked great for your brand man that gave you some serious gravitas and my eyes. and i'll tell you what on the opposite end of grab a toss. it made me laugh. odd. i thought every permutation of a show about food has been done. but tiny food fight is such a great. it looks like it's the thunder dome of moves, bushes or something over there to explain. all we have here died out are, is a tiny food by which they get, this isn't as you did, went into they, what could this be about like, i can go and it will blow your mind because as fun in whimsical, in common, cool and laid back a series of the show is the food that these put together. we'll make say how in
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the world was this possible? well, i think in a long time, and now people are really familiar with food network in a long time. like how i can't believe it. now, you know, they like how to make a boot the size of a quarter, you know, because that's the basis for the size of the quarter. so easy, i make food. we're looking at 3 here takes, you know, we're looking at your favorite food, the barbecue with, you know, we're looking at all these things, just the size of a corner, and that's why everybody was there yet to have paul read. come on is aunt mat in doing it. this would be of this would be the most move ranma. you know what, whatever i go to a great restaurant, chef and the, the big, the huge guys, the thomas colors of the world. the grand act catches the world. they always blow your mind right out of the box with an amused bush, something to set the pallet get the taste does percolating. i'm always impressed
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that they can get that much flavor into it. and it sounds from your description here, it's not about just being diminutive hair. it's a big tast competition to write good taste textures and the plating, you know, the same way we one big food a little bit. i want a tiny little bit. and i can't tell you your want to be highly impressed when you see what they were able to create. i mean, i was standing there looking like i'm in the kitchen. yeah. so then it will be good if you had a big kitchen, he's had to make food smaller. no, you got to cook a barby sized kitchen. the blame is the candle. well, this is every hour for my generation, i'm 67. we had the easy bake oven and used to put the cookie dough and a little water in the pan, and then put it up against an 800 watt light bulb. and it sounds like you're dealing with something akin to that over there in the tiny kitchen goes maybe the
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ovens and i'll say the arm us in that, but it may be the all right, well give a look. it's tiny food fight folks, and it's over on discovery. plus we're talking to darnell super chef ferguson. he's one of the host. is there another host or is it just you up and one man? no, the, the main attraction is main where your name is main, where she the comedian, she's amazing. and i mean her personality is whimsical. she's as funny, as you can ask for a host of be on the show is about tiny as it was amazing. so she is the host and i kind of play off of her energy and it's a fun. so like the contestants or how every having fun. who is, i mean, even they have to make a joke about what they're doing. and they, like, i came really dorm on tv, you know, it's a fun time. you know, what check up. i called him a maybe 2 months ago. i called guy very. i knew him from years ago. i did one
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episode of the diners drive ins and dies for a local company. i can't tell you how it helped this restaurant up in santa barbara where i live and i'm always touched by ferry. i hear people dismiss him sometimes on these. these reality shows are the food network, a triple g triple di. and i love the shows. i'm hooked. i can watch and food network all along. and i can't tell you how proud people are when they're with the area. and i assume when you have these contestants on, they kind of find it funny, but they want to do well, i find it all a lot more touching than i thought i would i, i think people are proud of their chops and they want to exhibit them and you have to be sorted delicate the way you treat them, even on the things about bad chefs. i think you have to be cool about the way you handle the contestants. oh for sure. you know, a lot of times even incentives are more so than i don't think i'll be on guys tonight. judging on a grocery against night, was one the just you gotta like,
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remember that i try to serve you with hard out. you know, i thought that there are no more than i thought a light because is there time a song i remember i remember competing on guys gross again are competing. and i and they really made me feel like i wasn't meant to do this. i would stop there, you know, so it's kind of cool because now i don't dnd me the contestants, maneesha. if you look up to you and tell you thank for the words you say, you know, so it's a big thing and i've been around guy is just, you know, he's the michael jordan of or industry. yeah. you know, no matter if you think he the stuff or not i can guarantee you one thing. he's a 100 percent. sure. but it's kind of cool that you know for me as a shipment. so it's kind of cool to see somebody who takes the ship world from a different perspective and he's a other people are clicking. yeah, i think guys, every man thing is beautiful that you know, not everybody's going to be at court on blue. i, you know, although guy has
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a great lineage, i think at u. n. l v becoming a chef, he's got great jobs. but he has that every man touch where you can see when a guy showing him his corned beef hash outside of baltimore in a diner drive and a dive. and he's proud of it and everybody in the neighborhood eats it and he brings it out. the ferry, and he gives proper is it, is there a little bump and he moves on. i always think your brother that that means so much them and you know what it does, the business star. now their business is never the same. again. it's not, they can't even keep up as a guy leave that you know. like next for you know, the story. nobody at the national council can keep up with their changes. everything for you. yeah, we're talking to darnell super chef ferguson and he's got a new show over there and discovery plus called tiny food fight. but i want to talk to him about his bonafide his chops. where do you, who do you learn to cook off of sometimes it's an older member in the family or was your mom, your grandma or where did you get your chops? man?
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is a guess i didn't learn from nobody. i'm a family guy because they were on the all their recipes. i can't make it the rest of my moms and the rest. i always fun and me. my mom are in competition every time. so i learned it's always been my name ever since i want to locational school for, and i had a kid for cooking, but i would say like, nowadays, kind of like my inspiration and who i look at more like i really looked up to like michael because you know, he, he's the one that likes at the bar to where i'm trying to get 2 cookie wise. i feel like michael latasha was me if i had, if he had no michelin training. i. yeah, he's got amazing jobs fan and he's very yeah, he's like blade runner, man. he comes in fully tatted. he comes in, lean his leg visally with a spatula, but my man is ready to go. when he gets in and it kills me,
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get him and his brother is again and yang. you know, the brothers is more accessible, good cop bad cop. but the, if i was pushing some grub across the table to end of the judge, i'd be scared because mike will tadja is a beast. yeah, because that is what i look up to that, you know, it was the reason why i started looking. so a kid that made me, i never seen cooking in that kind of form. so you know what i like watching is, you know, i'm go to school for and i don't like it, me, somebody that you know, it was a win win situation for me and i got to meet emerald, spend time with him. so and just change my whole perspective even more. i'm like, man, this is the kind of guy because as much as i want to do tv, i want it to be a great shit before i ever got on. yeah. and that's well from emerald. well, you got emeralds and you got diamonds in the rough and we're talking to one darnell super chef ferguson. he's on to come over there at, at the food network. and also tiny food fight is currently available streaming on
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discovery plus b. you see him as a judge, he turns up my guys goes against b bobby flay, all those things will come back. we'll talk about what a right time. it is a fittingly enough as a descriptor. what a right time it is, the be a chef in this country because you can go 2 ways now and you go down one path and market yourself. well, you're going to be, well, everything you talk to the kids is going to turn to gold. the big businesses, there are no ferguson right after this. on dennis miller plus one ah friends, as mich chrome recently said, quote, the europeans must stop being naive when we are under pressure from powers, which at times harden their stands. we need to react and show we have the power and capacity to defend ourselves. bold words, but does europe have the political will to actually defend itself?
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and the lack of universal health care makes america the country of every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the life settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who are no longer want or can afford their life insurance policies. if you're sick and all the want to live a few more years, you consillio life insurance that way you get more money right away in the company, collects your insurance payment off to your debt. either there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation does that give them when i start crying about him dying? that's usually what it's about as just the sheer unfairness of it all.
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oh if you were expecting the of non gum, and could be in the image. ok best lippard, a see, and i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation. be you will have to see if you want me to go in as, but it won't go to the beauty entities. you got to compose the estimate democratic system on both on sunday and he won't and didn't get order. these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger or 5 something and survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation or life. i accepted the accept the fact that i made that it's where we had no fears. dell change pretty fast for shots.
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different stories behind the bullets. a folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one. we're talking to darnell super chef ferguson. i hope you've got that name, trademark. maybe because you know, you, everybody needs to look now. he is really more and is my actual name, so it helps them. my middle name is actually super sure where people don't ever believe that very go you're covered, are you? he's a celebrity chef that it's appeared on the rachel racial, guy, fairies, grocery games be bobby flay. he was also in season $1.00 and $2.00 guys tournament of champions over there he is now the lead judge on new food competition, tiny food fight, which is vailable for screaming on discovery plus. boy, i'll tell you what occasion i'll look at magazines when i'm on an airplane and they always have stories about food festivals. and that is a beautiful time to have some cooking chops and some personality in this country
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right now, isn't chap. oh, i will say i'm leaning into the crime on the phone with this is not just the time this time is changing everything outside of musicians and know now that athletes, you know, just, they're going to be to talk to in the next couple years. you know, because everybody loves to watch it, love to do it. it's a growing growing, and it's only going to keep moving forward. now that guy has kind of shape the way people see it. that, what did you take away from trade school? what are some of your key swing thoughts as a chef? what are you looking for 1st, as we talked earlier about textures, flavors, what, what are some of your will go to moves that you like and you know, everybody has something they prefer. tell me about your approach. my approach is always in the possibilities. i don't really work from what i've seen. i've seen some number where i don't want to do it again. so i always work in the realm of with possible. how can i transform this into something?
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no one's ever heard of before, but that's a high value. you know, so far as the id was always go from the creative side. and then after that i go back to the technical side. ok. there's a certain way to do everything. you know, i'm technically found even though my mind is out there and i will make the cerebral ice cream don't as sandwich. but as i technically has to have the smoke inside of it, it has to have the mason brown sugar has to have all of these nuances to make power . so after i creatively say, how can i make somebody, i'm going to blow your mind when, when you hear this. so okay, how can i perfectly executed this? i think that refers back to one of your key decisions. i think in your fledgling days was you brought a high end dining, shorter to cooking and louisville. i love that. but you're seeing those 2, john together was a smooth move, brother telling me how it worked. and then he crum land down there in louisville. yes. so here in louisville,
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mary mecca per capita. no more than a little small town. yeah, beside a small town in kentucky. no one know that, but it's so many fancy restaurant, they're not how they won number one. so we independently are so competitive here that i had to figure out like what's, what's my niche? and i remember that i was in one of the best restaurants in america, cooking. it was like kind of mad magazine, the best restaurant america. and i was in there cooking and no one i knew at ever been to a restaurant ever plan to go to a restaurant. and i was like, wow, like, everyday people were like so oblivious to only the critics to food, you knew how good is restaurant. now that you know what, i want to be able to cook for people like normal people, like people who will go out to eat, can only spend $15.00 for dinner, $20.00 for dinner. and i want people who go into restaurants weekly or bi weekly. i
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want my food like that. yeah. so i so you know where i'm going to pick the same standards that we have in these high and restaurants and you see it now. so it's the whole the tree now. i'll do the thing years ago to make sure you know that. so now you are, you were gen said, now you see all the how you should have short order restaurant now because that's where the money, the money is out in the find more the money in the chicken places. the money's and all the type of fast, casual restaurant everyone converting over to something that asking a long time ago, which is, you gotta be able to feed the mass. it's a massive, don't like your food. forget the critics, the masses have to agree that your great credit for take, you know, i like this little narrative, good. everything people don't agree that you're right. what you do. then i'm losing the mark somewhere, especially a 3rd brother because there's something primal about putting a smile on a human beings face by giving them sustenance. i remember my kid got out of college degree when i started baking bread for a while and he did it for
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a year. and i said, would you do that for? and he said, i lived in these towers of academies. i did, i dug by education, i had findings there, but i didn't feel like i was really taken alive is i'm telling you when you pull a piece of bread out of an oven across the counter and they're tearing it before they get out of the store. and take a bite is i can't tell you what satisfaction i got out of that. no, it truly is in. it's like, you know, i imagined like a painter. oh, gets a painter canvas in. and everybody wants to do their bidding like crazy. you know, it's a different billing to see your hands. make something in your mind. create something . and if the people just bower it like, oh my gosh, like, you know what you are and want to do is eat, you know, my grandpa, he's still no matter what people will have to eat. yeah. there's only so much coastal property and you should buy it if you have a chance and you get it in the food or coffee. i always thinking that starbucks guy just said that one day that people are going to be drinking this till there's the
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end of time. i better get in on the surly, so the yeah, there are certain things food be and one of them i. 4 listen, i was wondering who, you know earlier, i love the high low thing where you're flying high and techniques to sir regular fare for the working that i see that sort of morphed into a cooking style that you describe as urban eclectic break that down for me. what do you mean by that? exactly chef. so i was watching the show on bravo cook and show i won't say his name. i was talking to bravo. and i remember seeing a chef i looked up to, he did molecular gas, strong. a machine richer still limits? most of it. i think richard a couple weeks ago and he came back and he said the next thing he came back, he was a totally different chef. that what happens in my own identity is i was like the
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chef. i worked for for so long. yeah. finally for my own identity. and so therefore, when i heard that at a young age at the you know what? i will cook like myself from the get go when i'm learning from all these people, i'm going to create my own craft. i'm going to be known for 3rd cell, and it was good and sort of in a champions last season. the here marcus samuel said, i want to my place say hey, whoever the ship is, has his own lane, like his food, his car. so even though with me because the line judging, he's like wherever this app is, has. a their own lane and his food rep, it looks like whoever it is that this is not a normal looking like this. this has an identity. so early question is me saying that my food is related to everyday person? so it's, it's not the food that you wouldn't have had growing up at some point. but eclectic . i've learned a lot from being around the country because getting around the roku and so therefore it will be the future can relate to. but it will be in a way you haven't seen that's a compliment from mark a samuel center,
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because i view him as a, a chef who a lot of people have a chef. i'd have to figure out the pulse of their neighborhood, his neighborhoods, the world idea, this is a world chef and what a cool conflict that so mark is samuelson that such a cool vibe. this cat has a what is for door ahead on it, looking good. a no really, you know, richard, he was always great but he used to come in dressed up in the ghost buster suit with the fries. okay. i take it easy. it's a long way. ready. so what about chef? it is brick and mortar dad, do you what open a restaurant, do you want to have your own pad? well, what do you want to do? where do you go from here? when i have a right now i have a total of $400.00 restaurants. so we're opening up a new one at the end of this month, and then i'm also that's where i've been at lately in my my,
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my actual culinary products will be in the grocery store and hopefully by the beginning of next year. so you'll be able to give peg matter. you'll be able to get my ranch, you to get all the different products without a grocery stores. that's really where a big focus of mine is becoming a household name and synonymous with great food chef. when we look for the products and the stores eventually will it be under the moniker super chaper? it could be a super snow kitchen. ah, well that's beautiful everything. when you see this branding stuff. eventually, eventually i'm going to a store to get a super chef model melanie scoop or something. you know, that's where exactly got and super some products in your how, who are you in the whole setup? when you get home, if you need to, super sure. get there. listen, i was like i said before we talk today, i heard you in the car with your kids and you still make a nice meal at home for the kids, right? you could still what, what's one of your favorites at home?
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give me a good home this all at home. so and sound easy. i like to reach, you know, a like, like, right? you know, that's my main staple in life. i like to make a very good milky bis, let in love, funny or modern word of a them boozy. i absolutely like you like parisian no key. why in the bath? at least you didn't hit me with the rabbit or a cat where you could have went back home, but yes, i could have listed it's good to meet you van. and the big things come in for super chef over there. look for the products. it's donna ferguson and the new shell, sorry, i've lost my note here is called tiny food fight. i just saw the trailer to it. i haven't seen an episode yet, but it looks very funny and it is exactly as per advertised. they're trying to make great taste great textures. great look. plating the whole 9 yards. it's just the
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dishes are like this and some of the implement choose the supply. the dishes also like that great idea. somebody had over there at discovery plus and he is the head judge, darnell super chef ferguson. we appreciate your time, my man, have a good life. oh me. yeah. the gray one as well. all right, i thought did down the road. that's darnell ferguson. this is dennis miller plus one. ah, lou 2, no one, no, no, no. hon. who a job? no, no. what door? more shrill than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short,
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then build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. the real and you know, to production it was, it gives you or sure to read that they're not eligible . no new son, new rochelle. he one more mom, you know, margaret thought this is meant union from all one of our brand new and i got all my sale. i got your name. i got on monday. i wish to know about joy, whole new food in room. oh gosh, more polished enough, jr. let's i had to put on the sky mother and all everybody bill. could you go out or cows? nice. oh boy, that's good to go on. what the on this the wow she my a new other. i'm all i can send more or said mom good. so you don't
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a year you'll not on all of them are going to give us a lot of cars after 40 year of bad interventionism by simply expanding and pretending and printing a lot of money. they got into this cargo called, you call it mentality, where simply waving a flag, you know that it's actually printing more money is going to make all the problems disappear. meanwhile, politically, what we've seen in america is really remarkable. the, the liberal left and their cohorts in the media, even though that this policy is causing incredible human suffering in america. they effectively marginalize those people as quote, deplorable and really made scapegoats of the victims of j pow. and they've often said that this is a victimless crime, money printing and extortion that's practice at the fed. and yet i look at those 90000 dead americans last year from opiate overdose. i'd say how you got blood on
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your hands because that's a direct result of mal investment, money printing, and rogue economics that you're practicing as a charlatan. ah, and looks it out. and he used to work with along with the toyota shirts. underwear, which was completed in the knob. new quote is piece that you book this and you can use not leave until after.
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ah, this, our concerns grow for you as activists who's gone on hunger strike. martin gods felt serving time for launching cyber attacks against the hospital. he says severely mistreated a teenager, we hear from his wife the last time anyone heard from in the country 23rd bathroom. so scary stuff, kill my any other week that's from a linux, the worst president in the united states. i. t stands for instagram, but it also stamps. insta agreed. exploiting kids for profit us lawmakers roast facebook that after the company's own research shows it's instagram plot for palms . children's mental health.


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