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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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i suggest the lower st. is a better solution. other trafford could much more easily it pass the loading zone -- other trafford could more easily pass the loading zone. dangerous behavior by children running into the street can be avoided but does happen sometimes. get around 8:00 a.m. in the morning, people need to leave by car, and the street is already very crowded. although they say they will
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monitor, it is difficult to control behavior sometimes, and i think with 25 cars coming in the morning, you would have a real firestorm so we would be looking at more traffic, and i want to give kudos for not having a drop off at the end of today, but only at the beginning because i think that we would be able to return more spots to the streets. there is an extremely dangerous intersection. i walk my dog there every morning. we have to be careful about cars and with children at the school, we need a stop sign or a traffic light so we will have a better flow of traffic and other -- and a better neighborhood.
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we have to have the handicapped spot currently at the corner. we have to go around a spot in a handicapped spot to get to the zone. that would be a perfect storm for congestion. it is a mess. in conclusion, there are many concerns and we ask you to consider, and i thank you for my opportunity to speak tonight. >> i am at the top floor condominium at 19th street. we have lived in this condominium for six years.
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we are concerned about the relocation of the heating system in the basement. we do not see this as a necessary change but rather a desired change on the part of cds. this relocation is a partial reason for the wall to impact the boilers. the location is between approximately 4 feet to 6 feet away from our bedroom. the addition of the screen wall will not only block significant light. the previous owner set it in the
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basement without making exterior changes. this is where it did say. while we understand the desire to offer a certain amount of classrooms to a certain amount of children, we strongly believe small amount of square footage should be shaved off each room to allow the boilers to remain in the basement. alternatively, although we were grateful and we were concerned about utilizing the space for a lounge freeing up additional space to relocate the boilers. it is detrimental to the health, safety of this neighborhood and is residents.
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thank you for your time. sandra and i support the concept of rooftop gardens in public spaces and the ability for kids to interact with nature. we are opposed to the rooftop garden of dislocation for two reasons. one is it requires a new elevator, added height. it will emit noise. this disturbs an otherwise quiet residential setting. we understand the school has a
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small farm of 16th street and the students will go to another location for a gym class. we question why can the students go to 16th street for their nature classes a swell -- as well? the sidewalks are begging for greenery. the schools should be required to install raised tens with a pro. planting for children to take care of in an outdoor setting. these planters are promoted throughout the city. there are so many unresolved issues that continuance is a good idea.
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we are voicing many concerns. we want you to listen to us. the full set of plans was not disclosed. they were on board of that point. these changes need to be addressed on the exterior, and we thank you for your time and patience as we walk you through these issues. >> i lived at 49 cumberland st., and i do not have a kid at the school but i want to talk in favor of the school. i think the environmental upside of the rooftop garden, it is a great thing for our
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neighborhood. great things have been happening with the new part, with cleaning its top up and just a lot of positive things. there are not too many places to put a garden, and it seems like a good thing for the kids going to school and the positive thing for the neighborhood. today in the afternoon there was a drum corps making noise. 22 kids, my understanding, and i have been to a couple of meetings at school, is that these kids will be in class, not having a marching band.
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i feel like it is blown out of proportion in that we do live in a very[t ((tt]yyykykçyúó p darn÷c
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and proportionately, i do not think there is a significant impact, and i am hoping, i am taking them up their words that if there is going to be a late night graves to raise money for the city or something -- late night rave to raise money for the city or something that they will invite us. i know that is light-hearted but i am very much pro the school, and i think the negative things that have been brought up are outweighed by the positive things this spring to our community. -- this brings to our community. there was bad stuff that happened, and it is great to get someone in there. it stayed vacant. the school can afford $6 million. it seems to me we are not going to get a better soon to the community. >> i am also a neighbor. i live with my wife and daughter which is another noise conversation we can have. i am also very much in favor of this project. i think the school is going to be incredibly beneficial to this neighborhood along with the
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program in dolores park, it has become increasingly important. in my interaction with the folks at the school, they have been nothing but honest and up front and willing to work on any issues. the reputation and the community is unparalleled. i think this is a great thing for our community. and thank you very much. >> i have lived at 375 20th street for 13 years. my children were very excited about having this change in the neighborhood.
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the neighborhood has been increasingly supportive of families, which are really appreciate. i want to speak to some of the parking concerns because i do not have rosh, and i am very familiar with the patterns in the neighborhood and the worst time for parking is weekends and evenings, and that is the inverse of when people would be coming to the school, so i see it as not being a huge issue. in terms of the notice, my understanding is at the school followed all the rules and send
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the notice out, so i feel the school has done their job in a transparent way. as far as people concerned about noise, my understanding is nobody really has a right to of view so we live in a city. everybody has to share the space, and i cannot think of a better way to use the space and by turning it into something that benefits the public. thanks. >> my name is richard hilton. i have been very involved in helping the school with dr acquisition -- with the acquisition, which until the school acquired it was one of the largest apartments in the
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city. i think this was a great repurchasing of a building that is of historic resources also very to find an application for the would be appropriate. i want to make a couple of quick comments. the school has done everything it can to be in touch with the community. i know some neighbors may not have been notified, but the school had three meetings. the way the school tried to reach out to the community is through the major orientations
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-- organizations. these are among the neighborhood, and we met with the leadership and some members several times and from those organizations. we e-mailed many of the neighbors. we encouraged the neighbors to reach out to other neighbors and tell them we are open, that they should stay in communication so i just want to make it clearer it is not the case of a school has not made a sincere effort to
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t roof i wt to talk tt cae ople e out it so ofte e it i t school rector eople re cracterizinit a e into e en l l t on t lbourneroof, i wt to ow wt the is >> it is din the ol it i oor rden cl it will 25 stu we m also e it for art cla they raw t ts ore t kin iide clooof ices 25 ents at the time you re lookin iide oice a 2 ents at ti e tee or fo hours tod xithere is id i th cl >> you do t pla
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