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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  October 8, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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taste, it's blame the eyes as k terrorist group, which was behind the cab bull report blast back in august on the taliban also said it's special forces are at the scene. and an investigation is on going. we know there's been strife between those 2 groups recently and also recently a wave of terrorist attacks in the country. another mosque bombing happened on sunday in the capital capital any and all updates on this story throughout the day here in our tea. we will of course, bring them to you. all right, hip hop icon nelly is to base guest on dennis miller plus 122 years in the music business. usually guarantees a few good stories and you can hear them immediately after the break. ah,
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well i'm a cheat on the internet that allows all the programs and what was going to invite everybody's lloyd. that wasn't do it. that was the feature that the people who designed themes and that is all in as a feature a well it shows the wrong one. i just don't whole. i mean you well, you have to ship out this day because the applicant and engagement equals the trail . when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. a folks next stop, st. louis says finest nelly. i admire the sky has been added for 22 years. i think
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he just got some lifetime achievement award. oh, for the v e tina, or it will talk to him about that. he's got a new album. come and i called heartland. then the eyes always coming from the heart. this time, literally the heartland. nelly right after this. on dennis miller plus $138.00 volkswagen, the dentist miller plus one. and we're happy to welcome nellie to the show. it's so funny. when i think of nellie, i think of with a young man didn't know it when they had ran, but i just remember were just talking a little off the air after 20 years. they give you a meritus status. he's a 3 time grammy winner and he was recently honored at the 2021 b e t hip hop awards for his 22 years in the business. all of a sudden you become the wiser, the wiser character. his latest album,
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heart land is now available where you buy your music. please welcome nellie. how are you? huh. i'm good. well, how are you? a beautiful baby? i got to say we share a love of st. louis, may i, when i used to go in as a young comedian, we would go up the day go hill. i know they could call it that any more of the best italian on the planet earth, the, whatever they call it now. and there's up to a world that back that it was proud. did he go? hell, we love that man. yeah, thank you man. yeah, we just call it in that we just call it a stuart historic st. louis place, man. and um, you know, driving with culture and things of that nature. so ma'am, i'm good. how are you? i'm good. i also was a big fan of marvin barnes and my mom played for the spirits of st. louis way back when he was a great player and da, and i've got to tell you they might cut this, but i've got to tell you this quick story. bob. costas told me, no,
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you'll absolutely love this. marvin comes out of providence. he's a player man, you can really play, he can post up. he, you know, he can shoot the jumpers, he's just that all around are, but a little flaky. so he sit with bob costas, who bob's 21 years old. and he's the announcer for the spirit to say, louis, they're sit not at lambert field in the morning. they're flying over to louisville to play artist gilmore and the kentucky colonels. and it's one time zone away, but it's a short hop flight. so they're sitting in the waiting area and marvin says the bob, bob, can i ask you something like 8 in the mornings? yeah, go ahead. marmie says we leave here at 9 o'clock and we arrive in louisville at 845 . and is that correct? because of the time change, 45, a reply, bob says yeah, that's correct, that he's a what say on the robert, i'm not getting on any time machine but as a sales guy or a very restore is over anyway,
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man love. and i love bob. great guys, always, you know, want to say louis is on. yeah, he stays true to his who like you do, man, what is it about st. louis? but i always that get there because i thought the people were common sense. but not rubes at all. they got it completely, but they also had a pragmatic side. tell me what you're dig about it. you know, i think is one of those situations. well, the all american question, did you meet anybody from st. louis? the 1st question that they're going to ask you is what high school? because that's, that's, that's just a wee, yes, yes. and st. louis, what high school you went to because it normally says, you know what area you grew up in that are almost basically how you see st. louis. because you know, as many great things as st. louis has all, we still have our courts and certain things that you know, we said that the overcome and it's, it can be a little bit socially, economically divided on a lot of aspects. so what high school you went to can say
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a lot about yeah i you see was made but, you know, we were people town, you know what i mean? so, you know, you know, to right people you be i yeah. you know what? now i got to save and i'm so i sense that you're about business to and i didn't catch to or in the business. there's the art and then there's the business and i look at you and i think 22 years man. and he's still nelly, and he's still got it now. are still on or no, you know people burn bright for a few minutes, then it goes away. but i have a feeling you had a long game in your head somewhere along the way. did you? well, well, i know like, it's impossible to have a career without ups and downs. there's no way you can no way nobody 20 plus years . i mean, excuse me, you should be lucky enough to be in any career 20 plus years. i mean, scuse me, you should be thankful for that and never low in entertainment. so it's almost
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impossible to be an entertainment, and i have the ups and downs, but i think it long as you keep your wits about it and you stay grounded as far as you know, consistently trying to evolve. what can you do? i mean, look at you, you know, he's like, brother, i'm very good. what year i, i've had shows shot out from under me man. and it does happen. the one thing i think is unforgivable is if you look too needy or you start sweating or you look like you need to get back in to zealously. people are like, well, we'll bro, brother, you're going to show only that vibe. i think if you handle your ups and downs with a suitable degree of a plumb people come back around t, i think that co quotient matters a lot, man. yeah. as long as long as your long as your work speech for so man, i've had great bands that supported me since day one. and i've been privileged enough and blessed enough to make some music back. that's kind of, you know, we stand in a low chest the time, so you know, that always helps. well, well listen,
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i know they did their original role. i but i'm hoping that i know the super bowl sometimes blows people's minds when they have somebody unexpected. coming on, i'm crossing my fingers, brother at halftime, you could walk it out as the added guest. you don't have to say anything, but i'm looking at that app. i'm sure there was one that nelly, kidding me. yeah, i'm so excited for dr. j to that, that whole l. a set up is going to be crazy man. a very, very well deserved. they don't, they don't kill it. i know, but i'm, i'm hoping somebody out there from nfl central, which is pretty square building is listed in because if you have no walk out halfway through that, i don't know. i'm telling you the place will go. absolutely. so i hope somebody's watching a tell me about the 2021 b t hip hop awards. the i am here, pop ward. certainly a few people. can they claim that you're one of them tell me, tell me what i felt like that my brother must have been growing it. amazing, amazing like you like, like we mentioned it does seem a low double that sort of little bit because you know,
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here they are honoring you all your work and everything. but it also, it also reminds you that you get no, you know, but i'm looking at all the young man and all the and all the new acts. and i, i can remember being in that seat looking up at looking up at the podium. and some of the people paved the way for myself, you know, and you just feel a little different about it. but when i was looking out, it was just amazing man because you know, you get a lot of congratulations, all of the youngsters. i'm happy to pay half of my didn't even though they weren't . but that was, yeah. how, how i've influenced them and how, you know, they're excited to be there on my day and, you know, and things like that. and, you know, it just makes you feel good to know that you made a good impression. did you get choked up at all? brother or was it, did you get chunked or you weren't going to lie? i guess it was the hip hop was you know, i had to hold it together. hip hop was you got to be like,
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you got to have the swag. no, you don't want them come out with a squeegee at the hip hop wars, brother. you know, to say man to come on started out of it, not q p. o may cry. there grow. you know, there is no roland at heart lead. you're not going to see the guy got on here and going to fits telivar hard lad, man. well, hard land my, my new project. i don't call it a country album. i call it country and switched. i say that out of respect for country music, country music, artist and everything that they go to live to create their music. but what i notice from the time that i've been in my been in his career from the time i draw country grammar. i received all kinds of love from all john was of music. and i was getting booked at a country bears and, and some rodeos and things like that early on in my career. and i didn't understand what was happening. i thought it was happening to everybody, but it wasn't,
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you know, one day i would go from a show of being on a show with a big country headliner. and the next day i would go do a show and d, m x is in line it. and it's just like, and i'm singing the same songs and the same music. so i didn't understand at that time what was happening to me. but i, it was something special and come to 2004. i was able to manifest that into something like over and over again with my man tim mcgraw. and that was huge. and i started to understand now and appreciating the love that i was getting across all the channels of music. country music was one, the whole world of country just opened their arms up to nellie from a certain point. and this was this album here, this project here is my thank you to country music for allowing me, you know, be in that whirl and just all love that they show me from country radio to the artist. i think it's the last thing. i think it's a blessing, nelly. i mean, when you think about a brother, you know, crossover sounds like such
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a contrivance to me because it sounds like there's too much effort to do that. the stand astride to charles, and it's almost about numbers your seem to happen more organically to me where you just said, listen, i'll try this timber. grab another artist. he wants to wants to take a few minutes off from work or not, and cut, laid down some, some music with me. we'll try it. and i think people since then said ok, he isn't targeting this just for quinn. this is just to artist come together work and i dug that feel about that song. yeah, thank you. thank you. yeah. and shot to tim to because he took a great chance as well as a, you know, taking part in the song because who knows, you know, it could have with either way. and at that time he was still tim mcgraw, one of the biggest hunch x on the planet. and here he was, you know, leaving it to this wrapper to come up with a song that, that, that, that both of them could in use. and man, he came out, great. so i'm always thankful for him for allowing me to take that chance. yeah, i know to me, but in when he started go into his chest with the rapp moved,
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you know, like i certainly could look, you know, i met with those checks. what was your name? i'm pretty sure you you know what nelly. his old man tug was a great pitcher for the medicine. i think that locker room in philly's, i think being raised by talk mcgraw and being in a locker room watching men of all colors, all backgrounds pulling together and trying to win something. i think the fuse that whole tribal bomb for him and i think he just was looking for good people and they all be a little better off. that's the way the world worked. yeah, and we made good music man. so, and jim's a great guy. faith is why a beautiful people i'm proud to have was friends. all right, we're talking to nellie, we're having a good time and we're going to come back. we're going to peel back on the new heart, land out laurel as their attendant tour. we've got a little bit of music serious. we got a whole bunch of stuff to talk to with st. louis is finest. nelly right after this
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. and dennis miller plus one bedroom, last survival guide, i was going to start saying that the federal with no with creation came when we get the rest, the 7 years a report imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century water the chapters cold, gun violence, school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't trust. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and i end up doing is passing time,
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the road to the american dream paved with dead refugees. it's this very idealized image of this. older america makes americans look past the deaths that happen every single day. this is a modem history of the usa by america so naughty the vitamin ministrations decision to leave afghanistan was correct in long overdue. however, the way americans longest war ended, is a different question. it was a botched affair. the generals will most likely never be held to account, put alone marine. we can, colonel does face court martial. is this justice with a folks. welcome back to the dennis miller show dentist. bill
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a plus one and there were welcoming nelly to the show today. you know, 3 time grammy went to recently honored with the america status or the 2021 b t. hip hop wards for is 22 years in the music business. and i'd say within another 10 years, he'll be approaching the half way point as career his latest album, heart lad, is now available where you buy your music and tell me about the album. seems like such a i don't know what i say. album the by is they look at me like that when you visit or from another place. i don't how many, how many songs are formatted on an album? now, what would tell me about the composition of the album? no we, we got 9 on here. so i get it, i get it, i sense cd. not too long. go to my son and he's like cd. we're ok. you know in but yeah, it is 9, we may 9. good, good, good. good. well i like to call country club bangers. you know what i mean?
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not explain. explain the time to my brother. i'm a gringo. explain that term to me. i country country club bankers. i mean, well, it's like it's just it's, it's a nelly record. so nelly album, but it's country influence. so it's almost like a country meets the club. you know what i mean? and i like the single out one of the singles i'll call a little bit feature in jail floor. and i saw a little bit thing which is almost double platinum. shut out to those guys that are nominal guys, you know, and shame like family to meet. so, you know, you can listen to that record, you get exactly what i mean by that. and the guys, and it's so funny to watch my brother's open up white cats when i watch them in there, they're all styling and they're moving that in between tour buses and everybody. sloan, or moves that i'm thinking, that is one beautiful thing about the times we live in is when i 1st went down to
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south by southwest with my kids. and i saw how our kids, who are outsiders, kids who are insiders, black, why? there's a whole generational thing happen where people are starting to weave together in the one unit. i know they're still a strange man. yeah, the power of hip hop rather. the power of your apartment, and now it just sort of g o, you know, those guys grew up listening to pop music. i love listening their pop music and it's almost like hip hop is the only john music that literally touches probably every other genre of music because you can't be like 50 years and younger and not like some type of, you know, i have some time now. it may not be all the way to, to parking biggie, but you might like a will smith or somebody, you know, you like run b, e o l who j r l e r m a n or, you know, it's just, this is that power of that music man, that brings the people together and all of the kids now. i mean, yeah, i know,
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put me on to something called mad villainy. i was, i'm from left field that i'm a square and i was thinking i was thinking, this is really interesting. so yeah, it does open up, you know, it's interesting to me knowing, as i watch, ken burns is documentary on country music, 16 brilliant hours man. and at the beginning the, these people were the outsiders. they were, they were thought of as the hicks live out in the sticks. they were the ones who were outside the loop. and so i see a natural affinity between blacks and country music people because they both have felt what it's like to be the other. there's some shared dialogue there. well, you know, crunch country music traditionally. as you dave back, you know, it's, it's, it's a lot to believe that, you know, comes from almost slave music comes from the african americans have was somewhat the banjo is actually an african african american institute. yeah. so yes, so yeah, i mean, you know,
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a lot of the music that was made in america comes from african americans as far as the beginning of the fingerprints. all over at brother, i remember there was a beautiful part in air where nashville, let's face facts nashville at that time. did have some red next, but i remember they had this little cat who played harmonica in and he would play that rocky mountain. the. busy wow, that it's a banjo song and he was welcomed in right away and they had pictures. im sitting with these cats who traditionally you would think would be they would be oil and water. but one of my men lot is art forward. i can't remember his name, it's about me to bring it up and not know his name, but it was a groovy part or i thought, oh, there was some hip turned on people back them because they, when my man showed he could play, they welcomed him in i'm not trying to make it all nice. i know it's been idiot vill for many years in this country, but that part was sweet. where i said, maybe the music will start to bring and cats together. now, how do you go from your in the rap group?
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saint lunatics, which i love the name, i hope you came up with that name back when because that such a funny name and yeah, but it actually came from a buddy of ours. we were trying to find a name and he was like, maybe you guys like a bunch of lunatics and like that and now yeah, that's kind of how we came up with the name to say hey, let's give his name because i was just giving you probably a property that were doing what was his name? his name is called tat. they was sad. we just called them jack. he was a st. louis, rapper wrapping before us. we were young, we were much younger and he gave us, i'm a really, really do, may rest in peace. ok. so the, the properties were given though to the right man. so you're in the group and i know that there's probably real bonding there. you guys are tight and eventually somebody has to break out year the story. so many times in music. did they give you their blessing? how were they? were they cool when you stepped out?
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yeah, i think it was one of those situations where, you know, it was, it was, it was a little bit up and down as a little, little bit of understanding, but also a little bit of competitive lives. i mean i'm, i can't say that everybody was as excited, but we all were accepting of the move because we, at the end of the day, we all knew that this was probably the best move all of us. but i can't say that everybody was 100 percent, not happy with what i could say that everybody was at least 70 percent and i end up about to move. so you can ask for brother and group endeavors. that's all you can ask for. when you step out and you're on your own, do you come across the path of somebody who's willing to help you lose a bigger name at that point? who were some of your mentors? well, no, we 1st got one. i didn't have, i didn't have a co signer, you know, a lot, a lot of people when they come in here pop, some people can get co signers like or they have famous producers bring them in. or,
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you know, somebody puts their own around them or give them a chain and know i, we didn't have that at all. wow. and it was, and it was tough because, you know, we come from a place like st. louis from the mid west is not really known for its hip hop, his hip hop artists and challenge. so yeah, i kind of got thrown into the deep end of the pool and was told to swim man. and you know, we've been back stroking their assist. beautiful baby, beautiful. i love them. um, listen, let's face facts at the end of the day. once you get out of the womb, you have your mother for life, but you off times are a load. so why should music business be at a better brother? you gotta, you gotta hang your head on a swivel that you don't know how. 2 to watch a lot is coming up on your hind and the whack. i had to throw down the are to let a reference for the st. louis cad. out of bath. you remember what i remember watching isaac bruce and tory hole one night they had
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beat up was of a team so bad that isaac, who was running down the sideline, the only cat next to him was tori running along side of the score, like an 80 or touch the i said under mike they had 2 guys beaten people deep there, there were a hand them the greatest. so what sort of man, great time for our city. a lot of times and it's crazy. you said that because i was just we don't mendo based last night. you was big. yeah. man, he's, you know, he's buddy of mine and we were here, one of i lose cigar bars that we like to go to over at the ritz in clayton and great chicago. one of the best. and you know, we hang out, we watch football and depends on what's going on. so yeah, i still get to hang with lot of a few of those guys in there and watch. marshall faulk is one of my big brothers. so i'm always talking to, to wait, man and not, you know, i, i'd say he's the greatest run back to ever do it. so, but you know, i'm a little biased. why listen, brother, when you put all the tools together,
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he's like marcus allen, the cat will pick up a blitz and just drop people in the hall outside of berry sanders at the said never seen a smooth flag marshall faulk receptions hit the hit, the inside around here the outside run the complete package. complete package. a hello football, sorry folks. we got way late here, but i'm with the st. louis can i get to talk with the st. louis kat? tell me about the concert you go and i guess you got a series coming up for the rest of the year. where are you hitting, how many venues will tell me about it? look, a little bit of music series, man, i mean, you know, we're getting out finally, get the chance to get out, you know, cold. it has been keeping a lot of us in the past couple years now. so our shows have been very, very, very minimal on it any. but this time i'm getting a chance to put music on front of the fans. i'm taking my whole band. i got my man jimmy alan or some dates my man block rouzan dates. so, you know,
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with which happened a few more kids around the area and just trying to get it out. you can check my social media. now, these are my instagram and my twitter and see if any dates are close or near by you . i don't, i don't know. i'm all one by one. i'm pretty sure i know what we're definitely get now coming up soon and next couple weeks and then all throughout the rest of the year. listen brother, that, that one name thing works. beautiful. one people were looking for dates, you know what i mean? it's like l visits like stuff like that where they go who i want to see. oh nelly, you just type it in. it's all they're in the front of it. they'll find you rather, you know that we've been enjoying our time with 3 time grammy winner recently honored by the way, at the 2021 bt hip up awards for his 22 years in the music business. still killing a new album coming out called heart land. it's available where you buy your music. and as you said, nellie's little bit of music series taken on the road between now and the end of the year. you'll find a good cat. nice to talk to you man. nice to meet,
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you know i always grow. so talk down the road, nelly. this dennis miller was one. i'm the plus one. ah, these are the 4 people who pulled the trigger and survive something on survival. one of the hardest things that i had to face was not having a face at a low expectation of life. i accepted accept the fact that i made that we had no fears. dell change pretty fast for shots. different stories behind the bullets. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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ah, in the way of life of reindeer herders leading a traditionally nomadic lifestyle in the tundra is similar to a parallel reality. i was the main drive, the hood, women carry the weight of the household work on their shoulders rather than that when he'd now york city club as nice thinking. however, in the vast expanse of russia, there is a spot where a house wife could secure regular employment standards. it's in the fall semester. i'm sure i'm sure what i'm like. and usually with
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with a facebook whistleblower who prompted colds in congress for a crock. done on the social media joint is no herself under scrutiny. predict, say her close ties to the democrats show. she's pushing their agenda for online censorship. also coming up in the program, us politicians call for new sanctions against russia over the nord stream to pipeline accusing moscow of manipulating the natural gas market. just days after vladimir putin pledge to boost supplies to europe and european parliament passed as a non binding resolution seeking to by.


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