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please i miss electric bill is your smartphone. if you don't get bomb or from a local do multiple board, she just needs lip. lip, boom, boom, actually capture with them. the media boots are all right. yes, definitely only see other than english video that much. the dos come up with content, the fundamental with national yeah. talk of yeah. was been you miles, it took a louis. been my generation rosman. yeah. and this isn't listed on it. now that does just what i've seen from what's the media listed on august 8th, went through. i had nothing to eat, look at it in the me, it is a little, it's wood floors. ah, yes, phillips with no more. you skip what i've seen those quick, are you really long rushing from on the bus transport or professionals to put something on him up pretty more pretty product content, both requirement,
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that's an account and you should a show would just come to me did quote, if coma be on it the some this is just a sure mission of for grad school for like a quarter up to the up because it would still put us on the principal about my son's id 3. it's just the last 4 months i could white use them accordingly. t v in the what pross capital jobs, criminal like videos, political discovery, she's team with folks. my little my social yeah. could you state but i at the new cartridge that actually i still press 3. i was like, best buy really push in front of me. it didn't from what to pretty beat nielsen's. yes. yeah. we sheila, me and those in the liberal posterity political here. i guess the woman was not easy enough. exciting the police. okay. yeah. that's what i had to show, like, you know, from this point with what we thought of manual when you started looking at yahoo, she liam. do your site there and the other again, ideal. and how much does it have with his teeth and
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a little boy on red? it wasn't a buckle chiefs magician thorough. it's the logic today. lou as caught him talking to you the premera lay dear, now satanic city porcelain with a she does up a water at the pros. hospital will comp jania the unique cookie hot silica musket, the her sure poor at prost fox problem. we've got a problem with me more than e lube would probably come come see them with disease rots. that little boy at tweet program, cassandra bought online from shawn with nor do boy to eat or boil themselves up in the mos on get it from a similar to submit them both to quarter it to persons with center city t one somewhere boss national was presents itself to boycott, can i bring mrs bush compton pamper follicle for premier account or, or rush, leave you to on? i me by mention of us thing. finished the gears to leave by me. a trish with her eyes pushing down the her that i see locally at them. movie dem score artificial molar weeks even if you could or she ceilings. right. really?
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cheshire regional whitaker, ashley. but it was to the quick speed with which of course, the bureau to the way it's him that are pretty multichannel. do it's that she stepped out. let's just complete that of youtube. moved to rome to there was a movie, jim sir, was more individual case sick was more of the cost to ship of crow me. swishy crashed with the previous no get it will play. this is that's a content that you had to order sheet for his book. on period when i talked to him because we're using requirements that are what would they be required then that shows that or what, what's already mouthful to put them loosely. that should kid will be politically emotional, junior capitol liquid for his book. peter, we do blair, ticket person is that secrets he would do it at the sun. sure where someone is 0. it's something that's been from sonya, but it pushing a cows though a choice which is the rational requirement. one apartment, like with a particularly sigmund ration biz mover, i should now was recalled, b, c, just
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a cosmetic rama in that position. sit on that and i was image. this was concrete than choi vehicle that show up because of invalid to canfield. you will disease causes, but you might get a quantum of you willingly thought to be more likely. it is a veteran you insidious but only what? because i would say the quantity one that one seems in registered fisma porch also capiro e trouble her sure. but yes, well, it's all good. it, me just 3 to love the last bit on the care of the digital. but i'm going to rob would attack as you laid combine, as if it was more got on to do it. but look, no, get it one of those tables night nasha, and that shift of sheer now wish intrusion by seeing some did it because when you talk hipa machinist was there, you go to a post. i keep it, which seems like you from adjacent, the usa and yes, the usa almost you not showing of just the company? yes. is that also on a george cleaning, which is fake, are we in if we can, we are willing, i don't suppose laportia that are content of bread. it's is, you know it many more,
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but some of the ones that are most patricia for exactly where to buy it. e at the what not something osha, boss, national, that most anxious me believe this will ask them when you stumble up on my gander. that shit though, by the years to come up, there are just proficio to put in the loop, which in the presidential mortgage sub noise. currently it had a short, but almost i'll get it met. and you sure can you do with just blogger? those are wisdom. the chip wasn't cooking globalism, so think about cultural. mm least baranski. sions, i must wish i knew marsh numbers large that almost all sheila said you will. luckiest for those of off least just come on that chromos. sheriffs are going to put you in a position to be with her ocean village. so they've been very me almost never flush have chunk cushion citizen wished him for this. you must know. he's the smartest, the smartest, the smartest daughter is crucial scholarship quarter. so if you come back to me even more with your, we're sure to call them or they perceptibly my will get some a quote or putting it up with just regular pneumonia to clock of
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a disconnection to leon. think about a strain each kid and to demean sugar name, but i was at the little beneatha spoken to me. i was thanks to the les dash 9. yep . that must be me. it's rustic though kelly is now with, with in, in 2nd. but none yet that the bas finished the scroll isn't we're. ready not sure. what is the, what you need our company segment of the funding please. i give it was morrison school sheets. also to look at each seek. i've got explained to you to one game design yet a me really unique design. yet i make up what i was about the words again, this is out of the city philosophy. you, jim, what's he beautiful about the it's gene, young people, karlesha program. my ear why he program in the origin which, which is really got an allergic liquid or what was i have a couple of ginger. if you look for some, what will you show blair, a boston e and look at each of them? no way can let me skip, condense it because i am economical you minute. unadilla good as the boy sure. or
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reaching you chill? i via car. var leasing most with g of internet, the children with the review process. practical slusher uses more of that disney junior disney national pneumonia marie. but violet but or she sitting there was a massacre. smokers analysis from would know that amy did. why not? i'm concluding. and so she was shy. yeah, you're my daughter in coming out of the south giving out the for switching me out of the dollar for that. i still a stay on the rest of the machine with them. charges wish rosena satilla each defect. anita katherine, we see chesney moore's and yet seeing you were to look at them should is the absolute it because i'm a pull. it is also option for catherine. really chariots on us? yes. lorenzo sitting on that is the young and boom. laska naval lucko problem. you know, coffee, me speed up as a chelsea last few minutes to see death. so you would coupling up shirts and he skimmed gimme, putting mountain shoe by the us. we could probably see it out. so i'm sitting around kalauia down on your little skin. the ocean, it should search on
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a horse mystified with lashania on to her white. it's also in what the what kathleen is kim to begin using my dissertation target with them is i but she could put in, in a while no way you are getting the percent. that's a great you. will she seen optional for that is all right. it is, it will be recorded as well. okay. you know, good to come to like the little e a because even though the key to to make it easier in the 8th of sure the problem might foresee to deleon us on the little girl mobility. almost a cigar. we were real abruptness. yes. more than the switch out of the country, a dog. no bullet was now. so pause in this loaner to the school to see what it gibberish. analytical pro from. awesome. good police lawyers, sunday little anywhere. so see norgard were you will come brainstorm into my city, guam, i don't margins and you miles of america borshwitsh. so can you still hello for him? a little bit of trump and i, peter was stroke. but almost all by defects, yoga problem or what if it's yoga in for all the crowds, like start the horizon region for the los angeles. and that is will top google you
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system. so it's not possible to person that's initially viewed, which now you sworn, he isn't putting out a yard as cousin, my liberal intervention i will or her aboard are surely poor. yeah. but the video can cheat in from outside from star board that the la maya. yes. leon panetta be aware, his junker came with the christiane donut towards some of a pussy apple divinities crew cheating for much attached to a board at the grill. a think that was a great good move across la perhaps was the critical machine you really jeep almost and he was more than that was good news. now problem was do that all? i say it reduces notes which finish. look at the yes at vietnam move across here, egypt up until a trip is that the one you posted probably canfield zeta. busy network to pretty much now. yeah. the model shabby. it's even a poll cheat at theater like a quick of a process, but the most of the readership will come by just open get over niche nobility better before to do to work on snow, but they bled. we'll come down the road national, long visit them, isaac, with warm, let you look. i visually eat picky, mobilize them some of the way to cook with august,
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selena southwest orchestra new. got balboa arg, if it, without seeing if the p, my, the arc doors are not able to check in that she, me regarding the meal waiver its annually. as you have seen the media, most of the maps are, this is the one of his, comedic, are these meters mcallison? what do i, shes of sure that the me i had son of the medicine as a corolla m e r. keep assist. there's this and you can, he's not up with inside the model with so which he crush, we'd send not a wash or i child disposal become pupils. i was promised that watches that near a norm, the park here are critical of shipping to hook up literally. mm. mm mm mm mm. oh, oh, so many different surprise. oh such as the sense not quite right. trying to make those organ in
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a test tube in visceral for him up with an idea of using any body of developing and bob and as a sort of final reactor look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at that point, obviously is too great truck rather than fear a very job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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algorithm. so neural networks have been following us everywhere. we look online because our relationships are what matters most to us. and that's how we find meeting and how we make sense of our place in the silicon valley. see, don't mentioned in that slick presentations. however, the ghost let those who train the self where humans are involved in every step of the process when you're using anything online. but we're sold, as is miracle of automation behind your screen. it's a long rouble workforce. that feeds algorithm is for next to nothing on a very good day. i can do $5.00 now. a really bad day. i can do 10 since he's workers are invisible by does it's about labor costs, but it's also about creating layers of lessening responsibility between those who solicit this kind of work and need it. and those who do it
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with his mother. it's elena. she's when you can then yes, the young sir. so, i mean, i do live in subway logic that each is given la jolla. him. so would you know, just if, when we, she knew where sir of law seek the luck, williams, to skimp of. come back to teach us wash leisure with d leads of cmc of the jewish looked in the dishes of sam nero weight. it did him was shooting a slimy name at the individualism see door a cock, mina vi did me version he is don. love it sir. and you, when you mine, yes, we will routing, you were miracle goc jesse rituals through cockbride and they've got it in therapy . she had always anom please. you don't know that on slot. so you've seen the yeast t as in the steer the wash did you didn't ask them for a score? yeah. and is this a sea chest yet? um mm. usually of was night just of um huh steve la petite douglas, but i most gram has to get to work if i get the will it?
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so would you talk to story? oh, so what's the 0? it's how would you talk smoked in the be possible by you could move bit vash. most carter brackets to norcross are still was the only 2 possible problems, but she did say ciocca picking up the war would you grew mc arc abroad? not that it's if we spoke about the percentage come back to you, it much much. it's no was mother if you used utica what and i'm was not required to let you me. you should be my mom. damn her to my actual marketing with alicia account yet. she knew she didn't. you would like it last time. you calisha passmore. right. you with the curriculum and then it's interesting. it's called the word say, louisiana to use the china can yet subsonic she jokoy one. yeah. yeah. cox morris to use live. this was latania was delighted when you thought of ship it. i bedroom the kyle wasn't, wasn't there, but it's totally in. yeah. or, ah, certainly situated near the dumpsters, it's wishful,
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curious as i now cross country skiing at a column, houston will knock williams calling preston street. you might for calling the preston's. luckily i didn't that this ship, i'm so when you got to pick up a company's horrible chin at the archives of ours and they just recently got close to place with the when i'm switching those not limits of willis that he wasn't sure what he did. the wind tunnel without choking media with, with the roku, i mean it was value one which he knew city was not most of it would have senior normally immigrant room required in the mirror meeting with him. he's always too booked up. i don't wish to jessica just by chance mission any chat, but they latch content, jewish consumers golf. i chad, but they have lead super, a key at the end of a sudden they're eager electrons to bombs at the bletchley and you've been issuing a dealer. no, never in the middle of that beach, keep it almost on the list to it, but they haven't given us department of molina not to begin this,
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but i'm scared of some way. you got to do room. it's got to learn. she'll set a time to talk to that to show up was next and missed, but the misty only ever. even though i had seen the g season, i knew the dealer. you're kidding. you still really mean that a slab d effect buckle especially is tailored. i bought it almost and when you, when i'm watching it, when i started that i bought it is costly to let that all but the guy after which is out. so i knew it was trying to let them upset. now bush's door by facing e. m a good the bush teacher door that she can, i change the middle and selena voltaire, dingey lou slogan, boston romker, which saddened by jessica, nobody at them. but alice would come with the slow juggle, because the change shit is come to delay the toys in the mirror. you found that as the lucy intonation shall comrie must kiss, blocker bug loading up the store. yes, it does that lots and lots better door trick us more. i was out somewhat with lucy
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. progress on them are were in the cigar last night. we got you come up sheer a plan of e, nikki. her sanity of our crockett to 1000 with is that i was in your place, you might have aged not sell it yet, but process next to the boston. joe, is gil politically, it there? but surely, shenadra cooper, i'd say the semester who got a haste at that chevy speech, which she was up last beneficiary. but options were nissan. of course, as a worker report worth of workers. so daughter scolds the book here with her or short alert chest and complaining to which the which claim was morrison yet couple screwed for yes. it's as a head of the boy, you know, it's a bell with working with people solution whether it is a just name or the also still goodness, not to frightens you, run i will ship is a slight to provide some storage to provide some of some sort e commerce results it isn't zurich zulu, do it. nea legend, gazande asked them look at the blue overseas. it pushed him tens of ability will
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know about us over them. i see wouldn't here, little ross, which is let me scott, watch of him. a spider bite that, that's probably just thought about that a couple years she had with one god isha. awfully nuclear. you might question whether either of us the by nea kimberlia, nissan is we should be in the party possibly there than i moved. it starts at lou, nominal goblin still nap, but i muster she wouldn't practice if she could. when you got ctv, julianna, can you have she ski, apply chewing platform, pulling it up so that is probably a ye williams miss leah yar previous to nor assume the gus destiny? i t will i'm still with you as a keith elton. not even familiar with the grants, you know of huge grass in the medical new bushnell guaranteed loss of internet. but all of the ciocca national cookie, the private law provider, even away that of water bite. when the williams miss lindsay, my should i used to me. she says that she will not as this year a process. she says you have a problem. i wouldn't even switch him where i'm in a 2nd. he got sieve words improved natural, but formal maria invoice from national folks to know just at silenced national
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sucked nutritionist that chinese, a premier video unique are the ones that piece of it in the summer will book you missed some ice cream in the cup representative. she was model you more than was virginia, nuclear. oh, jonah was literally b d. u. he got it then. yeah, pretty much estimation. whereas video's that show you some of the semester either mcgraw 2nd exam we're up to life to bit is aluminum. so i still you see that unique are chuck, you're not out. so from what for me, a couple remarked with the pin us saddle. rhythms worship, which i had to store my foot in the muslim, renewed, renewed. i need more good kimberton 0 at some the school, the more scholarly a blue moon. you korea. now it's just the on the saw that had listed out unique him what, but it was on up. what if we know we're up to date the concept? it's hummel be smear tear at dar. yes of goodness to to from will come in, pick up a shock, but it wouldn't be, should be out of it is just a video cooperative. you should see here. assumption, you're not there yet. so i should have thought of get the motor to her needs
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a password or swim attorney most of shanita or go to that, which is that correct from? doesn't about non exempt last year slip, but inside and i switched his ng and now you are so fear his was morrison. was that my religionist, actual little that require never go at each exit. grew yachts losing denazi's. jim's a smooth swarms, jim's opinion monument, north li, jacob priest, him now gloria nova, suddenly, was in the business. mm hm. yes, it's most of us, more than that, which i had to look at ether company, cookie the commuter scoggins. i'd say, i mean, why did i switch 'em i e, e e e e, before e. my each missed you with a morse with yet. and she wore on existence as thrash nova, nor cookie session, short cases on a concrete thing application can you point the reach, keep us if there is, keep us near there, the past one, your mobile to the my id, the food yours, that i'm a with learning middle, the latest done it, almost east of a same severe store, but inside of a farm out sick up a summer, all google yonder. if we smoke thumb ustr one at the for i team maya dorm, which i said it's from a team which was uncle her immediately to put inside any power that was you guys my
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prose, her. so i usually i quit my men's right at this point. so it's just 9. yeah. a couple of years ago as you probably cheats them. no go near. i sits him to problems 9. you know what was in great. i wish him no go across of ye. if i switch him when i got him this or was more just to be hoarder session, no more precious was restoring the church for the sort of unmasking was among those fear acre. i'm sure choice. i be denied, said nick, eating the mosque of eating their gun. use them, but i'm glad you did not get yours for grogan was literally the 2nd beacon, nor mrs. only been in my parking problem at the place heights. this choice, last 8 period or as you pay some noise from the nasa than you should, you know, the western illness roy griffith was the mutually e in the good isn't you'll notice was mentally attrition. wouldn't category more that nasa son is a g easier his art practical snotty food from school. she moderates if which i'm for teacher minima.
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the way to purchase from, excuse me, select the coaching. romker slow joseph a good at the thumbs boy and select some placebo on those in the last night, nor where they must be, as it is with them. i came in for some whittier like excuse a christian brazilian said, so very me on this question selected the when you're me for the me this christine selected this critique. nicholas if you carter battery models cuz like the most long ago, died in yet more put the wire to put on the yeah. a committee to tom store or with the scuse me select more of zack will probably linear jumped, worshipped him through the forum. you know, at the scott is tonight a bush from past each ski chung now, but if you could add them. yeah. could you just get technology technology crazy to catherine marshall burke, an animal because i'm coming at your chest with this crystal, to look at the critique schedule, claudia, for simper. i'm, it'll be a sir that you accumulate as are what get and then i'd be surprised. you bought this boss was just booked. it's a little grossing just around the meter. korea immune to present. voters on the
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soil. naturally gone. gone as i g m. but bureau versus vast, exclusive intellectual promotional dispos that way and i'm new to the are probably new, shall i hear you might, the chinese of 80 care is high days of ross of that was to bring it to let them orchestra is costly to live is one that was when you my on which way just can roughness to do it. that was from albany. my and my dad is michel needs to sled the when he got that would yet the compiling especially i need to coordinate rein sheila coolest. thou bicycle e, did you that i live so bite you, william. it has caused me to live to cheat now. but for the country it is by you're the only got one of those least i got, which she thought say pushed him. shes thought good was ready to pull up the cup to my bill of flu. she yesenia that the brain is b as in the cover was be like the immunization of bible school, g t cock marriage,
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cock woo bridge bruster perspective mr. will be recorded here. but salon, he will quite severe this blood enough to my b. u. s. brushwood, food you, that the, blair, look at your stubborn after my bill is yours. all that'll give is also stop it like that by give me you will get ready to look. i think the one that you dish order e at the other us got to him slash the slug notes of somebody that i showed him in these meanings, cutlery now, but he will put that of nature knowledgeable discourse. no intellect anymore. god knows the stiever. certainly, debra by it, the more. no, no, not that justice nathan calling with yes. yes them with ready money. well, it's always been select because it is my one year at almost that that it, well usa would rule us data where the dies within to live. now which it says the might, so there was a clue change if that over down this knowledge on which out said b as would cheat on psalms with them, which i think you could if you might,
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you're more of a cheerful book that yes, so now again you just are not doing with the air. yoko way is just gonna let them. would you like to just stay in your bullish keeping their yoke away? just me get senior living daughter. what do you lose? you got to have will drink doors doing with lunch, but you might be getting your belief. julie, mit i nice for them at all. it just all right, in the light home with those? no, we get ciocca. i've she has telling me yeah, i mean you got to be any small good division then you roster, but almost there a good day. i would if there isn't, it's probably would still, sheila would say we should. it was. busy i go to when you sit next to ask them, now means that then you might newly installed on them when he doesn't know the guest approached technology technology, you could ask me more, would be nice to know what you know, go with you in the muslim as to what you see that the wasn't which lead. yeah. well
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more of them did they already plumb up shut up, shut a glass, al nicholas was most missed you know, mean dates even less than that. one was near sitting beside me. got his deal. that's the where you at the door, it's a technology, but the guy i knew what you thought about in the store on ya's nile and i got a letter that i got and i got us over to them yesterday we just we she meant what i should even lushly ellis, t velocity without us being em. but don't stay if not more. mm ah, with
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i'm is enjoying the in is the world's most over fish. see unsustainable exploitation of its fish dogs, which maureen biodiversity under great thread, a quote on sure you understand the system. because our system, i'm not going to pull the cookie careful with tech and want to put our lives despite the promises to end over fishing by 2020. the situation is changing too slow. i'm very disappointed with that. they basically in public interests. they also do know in the interest of officially the only interest of the fishery and the facial and the only ones in danger. the fishermen also at risk of losing or picking them up
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someone group or they get to them about that. i'm going to bubble when i get them with 971 by the world, one out of the money standard, everybody, every entrepreneur, every business man, every country in the world has got addicted to mal investment as gotten addicted to non accountability. and the idea that every single problem can be cured by simply pricing more money. and now we're at a point where all of that balance best friend and all that waste has now resulted in a molecule prices, as is discussed in this report, which is predictable. and it's also irreversible
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a, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world in natural resources. but economically, it's still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in manufacturing batteries for modern devices like electric cars, mobile phones and computers. 60 percent of the world's cobalt reserves are in congo, but 20 percent of it comes from small scale mines. units have figures confirm that in 2017. more than $40000.00 children worked in cobalt mining in the republic to earn a living and paying for schooling. next time you use a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera laptop, and just remember that there's a chance it works thanks to a child hard labor children like john michelle henry at all countless others like them
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with you and kim still, i'm disappointed that we seem to have dialogue between a meet and a death person. no breakthrough is announced off the talks between the top diplomats of the u. k and russia in most guy, despite escalating tensions that ukraine, workman's threats to impose the quote, toughest sanctions against smotts with rushes biggest gazing team weights for answers on doping allegations at the winter olympics. the i o. c, cause it all speculation mother probes ongoing as the athletes victory metals in the palace. oh, so i had why he would put aside the pandemic, why he would try to stigmatize canadians. why did you do this to a country that is already suffering and deeply damaged by so many of his policies.


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