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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2011 10:52am-11:22am PDT

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and drive. with other partners. we have these san francisco housing development corp. i could go on and on. it is important that we continue to show thankfulness and a strong sense of gratitude. we do this work on a daily basis. i want to come out here and reiterate my commitment. is on wavering. i will be here in good times and bad. i will bring it the mayor and everyone else with me. i want to let them know the role they are playing along third street is important. you are, in many ways, the ambassador. it is important we keep the bayview clean and make it sparkle and shine. when we start to see pieces of trash, that sends a message to
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the residence that we do not care. today, we are watching and we are taking back third street. like i said, one block at a time. thank you, everyone. >> thank you, supervisor cohen, for your leadership. i will not be coming kicking and screaming. and just so you know, the mayor already gave me your list of concerns about the muni coming through your district. the supervisor talked about this program, and putting folks to work is really resuscitating a program started years back. the reason why this is called a partnership is because it is not just about the city coming in and clean. is about a partnership with our businesses and residents in these corridors. in each one of these corridors, we work hard to establish relationships with the merchants to help educate in
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terms of responsibility for keeping the city clean, and to work with them to find out what we needed to jointly, collectively to make the city as beautiful as it is, to make it the world-class city the mayor spoke about. we have a great partner right here in the bayview. i want to ask a representative -- she goes with the bayview renaissance center and the bayview merchants association. >> good morning, afternoon probably now. thank you, ed. i am the vice president of the bayview merchants association. as you ever heard from the mayor and ed and are supervisor, revitalization is about a lot of things. is about a lot of moving parts. is about a lot of relationships
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and things happen simultaneously. the work we are doing with the apprenticeship program, the things we're doing as bayview merchants, we are a robust group, and the work that the redevelopment agency and the mayor's office is doing with sf shine, all this work happens together. malia also referenced our community partners. revitalizing neighborhoods means all that were. and growing up, our mothers and fathers told us to where our best to sunday church. -- wear our best to sunday church. how things look matter. people need to be proud of how they look.
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vivian, we love you. this sf shines program is vital. you have appetizer's for as -- for us. we have merchants available. wheat thank you so much. this program, the work we are all doing together is going to make as the thriving bustling commercial corridor we want to be part of. i want to thank the mayor's office and dpw. thank you to james. we will continue to do the work. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. so come that you have heard from
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the people who brought the leadership and the vision and the means to implement. now i want to give you an opportunity to hear from someone on the ground. from someone who knows what this work is, what it means, how important this is typical of this city. someone who has been part of the dpw family. >> thank you. good morning. dpw. i am going to talk about my experiences as dpw. it gave me an opportunity. i've learned a lot of things to the corridor. i have also -- we just came up here. while. would put some decomposed granite in these bottles, and
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came out with some volunteers, and we weeded out the trees and all that stuff, but this has been a great opportunity. i will soon be graduating. when i came in, i was a 99-16. these guys are in the prince -- are in the pre-apprenticeship program. i took pride in my job. sometimes it would be tedious work. i would come out and work hard. you could see the merchants, the merchants will criticize you one way or another. if you are doing a great job, they will say, hey, you are doing a great job, give you a soda pop or water. if not, they will also write in and say, hey, this guy is not doing the job. i have enjoyed myself year.
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seeing everybody speak, this is a tough act to follow, you know? they also good and positive things. i will say, let's keep san francisco green and clean, do our best as partners in the city, and just keep up a good job. thank you. [applause] >> could not have said it better than that. i want to make sure we acknowledge different people. we have melanie nutter, mitch salazar. he is going to be on the ground. mohammed nuru.
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this is a great new way we are partnering together. i want to look knowledge the mta, the puc, the office of work force development. thank you for the work you're doing in our neighborhoods. the partnership of the police department, making sure we are all safe. and finally, again, supervisor cohen and mayor lee. thank you.
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