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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  December 9, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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most broadcast, he was good at or not a lot of people, stuff across the alley and kill it in his summer, all about as good as it gets. and he was a great, great professional football player. i go back with a lot of sports illustrated. christianize ya use, bobby moore. he's playing for the ducks in oregon. he had the kelly a screen jersey on the yellow is tell me like you is leading the tour to france. i really think there any detail on the helmet at the point, it was all drafted in 72 to the st. louis cardinals retired and 82 after 10 years in the league, i think he's around 500 cats. his grade has and since then a mom has been a decorative sports broadcaster notably covering 3 olympic games with m. b c. now host the game show tug of words on the game show network, a good cat, a moderate shot. how are you math? i am doing much better. no, i see you. that's been a long time. my friend much love to death. dag. i always have fond memories. you
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bring it, bring a smile to my face. i'll listen, brun, i'm thinking and 72. you're probably scared to go into the show, but when you showed up in camp and they had big already met there and young, and i think double was a fellow rookie, they had a jackie smith, great tide and they had some stuff on that line, didn't they? yeah, it was the it was, you know, one of those things. i think the worst thing for me was when i was getting ready to get drafted. i think the only team i don't want to draft me is the st. louis card. really. i should have never said that because that's who drafting me in so all the fans are like blue, you know it's so it was one of those crazy things like that. well, all i remember is they had some stuff. now the bid wells kind of put a damper on that franchise for many years, but you didn't get any better than roger and larry, it's is free and strong safety. i mean, larry wilson was a freaking beast that i think before that they had little fisheries like 5,
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a 170 body and up on the floor. they were to nations in the plan, a good team. we had a great team and a lot of great guys do really great guys. yeah. now i know you do a sojourn in buffalo, but i also know that it comes back ring of honor with the bikes. and i'm trying to think when you get to the vikings, one of my favorite players and folks, if the kids don't know, the chuck foreman was absolutely beast back. that was chuck still there when you got there? yes, yes, he was. he was probably the best. all around running back in football, he could catch, he could run, he could block and he was full of emotion. i mean, one of those kind of guys that you understand don't stand next nam before the game because there's no telling what ale he might turn around and say or do. but all the motion, i mean things would start going wrong. look at me the crime and just give me a crime. just fired up. but i wanted to
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i'll tell you what, i'm not going to do with this service and say, marcus alan skills, because mark is my rushmore. but he was that 52 player man. he could come out of the backfield he could run. like you said he pick up a blitz and he would drop people mad. yes he was, you know, that was a good. that's good. that's a good one. markets in him were locked into the category. they could do everything so you did and we'll get to talk awards, but folks, i'm telling you i did 2 years in football and the one thing i took away from here is 2 things you don't know about the nfl or there's some idiots. yeah. you're seeing lately you're doing 156 miles an hour in a car. you're an idiot. i don't know what to say. but 99 percent of the kids in that leg will break your heart. they know they're probably not going to get the 4 years they're risking. they're going for it. they do such charity worse. they go back to the neighborhood. yeah. there's around one percent that are idiots and that's what gets blown out. but 2 things about the show is 10 years in the show is
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that is climbing a mountain man, that is a serious game. and men are putting themselves at risk to go for it. there's an a sprit to core, there are camaraderie. there's great danger, but it is a legit way to live for a decade is odd because you were summoned once a week. right? yeah, it was, you know, it was, it's like you're saying it was a wonderful opportunity and everybody sort of went through the same things to be indoctrinated into play. and it has a history of the people that you watch as you're growing up and actually played it . and it was one of those things where for me it was, i enjoyed every single moment of it and i quit right at the top. yeah. so that when i think back about it, nothing but great memories. i kind of feel bad for people to play too long to were . maybe you went out to see some favorite guy that you, you love playing in the guy can catch any more down or i made sure that that did not happen to me. when i know my retirement, i mean my coach but grant,
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are you kidding me? you're doing what i said, you know, but i got to move on because no, you can come play me next. you have to come to practice. i said, but i have to and this is the end of this here in chapter 12 i need to move on because i realize that i have nothing but wonderful memories about, you know, i know a lot of guys that play too long. that all they can think about is negative stuff. yeah. which is too bad. well listen, the hand off was seamless. man was like the 4 by 100 were just smacked in the thing with i always thinking much to pick your brain somewhere along the line, thinking that it's moved to being made one over play. if you can't be front of a franchise like that because they're going to take you, you got to kind of side when like spade on, just shoot me. come into the room, drop the bone, mom had us or the way you said it was beautiful man. and it turned into a world class sports broadcaster, i'm on. oh,
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i appreciate that. so much going from you. i really do appreciate that because you know, i had a plan. i had to plan every time i've talked to people. i said, you know, i stuck my plan and when i left football and i got to broadcast, my goal was to do broadcasting so well that you would forget that i played football . i might have went too far with that now you, because you're in some of your notes are good at that rather only the cognisant to remember maybe the, the newbies, dumb, but you've played through good for me to ever forget that. but that being said, i can certainly watch your current thing. he's not phone in it. you could do it without the other thing. put it that way, you're smooth on air, you look good. you're the 1st guy in on show in the n b i thought in the right way where it was becoming a big global product. and i thought you had, you were perfect on that gig. oh man, i appreciate that so much. you know, i was never, i, as you know, i have no television person. i am me. i'm, i'm,
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i am now as well. i'm all the time. yeah. i didn't have to box myself up to come on to say what i'm going to show that i never did that. i was just mean it was an easy transition and i find that that's just, i think that's better. i think people sort of accept you a little bit. i do that they just listen. you can, you can kind of break there are making a mistake or you can really break their art being for the moment. they say, well, you know, i saw it in a microcosm with breeze the 1st week of march and dru, who is a match? i mean, you know, it's sick, so i think of them up on the toes. he never missed it, but i watched him in the 1st week. i said, i hope they don't robot this cat because he knew much. he's too good. somebody game that note he's been, he's on a nice path now he's getting much better at it, i think. but the moment they censure not legit at home it's, it's over, they smell blood in the water. it's not the same thing because he is a wonderful guy,
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but i'm happy that he's still just being him so you gotta be yourself, you know, just so much better because, you know, there's somebody in t v is always come and gone. right? we did, we've got to do the richard thomas, walt lining where we got to turn drew left. he's got the birth mike, you know, they over think stuff like that. they're always tilt your head so they don't pick up the birth her something. it's so crazy. all you gotta do is sit there and inhabited and be legit and everybody knows it through for north a 70 maybe even 80. i don't know but you can't. if you're legit, you really break their heart when you turn phony and he looks like he's gotten that already. i agree with you 1000 percent because i only especially on tv rings hollow some times when guys to jesse. now tell me about the olympics about . this is where i thought you really established your bona fides. because is test your siri by being yourself. when you get to augusta, you can hear nance when they start play the flute music in the background. nance
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gets super serious because those guys run such a tight shipper. the olympic guys always read a tight ship to they want you to be just as they want you. when you got to the olympics, i would always love when they come to your priest, because i say a lot gets this. yeah, it's the biggest thing in the world right now, but he's just going to be mod, he's going to presented in a nice easy manner. he's going to be professional, but he's not going to be all. oh my god, i'm touching the model. listen, 2000 to one. i always thought you did great on the olympics. you know, i always had this little thing. is it rather than somebody explaining how much weight somebody is getting ready to pick up? it be much better to explain it to the person by and yeah, try to lift your refrigerator in the kitchen. that's what he's doing right now with them. it's the same, isn't picking up and can't picking up the refrigerator right. don't thing with it. so you got to make it a normal and it was in because that's what the olympics to me. everything was so fantastic. even know bad mitten, that was bad mitten on steroids. the bol, the bad,
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the thing was going about 300 miles an hour. you know, when you think of yourself playing bad in the backyard, it wasn't like that. no, you never see it. you know, in that way, the great canadian frank len hodge. i used to just drop me. he had a bit where he say, i feel sorry for the guy letters the olympic stadium last in the marathon because he's 26 point one miles in. he's coming in last the, he's a, you know, the brothers say good luck. last in marathon. i couldn't never trained and done this. i could this could be the 1st time i ran in my life and i could be you know, you are you people under me, you over there you are in every i read. i don't want it. there's nothing worse in a trap. me is coming in late in people
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a lot to directly connect. great. yeah, i got a volunteer come up and drape some kind of law over your thing. brother. i didn't break a sweat here. you don't you don't need to read it. i need to take the shirt off. i thought, you know, in the last speaking a laughable matters in sports. we'll talk about my golf game and see what he's up to. now we're going to hit, i promise, we'll get to towards the g s. m, which is a squid game, but more violent. i kid, a modern shot right after this, and that is really plus one. ah, o u. s. president joe biden is hosting
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a virtual global summit on democracy. apparently, washington intends a new crusade to save the world for democracy, at least as the foreign policy blob understands this political term. critics of this stud claim, it's all about strategic polarization and an attempt at values based diplomacy. this update on you being uh no, no, no, no, but they did not valuable. mm hm. that's been happening by middle now. i on my head up my lap and i had a knuckle, but like my law bob again thought now, well, i'm up at a bit a well, i mean a relationship with sonya. it
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locked in and join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess what the world politics sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. hey folks. welcome back to dennis miller plus one, enjoying our time with a world class broadcast or you know, for years and he did great on the n b a show a he was a perfect in a lock, a tour for that. show a stud in the shelf $500.00 catches somewhere right around there. over 10 year period. has a plan, gets out and becomes arguably more well known as a sports broadcast or tv broadcaster. and it wasn't all sports. he now host the game show tug of words on the game show network. let's pound the drum
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a little here for the show, a mod break down the template for me. what do you got over there? it is a word game and it starts out with like a 3 letter word. you give you a word and you have to change one letter in the words, answer the question. and, and it is, it's so much fun because it starts out with 3 letter words. then it goes to 4 letter words, then the 5 letter words. if you went all of those and you end up when the contest, you get a chance to go for $10000.00. now it is amazing. it's no, i'm not doing anything that a fun. and i'm not doing anything. it doesn't involve lapse. and i don't want to be a smart guy, i don't have a love to use some crazy answer that it really know my cell phone and read up the car. what i'm asking smart. i'm never doing that one at all. so this one is so much fun and to have teams to people, so you know where they can come on,
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they're very happy with each other and leave very stuff that you didn't know. do it in words that we are going out here. so that is, and i have a chance to laugh with the people. i have myself, i laugh at them. and we have like a good time. it's like if you came over the house, we're going to play some game of the how we have a bow, right? so that i'm trying to take that same sort of feeling to this show that we have a lot of fun and we laugh there's nothing wrong with if you say some really stupid, i'm going to laugh at it now. now listen, when i push the shows out of harbor, sometimes those for shirts are deadly. i mean, they've got the crowd stay in their gun point. you know, it is crazy how long it can take its key on the shows where it is a feel good show to kind of move it along and play the show not break it down. and i'm not honest to god it reminds me the nfl watching the game the other night. and i'm just watching the list a great game i grew up in pittsburgh. i saw for lombardi is, is 6 years. nobody loves football more than me. but the pace was so staccato there,
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shut that, that for the shut down for the i remember thing, and this is the game show premise. you got to keep us moving along a little. it's an entertainment. and i think that's a pivotal part of the modern anna fells. meetings are missing to some degree. you know, change is what were experienced in that. and change is a tough thing. everybody can't really go through change normally. and i think you and i are going to change that a lot. it irks me, but i realize i'm stuck into, it's not going to go backwards, whatever they've changed to. it's like when i play in and you're always all when you start a stance like that. when i played one of them played, you know, they had to bump and run. you know, now you can't touch the receivers, guys get, i led the league when you with like 53 kids, 3 kids the kicker catches mothballs and that, and then i make any sense. i live in another time where like 70 or 80 or something
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like that. you thought i caught a 1000 bath with the 3rd string receiver catches a here. so it's totally different. you can't touch anybody is still entertaining. i like the fact that they score a lot of points. so i've tried to just sort of a just do what they're doing rather than saying when i play. yeah, i don't want to turn into an old pain and either but there's too many rules. now i'm telling you is when you have a thing base, if a guy is in the neutral zone, for god's sakes sounds like the planet of the apes don't go out to the, when a guy has one whisker on his overgrowth fear in the newsroom, i don't need to shut down a beautiful cooper compass catch to go back and run. it died like the brute or film on the kennedy assassination. say what my man peered isn't showing up. get out. is that what i'm trying to think lester is that he didn't employ the bumper. i guess the 1st guy saw play at a mom member. sweet little jimmy marcel was for k c little 5. and can he get up?
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but he would bus collarbone lester brought it to the next the so much stick them on and it was he would hit and stick he'd be on you i just literally if you look back on those are like my god i've seen guys just that going down a field put a hand on a guy and there on it. there's part of it. it is the old man theory. there's another part of it as they've over correct it. it's, it's a violin game. it's a rough game. you can't make it the safest rough game in the world. that's i've read you because, you know, the thing is, is, it is what it is. it's a violent rough game. and if you take the batteries out of it in the same game now, you know, i'm odd when i used to do monday and football, those 2 seasons, they had the mike up and people always wonder, why do these mike up segments suck because they can't play the stuff that really goes on down there, it's really odd. glad a tauriel warren sapp working in the marsh but against a. 2 it gets brutal people at home. don't want to hear that, but it is, mano
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a mano guys fighting for food on their kids table, and it is absolutely brutish and if we were all to be honest with ourselves, we'd say in a world it's too touchy feely, we dig the action. it's just that, you know, that's exactly right because there are things that are said out there that as a fan, you know, you're not, you know, you never heard that and, you know, i hear now because it goes over boy over. it was always funny to me because i had a little trash talk to myself. i, i didn't know, you know, i had, i had a little trouble with mine was very calm with a no. it's not just you. you want to do that a little bit. so bad, you re me and i would be a matter of fact. i think there's no way in the world if you need help, brother is going to call that other than friends of way more than where you're very
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all david never over there. my name is yelling and room does matter. and i tried really hard to tell me about this year. let's talk a little ball this year. brady continues to astound and he plays it so smooth. i heard an interview with him this morning and they were try to get, you know, him and aaron are probably because she saw the golf together. plus they look at rarefied world where they're masters of the universe. so he's not a trash and they're trying to get him to treasure. and he just said far, be it for me to tell anybody what to put their body. you know, because brady is all about the, the intake such a beautiful play of thing. and this guy does it about as well as you can when i look back on that kid and you see him coming out of the, the combined little out of shape. but i'm telling you the best thing that over avenue is 199, because you know, he has been off every day since that always had you. everybody needs that
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motivation. you know, it could be a motivation from i think somebody in junior high school. my wasn't any good and i use that till today and i went to bed today and i'm showing that you know what? i'm not what? so everybody needs those kinds of things. and certainly this guys just incredible. he's just still has a strong arm to i don't think you can tricky once you, you know, a lot of quarterbacks come up the line of scrimmage and they look around it like they know what they're reading. they don't know what the hell they looking at. they just don't tv where you sort of look around this way, re looks around and find exactly where that week is and take advantage of it every single time. and that's the beauty of watching. what about that can read? so people want to say, i got read, it was tom bree when he walked up there and looked around and he changes that play somebody's in trouble. now, why don't guys go up in the chain to play? no, you know what play they change it to it. so it's,
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it's really weird and the fact that you can't hear tom, tom might be able to play another 510 years. i can play as long as he wants to. he doesn't look like you know, you normally in sports when the guys start to get, oh, they don't gradually get worse. they drop off a cliff or. yeah, done any of that. he still it, but as good. he was 510 years ago. now jeff george had happy for the next week. he had no feet. he was dead. it happens brady still ever since i got rolled up on that one year and the other kid, he made that kid $50000000.00. i forget who jumped in that one year he got a lot, but they brought in that i would kill and he got a check for me. i think he signed a deal for 50000000. that was the only time i've seen, brady miss. but he still steps up, he realizes is that counter intuitive thing that sometimes getting hurt is not stepping up. there's really place up here that i can fine, little safe. you know,
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rattling burger always said that to they would use the night move and chest 2 up and one over montana. did it better than anybody to up to one or it wasn't always like the shipper castle moves. it was that little find the eddie and the beautiful stuff. it's very hard to do it with your mind has to sort of be in, in all that pressure and danger. you still have the common sense or the wherewithal to take a step to, to step of your in your out. it was only i panic at that point. either start running or gets that one of the other. yeah, they just let me just step will be and let you go by them. of those ball right down here, which is beautiful to watch. now, listen, man, i, the players have never been more skilled. but the savvy, well, sometimes the guys who are less skilled, develop the savvy, their breakthrough things. i always think of that. can you probably covered him in
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the olympics maybe or maybe was before you floss, barry, where one day they said listen, john thomas is getting close to 7 feet. he's going over bicycle style. you're not going to do that and was very went home and said, yeah, i'll go over backwards. how's that mental flip, my little white stick legs up at the last minute and i'll be john thomas. it's always something the innovators. it's kind of lack something and he revolution you with oregon state, always a high job or do what i was and i do, i just 69. the world's record was not even them feet at that point. i was the other way. i didn't know the father and i had the bicycle sort of thing like that. who ramelle vladimir berman did that says or kicked thing? yeah. little half way. yeah, that's right. well, he was, we're ready to do at some point. i think it's 70 very blue mill. yeah. brother you, you were at their play and i was a nerd. it was all memorized and stuff. so that's how you do it. you know,
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my favorite words moment. it is bob, even at altitude of mexico city, where he goes by like a foot and a half. and he goes through his knees and you know, it's like he's so far out there. he feels like he's violated some role of physics and he's completely alone. they go $29.00 to $4.00 beaman, go to school. if i don't want to 294, then press the pillars in hercules. and they're just breakthroughs that shake their head. right? yeah, i thought he was going to a just by the, like you was why? yep. all right, i'm going to close and ask you how your game is, brother. what do you shoot and what do you plan to now way a 12. i'm about a strong for you. yeah. so here. wow, i thought you were wine and a little in the commercial break. your play into a 4 year, but i mean, i live in florida, so i play every day. so it's not really that you know what i mean? are you kind of way once a week where you play and blue monster,
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where are you at on there? no, i'm playing at the grow. michael has a new golf course. you know, they call the grove. it's absolutely gorgeous. apt and is a lot of pros. there's probably 15 crows that are there all the time. they have their own driving range. so you can go down and try to pick up that by. but again, it is a wonderful it. you got to come and i got to take you out there because it's the best. most fun golf course over there no rules you can play for, you have to wear whatever you know, which is just a beautiful place to go and play and enjoy yourself. it's like when, well, he bought his own golf course. the great, well he nelson that he was on saturday and i live on wake. were sitting in the room, smoking a joint, the size of a flashlight. and i say, willing doesn't that effect you. and it works or you were in 30 wrong, you know, the turn back there and then he says, no brother doesn't, it is just my day to day 3 weeks later, carver comes into my office with a headline. well, he hasn't paid taxes in like 20 years and is that that was the only thing. that was
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the only thing that he forgot what he was roland, this bob marley sized with was oh yeah, you got to pay taxes and they just the golf course and i just took up hidden again after many years. i'm out there with jimmy carter's who i live near, so we got to hook you up one day and play. how's michael sweat? where do you start? stop your back. swing a mod, i'm trying to think, what's your swing thought on where you stop? that's my problem. i go too far and i start to fold up. where do you like to stop? i don't even know what we thought it now and i had to ball down here. i mean that's why it now is when thought, i'm not that i never had a kid thought. if you threw me a ball, i will go let me put my feet together in my hands and then just hit the on the ball down there. how are you doing? pretty good. very good. i think that's the when they take that into the concussion 10. now i think that's how they test them. they say define a catch in the current and
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a bell. nobody's come up with it. that's why you never see him go back. in the case, everybody says busy. yeah, he's been rattled, don't let them back. all right, maybe we'll hit the course some day. it's good to see you, mike, you're good guy. thank you. always good to see you read it. just my pleasure. thanks to have me on a book or get together. yeah. all right. type of words on the game show network. it's a hosted by a modern shot. sounds like they've got a good premise there to go. give it a tumble. happy holidays by the good to see you. all right, same to you. ah . the dynamism of the ecosystem of planet earth predictably is dying because there's too much pollution, whether it's landfill pollution collision or the river's pollution in the oceans. pollution in the air, chemical pollution, permanent damage completion,
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all the bio systems are dying. humans effectively estimating or mass suicide or species is becoming a better way video don't. michelle kraus, of pretty much with can sure to coordinate a just stick with to boise like you to form a has visa that the, you know much sounds like you. but what i want to talk somebody isn't that jim youtube waste figured out. they might not spanish video yet because the launch stack them
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with ah, ukrainian navy ship approaches, russian waters in crimea, church street without authorization, but eventually changes course. after monica warren, that poses a threat to navigational safety no longer a beacon of democracy and perhaps never was a major international poll reveals a startling thoughts about america's image abroad. especially as most countries questioned are taking part in a democracy summit hosted by the united states and in the u. k. reports claim, members of the ruling conservatives have admitted to hosting one of the parties in their westminster headquarters during lockdown last year. as a raft of similar downing street get together, are set to be investigated for allegedly preaching covered rule. those are your
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headlines at this hour that does it for me. my colleague.


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