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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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one of the things i think back to listen to the parents or teachers whole uncut -- and trusted us. we were there to educate the children, all children. she let us go. she wanted each of us to be confident and move on. if an opportunity came up that we would take, she would let us take it. whether it was a class to take, try new ideas. i think what she did was bring all of us together as 18, and it
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was a fantastic team. unfortunately, she retired. hot we all moved on. when i got to reno, i started teaching other teachers because of what i did. i really want to say that i still love you and think of you very often. and for the rest of the team that is here. thank you so much for a wonderful, wonderful educational experience for us. and for our children. [applause]
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>> and good evening. i am an educator of the 40 years. mainly in the berkeley unified school district. i am a transplant for the san francisco unified school district. this is all of 40 years. from my association with her at the third baptist church of san francisco, i have seen her in many roles. she is an outstanding educator, her administrator, and a woman of integrity. what an honor is -- we encourage
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you to vote on her behalf. i have been active member for 40 years. and tonight, i come in support of the naming of the education -- i represent more than 600 women of the third baptist women's ministry. for many years, i have sat in the proverbial crow's-nest, and observed the many glass ceilings that have been crashed in by this pattern. she is a brilliant, intelligent and audacious servant with education as her highest priority. tonight, i asked you to take the bold step of naming the early
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education center. create a living legacy, create a living history. yet to be sure that our children will be remembering this night has won the where is following will think of the textbook that they will read as the woman that was a dreamer, a legend, who walked with canes and queens, and never lost the touch. she believe that as we do them, that all children can learn. we know that she has many challenges. they have not made her better. only made her better. ladies and gentlemen, to restore this honor, your confidence will
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be so very well served. [applause] >> we are here representing the san francisco alliance of black school educators. >> the site manager of the soon to not be burned at children's center. >> and many other members of the room.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, will all of the educators please stand? wonderful. you may be seated. they say that when he speaks, everyone listens. when he talks or calls, everyone listens. i was in the east coast last july for the birth of my first grandchild. we received a phone call for an assignment. the and of the school where he works, with the changes? >what name do you suggest?
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i said pastor, i think that is a good choice. so, students at home and in the audience, you never know when you have an assignment to do. i am very pleased to be part of a great committee to get this thing done on behalf of our master teacher, because of our student was an excellent student. it was an easy job to do. i have known them for more than 30 years. these past few months are the had the opportunity to get to know her better. when you bring someone's doorbell at 8:00 p.m. to share updates, you know we became very close. the committee is made up of people. i want to thank them for bringing this to the forefront for us. you were working on behalf as
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well. reverend brown mentioned your name last july. a member of the committee, please stand. these are the committee members. he also got good support. please let the community come out and meet her. what a beautiful day. what is your favorite color. >> i think i am wearing it. it is red.
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they say it was the tallest tree in the forest. if that is true, your the tallest tree in education. she says that she would like to look a resolution presented a. she read that this is very dignified. it showcased her life. a life of being dignified. in a life of excellence. her husband, on behalf of the students at burnett and their parents, you know that when i like to do always is to ring the bell. i said last night, to the students especially, you never know what life has in store for you. we are a public school separated
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from god. but god is always in our hearts. this was a important day for you because she retired. your honor to have a school in your name. so we urge the board to approve of the resolution adopted the resolution, to name the early education school. i bring this bill for you. a kind daughter, a loving wife, a great mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. you showed us what it should be.
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thank you, and to god be to glory. [applause] president mendoza: you have the final word. >> all the wonderful people that have come out for this incredible event, it is an event. i am honored, thank you for the opportunity to speak on the possibility of inspiring a whole generation of young people with the renaming of the center. it just sounds good. it should have been that name
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all along. i think of all of the places in san francisco that have the names of people who have done a fraction of the work, or has loved even fewer people than this woman has. i am an educator myself. you make me want to do this more. on behalf of not just of the san francisco unified school district, the renaming this school in honor of her. she will be joined by all of those wonderful people. it will just be perfect for her name to be there. for me, you inspire me. i have done this for a fraction of the time that you have.
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i want to be like you when you grow up. [applause] >> thank you all for the kind and wonderful words. at this time, we're going to have -- yes, ma'am? >> a good evening. we have fought such a fight to get here. and when i got here, the first speaker was speaking. i know that she sits there, and if i was in this house, i would have to say something. i knew her from the beginning to the ending. i knew her as a christian woman.
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not only as an educator, but a christian woman educator. she demonstrated that in the church like she did in the school. god is a blessing us. he is a blessing you throughout this whole community, the whole city of san francisco. the that you have brought this through the community and the educational part of the city, i can tell you, it stands for something. your father, your mother, they are looking down on you, what a blessing. and the knees, we all just come up together. they have not been there for 67
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years. [laughter] and i think they know me. i will tell you every endeavor that i have tried to work in the city or the church. we have been together because her father and her mother was too high hughes for a father and mother. only my husband. you are my sister nell. you were my sister then. you were my sister for ever. when it got through today, it remains to be seen. they say you should never leave a podium without finishing.
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you are not supposed to come back. i had to say thank-you to all of you that have listened to me and are doing what you're doing. president mendoza: think you to everyone that came out to share those kind words. i would like to share comments from the board and the superintendent. commissioner norton: in listening to all of you tonight, talking about the achievements and the impact she has had, it is a reminder to me of how important the impact of educators are on their students. we remember you. even if you don't always remember us. you may not remember me, but i
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remember you. you were my seventh grader typing teacher. i still tied over 50 words a minute. -- type over 50 words a minute. this feels like police we can do to honor you. i am so pleased to support this resolution. thank you for bringing this to our attention. we're so grateful, this is a meaningful thing for us, everything you have done for our district. [applause] commissioner wynns: thank you.
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first, i presume that on behalf of all my colleagues, we want to be added as sponsors of the resolution. i have known her for all of the years i have been involved, it is a lot. by that time, she had retired already. her niece and her sister, as though no bernese extremely well. is where i will mostly have the opportunity to know her. there is something that really needs to be said here. there are a lot of people in this room the worked there. to this day, when they feel that that is one of the most experiences of their lives. we have to of knowledge that among them is the board of education.
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i wanted to thank you and i wanted to thank your family. of which you are an integral part. i set out in the lobby that tonight, i am missing a sister. so this is an honor to be able to vote for this, thank you. >> i want to thank all of the speakers here tonight and share with you a phrase that some of you have heard that comes from the japanese tradition. one moment, when meeting. and never again will all of us be in this room together celebrating tonight. i want to thank you all for
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such a moving experience. commissioner fewer: of like to thank her for all of her service to the public-school students into the educators that followed her. i did not know her before tonight, but i feel like i know her very well. it is an honor to vote for this resolution. >> watching her sit there, i want to thank the community for bringing her forward. renaming the school. and i am really honored to be part of history tonight. commissioner maufas: thank you, colleagues. i believe that we have heard the
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best. i can't top that. i am in my honor to do this. it is effortless to really participate and be everywhere. just to be a part of it. i rushed across town to get to a meeting in manila wasn't going to be making it. just talking about it and discussing the renaming, everyone was excited. and really so anxious to wed a blemish from one of our buildings. in to do that as quickly as possible, and replace it with something of such high stature. ellen to be certain that i finished before i get a little -- i am just proud. i am proud to be on this board
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at this time. i want to thank you for saying it. and thank you to all of the supports. i have to thank our love. and her leadership, reverend brown, it is nice to have an assignment from new. thank you, va., for gathering us when we are often tired. thank you for coming out and thank you for your support as well. >> i believe we have a belated happy birthday to you as well. i believe you've just turned 91. i think it is important to note. a happy belated birthday to you.
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our gift to you, this is a real honor for all of us. it doesn't honor the committee in the way they you have honored our community. from my house, i can see the child development center. every time i looked out my window, this will be a reminder of this wonderful celebration. we spent a lot of time this evening on this because these moments are few and far between. we are honored and happy that you were here to join us this evening. at this time, i would like to call the vote. >> [roll call vote]
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it is unanimous. [applause] president mendoza: we want to be able to have her come up and speak. we are going to give you another standing ovation after you are done. but before you do that, i actually have the honor of my other job, working for the mayor. last weekend, thank you for all of your work you have done in organizing this. i had the opportunity to the halt with the mayor at the parade last week. it was one of those moments where you're walking down a busy san francisco street honoring an
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amazing leader. we had the opportunity to talk about you, and i was sharing the the rev. have brought this forward and it was a wonderful opportunity. on behalf of the city and county, i am pleased to recognize and honor the first ever african-american female principle in the unified school district. she is still one of the most active community members. she continues to inspire students, teachers, and staff to ensure that all children receive an equitable education. her tireless education for providing services to the residents of san francisco has been truly commendable. the early education school, best
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of luck to all of your future endeavors. use at my hand and cause a feel [unintelligible] our mayor of san francisco. congratulations. >> what an honor. the last thing i should have said was that there will never
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be an opportunity again. you have this to look forward to. they rarely come to retirement celebrations. i escorted her to her retirement celebration. [applause] i am pleased to present this honor. she sends her congratulations. she is still sorry that she cannot be here this evening. a certificate of honor, city and county of san francisco. the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco authorizes the execution of this honor and appreciation for public recognition of the
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distinguished. excuse me, please. in recognition of her contributions as the first african-american woman school principal of the san francisco unified school district. and to honor her education and students to the students and families of the districts. and then the recognition of the development center to the early education school. i give the seal of approval, april 12, 2011. and it is signed by all the board of supervisors. congratulations.
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>> this board of education of the san francisco unified school district, and to each member of this board, and to the superintendent of the san francisco unified school district, and all of you that are present here this evening, i just want to say the two words, thank you. i thank you for accepting reverend brown's word


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