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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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francisco and firing electrical charges into human beings. we're not cattle. red light cameras with excessive fines. fines for red light cameras i believe are over $500. for many people that would put them in a pretty bad way. also the newest edition -- addition to san francisco are dome cameras which according to my inquiries here in city hall are from some other government agency. they can't even identify where the cameras come from. they're in low or no crime areas. there are no buses or muni going by these areas, yet you're watching the citizens. i'd like to know, you know, what is your role here? we did elect you to represent us. you are upholders of the constitution and the law. we asked you to be office holders, honorable good men and women who hold office honorably and not be the greatest enemies
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of free men, and that would be politicians. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker? >> my name is yvette fernandez. and i'm a cancer survivor of three months. i joined axis of love three months ago because i was able to receive compassion and a meal when i badly need to do and the camaraderie of people who had overcome other things such as h.i.v., etc. you are asking them to get a license when there are two dispensaries up on ocean that already have licenses. we do not sell any products of any kind. what we give, we give for free. we are a collective of people who help each other, work in the community and do political action. what axis of love does is
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satisfy a viable need in the community, helping the very poor an indigent of san francisco. if the license law is applied to us we will be forced to end our food programs and some of our outreach programs. why would you want to destroy a program that helps people? you can never destroy the love and bonds create in this group for over 10 years. we will stay in contact with each other via our phone tree and continue to distribute compassion even if it means dispensing it on the steps of city hasm you may try to disband us but we will come back like mold or the plague right under your nose forever. this is a lifelong commitment and we are here to stay. thank you. president chiu: thank you, next speaker? >> hello, my name is teresa cooper and i'm a teacher and
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laider in the community. i've worked for a cannabis dispensary and most of the duties that i had was around money. doing bookkeeping, personal assisting. some of the best jobs i had was carrying around money, getting money orders, paying bills, money, money, money. everything we did was about the money. no one ever actually gave me cannabis when i worked there. i did get a discount on my medicine. i did sit on the cannabis task force for one of the members, the seat of 12, and shona wasle -- was the one person seen me sitting there and reached out to me and supported me. i paid attention to that woman, who is friendly, informative, gave me her number, and remembered her so when i was fired from my job due to money issues again, it was all about the money, i found shona on
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420. i went out, i went to almost every cannabis dispensary because i only ever hung at -- out at my own dispensary and bought it with my paycheck. being unemployed now, i con afford it. i was actually pushed out of the office. i found shona. as a healer i've learned to stick up for my rights. i've learned to -- i've been harassed in my own building. i've had so much social support i'm actually successful. i actually have a dog from hope net. my whole life has changed. i've been told my shona the difference i've made in this community center when i'm unemployed and think i have nothing to offer. president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker?
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>> i'm here to tell you that i support axis of love and help net and the ocean street dispensary. i really support everything that offers, everything at this center. it's like a community center. everybody just comes together and love each other and there's a lot of groups throughout the week that support everyone. and i'm not a lawyer, but i can read the law. thank you very much. >> hello, my name is floyd, i'm a part of axis of love. one of the main reasons why i'm a part of this is because of all the good things shona has done for a lot of people.
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there she is. the key is that, i'm from a small city, ann arbor, michigan, and i was raised to always help those who cannot help themselves. when i first got here in 2006 i started volunteerle -- volunteering at project open hand. once again for nothing. i didn't even have a job. eventually i did get a job but i lost that job because it's in the mortgage industry. currently i'm doing all i can and everything i can for shona. right now i have on these dark glasses. the key is that i have migraine headaches that are so bad i have to go day -- lay down in a dark room. when i leave out of here and head home it's always in a dark place because the light is extremely irritating to my eyes. not only that, i have such a bad back my kisks -- disks are just constantly crumbling. so to not be able to go some
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place and get the medication i need, and it is true medication. that's the key word here. medication. she is helping us with our medication. she is bending over backwards for all of us and for all those people who don't go out or even go to our club, it's crazy to take something away that's not costing you folks anything. president chiu: next speaker, please? >> hello. my name is linda. i'm part of axis of love. i'm part of the women's health collective. axis provides a clean and sober environment for women to discuss their health issues and various problems. it's a safe environment. it also offers various groups five days a week.
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veterans groups, cancer survivors groups, women's groups. so -- and as you know, axis of love has been in place for more than 10 years creating these various services ongoing. and i can say axis of love improved my life more than 50% with the counseling. usually in the main stream communities when you go to a health center it takes two or three months for any type of services, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. so i would like to ask axis of love, that ack action continue to operate on the same premises that it always has and you reconsider. thank you seven. -- thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker? >> my name is frank boldin and
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i'm here to speak for shona. i used to work at a place called champs which was a cannabis dispensary. i've known here -- her for 11 or 12 years and her work hasn't changed. she's full of love, as you probably noticed. it hurts sometimes but they still fights. just please give her what she wants and make our people happy. thank you. >> yes, my name is tony. i'm not a lawyer but i do know the law. i been with axis of love about two months and we are a family and shona is a good person. we, you know, we play bingo. we play chess. and shona is, you know, like
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better than my doctor that i had at general where i would be sitting in there for six or seven hours waiting to see a doctor for my, because i got a bad leg and bad back and the med cain -- medicine i do get from axis of love does cure me and it is a nonprofit organization. and that's basically all i got to talk about. but keep axis of love going, please. president chiu: any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment? >> i'm kathryn valdez, a patient of axis of love. the center is a outreach place.
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i am not a lawyer but i can read the law. let's see -- the center is not a pot club but a harm reduction, social service -- let's see -- axis of love -- i been in axis of love for 10 years. the center is not a nonprofit resource, medical cannabis. i support axis of love center. they helped me, my housing, my food, my medicine, my public medication. i have to -- i go to the women' -- women's group. we have the best women's group in san francisco thanks to shona, thanks to axis, i mean hope net, 1944 ocean and ms.
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smith. president chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speam in public comment? ok. at this time seeing no other speakers, general public comment is closed. thank you for coming today. colleagues, could we move to the adoption without committee reference calendar items 56 through 64? >> items 46 through 64 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. they willing voted on in a single vote unless a matter is called out. supervisor elsbernd: will you remove item 56? president chiu: any other items? ok. if we could take a roll call on items 57 through 64, please?
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supervisor daly: aye. supervisor maxwell: aye. supervisor alioto-pier: aye. supervisor campos: aye. president chiu: aye. >> 11 ayes. president chiu: item 5 -- 56? president chiu: roll call vote please? >> supervisor elsbernd no. marray, supervisor mirkarimi
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aye. supervisor alioto-pier? alioto-pier no. supervisor avalos aye. supervisor campos aye. supervisor chu aye. president chiu no. there are eight ayes and three nos. president chiu: that resolution is adopted. madame clerk, are there any in memorandumorians for today? my apologies we do have a special 4:00 order. if you could please call fms 46 through 53? >> items 46 through 53 constitute the two special orders at 4:00 p.m. 46 through 48 pertain to the
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appeal for determination of exemption for environmental review referring to bernal heights neighborhood president chiu: supervisor campos? supervisor campos supervisor campos thank you. we have been meeting with both parties to this item and are asking tore -- for a continuance to november 11 to kind -- find a resolution. president chiu: any public comment on supervisor campos' motion that we continue this item to november 15? seeing none, can we take this motion to continue without
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objection? without objection these items pertaining to 10 bernan -- bernal heights boulevard will be continued. do we have in memoriams? >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in honor of the late paulina, matthew douglas good, allen cohen, the late ms. gladys jones joubert. excuse me, that is on behalf of the full board. on behalf of sproiment the late lauren marie nelson. on behalf of supervisor chu the late nick blatunic. the late nia.
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on before of supervisor elsbernd for the late elaine mckenna and supervisor mar for the late derek allen. president chiu: do we have any other business in front of this board? >> that concludes our business. president chiu: before we conclude i would just like to congratulate the giants and san francisco. with that we are adjourned for today.
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>> i like to welcome you to the multipurpose room. we did a ribbon cutting with the -- on friday. it houses the health center and child development center. this is a gorgeous green building and we are happy to be in this building to make a special announcement. many of you have already heard what was embargoed for about one month. i have to say that to have the superintendent and the mayor keep this quiet for a month and a half has been working for them. we are very excited to be here this morning, to make a special announcement.
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one of the core values of the administration, they are reaching out in more. -- more places than i can mention to make certain to leverage every possible resource that we have to make things right for our children in san francisco. this will continue with the mayor's office and the school district, and with the city college. and then with san francisco state. we are very proud to be here today to leverage more resources to make certain that our children get exactly what they deserve. i was wanting to acknowledge a few people that are here. the president and the board of trustees is here, thank you, milton. natalie bird and steve no. he has been working with us, sylvia yee as well as eric
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mcdonald and -- from the united way. lisa spinelli from colemand advocates, and they are strong advocates of this. thank you. i am hydra mendosa, the education adviser and a vice president of the board of education. parent of two children in the school district. one is a high schooler. thank you and join me in welcoming gavin newsom. >> thank you for all of your leadership and hard work and taking the time to be here.
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this is an innovation center. paul the dreamers and the doers, this is a multi-purpose and multi dimensional. faint you. this is good work and you should keep this going, and thank you very much for being here, even if you do not want to be here. you are doing good work. helping us to get to this next level. we're wanting to help and this is what this is all about. this is the time of declining resources. what you do is you have a press conference asking the world to change. and did you say, when i was younger things were better. you'll be able to win on this. you just point fingers and give responsibility.
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or, you could take the obligation to say that i am is part of the solution. by definition, i am part of the problem. you cannot live a good life in the just society. -- in the unjust society. what are you going to do about this? this is what is always short changed. what we have tried to do it in san francisco is to answer this question. they say that we will take over school districts and this will solve problems. this may work in some cities but did not understand this. i ask what you will do when you take this over? and then they do not have an answer. just because they are in control, somehow things are going to change. and what are you specifically going to do?
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we decided that this was a solution and when we actually spoke to one another about this, we realize we had more in common than we thought. we had the same, fundamental values. it began with a different partnerships and coming together, in this case in a public partnership. we do not talk enough about public partnerships, community organizations coming together. the unified school district and the capacity-building. leveraging the resources. not just using these conditions, as the opportunity to make better decisions. that is not the decisions that
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affect the future -- if you do not like the way that things are, you should do something about it. you can ask a better question. we have a partnership with the public schools and universal preschool. we are talking about this and if you want to get serious about this and the achievement gap, but you have to begin at the beginning. and then we said, we have to supplement everything because everyone is so upset about this but what will we do about this? we're providing the resources for comprehensive education. we want to help the students with physical health. and we realize this is not enough. the wellness center is have a ball. with her work and the work of other people in the department,
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partnering with the public schools. this is the only one that we have in the state of california. we allocate enough resources that at the end of the year, this will be 97%. this is not just universal preschool. we recognize that we have to do more in terms of creating this culture. we started the san francisco promise. we did this with public partnership, for sentences the state university. we have the foundation, helping to fund this and we had a significant of guarantees. >> people thought that we were full of this and you cannot commit to this promise because you cannot deliver. we had a subsequent graduation.
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we have a subsequent graduation of sixth graders. many of the people delivering on this promise are in this room. we are proud of this and we also want to step this up by building on the great work that the people are doing. nine or 10 years of improved test scores, for african- american and latino outcome. and probably, none of you understood this. this was just amazing to me. we do not generate enough controversy. you can blame the unions and says that you wore a reformer. we are not just blaming people again. one of the top 10 cities -- one of the top 10 cities that has been identified as the city of
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reform for education, this is not just new york. this is not just denver. this is also san francisco, one of the top cities in the united states of america. building partnerships and not scapegoating, working together. i am not proud that this has not been recognized. all this work hasu#lrw)y been de quietly. we saw that this year with hillary clinton. the literally took this from her. she did not know about this. we were promoting this with the clinton foundation. she was promoting this when she was first running for president. i saw this in some speech and i was so inspired that i said this did not have to be a national program.
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i was wondering to know why we could not do this ourselves. i think just because this was my idea. this year, the leadership -- they actually delivered the resources as we are doing accounts for kindergarten. every child in public schools is given a trust fund. this is the kindergarten. families did not have any access to a savings account. you can imagine that their %,(ç=ktchildren n have somethint they could not have dreamed of for their entire life. if you want to get serious about poverty, you have to get this out of business by providing alternatives. this is as good as it gets.
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%#yquyñyou have this great collaborative. we had not aligned our strategies with the great work at the community colleges. with 910on people1 campuses. we tend to focus on this as critical and?jttw>ñ important ae institutions are. the bulk of the educañ system is the community college. and we have to reconcile this. in closing, that i℠u what we are celebrating here today. and we will learn more about these details in a moment. this was a big competition. mentioned, and because of your çj0yzeuwork, and because of your commitment and these


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