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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  October 2, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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is 13 focus countries. hunger had increased 30 percent, as farmers were forced to abandon nutritious, traditional poly cultures to focus on monoculture, fields of imported corn seed. that is weird, that abandoning the type of farming that had supported their way a life for thousands of years. and replacing it with whatever the white deuced in the cable knit sweater said, has had a negative impact. how odd, but to understand exactly what is taking place at the u. n. with the introduce another player. the world economic forum. you've probably heard of this is where the richest of the rich get together in davos, switzerland wearing robes rinsed in baby blood. i assume and they plan out how the rule over us for the coming year. and there are literally a private jet traffic jams on the runways. not kidding, and the gray,
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they'll report in the world economic forum and it's president, cloud schwab have silently pushed forward the davos agenda now repackaged as the great reset of vast proposal. replacing traditional multi lateral institutions like the un with secretive, unaccountable bodies run by corporations. and the wealthy elite boy shined me on that. 6 sentence as good as genital warts. in 2019 the un general secretary, antonio gutierrez, dove into a partnership with the world economic forum. without any discussion in the un general assembly, basically the world food systems and parts of the u. n. are being co opted by the richest people in the world. more than 500 civil society grouped boycotted the un food system summit in new york for given corporations in outsize role in framing the agenda. the greys on said the summit seeks to erase the last 15 years of
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progress and recognizing human rights in food systems. and instead, promote fall solutions that in practice put more control over land bio diversity and water in the hands of elite and secretive bodies run by corporations. through aggregate, the gates foundation pushes for the introduction of patented, genetically modified g m. o. that's right. seeds in fertilizers, while these technologies help seed and chemical giants like monsanto, they often undermine food security. you don't say oh, by the way, bill gate is also the largest single owner of farm land in the entire us. what are you doing with it? no one seems to know that a fun little hiccup, but it doesn't stop at food control. gates has taken over the world health organization, as well as the w. h o. voluntary earmarked contributions account for more than 80
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percent of the current w h o budget. in other words, most of the w h chose money comes with strings attached in 2018 alone the gates foundation gave $237000000.00 to the w h o, making it the 2nd largest contributor after the united states. the foundation also funds the w h o, directly through global alliance for vaccines and immunizations are garvey, and one could possibly argue, well, gates wants to help the world, so always doing it through the w h o. but if that were true, the gate foundation would not be almost completely run by puppets, with big farmers hand so far up their axes, they can taste the maximum strength. cramming all the revolving door between the gates foundation and big pharma is larger than the super massive black hole black
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hole at the center of our galaxy. i measured it. i measured it many, if not, most of the directors and the ceo's of various departments of the gates foundation come straight from glaxo smith klein, merc novartis, pfizer, et cetera. and if you really want it to be a naive little sweetie, about all this in our fresh, off the boat still suckling at the teat of optimism. you might say, well, just because they came from big pharma doesn't mean that the gates foundation is doing what big pharma once. however, since shortly after its founding, the gates foundation has own stakes in several drug companies. a recent investigation by the nation revealed that the gates foundation currently holds corporate stocks and bonds in drug companies like merck. glaxo smith, klein, eli lilly, pfizer, novartis and more. so the gates foundation makes money when big pharma does well,
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and they lose money when big pharma does poorly, do you think they're going to make decisions that benefit the corporate cycle packed have been pharma. yeah. yeah. i really do. i really do think so. for for some reason, when i search for an image of been pharma, it came up with a girl made out of silly putty vomiting confetti. i don't, i don't, i don't know and enough to do with that, but it's happening. it's happening now. but what is the gates foundation been up to then when it comes to bringing health to the world? if they're doing great than the do great. they're crowning achievement. is the dip ferry, a tetanus pertussis or d t p vaccine? they've been administering with the w. h o in africa. however, the d t p vaccine doesn't just save people. it also helps kill people. 2 birds, one stone, her although the killing thing of total palmer for vaccine,
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according to the greys on shocking lea, a 2017 study funded by the danish government concluded that more african children were dying at the hands of the deadly d t. p. vaccine than by the diseases it prevented. so. 2 stop killing all those people, bill. good job. the gates foundation and the w h. o. have also been busy administering in oral polio vaccine or o p v, which at times cause is polio. wait causes polio. you. you had one job, gave foundation, don't gone while you and you're done. you good of clark left polio if you would just stand on your account with thumbs up your ashes. for this reason, the scientific community has turned against o p v, and it's no longer used in most countries. but despite all that, o, p. v remains administered in africa,
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the middle east and south asia as part of aid programs, creating windfall profits for pharmaceutical giants, oxford clinical, infectious diseases, periodical declared. the time is coming when the only cause of polio is likely to be the vaccine use to prevent it. but it gets worse about 90 percent of the cost of developing a new drug congress from phase $3.00 of the trials. but big pharma companies, you know, the ones gates is heavily invested in and has a revolving door with. those companies have found that they can save that 90 percent of costs by testing the drugs and developing nations under the guise of aid the programs. this idea came from the consulting firm mackenzie, who i explained to you last week on this show is like, i was like a mentor for psychopaths. is right this way, young man, i'll show you how to test your drugs on people who don't twitter. so no one will
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know if they're babies died, then if we have time, i'll show you how to pop a man's head off with 2 fingers. but i'm not sure we'll have time. i'm scheduled to show a group of knowns, how to execute kittens, tenant a time. do these people in the under developed world? no, they're being used as guinea pigs. well, about that. as the associate editor of the british medical journal put, an implied consent process means that the recipients of the malaria vaccine are not being informed that they are in a study. wow. no informed consent. doesn't look too good in the me to era bell, especially with your epstein romance bell. but when it comes to both health and food, the gates foundation is held up by our mainstream media as if it's the most noble organization in the world. yet the foundation has worked to ensure that the global
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south is dependent on western industry, whether through drugs or high tech seeds and agro chemicals. it is basically helped create corporate american hegemony in the areas of food and health in underdeveloped nations. and what does corporate america seek at all? costs? profit. help bring people without a profit. incentive is as foreign to them as balancing a check book is to a teenage hedgehog. the gates foundation has donated millions to major media outlets, including n p r, p b s a, b, c, b, b, c. al jazeera, the daily telegraph, the financial times, univision and the guardian. why would a so called charitable organization give millions to giant corporate media outlets? could it be to buy positive coverage narr?
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and by now, i mean however, apparently even the bought on media stumbles upon a real question now and again. and bill gates know nike. the question this time was about bill gates, relationship with the now deceased cereal, child rapist geoffrey epstein, the new york times wrote forgetting in 2011 mister gates, met with mr. epstein on numerous occasions including at least 3 times, and mr. epstein palatial manhattan townhouse, and at least once staying late into the night, one time gates even flew on ab themes, private jet called the low lead express. and bill gates, his wife melinda, has said, or ex wife has said she, at least partially divorced him because of his abstain connections. yet he still says those meetings were no big deal. it was reported that you continue to meet
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with him over several years. and that in other words, a number of meetings. ah, what did you do when you found out about his background? well, and you know i've said i regretted having those dinners are and there's nothing absolutely nothing new on that. is there a lesson for you for anyone else looking, looking at this? well, he's dead so. ah, you know, in general you always have to be careful. ah, he's dead. so you have to be careful. and you say it with a smirk. i heard some people i know kill that guys. yeah. that's. that's where that stands in. in general. yeah. you have to be careful when you, when you threaten me, you know what? i'm saying, judy and charity. did you hear me, judy? i hope you have a baseball bat by your front door, judy. yeah. now, you know,
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you just, you just have to just have to be careful. what kind of answer is that in this is the guy we're going to take. it buys rum on global food and health. i'd sooner put anders brevard can charge of doctors without borders. bill gates is a putrid, cutthroat capitalist maniac. he's not going to save the world, he's just going to exploit it for profit and power. did i clear that up? i hope i could that up. company revised the dc the belly. the bass is redacted today. ah, with ah. well come on li cam. know take the news from
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behind. canada has released. wow. ways chief financial officer, ming one do. who they kidnapped back in 2018 at the request of the united states. because you know, when your empire is gwendolyn, kind of like a penis after hearing a hot girl say she loves tucker carlson when the empires going limp and it pisses you off that other countries are now competing with you economically. the best thing to do is just start kidnapping their corporate executives. weirdly, i would totally support this. have been done to stop war. you know, like the head of lockheed martin were imprisoned in france while on vacation, because he'd been charged with war crimes. then my response would be high, 5 chess pop, mock a rain, a dance, really go nuts. but the rest of ming ones knew it was more like we are either the american empires in it's quite years man. kinda go around somebody and make us
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feel better. and canada was like, yes, mazda, yes, any than you years mazda, we can also assassinate a k pop and member of that'll make you feel better now. now, it won't, it doesn't help that doesn't out. just imprison somebody from walk away and send us some beavers wearing carpets, i guess might make me feel, but let's go to a quick break. but if you want, exclusive redacted tonight, extra content. grab the portable tv app and portable dot tv slash download. we have extra content every single day, other i back lot more. of course, after 40 years of fed interventionism by simply expanding and pretending and printing a lot of money, they got into this cargo cult. as you call it mentality, where simply waving a flag, you know, that essentially printing more money is going to make all the problems disappear. meanwhile, politically, what we've seen in america is really remarkable. the, the liberal left and their cohorts in the media. even though that this policy is
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causing credible of human suffering in america, they effectively marginalize those people as quote, deplorable and really made scapegoats of the victims of j pow. and they've often said that this is a victimless crime, money printing and extortion that's practice at the fed. and yet i look at those 90000 dead americans last year from opiate overdose. i'd say j how you got blood on your hands because that's a direct result of mal investment, money printing, and rogue economics that you're practicing as a charlatan. so driven by trainers shaped banks, concur some of those with there's sinks,
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we dared to ask oh, mix it out and they used to work as much. oh, well i'm, i'm here. oh that with normal quote. yes. please come listen. can he's not sure. right. ok.
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blue, blue, blue with ah, with welcome back. i'm still in camps despite the us pulling out of afghanistan forever . yours are still forever. the air strikes continue,
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a new book charged the history of how we as a country have turned to more humane wars rather than ending war all together. for more on this we go to our most hostile correspondent now carol bonnie. with all due respect, mister camp you. wow. you are hostile league. i was raised on forever war and this book attacks my wars attacks. so what do you do? air strike the book. you know what that would really get my feelings across better than a one star review on amazon. anyway, it is true that there's barely any movement for pacifism. m a u. s anymore isn't oh you mean ism oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the, that's the ideology for. right. it's french. i think it was a sar tra who said it is exactly my point though. right. you, people don't even talk about it anymore. look, li americans have made enormous progress and war in germany, japan, korea, vietnam,
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et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. we didn't know what we were doing and we killed way too many people are warfare has much word now along with our technology. and as the book says, absolutely, and relatively fewer captives are mistreated and fewer civilians die by far than in the past. so, we may not be completely murder free, but it's down to the cleanest, healthiest napalm free sugar free, most restrained, efficient, streamlined, peaceful, murder, imaginable. murder is not peaceful. the war on terror had cuz millions of life, not to mention all the lives that have been horribly changed forever. it's tragic. we should be fighting the entire existence of these war and no, no, no i, you're getting this idea from this crazy book which says, we've come so far because american activist lawyers and politicians had been too focused on the ethics of humane fighting rather than the morality of the entire
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enterprise of the war on terror. immorality of war grow up. we've talked to our lawyers and they say sometimes killing is okay and sometimes it's not okay. sometimes it actually work crime. okay. so when it actually is a war crime like when, when what actually happens when they say to work around, oh yeah. and then liberals can say, oh, that's a war crime. bad drone cow, but not a bad war. that's where i draw the line. a very thin red line saying something to work on and doing nothing as meaningless. besides, war criminal is redundant, war is a crime. face at lee. the war on terror is here to stay. terrorists are going to terrorize just like haters are gonna hate and isis is going to caliphate. we gotta do it. so let's do it better. see when obama was in office. * he vastly improved
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and expanded the covert wars, and the president, his lawyers and the pentagon, announced that we had reached the most humane form of warfare ever. that's thought obama, that's the atlantic. oh, you know, the prince agreed. that's because obama gave an air of respectability and intellectual is up to a horrific assassination program. these humanitarian checks justify the wars that need to stop and don't even keep us safe as a country. stop the forever wars. you know what, let's talk to someone. this effects, if you brought in a refugee go ahead, lee. say it was face. are you serious? you want say it in cower. thank you for joining us, mr. reaper. so how's the weather out there in undisclosed location. okay. all right, this is ridiculous. ridiculous. yeah. what if we stop these wars?
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what happens to the drones and the drone families that need to be fed? we'll get them. what will become of these little re purse kit and she'll get to get this off the shelf. peter, get rid of this, get rid of them. are war criminal, he didn't consult of lawyers and somebody called jimmy. thank you. now me thank you . moving on and other news is college football season. but if you think the n c double, i will be able to provide you with a little brain vacation from all the racism and exploitation endemic in american capitalist society. you might want to find some cartoons or something to watch for more on this we go to our very own intelligence failure and there's really, ah, the end she doublet makes roughly $1000000000.00 a year. that's 1000000000 with a b, as in 1000 dr. evil, $1000000.00 ransom payment,
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$1000.00 even little thinking. at least that's how much they were making until the pandemic came along and made it so they could only sell tickets to ghosts. at least the cardboard cutouts were having a good time. but even with coven college athletic department, still managed to pay their coaches up to $8000000.00 this past year. they also poor profits in the wait rooms held spots, and the best kiss cams money can buy. and when it comes to the people who generate all this money for collegiate sports, the end she double lay, make sure to pay its athletes generously in experience. the experience of being exploited which is very valuable for postgraduate life. when it comes to real dollars, though, their compensation adds up to nothing. so how does the n c double a get away with exploiting it's athletes? so blatant? because as they argue, student athletes are not employees but amateur amateurs. this like i didn't get
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paid for sweeping floors and arbys at 1st because i hadn't gone pro or gotten hired yet. according to lead and c devil, a attorney sat waxman, the unpaid status of college athletes is a key part of their appeal to consumers. amateur ism is the characteristic that sets the n c devil lay apart from others in the marketplace of sports entertainment . yeah. who would want to watch a college football game knowing that the players are being compensated for their work? most americans love this skill because college football players are among the very few of us who are exploited more than everyone else. but thanks to a supreme court ruling, the end she double lay now must permit the student athlete to earn money from their name, image, and likeness. in states like california where name image, likeness laws have been passed. players are now able to get paid for sponsorships. it's not a bad deal, a list if you're already
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a superstar for everyone else. you're lucky if you can earn some free samples from working out in cosco where and the majority of college athletes. brandon is not a source of passive income, but responsibility at, in the course loads and practice schedules. athletic departments have partnered with industry experts. we've outlined best practices and suggested benchmarks, players block out hours to study their social feats and or find their own pages with follower counsel representing the clearest path, the income i way of sponsored post the name, image, likeness, or, and i l. laws are better than nothing but and i out or nil is also the amount of money student athletes are still getting paid by their school. letting players make them scratch on the side from sponsorships does not cut into the n. c double lays bottom line one bit. in some ways, they're probably happy about and i l last because they take pressure off all the lawsuits alleging that student athletes are in fact employed and should be paid as such. but before the n c double
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a gets used to the giga vacation of collegiate sports, they might want to check out. this week's news that a federal judge has allowed student athletes wage in our claims against the and c devil a to continue the n. c double lays crack legal team is going to have to convince a court that online book store workers research assistance or science department test subjects. and so i paid for beer in college. student athletes are not student info news, even though they put in longer hours and make their schools more money than anyone else. the n c, w will also have to argue that it's just a totally random, a historical aside that the athletes who generate the most revenue also the ones who could use the money most. and also, just so happened to me majority black, the n c w has built an entire industry on the unpaid labor of black people. i think i know where they got that idea from, from the oil practice facility. i don't know, i'm here. i'm andrew lee with redacted tonight.
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ah, that's the so we'll see you next week. good night. keep fighting. blue, blue, lack of universal health care makes america the country of every man for himself. we have a retirement crisis in this country and we have a health care crisis for seniors in this country as well. so private business has come up with a special mechanism for that. it's called the life settlement market. we are a life settlement provider, which means that we buy life insurance policies from primarily seniors throughout the united states who no longer want or can't afford their life insurance policies
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. if you're sick and full, to want to live a few more years, you consillio life insurance. that way you get more money right away and the company collects your insurance payment off to your death. another, there's a group of people out there, i guess, hoping that people die soon. what kind of motivation is i give them when i start crying about him dying? that's usually what it's about. it's just the sheer unfairness of it all. of course, after 40 years of fed interventionism by simply expanding and pretending and printing a lot of money, they got into this cargo called as you call it mentality, where simply waving a flag, you know that essentially printing more money is going to make all the problems disappear meanwhile, politically, what we've seen in america is really remarkable. the, the liberal left and their cohorts in the media. even though that this policy is causing credible of human suffering in america. they effectively marginalize those
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people as quote, deplorable and really made scapegoats of the victims of j pow. and they've often said that this is a victimless crime, money printing and extortion that's practice at the fed. and yet, i look at those 90000 dead americans last year from opiate overdose likes. ha, how you got blood on your hands? because that's a direct result of mal investment, money printing, and ro economics. then you're practicing as a charlatan. ah, ah, if you had expecting be of random meant to be in the image or with a seat, and i'm sorry, this is a wrong expectation. you will have to see that is done. you want me to governess as but they want you to be gooey entities. you got to compose the estimate democratic system onto a plant, evolve and they wanted to put order with
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with, from texas to tankers, brittany calls in the army to alleviate pressure of the petrol pumps. as people panic by fuel pulse, the public blames the media for stoking hysteria, although many points to the government. the news is the name of the media media government rates. meanwhile, europe and gas prices had a new high with the german government warning people to prepare for a chilly month ahead at the same time as the countries energy regulators still yet to grant a license for russia north stream to gas pipeline and paramount chow.


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