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yes, to say to him. yes, you guys thought it was a last, so i'm going to like something you get to me. possibly it's got a total disability do it. we were stored in the war. so stated at the instrument that you're water, you let the chest reason we use i'm it is your smartphone or from a little too much of the wood, she just needs to be sharply doing what's up. i'm actually quite sure with them to call them, but i will meet it. boots are all right. is deputy lonely. see other than english, ethnic israel video, but almost da stomach. but that have laugh. yeah, i'm 10 to 40 middle with naturally i talk of yellow spending my dad and it took lewis thing in my generation rosman. yeah, i just yeah. you said this that and now that does look i've seen from what's the media listed on august 8th. my is a good of i had nothing to eat, that will kind of killing me. it is cut to the number which little it's wood floors . ah
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yes that up. so i think it was spent on discounts to for you. skip caught up single school. can you really long ushering from solar bras, transport, or professionals to put something manime up more products or content? fulford equipment. that's it. um and you should a shaft or would you cook wilkinson? 3 digits of cook will remove. cook will not be on it for some reason, it's just a sure bush or grad school, fully google, like a quarter up to the up because it would still put some results up my sons in they would 3. it's the last in 4 months, a possible way. yes. and my team lead. see, at the vietnam war cross category jobs coming like whereas video's political discovery. she's still going to supply the city at the booth. jokes my, my tissue. yeah. state but i at the upright me actually i still press 3 and i was like by style phillip was talking from lots of near it's on from what's the deal? it's yahoo, celia, me unreasonable posterity blick gosh,
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here i guess the woman was not keenest, exciting. the police katy, that's what i had to show like you, you want me miss bush wasn't out of me when you thought in looking at yahoo celia g a site there and the other again ideal. you can read from us with the logic today. lou, i'm talking to you, the premier us in the late deer, cellular city. paul said that they should use up a water at the pros. hospital will content jania the unique cookie, hot silica mosque look at the her sure pool. it's possible fox problem. we've got a problem with me would know he would probably come from c, w, disease rots. little boy to eat, brought ramp up all night from, from the, nor the boy to eat boil. i'm so those are the most already from i shouldn't have to submit them both to torture it to persons with satanic city, t one somewhere boss national was 80. so the boy cochran
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a premier suspicion comp from a critical put him out of it account or a dave you too. i mentioned in the last thing that gives them if i'm interested with the ice pushing down or see nobody at them moving to underscore on official molar weeks, even though you can or she seems thing is right. really sure. regional really care off, but it was still a quick spill portion. of course the ability to buy a table mall to the colo, though it's a cheese. they're called that system company, but of youtube must be run to the across a movie gym sir, was more individual kissing was more than the cost to ship of chrome. you scuse, crashed with any previous, no good if apprentices oxycontin is alleged to what a sheet for his book on period when i talk to him, because we can recall that, or what would they be required in that sheet or what, what's already my article to put on loosely that should be, it will be politic. your emotional junior got the republican for his book better.
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we're the blur ticket person is that secrets he would do it at the sensual. but as long as he wrote something like that from sonia brushing at cows, the choice, she said rational requirement, one apartment like up with up recently segment ration biz mover. i should now was record is d. c. the shes a cosmetic rama. and that person should sit on that and that was in my this was conclusion choi, welcome that show up. because of if you move lean to canfield, you will, disease causes, which might consider quantum abusing and luther was to be what, but i could, he, it, he said that you insidious, but only because i would say the quality bond that once he was unregistered with porch or so copious e shobel bar for bursley burned it. i'll get it. me just 3 to love the last bit on the care of the digital was from god i would attack as you lead, combine as if left was more cut off to do it. but no, get it one of those to lose night. nasha. and i should of sir, now wish intuition, but by seeing some did it really causing a dark hipa machine, uses the usa. it will come across, keep it, which seems like you for jason,
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the usa, and yes, the use of almost to not a string of just the company. yes. is that awful? or are they george cock william, which is fake. are we in fake willa? i don't suppose laportia that you are content of predators unit. how many more, but i felt deposits almost with disorder. exactly. whether by the it e at work, not something ocean boston actually competent, most anxious me because and the, when you stumble up my gun the and that should though by the us to come with that i said just proficio at to put in the loop or watching the presentation of all getting some noise thoroughly at the for sure, but the most i'll get it met and he troy can needs. it was just longer those the wisdom, the trip was looking over to them. so they were both culture. mm lease. but i don't stations i must wish business. i am honest numbers legit. it's almost all those precious. yes you will like it for those little things just come on business. crummy sheriffs are going to pull out on your end of the deal to be harsh village. they've been very me for
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a promotion or the flash have shown question citizen wished him for this. the most levies the smartest, the smartest, the smartest, the re dos scholarship, scholarships course leaf is contacting e. i knew you were sure to accommodate the separately for my regular summer. caught up putting out during of pneumonia to talk. so tentatively biskin nationally on think about a strain each kid and do dimension of him, but i wasn't the woman beneatha. look on. no means i would have some stick to les dash 9 yet. but most of us me, it's rustic though kelly is though with, with an in 2nd, but none yet that they be spanish. the scroll isn't. ready much, oh, what is the celine gra company said yoletta, defending the secular bazemore this bull sheets, a switch in the getty seek, i've got to speak to you to one game designer, to me, he leagues design, yet i make up. what i was about was that again, this is out of the city philosophy. you jim with 01 there about them. it's jean yani people karlesha program. i. e y, he program a know which englishing, which is really gotten it allergic liquid from what was i had
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a couple of ginger g look for us. i what we show blair a boston you look at, did you like them? no way can they miss garrett and dan said lam, economic of pneumonia and the yellow good as the boys sher or bleaching you. chill . i via car vall lease in west what g internet children with iep that says. ready doctor carr slash releases morgan disney junior disney because national pneumonia marie but violet but or she sitting there with a nash across motor is analysis from wouldn't have any immediate why not? i'm korean. so she was shy e at your might, the wiring coming out of the south can the job, the facility, me out of dollar from that i still a stay on the rest of the machine with them. sure it is. wish rosena satilla beach kick reflect at saying it's catherine. we see chesney morrison yet seeing you were to look at, i'm sure is the absolute effect. was them a pull? it is up torch. spoke up, or it really cheer waits on us. yes. lorenzo sitting on the receiving and boom,
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locked near william laska brougham. you not give him any speed up to such us from us premium to see death. so you on what's called playing up shapes and ask him to give me bidding mountain shoot by the us. what we could probably should have switched on to the ground can our could young at rose king deal chicago that should search on a 40 megabyte with machine. yeah, i need them to rewrite it so. so what the, what kathleen is kim to begin using my dissertation target with them as i but be sure you're putting in a while. no i you are. i'll get it me. percent. that's a grade. she will, she seen of stopping it is all it is a pollutant with ms. l. walker. i'm a good book on blue at the little e i because even though the key to, to make it a glance east is in the 8th of sugar problem. so see to de leon awesome. new layer, girl mobility, almost of cigar blue wheels, abruptness. yes. most of the switch out of the concrete talk from craig know also stuff now. so pause in this loaner to the school to see what each members analytical, perfect, awesome, good. quality, let's sunday little anywhere. so see norgard were lubricant frank thorazine in my
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civic law, my da margins in the miles of america borshwitsh. so can you still hello? holding a little bit of trump and i was shocked, but the most i obeyed me for tioga problem or beneficiary in for all the what else look start the harassment region for the also doesn't. that is will top google you system. so it's not or slow to percent, that's an issue. you ditch dying. sworn. he isn't putting out a yard as cousin, my liberal intervention, or google or her a really poor. yeah, we'll do just concrete in from outside on starboard. that a lot of mileage is liana pierre. to be aware, his junker, again, with the christiane, don't i thought some of approve able to visit you screeching the for much of those 2. i bought it a good year. a think that was the credit card move across my bill, hutsel stupidity screw machine, you will jeep dumpster. he was more than that was good. no problem was do i say at least they would say which danish look at the yes at vietnam move across here. it is the letter. yep. is it the one you posted probably content is there to we're. busy looking at 3 to pretty much no, yeah, i think it should be even
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a poaching at the, at a cook with of a process. but then most of the schools come by just a little bit before to do to work on what their blood work and then those national unknown visit them. isaac won't let you look. i visually eat, they came over to them. so they went to talk with a child in that she would require the meal, my able to sign, you have the media and we have somebody map charlie system of the media meters mcallison. i'm what i just of sure that the needs of the menus to stick around them . yeah. ok. this is not a buttons highlight a wishing crash. it's a wash or i tried to spoil become a chest that no. no, no. yeah. i spoke with
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bring you the very latest every out the day. this is no fun. everyone help with algorithm. so neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most us. that's how we find meeting and how we make sense of our place in the silicon valley. see, don't mention in that slick presentations. however, other ghost workers who train the software humans are involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold as this miracle of automation behind your screen. it's
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a robot workforce that feeds algorithms for next to nothing. on a very good day, i could do $5.00 now. a really bad day. i could do $0.10. now. these workers are invisible by design, it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of western responsibility between those who solicit this kind of work and need it. and those who do it a financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can convert into quite easily. but keep in mind, no as a watch guys report this month unless when you can then yes, the youngster. so i mean, i do not in subway that they features given that for themselves. would you notice if, when we shane sort of law seek that not williams just came to come back to teach us
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raj measure. we delete some of the jewish, the thing, the dish of sam near it didn't wish being yes, i am at the individual. is us it door? i got mean yet visit me version. yes. and when you mine? yes, we were routing. you were miracle. got yes. the virtual private and they've got it, appreciate it. and you don't on slash sale. need cigna? he's just in the still the was just didn't us them preschool. yeah. he's this is sea chest yet. um mm. yesterday a was night you slum signals. now in order to see if i go school, i must run a ticket directly if i get the will it? so we did offer stories. i also most year 0. it's how would you talks more than to be possible by your kids most bit much most got the package to norcross. i still was deal if you force it. i woke up one by she sits which her could be at the door would yoke remark abroad in the past that it's if we spoke about that mistake, come back to you as much as much. had snow was mother if you used to talk when i'm
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like, okay, i tell them that, you mean you should be my mom, dumb her team of people actual marketing with somebody mm melisha don't that? yep. she knew she didn't knew what likable pastime is. calisha passmore completely right. you as a curriculum and then it's interesting. it's called the, i'd say louisiana to use the julia can yet, since i knew she talked to a one yet. yeah. cox lowest to use live tiny, and that was latania will doesn't. i took that one yet. i've ship it up. it joan the kyle lewis and i wasn't there, but it's darlene. yeah. or ah, certainly situated yourself ross, projected michigan curious as i now press conference going at the account. mm hm. yes. and when would you see the coil in boston city? you my much for calling the preston's. luckily i did that ship. and so when you got to pick up a campus hoyt, a junior at the occasion of ours and chestnut disney, douglas, i switch it out in the when i'm switching those not at the moment. suff woolley
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said he wasn't sure what he's of the wood panel without choking the media with. daniel boots on the rope. why medical roster? i lou, one which he has not most of it would have seen you or get only imagery room for quite a new position with her need more with him. he's always different up. i don't wish . but yesterday, just by chance initially i chat, but they've let content rush could lamazzo wolf, i chad of but they will edge, super a key at the end of a sudden they're eager, your likeness to ones that the bletchley, anybody show any dollar never in the middle that beach keep it almost on the ellsworth, but they haven't listened even last but santa selina, not only this but it's on scottish, the guy durham is cut the initial set of time to talk to that the show up was not feminist, but they haven't misty, broadly ever, even though i had seen the pre season a, a new, a dealer, you're here with you really mean i slob, your d effect buckle recession with these tyler?
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i bought it for them. austin, when you, when i'm watching it, i started love. what is christine to live for all, but they're great african, which is out. so i knew it was trying to let them upset. now wishes to war by fishing e. i'm a good the push teach door, doesn't actually, can they chase the middle when the selena voltaire. dingey elusive again, boston veronica which stand by just nobody at them. but alice lewis couple of the slow juggle cuz the shannon shit is come to the negro, toiling the mirror. it sounds good as the luxury in today's michelle quarry mosque . yes, blah, blah, gardening, yep, the store use it. but that was, that brought to the door, a small arkansas, somebody with reusable, run them are within the cigar last night you got, you come up sheer up. one of e niga you, her scenario, or crockett to 1000 with is that there was in your plans, you might visit, not soliri at my processor next to the boss. this john is guild, politically ethical there, but foolish now the good corporate. so the ssl does got
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a lot of used for that chevy speech, which should result people efficiently. but offshore, nissan. of course, of the war carol a port hall with worth of work. a lot of colds of work here with her or short alert, trust and companion village to which to learn was morrison when you have to cross groups. yes, it's over of the work. you know, it's about much with working with people solution, whether it is or just name was no system goodness that the prices were on. i was, it is a slice of how it's and so as far as thomas and zora e commerce it is outside it's in zurich, zulu do it near nationally, gazande asked them look at the bill of ashes, indeed, of wisdom, tens them about a blue one. them eyebrows over them, i see wouldn't here, little since laura's lout, niece cap watch of a megs terabyte that that's if i always thought about that a couple years he had been with, among odessa of his nuclear, my especially mother other of the by near bacteria, nissan. history, she knew party passed the there that i'm with it starts her, are lou nominal goblin?
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still nab almost her. she wouldn't packaged chicken when you got sick. even linda, camille, she ski apache. what form? i pulled it up so that is probably a year of williams, miss lear yar previous through nor assume the gus destiny that you were at home still with you as a keith alternative in the mirror. um, with the grants uradano of cm, grass in the miracle new bushnell guarantee, those type of internet, but almost a church or national cookie, the bridal provider, even away that a water bite when the weather was misled, doesn't match the dice and we don't, which is the for is that say will not as this year i was a shadow. ye, a problem is he wouldn't give it a switch and we're in a 2nd. we got see of words if real natural but formal lear invoice from national folks to know just that scientists and national sucks no leech. this could actually occur in a premier video even look at on that piece of it. if somebody will book you missing some ice cream in like a representative, she will smuggle, you more? i was virginia nick at the how jonah was italy. i believe you. me got it. then.
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yeah, pretty much as nation. where as we say that shocked. somebody said us that either or sick except perhaps i had to beat his other wimps. i asked you say that unique i took you're now outside from work. but for me, a couple remarked with the pedestal rhythm swish, which i had to store my foot in the mystery of not bringing. i need more good kimberton 0 at some the school. the middle school actually are blue moon, you carry it. now. it's just the on the so that at least it avenue get more, but it was on up just me. yeah. oh, absolutely. i, it's a concept. it's from a business. it's f dot just a quick list from a company and i got a shock breeze. would it be? should be yeah, go very she just a video contribution. so here are subject to re out. so i should have thought of get the motor to carnage if possible. or swim attorneys most of shanita or go to the portion ceramic from doesn't your number doesn't let you slip. but inside that switch to senior. now if you are sophia, his was more sinister was that my religionist taxable little that it required never go at each. i grew yeah. losing denazi's gym to smooth forms. gems. have been the
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minute with noticed. the jacob priest, we have no idea. nova suddenly poke, was in the prisoner come. he said most of us more than that which i took akita company cookie. the commuter skeleton is at sea. i need what you are switching my either fully, my each an issue with the most with nathan shaw and i'm interested. silence thrashing over nor to decision the should kisses on a concrete thing occasionally. to me point the you reach, keep us lives. there is keep us live there. the past one, your mobile city, my id, the food, yours, the i'm a would learning the middle, the let it done. it almost the estimate the same special, but the inside of and format sake up or somehow google younique's if his book um yeast. yeah. what are the from i t maya door, which i said it's from a team would be samples immediately to put inside the power that was you guys were pros russell. i usually i quit my means right at this point. so it's just $9.00 to $3.00 as it goes you so bubble sheets, i'm noble near a, hit him thrones. nana was in. great. i wish him no go across of ye. if i switch him when i got him, this was more harder session. no more precious to store and he choice for the sort
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of a mask in his long or spirit of choice. i mean yeah, it's um nikki dean. the mosque vina organism, but i'm glad he did not get your sophie for. grogan was literally the 2nd big nor mrs. only be mind can problem. it doesn't place hadn't this choice plus the 8th period or as you pay a sub most that on the nasa than he should, you know, the western illness. oh boy griffin was the one to live in. the good isn't, you'll notice was the incentives or choice wouldn't pick up or a more that mass buttons on it is a t either is either blocked is snotty food from food. she moderates if which are 40 to them in non the way to put chess was listening to luke, the butcher, romker floor or sofa. good if, if i'm supposed to elect some presidio on those in the last night nor where they must be as it is with them picking me up for some reason or you just give us a glitch in the, in the said, so very me on this conflict that the,
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when your me for the me on the screen select that those could you can request if you got that authority models because them not long ago dialing yet more. but of the way to put a yeah, a committee to tom store, or with, excuse me, select model that's probably linear champ, abortion suit the forum. you know, at the scott, if tonight a bush from past each ski chung now, but if you could add them. yeah, could you skeptic now i get technology gravity, catherine marshall. kirk at a minimum doesn't give me a joke. just one. what does christening to look at the committee schedule? i get pushing, but i'm a come be a sir. your accumulate as are what? good. and that's and that may be the process you bought. this process just booked. it's a little grossing just around the meter category, immune term, as it then rudders on the seal, my chiller. gone, gone as i am. but beatrice as the asterisk listening to a promotional dispos it by an i'm good, you're probably nice guy, shall i? heck, you might the chinese, i guess us 80 can. he's had days are process that was to bring it to let them.
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orchestra is costly to live. use one that was to renew my and which latest can rosters to do it? that was the mob been in my and my dad is michelle. nice to slide the when he got that would yet the quelling especially i need to crane yet. jane sheila coolest thou bicycle e details that i live so bite you my william it as close name to live to cheat now . but for the country, richard is fire the senior got out of those place, playing a cup, which she thought sir tristram just thought good was ready to to look after my billy flute she yes. yeah. the tip when he is be as nicole as be like the immunization of bible school, g t cock meet each cock. woo bridge, bruster perspective semester. it will be recorded here. but salon people quite severe this blood and after my beat us brushwood flute you that the blair look i did you stop by after my bill is yours. all that argue is also stop it like that by give me if you will get ready to look. i think the one that you dish a hoarder
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e at the opera scatter him slash this locking out of somebody that i showed in jeannie cutler in them. but he is with little need help. could you please call snowing? select a new mortgage. now the steve var stashed media bite, the more no nephew, that justice and i had them calling a yes them with ready money? well, it's a select because if my one year, i don't watch that while usa, with the wall switcher, yet aware of dies within failure. now which it's, it says there might substitute almost the crew change. if that over down this knowledge on which i said be, as we cheated with going psalms more with them, a suicide. picky that if you might, you're more of a preview of the day. a beautiful book that yes, so now again, you just are not doing the stair york always just look can know at some would've
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been invited to shane you bullish you from there. yoko is just me get senior leadership. what do you lose? you got to have all 3 doors doing with lunch, but you might think is trainable if you limit, i need to put an order just or had i in the way at home with those? no, we could shalaka. i've just actually, yeah, i mean you got any small good debussy. then you rusted with almost there. a good day i would at the rising it's properties wooded so sheila with it was sheila oh. busy i got a thing, you said, no music bring you might duly installed on them when there's nobody else to broach knowledge that much. now will you be greatly more would be nice to know which human auger will get you in the muslim as to what you see about the regina, which leave here more room, we'll get, they all get eat up, shut up, shut a glass. i literally was most, you know, me get even listed on those. they're sitting with dish actual mir gabby's deal. that's the, we're just the door technology. but the guy i knew would you do it at the
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abruptness store on yan is nile. and i get to know what because like you may, i was gonna go to the global deb chesney. just wish you meant what i should even lushly ellis. g velocity was asking him, but don't at the stake a m mm ah, mediterranean is the world's most efficient sea, unsustainable exploitation of its fish dogs, which maureen biodiversity undergoing thread a lesson the getting the quote, our special guest on this is because our system, i'm not going to pull the cookie careful for a 2nd one or 2, but our lives,
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despite the promise, is to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing to slow. well, i'm very disappointed with that. they basically not in public interests. they also do not in the midst of interest of the fishes, the only interest of the fishery robbie on the face of the only ones in danger. the fisherman also at risk of losing or bugging them up up to them before they get to them about that. i'm going to level more thought, i guess it might be real. she's been there wouldn't be abusive with kaiser financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price,
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then l, well reduce a lower ah, that's under cutting, but what's good for food market? it's not good for the global economy. what does that make? no sense, you know, borders and you as a merge, we don't have with the we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is grateful to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together
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with ah, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world and natural resources. but he cannot mclee, it's still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in manufacturing batteries for modern devices like electric cars, mobile phones and computers. 60 percent of the world's cobalt reserves are in congo . but 20 percent of it comes from small scale minus units have figures confirm that in 2017. more than $40000.00 children worked in cobalt mining in the republic to earn a living and pay for schooling. next time you use a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera or, or laptop, and just remember that there's a chance it works thanks to a child hard labor children like john michelle henry
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at all countless others like them. or are these top stories talks underway between britain and russia. top diplomat submit the mounting ukraine crisis and british threats of the toughest sanctions. yet on the kremlin, russia stands firm on its security concerns over nato expansion versus biggest skating to wait for answers on doping. allegations in the winter olympics, the i r. c called it pure speculation, while the probes ongoing, the athletes victory, metals hang in the balance. also ahead. why he would put aside the pandemic, why he would try to stigmatize canadians. why would you do to this, to a country that is already suffering and deeply damaged by so many of his policy the canadian prime minister takes a barrage of criticism for his arms against anti backseat mandate demonstrators. as
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the protest entered bits, 13th day.


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