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ah, ah no one no, sir, no, no, admiral who is yolk? no, no. what door more shrill than what they should of unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. and grill. oh, you know,
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a i mean, it all was signed. on february, the 12th 2015, it was meant to end military conflicts in ukraine between government forces and don bass militia groups. the agreement stipulated that both sides would withdraw heavy weapons to an equal distance from the contact line. this left several 100 settlements trapped between opposing forces. local civilians became unwitting witnesses to and victims of the continuing civil war. thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new front line. they call this area the greys owner a
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with while? yes. because with
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oh yes, yes we is. are you no worries, are you sure? yeah. you do club with alex under the ultimate is one of the gravestones, most popular residents. he's the only electrician still here off to civil war, broke out in the settlement of alexandra for him. the frontline stopped just
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outside the gates of his own house. okay, before you do that? sure, sure. i thought it was a while it felt or to play a yellow thought. melissa, prefer hello, attempted even probably play for you who call you back or do you get a few more does that. you want to do? i show that a lot with a actually i think i live on the upper single you put on on, you know,
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you and you can charge that 3 point. alexander is the only one still willing to repair fire damaged power lines. he climbs high above the roof tops. he finds himself directly in the crosshairs of ukrainian snipers. a voice is more oh, really a in until the last the boys go. the show is current over here. at the end of the chip with the promo code with one of the
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pitching jacob and with are you still in that much, much did i still owe them? we'll give them a good anymore. they begun in, you know, we're still depicted us in a shit. should get to this position, what are some of the 3rd family or, and was calling 1st coordinator us with them. more robust, alexander keeps a special note book when he records every one of his calls to repair power lines damaged by shelling in the last 7 years. it's become a real chronicle of an undeclared war. didn't like the i talked to really a bit deeper. what was dog
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don't last like data pushing you will have to shocked it. yes, it was a a about with you. i've got to think about with 3 officials a week from there. okay.
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so you don't to use can soup? yeah. that yeah. liquidity is k a e with a wash with
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or mm ah ah ah, journey old physician produces a are cherry and can you come to us? oh no. no, she is to live and she
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thought it was aimless jim is dream please please sniper stuff. you will be it necessary to make the move for me some of my business which are on your car through. okay. if that's the noise, that's pushy. i was going to show my phone going to 3 weeks ago or you can call me
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back. you called me off of do i still have to assist since we did tissue paper from support here for bill board girl me ah sure. sure. okay. are you doing it for was a new entry and an exam just diary for january 16th 2015. that was the day his family was killed by motor oil for the me
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the fish come, are you really water system. tentative bushes. really. the water with christina was you say, is rather a school where so if you're stuck with a conventional them she has mental edition start always very chairs a minute, him washing. you're with chris. are you that a couple? have we seen the car? very pretty. there's a repair that sure that's a little bit of a detour to or sure. sure.
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sure. sure, sure, but polish for actually probably nation or shit through your favorite. oh, and with a show in the printer on
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onto that one. felicia bonus tell a showed me a call enough with a shelf. if not, i will post them down in a few years. the left of the i live here, just drop off and pick up not finish the class. what kind of class? with customer. okay. my michelle. okay. that's emily wilson demos. i do it with. she'll berella. oh, i thought i was looking for a list of sheila keith professor here you are the 1st year with the syr,
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her she don't daughter somewhere but it up. i mean, it's like a, a pretty good kind of their life blue. ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere?
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direct. what is true? what is faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah. ah, like most of the greys on villages. the settlement of alexandra girl was under the terms of uminski courts, supposed to have been quiet, separated from each of the warring sides by several kilometers. instead,
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the wall literally came to the settlement streets, along with ukrainian soldiers, who in contravention of those same agreements, continued their offensive attack walls will massage, tell us coastal grass could, with only would be released for a deal. it took a with me, it was it on a new job, still it with somebody to she was with a
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several years month by month, the ukrainian army was closing in on alexandra until they occupied the outskirts of the settlement in the media kit. proudly referred to the tactic of eliminating the neutral zone as a creeping offensive. mm. the ukranian army sees nothing wrong with the offensive continuing, contrary to the peace agreements in place, a picture achievement, but for the most amount of winter, we're actually new for that. and i was breakfast, went to children,
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i hope you don't flo someone out on bus cream if you would like to talk to me when you want to spend a minute just to confirm whether or not my initials. yes. and a little bit of both of them finish for them and convince myself or for box i in the, in the the
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the the in moderation in grey's own village is often turned into full fledged combat with heavy weapons used even to de ukrainian soldiers aren't shy about discussing the process. well, we really didn't, didn't really blow up some till i wrote them is that as a fearful it both got to sit on the go, the was good. you mentioned, i am with it, but it me, but have to put that also shall put it can be the deal enough. but at the bellagio
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asia ah, let me little enlarge. i don't like the pretty easily. he won't add too much. i don't know. jealousy, later when adam, did you want that away? please don't interruption. angelina. had you if will aly delay, shall i? he diarrhea is going to kill. did you know this is sal? i mean, we don't have those dialect. are the media so forth worth or thought? nobody meeting yet mailing a shame at academia. we're getting me the guy that alleged yard, a guy that does a one chip that su daniels now got another guy, you know, when you hodge a fat but to whom you as a who are good that actually toil. if doyle is doyle, addition, you took
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a bathroom and give the bob can use your bucket beecher professor elisa, really my money at the vegetable with hulu. killer with learning go home. okay. so i might be a little fella, cruel people through the creeping, offensive tentacle, or is it sometimes called the frogs leap is still used to this day along the entire demarcation line militia, griggs and don bath republics are forced to respond in kind one by one. the streets in villages and settlements of becoming the new frontline hi with
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with with with those are hold on a solar but when you, when you have any more lisa daughter when you wanted. yes with them. all you do with
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it because they didn't like, wait a minute, i knew what i mean. so i left a job number a stock with traditionally obama showing you how to deal with
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john sch, thousands are now living in settlements divided by trenches with saw a table that i like most who live in the grey zone. the v rosky family tries to pay little attention to the wall that came straight to their house. they're getting used to their usual village life on the fire. i figure it out. quibbling you believe this would answer jasmine olympus. then as here we shall be. laura ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha. other than that number,
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you can look at the voters. what mom's only when, you know, when you go from here, the table gardens have long been turned into mine fields in 7 years of civil war. the basement is where they mostly live now and they are well aware that any time they venture outside it could end in injury or death. 2 ah, yes, he's off by that border with what back if you got it. ah, with pollution in europe, i'm with them. yes. there was a fail. this with
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a with, with a, with a boy. a sure sure. i got the villages who
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ended up living on the front line. don't want to leave their homes go. sure. yeah, sure. yeah. i put a a a to fill out this thing becomes the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will to part, we choose to look for common ground. ah.
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ah, grey's own inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. speech ga, the correct train, you've banassi terrain. you don't lose ammonia zealously, out to the dodgy good. so.


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