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ah, allison's of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption. they don't really bottom on are you just young ford fiesta? my own robot is ophelia elements. it to this day, mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for their birth parents. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to create trust, rather than fear we'd like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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hey folks, next up we've got nico tartar, their la, good italian boy. and he's on the walking dead show. and branch not all over also as a strictly binary, and they're doing a stage show about me called strictly binary as a non binary cat, who i can talk to him, pick his brain about this because i'm an old dog. i gotta learn new tricks. and i have a feeling that he's cool enough to lead me through it without all the sturm und drang, but i'm, i'm not up to speed completely nico tortorelli's right after this on dennis miller plus one thing. hey folks. welcome dennis mill plus one. today,
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happy to welcome actor nico tortora. now there's a name, beautiful name to the show. nico is known on both the big and small screen, including screen for the flocks, crime drama, the following, and the series, younger nico, currently starring in the walking dead world beyond season to airing now on a. m. c. make it towards what's shaking. what's going on? how are you? good to see you. has your life. life is a life is good. you have a break right now which feels like the 1st time i've had a break and i don't know 8 years minus that whole thing that happened last year. i tried. ah yes and no, yes and no, i think i work best under pressure and super busy and we just bought a new house. so i'm keeping myself busy trying to get an order. we got hit pretty
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hard with the floods out here on the east coast a couple weeks ago. so i'm dealing with contractors and insurance and mitigation that whole mess up. but i'm ready to get back to work. i said a movie and a couple weeks just thrilled about. i'm now when you say, when you say we bought a new house, you and allow for your to live alone. i am in love. i am in love. i am married to my partner. we've been together, we've known each other 15 years. we've been married for 3. you saying to me at a confluence of events in your life as i look over your shoulder, you're right in the corner there. those 2 beautiful windows, the, the view is opulent, but you are right. right? yeah. mag in the middle right. there you go. no. tell me. but this walking dead thing. i honest to god think that you could make up an entire network like they have. e s p and they have sy fi, i swear you could do a zombie network. people advisors know what amc is
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in all things but name, but i'm telling you somewhere out there, there's a z s p out or something because people are fascinated by the walking dead. and i'm wondering what, what do i don't know the go, what do you feel about why people are so fascinated by the genre? yeah, i mean, i think it proves to all of us that things could be worse than they are. i think the way we got it arguably is as close as we've ever been to is on the apocalypse last year and it was interesting. we shot the 1st season of the show. we wrapped december of 2019. then 2020 head. i was like, i already living in this post all post apocalyptic world, killing zombies. and, you know, just, just in this place where i had to appreciate life to its fullest extent and then
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2020. and we went back and shot the 2nd season, kind of right in the middle of it and the sick and the whole are imitating life life imitating art thing. it was very real and grateful for the experience to be trained so to speak, to survive. but yeah, i, i, i think we're attracted to, to things that are worse than what our, that's a good i think that's a very astute perception. go i, friend, it's like that black crushed velvet jewelers cloth. they put the diamond on when you're in the jewelry store, so you can isolate on the edges of it. i think people like the perspective of least i'm not a zombie having to wear a mask around at some point. for most of them are, let's be honest. it's for ela, he's saying and shoot
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a dinner table and tell me, are you a big family man? sometimes? sometimes that is the algonquin and onyx. yeah we, we, there's, there's a whole group of us in chicago and appear on the east coast time family. we had a few houses on same block and yeah, i just always love those memories because you know, my family table sometimes got a little muted dot and then i go stay at the italian kids out and you'd go over like that. it was like saturday night fever where they'd all have the nap because under smack and 8 the bus that you know, i think there's a whole different world out there. golden rule, funny story actually. when i 1st started dating bethany, my partner day grew up in a baptist house, really traditional, right?
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conservative religion home. and i brought them home to to me, my family for the 1st time. and we're not a shy, a shy folk. my grandma has a worse mouth and than anyone i've ever met. and when she heard the dinner table, everyone say you get the whole thing. i'm bethany almost had a heart attack, and now i think bethany's got the worst miles out of all of us. we train them well, mega. it's interesting to be that even as you went to referred to your partner as they you, the s h makes it out. and i'm wondering how far does behavior mod dictate that it's going to take to get the essay side. but i think you're about to say, well, it's, it's, it's never perfect it's, it's a work in progress and language fails. us constantly and i think, you know, pronouns are an important conversation, but they're not g conversation that i think so many of us are having. and in
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a lot of ways, and a lot of conversations it, it just gets stuck. we get stuck in the language of things. and i forget to, to even consider what we're actually discussing. well, i'll tell you what the hell when you say that, and i met a sense, i agree completely, that it because i look at the world around us and i see that we have so many little slots for people. and there's so many people outside those slots, and historically, those people outside those sites might as well have lived on another planet. i can't imagine to fears the apprehensions the, the, the, the ominous solitudes they had to endure. and that, listen, i'm 67 years old part of me, you know, i'm my mama chewed up, spit out what is it put up wet or whatever they call that old phrase. but that, so i might not be the newest dog who can learn all the new tricks. but one thing i do look around and think, wow, a lot of people who felt they were the, the, the town freaks are now feeling more included in that can only be a good thing. i look back at bowie coming on top of the pops. i see all those kids
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out there, they get my weird or what and then go and oh wait, there's somebody in there, somebody is doing it. so i know. yeah. and you know, when you start thinking about gender now and how far we've come and just identity in general, and then you start thinking about what the future is going to look like in so many ways we, we already are trans human right? this is like part of who we are now, and the next evolution of that is when this is inside of us and the internet is part of our blood, right? if we think gender is complicated, now just wait until next 20 years. wait till the 1st day or i fall and ask to be called a we phone. that because i'm with what are you excited about career wise? now, where do you want to go? where are you at now and will tell me? would you like to create your own walking dead thing or do you have
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a show in mind or where do you want to go with it, nico? yeah, i mean, i have been on television for a long time, you know, 10 years now and i love the landscape. i think that what is available to us now on television is so vast and widespread. and i think that like we're moving to this place where super nice television is being made for small audiences because it's not advertiser driven anymore. so the content is just exploding in so many ways. i think going from the younger half hour comedy for 7 years to walking dead hour long like intense drama with you know, physicality and fight training, etc. i would love to, to find a space to kind of marries the to action comedy would be i think really, really fun. i just want to work with good people, man. like i haven't done a film in a long time and i'm starting this movie and
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a couple of weeks that i'm thrilled about. it's about this, this gay married couple that has foster kid that gets put back with his birth mom. and the rest of the movie is these 2 guys trying to figure out how they want to have kids. if they want to have kids and a non traditional sense and what that looks like and even just like trying to find a movie to, to compare it to like i think the only gay father film that, that we've really ever had was the birdcage which is crazy to think about that we've never had really like queer parents in film and i, so i start that that movie and a few weeks ago and i'm ready to get back on tv. i'm kind of looking for that next project. you know, i haven't been available for tv in 8 years. so yeah,
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i'm excited. i'm excited. i'm when you talk about resting upright now. obviously, it even when they, even when you do power lifting, they tell you to take off for a while after that's part of the whole cycle. as you get a letter build back up again. what do you feel in your heart right now? would be a good break for you to get the batteries. it sounds like you've got something next week. you're going to be charged for that next week when you get in there. yeah, i'm, i'm, i'm properly charged and ready to back to work to think, you know, you understand as an actor to be able to step outside of yourself. i aisd therapy, right. it's so you're wanting to do that and i jump into someone allison, someone else's struggles and traumas and wins. and i, my partner and i, we've been trying to get pregnant actually from the last year now. and i think like being a parent is the next step for me and working on a movie that deals with parenting in such
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a way. i'm going back to the whole art imitating life thing. these projects have always in my career, come to my life exactly the right point. and i actually think like this job is going to be able to charge that battery insufficient way. or talking to nick a charter rela, he 2nd parenting, i'm telling you and they go, you know, when i 1st became a parent, i thought i got her and should not have been tested or something. sions somebody come in and done a maturity test on me, but then all of a sudden, i know you can intellectual eyes about house brightening or beautiful might be. but when it happens, i telling you, you get a lion king on it. you feel you feel that whole circle life thing where they oh wow . i couldn't intellectualized oh my god. ready to go on here. oh, i never wanted the same kind of a
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bad dog. oh good. you know, we're talking about frame of reference many more. when you have that baby, all the dog is still there, but i'm telling you, oh, i see i had projected a lot of little teacher wow are here. but there is no, there's still a very loving part of the household, hopefully for 15 years. but when you have the kid do they go ok. i'm going to wait a little too much longer to live for like 25 years to. so she'll be here. all right, we're actually off of what you were saying about just like parenting and being prepared, right? like being born is the one thing that unites every single person on this planet really may even be the only one thing. and we, our education system is flawed in so many ways, but the fact that we're not taught like how to be a parent or even how to,
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how to get pregnant. right? like the only things that were taught are how not to get pregnant. like you can sit on the toilet the wrong way and bam, you're pregnant and this is not the case, right. and i think in this process of trying to create life in a time when life is so fragile, right. that's really, that's really been shown to me in an insane way. and i, i want to be talking about it more. i think more people should be talking about it . but i wish they just prepared us more, whoever they are. i'm thinking the old dia denote, she saw in the wander, and i'm putting in the word the ponder for our friend nicole, because it seems like he certainly has a little bit of rodin statue in the day. them where he ponders these things. we will time to live in this bio and get out of it. i want to sometimes the spiral is a tornado to, it can be turbulent. you seem like a pretty good place in your life right now. though nico toward rela,
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we're going to talk to him after the break, see what else is coming up. got a flip coming up, wants to get back on t. v o. bryan murphy's out there listening. this kid the, i don't, i don't know what the, i don't know what the next big murphy project is with the scouts got chops and he currently stars. they currently starting the walking dead world beyond season to airing. now on am, see nick, go toward or rela, more with him right after the sun. dennis miller plus one we have always been able to push that in sort of a far dark corner of our conscious because they will know when and once they're oral trinity she can no longer do that to you have to kind of accept, oh yeah. for that, an animal has been killed and oh yeah, act as greenhouse gas emission. and here we have essentially the same product. so same price, same quality with none of those features. we had to make a lot of that in the beginning is scary. but in the end,
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it's not the coin was created and invented specifically to kill central banks. it says phone and genesis bought and they make a reference to the bank of england when the bank of england started squirming, and they start whining that, oh my god, big coin is an existential threat to our existence. everyone who yearns for freedom in the world to day should lead out a collective paragraph. because we're finally getting rid of the worst actor on the financial scene for 300 years. a folks i grew up in pittsburgh, we used to call a group of people humans. so i'm talking to yon's, he told me i could go, could go to pronoun. so i'm going to use my pillsbury. good. nice. smith. nice of you in the join us today, another submit zebra. he's this is nate. got her ella chicago boy. and now
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i'm currently starting the walking dead world beyond season to airing now on a m c. no. and the 1st thing i noticed the when did you 1st start pondering things in a way that you seem introspective or put it this way? a lot of people move seamlessly through their life. and sometimes it's obliviousness. and sometimes it's not the bad, much of themselves. and some people stopped on a guy should think about that. when did you find that the jew or stop done and think about things? i think from a really, really early age. i remember i was a pretty intuitive kid. i would see things that people didn't see and hear things the other people didn't see here. and i remember having a conversation once with my family about something that i saw or something that i heard. and then saying, like if you keep hearing these things, you have to go to therapy, right?
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like there's something wrong with you have to figure this out. and i think that was the 1st time. i mean that was like 56 years old. that was the 1st time i really realized that i was tapped into something different. and then just in terms of, in terms of sexuality and gender the 1st time i even realize that, that being gay was a thing or even an option. i remember asking my mom like, why would, why would 2 men or 2 women ever be together? they can have babies like, is not the entire point of having relationship, an early understanding of romanticism like that's what i thought. and her response, you know, was a negative one of the times come a long way, but it was like, what are you talking about? like 2 men holding hands or 2 women holding hands like that's disgusting. and i really realized then, like i see the world a little bit differently than i think we're supposed to, you know, and i mean, it's been, it's been a process. i think, understanding how we got here,
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right? as a society in the ways in which what is deemed normal, i have been set in place. i can really prepare you for, for who you are in the present day in the future. and, you know, i think that we live in a flawed, flawed world. you know, in the trans conversation, a lot of people say, you know, like i wasn't, i wasn't born in the wrong body. that was never, i was never something that i ever thought twice about. this is exactly the body that i was supposed to be born in, but i realized that i was born in the wrong world. and every single one of us was and i think i'm just doing my part to not try to make it better, but to just try to understand it a little bit more. because i think like at basic level, the ways in which we talk about relationships and, and gender and love and sexuality where it's so elementary, we are like,
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we're so stupid. and i, i want to try to make it make a little more sense. i guess i don't know, but you know, go, but any time i've been in therapy in my life, for the most part, there were a couple of people. i think like anything, maybe some people are better at it than others. but most of the therapists i met tuned to me in to this except in some life. i remember going into therapy 1st probably in my mid to late teens and you know, you know how you're scared to yourself in certain ways. you don't even know what makes you tick. i know by you, you sound like you hit the ground running or pretty centered in, in a, in a way. but i like a lot of young people confused. and all that you went in in the acceptance of that you know, the guy look at after you tell them a dream that scared the living. hell out. he goes, yeah, yeah, my 930 has that the, that sort of acceptance. it was the 1st time i felt like you said, your mom and your parents unqualified sort of. yeah, yeah. you gotta understand. there's
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a whole bunch of different stuff happening out there. i find that so liberating early on. and i, you know, my life is bought as binary as you can get. but i do remember early on thinking, oh man, they always say were snowflakes until it's time to get into line, then they want to lines on absolutely everything. but they talk about how we're all never. yeah, i mean, i also just think the internet really changed the entire world. right. i mean, i'm the last generation that will ever know what life was like before the internet and the access that we have now it's, it's just, it's exponential and where it's going in the future. you know, different people have always been here since the beginning of time it's, it's never been the same people everywhere, but now we have knowledge of it. and i think the media is doing a good job, a better job of bringing stories to life. but we still have, have so much more work to do and you know, as artists, right, like,
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especially as actors the, it's our job to play other people. and i just realized from young age if, if i was going to do justice to these characters that i try to play, i have to understand every facet of myself and you know, this multi dimensional dynamic being that we all are every single person, whether you're binary, or not, like, we all contain multitudes. do you find it particularly hard to feel some degree of empathy or understanding with somebody who's a non understanding, non empathetic person. like those are the tests in life. i run across some people and i really have to fight myself. and i think this person is kind of begging for their flat out asshole. and then i go, yeah, but maybe they're not an asshole themselves or you know what? i mean, that's when you get tested, that's when you get tested. and i mean, i think the like the only way out of that is to understand that it's not their
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fault, you know, and the programming and, and the way that society has pushed. busy all of their beliefs on to that person or what their parents taught them, right? like you only know until you do right? like once that veil is lifted, you can't put it back down. but so many people walk through life and never even think about lifting the bell ever because they don't have to read. and that's privilege, that's an entirely different conversation. but i think like having a conversation with someone that is ignorant at its core or not understanding, right. like there's always a common ground, i can always find something to relate to someone where at least i try to think that's like what a job. oh, i love how you trail off. i always find introspect of people trail off. you know?
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no, but i love, i love people who are in play intellectually because they, they kind of know it's not a declarative world. in many ways the world travels off and then it's like lighting hall going for. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. and she faced away and i, i always think that rhythm, it appears that, well, i mean, i also appreciate having a conversation with someone that is hyper intelligent and has done so much in their lives. like i feel like you get it right and you, you've accomplished so much and you understand the pace of this. so i feel like icons are and can i tell you i, i do understand and feel the pain, harrowing. i'm telling you there are times that sit down just say, all right, where we add here, ma'am, because a lot more has happened. i'm 67 and a lot more has happened in the last 12, the 7 years than has happened in the 1st 50. it is, it is flying fast and furious. i don't even know the rules. now by and large, i'm
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a man of manners. i like to give people to respect. i think the worst moments i've had my life where is where i inadvertently took somebody's esteem away from them. so i'm like pat blobs, dog in that regard. i don't want to make that mistake again. there are a lot of mistakes you can make life. i can kind of get beyond, i'm go, i'm a human being up, but when you kind of take somebody's esteem and they have to avert life's gaze for a 2nd cuz you've rod done the learn. there is, are, nugget that's, that's the one unforgivable and i see that falling away. now i, i see more people being aware that they can lay somebody low in a 2nd. if they don't use their head. and that's a trend line i do like than the world right now. that being said, it is happened fast and furious. what's, what are your thoughts on cancel culture, kind of going off of that idea. the fact that we can like just take someone out for one thing they've said or done maybe even 10 years ago. i find it so non curious. i do, i find it so reflexive, it reminds me of the doc weapon at the rubber hammer and hit your knee. i can't
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everybody. listen. if i started analyzing everybody up in this world, guess what? i'm literally analyzing everybody who is everybody who's ever lived on the planet has some, and the ones who don't that shaky. let's face facts, human beings are about errors. and somebody has a repetitive series of what i deem to be kind of malevolent errors. i can check out, i don't need to be with everybody. i'm not a, it's not wall mount. for me, somebody is dead to me after a while. they exhibit enough wrong mindedness. but if somebody slips up, well i can't just say that cats, hitler, i can't ever talk today. i just can't, i guess that's why i'm stuck in the middle of you as a say on the old saw, you know like, i don't, i'm trying to what i always love niches. quote, he said, man is a rope stretched over the abyss. on the one side overman, on the inside, every man, i definitely feel like i was jean claude van damme dot on the kitchen counter here
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. because the world is really happened and quickly. i just try to take a breath of the understanding everything in moderation, including non moderate efforts. this is the way i would love. look at my mom, mullen he's went for, he's went from him and he's mulling over there. right now. i know from reading it for you to get a beard scratch out a nico georgia, rather folks. i'm live in the right live over here. what are you got? their brother, some earth, earth juice here. what he out a money. merced juice. yeah, it's kava da, miano blanche. if you are, you are my tour guide into the future. they go a good to reach you back. you're good. the, you're a good day and he got charter rela, on the walking dead show, i have a feeling is interesting is that show is it's probably the least interesting thing
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in the good tortorelli's day, because this is an interesting, an interesting, an interesting, a go to rub ladies and gentlemen are dennis rebellion plus ron ah, a wrong one, i just don't want you to see power d. c because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves willing to part, we choose to look so common ground
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a a bit of splits exposed at an e u. some. it says latest demand. poland obeys european rulings for warsaw insist that pluralism respected. popular says it's not surprised by aggressive rhetoric from nato states, up to germany, calls for nuclear weapons to be deployed near brushes, borders. people fry bureau in london, tries alleged u. s. war crimes and, and active support for wikileaks whistleblower julian sergeant. the washington wants extradited from the u. k. the sites editor in chief says allegation for the cia plot killer sanchez to prove that his case has been punished aside. the recent revelation shows serve with any adults to the political elements of the case who goes to real songs while we have all.


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