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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2010 6:00am-6:30am PST

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secretary reilly: before we began, could you please turn off
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any of cell phones, because they affect the signal in the room. -- turn off any cell phones. if you would now please stand and join the commission in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, in liberty and justice for all. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. if you could now please address your attention to the roll call of the commissioners. commission president, joe marshall, commission vice president, thomas mazzucco,
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commissioner petra dejesus. also with us tonight is chief gascon. mr. president, you have a quorum. but president marshall: this is the meeting for september 15, 2010. lieutenant, please call item no. 1. secretary reilly: the monthly statistical support for the period of january 1, 2010 through july 21 -- 31, 2010. president marshall: commissioners, any question about the items on the consent calendar? seeing none, i will entertain a motion for approval.
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thank you very much. lieutenant, item number two, please. secretary reilly: item two is for general public comment, where members of the public address the commission for a time period determined by the chair on items that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission but do not appear on the agenda. president marshall: public comment, please. >> commissioners,"r my name is francisco. some of you know me pretty well, and for those of you who are new, i hope you get too
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to bring your attention to a case where two women and two children in the berwyn heights neighborhood were brought out at night and traumatized, and i leave it to the victims to explain how that was done. from time to time, as i said, i watched the commission meetings, and we want commissioners to represent the constituents of san francisco. not only the rich but those who are the most vulnerable. sometimes, when people are traumatized, especially children and women, they have called on
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me to set the tone. the commissioners that know me, and they know me very well, they know me over the years. i have a relationship with them. i am going to take a stand, and i am asking you commissioners, because when it comes to the quality of life in the city and county of san francisco, that , that that we know and should know that children, especially children, should not be traumatized in the night. because when we traumatize
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children, those thoughts live on with them for years. connote way it has happened before. i know what happens to these children -- i know when it has happened before. these children get worse, not better. with traumatized children, you have to have a mechanism to repair. [bell] i am going to stop what i have to say and call upon the victims to state what happened exactly. thank you very much. >> hello, my name is espinola washington. me and my mother, disabled, and
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others were outside of our house for almost two hours. someone was robbed, which i know nothing about. i had no shoes, no code. -- no coat. there was a woman standing there. my kids are very upset and angry and traumatized, and so in my -- and so am i.. to find the people who did it, they still had us outside detains. they brought us outside for no reason. i did not understand why this was happening to me and my kids.
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there are no men in my house. there are just kids, my kids and my disabled mother here. i used to have a whole lot of respect for the police officers, but i had a gun pointed at me best buy officers with guns, "get out of your house, get out of your house." i have no understanding of this. i have been working for the last 10 years. something needs to be done. the police officer's coat cannot keep doing people like this. i would like to know and pray that something will be done.
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i am sick. i am praying i do not get any sicker. i have medicine that i think the police department should pay for. you know? again, no surge. no warrant for my house. -- no search. all i got is that the suspects ran here. do you want to give me and my kids a lie detector? disrespected and violated. very violated. again, there was a woman officer there. why she did not pat me down? [bell] fç>> hello, my name is juanita
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jackson, and i am her mother. what happened is my daughter went to the door, and i heard her frantically crying, "please, do not come into my house with a gun." and an officer told me to come out of the house also. i had no shoes on, no coat, and i asked them if they would go inside the house and get me a jacket or some shoes, and they said no. about two hours, and when my granddaughter's came out, they did not understand what they did wrong. no male in the house at all, so we do not understand why we were traumatized. start breaking down, korea, --
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crying not. they asked if we could sit in the car, and they said no. something else was asked for, and he said no, he was not going to give that. we asked if we could go in the house, and he said no. the robbery at the other bend of the block. i don't see any reason why we could not go in, no shoes, no coach, -- coat, and i hope this could be assisted by the commissioners that it would not happen to anyone else, and thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is
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espinola jackson. that is my daughter, my grandchildren. i do not believe officers should have done any one or children in that manner, because they have godmothers. they have got sister is. they would not do that to their family -- pick as they have got to mothers. they have got sisters. i have four generations under me. i have taught them to respect the police, and that way, the police will respect you, because when i respect you, i demand respect, and i brought them up in the church. they are not criminals. i received a telephone call about a proposition, and i said i wholeheartedly support m,
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because this is something that some of you on the police commism7$on know, we have been working at bayview hunters point over the years with the police department, so i am a stranger to any of the police in the police department. in fact, they have been knowing me for many, many years. i have been a community activist for 40 years and a resident since 1943, and i know you look at me like, how old is she? i am 77 years old and proud of it,2q so i want you to make sure that you understand that, but i do not think that a thing like this should ever happen to é:ñçó beliee of the officers might need some training on dealing with the women, and i was very surprised when my granddaughter told me that there was a woman there and that she was not the one to pat especially when she
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had on pajamas, and they were very thin, and you could see through them, and you could tell that she did not have a weapon on her, so i think they could use some trading, and i would like you to give a letter -- they could use some training. i would like you to give a letter of apology to them. thank you very much. -- commissioner: which was this? íe alameda. commissioner: army street. and when was it? last sunday? no, no, no, that is ok.
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commissioner marshall wants to say something. president marshall: you know that the occ investigates complaints, so i am assuming that you have contacted the occ and made a complaint. >> do you know what, sweetheart? i have not done that. i told her that make a complaint at the police department. i thought÷t something to be done in house without a whole lot with espinola jackson. president marshall: this is why the voters put that organization in place. >> i understand that. director hughes?
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director hughes: if you made a complaint, it would be forwarded to my office, the opposite of citizen complaints. we can help you when you are finished with your testimony. commissioner: and i am wondering if you call to the commissioner? >> i was upset and angry at the time, so i called francisco. i knew you all were going to me tonight, so i said, "let's go down." president marshall: the only way if there was misconduct, you have to follow through with the process. >> she will. president marshall: go ahead. ms. franklin? director hughes: by the door.
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president marshall: you're exercising your civic duties. thank you. >> thank you very much. president marshall: all right, next speaker please, general public comment. >> good evening. two in 24 hours, one in the bayview, one in the mission. good news, we have apprehended the one in the bayview. the one in the mission, people are talking. things are looking positive. i have been with this the long time. i ran into an old friend that i had not seen in years. i did not know that his life had gone the wrong way. but unknowingly, and he was
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packing a gun. they came in in massive force. "get on the ground, blank, blank." we get to the police station, shackled to a bench, and he is, too. he was crying, and i said, "what are you crying about? " sometimes, we just do not have all of the facts. have a nice evening. >> good evening, commissioners and chief. my name is ms. harris, and i am the intervention services director. it is unfortunate to have to hear this story from one of the tenants who live there. i, too, have a story. this was after i came to the last commission meeting, and we
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put this on the agenda. it is real important that we need to be hasty, so to speak, in regard to community policing. officers are being released into our community not trade at all, you know, disrespectful -- not trained at all. i have mentioned this before and the last time i was up here, and you have seen the results point this is naturally reoccurring at these dwellings, and it is kind of ruining the relationship that korea built with the san francisco police department, because, again, our seasoned officers have been removed -- the relationship that we have built with the san francisco police department is being were laid. i hope that the young ladies
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were heard this is why we need police officers -- were heard. this is why we need better police officers. it makes people afraid. you know, it is unfortunate. we just have a lot of things going on, but even the police officers that i have a relationship with, i am just hoping that you hear me and just take some consideration on, you know, having those seasoned officers, maybe give the new officers be back on what they are doing and how they establish relationships with the people who live in public housing or with the people who live in the community in general. i think it would go a long way.
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so thank you. president marshall: f8u, and we have an appointment for noon. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. i have come here before, and i know you all know we about the mind control weapons. " this is a discussion we have always had, wrote in is really horrifying -- and this is really horrifying that there is nobody countering this. there is only one officer, kelly dunn, and she cannot handle a problem in san francisco -- across the state of california and also in different states in the united states. we do not fully know how this
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threat came about. it is seriously dangerous, a weapon that can, you know, change your thoughts and actions. she cannot handle this all by herself. we are failing to secure your safety as well as the safety of others, because now, police officers are being attacked by this weapon. i have been complaining for nine months, every day since january. i have been calling the chief. i have been leaving messages at your phone numbers, calling the d.a., investigations, fbi. nothing is done, nothing at all has happened in these nine months that have passed away, and all i am asking is for an emergency county or task force team to look into this. there is no team that is set up, and kelly is the only one doing this job. it is not funny.
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i cannot say anything about it. where is the team that was supposed to be set up to counter this threat? you have done nothing, and now, they are attacking police officers. are you are sure you are feeling ok and thinking properly? you will not know anything how it hits you, change your thoughts, really stops you from thinking. you cannot think a word. you cannot think about any situation at all, and nothing is done. all i am asking for is an emergency team set up, and there is new team, and all i hear is that lieutenant-colonel -- lt. dunn has been working on it. nothing has been done at all. the fbi, the military, and the police, they get attacked, and the threat is growing larger,
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and it is all across the united states. listen carefully. we need a team set up to counter this threat. there is no weapon like this. police officers are getting attacked. we need a team. please, make sure it happens, please. i am begging you. all we need is some officers looking of this full time. we need a team to counter this threat. please. president marshall: next speaker, please. all right, seeing none -- come forward. come forward, sir. >> i have a complete to make. the ones to take care of the police horses, the state boat attendancts. -- the stable
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attendants. they have been having to take up a shift at night. i am really nervous. i am not really good at this kind of talk, and i apologize for that. what has been happening is that they have been saying that they need enough time to do this job properly and tend to the horses safely in the daylight hours, said she has brought this up, and i am here to talk about it, wrote and i am losing it out here because this is not what i do, but basically, what has happened is our sergeants a bahn note to say that we need to do this right and keep the horses say. the lieutenant has gone to bat, and the captain is going to bat, and we keep coming up against
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this wall of bureaucracy, so all we have been trying to do is say we would just like to do the job we are supposed to do with the ships that would help us to do that, and i did not expect to be speaking. i was expecting their to be somebody else. commissioner: are you talking about the stables? >> yes. >> we are both out at the park, and as of today, we have 10-hour shifts, and we are moving to working midnights, and they are moving us toward a-our ships, and we both worked day ships -- they are moving us toward a to our ships -- to 8-hour shifts. the issue becomes when you have horses, and when you go from a very light place to a very dark
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place, they are just like children, and they get scared very easily, so when you take one out from a lit barn to a completely dark area, there is always a chance that one will spook and get very scared, bahn and it is a safety issue. our entire facility is concrete. and in the mornings in san francisco and golden gate park, the concrete is also slick, which presents an added safety issue, so we would like to have a 10-hour shift, to keep our 10- hour shift, so we will be allowed to turn the horses out in the daylight when it presents less of a safety issue to the horses and us, and we can still get the work in the barn done so
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the officers can maximize their hours that they are working. we can maximize our hours that we are working, and the horses are still taking care of at night. commission: who is in charge of the stable -- commissioner vot: chief gascon: there are two. commissioner: thank you, chief. president marshall: is there any more public comment? ok, could you call item no. 3, the tenant, please?
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secretary reilly: item 3, upwards to the commission. -- reports to the commission. a is the chief's report, b is the occ report, and c are the commission reported. chief gascon: this week, we had a reduction for the rolling cycle. it was 6% for violent crime. and the was a 5% reduction in property crime.


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