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tv   News  RT  January 3, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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ah, ah, global pandemic, big profits. we examine how farmer giants had another bomb. a year. the closely followed settlement between deceased convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, and his accuser, virginia to free has been made public that the head of a critical hearing involving the british royal families, prince andrew also ahead 19 years had months and $25.00 days on this is american legacy, he looked back at one of the defining moments of last year, us withdrawal from afghanistan, which brought the country to the brink of collapse with
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just gone 3. i'm here in moscow york in arts international. my name is peter scott . thanks for joining. covey cases have searched in the united states with the weekly average, surpassing 360000. throughout the pandemic, the world health organization, and stress, the only way forward is 3 must vaccination and one knock on effects of that big profits. the big pharma, 3 companies, pfizer, beyond tech and modernity between them have reported the rates in over $90000000.00 a day. is ortiz saskia taylor 2021 beer we discovered that reading no cure for greed. just off, big pharma, pfizer is forecasting $15000000000.00 in revenue from its covert vaccine. this year . it is our 1st profitable quarter, hitting that $1900000000.00 mark a majority of which is their cobra, 1900 vaccine of course, $1000.00 every 2nd,
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pfizer buy on tech and moto now made one $1000.00 every 2nd. but it turns out that drug companies like to pump 2 pills at once, money and power, and we're better to wield one's power than in washington. d. c. introducing congress says biggest lobbyist, big pharma, which last year dropped a cool $266000000.00 to sway american lawmakers, though given how the holy trinity of fire and madonna biotech was averaging over 900000000 a day last yet it's really just loose change less than 3 days. walk in fact, for the rest of us though, it's an awful lot. you know what? there's also an awful lot of in the u. s. capital big pharma lope. yes. in fact, so many, but they are number congressmen. 3 to one. so what does all that cash exposure get them? well, pretty much anything they want. this is a very powerful industry with significant lobbying clout,
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is very good at knowing exactly how many votes they need to kill pieces of legislation and figuring out a way to get those votes. it's funny though, because you'd think that with a democrat run house and senate pharmaceutical giants would have had a tough year. after all thing years the party's been promising to fight the greed. first, we'll take on the drug and insurance companies and hold them accountable for the prices they charge and the harm they cause. it's called valiant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. we're gonna stop this. this is predatory pricing, and then we'll tell the pharmaceutical companies thanks, but no thanks for overpriced drugs pay the highest prescription drug prices of any developed nation in the world and enough is enough. the greed of the pharmaceutical industry is killing americans and making many of them much sicker than they otherwise would have been. it has got to stop. so we need congress to finish the job, to come together and makes a difference in people's lives. turns out though,
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making money is so much more fun than making a difference in people's lives. in fact, 60 percent of big farmers, you know, be money goes to democrats. so when in april upon was proposed to knock down truck prices surprise it got voted down one of the people against that, new jersey, senator bald mendez. you know, how much menendez is pocketed from the drug, sloppy this year? $80000.00. then along came the build back bat act, which among other things wanted to make medication actually affordable a ridiculous idea. so what did big pharma do? it splash some serious cash to block the bell. big pharma will spend due and say whatever it takes to defeat any legislation that it will curb its unilateral power to dictate prices of prescription drugs. apparently the big pharma roles that leave almost one in for americans unable to afford that regular medication is necessary.
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because while reef touch, we have an obligation to ensure that the sale of our medicines provide us with the resources necessary to invest in future research and development. and while the lobbies $1000000.00 ad failed, bill bought patrice on the rocks anyway. so fingers crossed, you know, what came as a real shock, other than politicians, putting money for people and pharmaceutical joints. not caring about public health . the fact that big pharma plays dottie 1st drug companies have raised prices with abandon, especially when they succeed in delaying a blocking competition. in some cases, tied to higher pay for executives. second, companies have manipulated the patient system and marketing exclusive. it is to extend their monopolies. 3rd, all the companies, the committee investigated, have employed anti competitive strategies to suppress generic competition. really does no one i'd rather have in control of like saving medication. also,
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it wouldn't be matter. the pandemic costs are just a little while longer. they got on a pass it and they want to keep this path there. and these other therapeutics aren't really going to make them a lot of money. politicians, i'm big pharma harder walk in d. c, saving lives, solving the people, and showing each and every day that there's no drug, more addictive than money. power. and everything in between. moscow has lashed out at the u. k. after leap documents revealed the britain pung tons to spend millions of pounds to promote its agenda and influence society in russia. the papers proportionally from the british foreign office were published by the investigative group undecided on his website, which is foreign ministry spokesman brought down the trove of data that was exposed . the under side archives contain dozens of documents with project descriptions. lists of names are going is ations and all of the accounting fraud. the numbers
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boggled imagination. more than one point. 3000000000 roubles have been allocated for the period from 2020 to 2020 free to finance programs to influence public organizations. and for them, government agencies and transform the course of russia in the direction great britain needs well, early on my colleagues, nicky, are, and what we see, she talks through the developments. what we have here is a trove of legal documents that have been published on line by the script on the side, appearing to reveal this, evolved network of and job to receive grants or funding from the british or authorities for dozens of projects within russia. the most sensational revelations here is the creation of a cohort of 25 elite who could go on for leadership role. it could be passive, strategic change within russia. according to the documents, the aim would be to work with tensions within the country. now, if accurate, these are, of course, serious accusations,
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say we're talking about russia accusing the u. k. of meddling. and it's internal affairs. and usually, as we know, the series of the, the 1st is usually other countries accusing russia of meddling like you can accuse rush of meddling in the elections and 29. 19 for example. knowing lights all these revelations, the foreign ministry spokesman mcmurry as a higher of a, has a case london of increasing polarization within russia. let's take a listen. the british are directly spending money on the build up of the internal political situation in the country. how else to explain the existence of a grand plan that involves sponsoring involvement in demonstrations and political rallies, as well as mentioning the growth of social tension and the polarization of society . now these lease documents also a page, reveal a focus on the promotion of the l g, b t q plus a culture pushing for acceptance in russia. also, the documents described russia as homophobic, is particularly unfriendly to this community. but you know, it was just a few days ago, the platinum period was during his big annual speech to,
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to the press into the public is robin of a 4 hours this time and put in said quote, if some, if someone thinks that a women and men are the same thing, then be my guest, but there is common sense. let me put in said, i stick to the traditional approach that a woman is a woman, a man is a man. a mom is a mom, and dad is a dad. i mean, some, i call that a traditional society, a traditional culture and society in russia. this are, however, describes russia as homophobic and unfriendly. exactly, exactly. but as these documents revealed, the aim of each of these projects is to deliver change within russia. also lifted in the document via one of these programs, russian n g a would be encouraged to rehabilitate to support migrant entering russia illegally. there's also talk of change to the system of training lawyers and this is all across russia on my side. now talking about this group, which had made these revelations that publish these documents on the side, we don't know too much about this group as yet. however, with such remarks,
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when the foreign ministry spokesman is looking like it's something which is being taken very seriously. now, so far, london has not commented on the issue. we have sent them an email, however, that the email inbox is full apparently, which is very unfortunate. however, when we do receive a response, we will of course, bring you up to speed. in the meantime, maria, however, is urging the u. k to respond one way or the other. the british foreign office has only one way out to publicly declare that all this is fake misinformation. and of course highly likely what you can says that there are plans to interfere in the internal affairs of russia. repent change a tank to a yellow submarine and lay low in bruges. while, like i say, we're gonna have to wait to see how the u. k. responds to these revelations that are being published in the website and then we'll take it from the details of a settlement between convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, and one of his accusers, virginia you free have been made public the movies,
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parts of mr. fees, sexual abuse lawsuit against brittany, prince andrew keller. moping picks up the story while we now have the documents and they do not mention the name of prince andrew and make no references to royalty. these documents have been made public prior to the day in which a decision will be made about whether or not charges against prince andrew will be dismissed. now, prince andrew faces charges for sexual battery. and it's alleged by virginia roberts to fray that she had sex with him when she was 17 years old and was forced into doing so prince andrew denies these allegations. now it's important to note there have been many developments around the jeffrey epstein case recently. we saw the conviction of delane maxwell, the british socialite, who was convicted of having worked with jeffrey epstein to traffic miners for sex. and she was convicted of 5 counts of abusive miners in court. and she has been
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accused of essentially sex traffic and girls for epstein and his friends which included a row of the elite for defense at the trial, argued that she was being made to pay for the crimes committed by jeffrey epstein. now there's been widespread media speculation that if she comes forward and accept responsibility for her actions and then proceeds to name names of those who participated in these activities with jeffrey epstein, that she could get a much lighter sentence that remains to be seen. what will take place in the lead up to her sentencing? now it's important to note that it's not only prince andrew that faces allegations virginia roberts to fray has also accused a harvard professor and prominent lawyer in the united states. so we'll be waiting to see what further developments take place and what big revelations could remain down the pike as the saga surrounding the scandal of jeffrey epstein continues. will earlier we spoke with us journalist chadwick, moore,
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who said the epstein legal deal with jeffrey. well, it failed to absolve a defendant before this is an agreement that jeffrey epstein settled with virginia robertson, 2009. she received $500000.00 to basically relinquish any sort of future responsibility into it. specifically says the associate attorneys, employees, etc. now it doesn't name prince andrew affectively, but disagreement was used by allan durst, who it was a very famous lawyer here in united states to absolve himself about the case that, that virginia roberts brought forth to get 70 brought up disagreement. and the judge dismissed it. prince andrew is hoping this agreement will also absolve him, a being sued by virginia roberts and tomorrow the judge in new york will decide whether or not the case can go forward. now, it's difficult, we don't really see all the document that's involved here. it's going to be really up to the judges discretion. this whole epstein saga has really exposed how beliefs
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and how many will be parker people. the world have been protected for a long time against things like this. still ahead in the program by major world powers have made a joint statement, going to prevent the spread of nuclear arm it comes amid, tends towards between nato and russia. ukraine, the story and more coming up shortly. the oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way?
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or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world. politics, sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah, welcome back to the program. now i've got it done, remains on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. millions of facing starvation as winter temperatures plummets and the country's economy is on its knees,
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shrinking by almost half in recent months. last summer's a hasty u. s. military exits, thought tragic scenes unfold. ah, thousands of off guns tried to flee the country during and after the u. s. evacuation it lets a chaotic scenes. it's cobbles, airports, as well as panic across the capitol ortiz, senior correspondence mirage. because d f was there at the time in 2001, it began with with righteousness and pomp and vague. i've got to start to fight for freedom to fight terrorism and make the world a better place. 19 years, 10 months and $25.00 days on. this is america's legacy. destroyed and sabotaged equipment. a country brought to ruin and still in control of the taliban.
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that is the ultimate tragedy of the afghan war at was entirely and violently pointless. years and years of an obliging little questioning media. fooled billions into believing that there was progress that america could win total victory over the taliban to taliban flat, the end of the taliban. taliban leadership on the run. and now the question is, how do you handle that? success ah, with it wasn't supposed to be this way. the taliban wasn't supposed to sweep the country in mere weeks. the pentagon spent a decade preparing to leave of gaston, and even they weren't ready for this. together with our eyes, we will complete our mission bear. by the end of this year, i announced
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a timeline for drawing down our forces. we are working to finally and america's longest war. his time ended for evermore merrick. his proudest movement of the afghan war wasn't supposed to be a humiliating evacuation under the guns of the taliban. but it was, there is absolutely nothing else to celebrate. the united states ended 20 years of war in afghanistan, the longest war and american history. we completed one of the biggest air lifts in history with more than 120000 people evacuated to safety. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. the only the united states had the capacity in the will village to do it. and we did it today. where was the afghan army? where was the west and backed government? where did all the money go?
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the united states sunk more than a $100000000000.00 into rebuilding of data stock for reference adjusted for inflation. that is more than the united states spent on the martial blad to rebuild europe after world war 2. and the tragedy of it is that for a civilian the side from all the american weapons and the taliban hads berries almost no evidence that any of that money ever passed through here from broken roads that lead to nowhere to abandoned hospitals from twisted contracts isn't corrupt, leaders have janice duncan arguably be called the largest money laundering operation in human history. the united states is also committed to playing a leading role in the reconstruction of afghanistan. ah ah.
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ah. the taliban now has more black hawk helicopters than 85 percent of countries in the world. ah, al qaeda and isis k still exist in our growing and afghanistan, and eventually they acquire these weapons. ah, we have americans stuck in afghanistan, towel van in charge. the smoke more weaponry they've ever had in the past
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of order that is, of the taliban now controls more of the country than it did before. the us invaded its new government this field with what dynamo, bay inmates, and terrorist mac dean who even have american bounties on their heads. what washington achieved was the absolute opposite of what it intended. the bombing at campbell airport during the evacuation epitomized the afghan war, a senseless act, devoid of reason, which needless, he cut short so many lives. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. we've heard the same promise before 20 years ago when america was united and when it thought that it could change the world when it thought it was invincible. and
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when the people believed a president's promise more, i guess the f r t couple of got to start, ah, the use of nuclear weapons as a deterrence of war was reiterated on monday in a statements between 5 nuclear states. russia, the us, britain, france on china, they made a call to adhere to the existing agreements, which work on the premise that nuclear conflicts can be nothing but disastrous. we declare that the can be no winners in a nuclear war, and it should never be unleashed. we also turn the nuclear weapons as long as they continue to exist, should serve defensive purposes, to turn aggression and prevent war. we believe that the further cliff ration of such weapons should be prevented. according to the documents, the countries declared their commitments to the nonproliferation treaty, which is one of the pillars of nuclear weapon control. yet it's just one of a number of agreements and showing global security. the u. s. previously called
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alarm by withdrawing from core deals, including the anti ballistic missile, an open skies treated. we spoke with anti war to this brian becker who said the new agreements fails accurately reflect u. s. foreign policy. the u. s. nuclear posture review, undertaken during the trap administration in 2018, reaffirms that the u. s. will not give up the 1st use capability. and the 1st us prerogatives and that have been the cornerstone of us nuclear doctrine. since 1945, i think it's just a smoke screen. i think they want, it's like going to church on sunday and putting your hand on the bible and, and professing your love of, of all of the 10 commandments and going up the next day and killing somebody and say, but remember, i'm a good christian. i went to, i went to church on sunday. i think it's like that. it's really just a thin veneer, a big leave to mask the real us policy, which is to gain dominance,
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including the dominance with nuclear weapons and outer space. this is a family, this should not be taken seriously. this is just camouflaged on the part of the united states. the renewed coal from new close to billets. it comes amid an escalation intentions between nato and russia. moscow and the alliance have been at loggerheads over ukraine's position as a potential member of nato. russia has consistently denied plans to talk ukraine and says the build up of troops within its borders of parts of routine military exercises. there are plans for a series of meetings this month to find a diplomatic solution to what russia sees as western encroachments on its borders. in lots of the developments, brian becca says the u. s. is acting provocatively. i don't think it can be more dangerous right now. i mean, what the u. s. is doing is pressing against russia's border with advanced troops
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and provocation. such that the stage is being said for the integration of ukraine into nato. that would bring nato a nuclear alliance with advanced nuclear and conventional weapons in a threatening way. that means the united states is in fact, preparing for major power conflict with russia. seems like insanity because it is. but again, the pentagon is acting again with craziness. american and israeli flags had been burned in so ran on the 2nd anniversary of the assassination of general cassim. fully morning. he was killed in iraq by a drone strike on order. then u. s. presidents, donald trump, and iranians regards to the money as a hero who is battling against terrorism. on monday, iran vouch for revenge for the general assassination. unless donald trump is put on trial for the killing. severe floating his for thousands in indonesia to
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flee their homes. at least one person is dead, with streets and businesses. inundated levels are expected to keep rising last month, the country. we had enjoyed a similar disaster. the course massive destruction and landslides and drivers in an argentinian province of how to navigate through dense smoke from wildfires. thankfully no casualties have been reported, but emergency services struggling to contain the fires that have been burdened in the country for weeks. that's all for now, but i'll see you again at the top of the hour with another round up of the world news. thank you for watching. ah ah christmas the traditional yuletide on a day this year making this traditional with a special christmas guide. mm. christmas tolerance,
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diversity guide. we all know that christmas is a family holiday. so make sure all your parents are properly number i this year. follow the agenda, and make us know woman instead of snowman or even better, that this new person designed for themselves. oh, now gifts. no, don't. so teddy bears prepare your children for the brave new world. and remember, diversity is not a t i o is no longer an appropriate costume. there's an appropriation 0, a logical appropriation. offensive to the dear community. mm.
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mm hm. and obviously sandra new has to be cancelled. i because he is a white, his gender male who amuses mrs. claus discriminates against children based on behavior. whereas red, which is a communist color, makes children sit on his lap, makes people destroy trees and exploit cells. so sorry, kid sandler is not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions. stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide. i own when i was showing wrong, when i just don't have to say out
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because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground ah ah with
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ah ah, ah. hello in welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter lavelle. how is the economy working for you? we are told this is the time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this? it seems the richer only getting richer. but what about the rest of us? ah.


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