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tv   [untitled]    April 24, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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experience with the community to shed light on a very important issue, the issue of transphobia that still happens here in san francisco in the year 2011. she was attacked at 16th and mission, which is a neighborhood that is very welcoming to people, where you see transgender men and women and they are an integral part of the community. the fact that this attack would happen at 16th and mission tells us that it is an attack that could happen anywhere in the city. i think it is important to take this time to recognize mia, who was the victim of this horrible incident. we should thank her for having the courage to come forward and
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speak about her experience. those of you who may be aware, there was a rally, a gathering, that happened on friday at 16th and mission. many people in the community, not just from the transgender community, but from all over san francisco, came and spoke up against this attack and made it clear that we are not going to tolerate something like this happening in san francisco. i thought it was important for us to recognize mia for her courage, for her perseverance, and for coming forward in a way it is very difficult for victims to do. but also want to recognize alexandra byerley for being here as well. she heads an organization that represents one of the most disenfranchised communities in
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san francisco, the trans gender community, the community that has great needs. luckily or unfortunately, she was there when this happened. anyway, i just want to say thank you very much for your courage. on behalf of the board of supervisors of the city and county of san francisco, it is my honor to present you with the certificate of honor for your courage, for passionately advocating for the safety and respect of all transgender people, for strength and valor in telling your story to raise awareness of hate crimes and eradicate all acts of violence against transgender men and women. >> thanks -- thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you, supervisor campos. thank you for being here today, and also for showing up at the rally, like you always do for the lgbt community. i would also like to think the community against violence and a
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lot of the prominent organizations that always stand up for transgender people, who stood up for me whenever i needed them most. unfortunately, as you are aware, a lot of these agencies are about to receive cuts, cuts that are huge, cuts that could jeopardize the very existence of the work they do. i hope we can see this as a reminder thatsafety, you know, t people, particularly people of color is very much needed. the few be have left is not going to solve any of our problems. i hope you bear that in mind when you are making decisions. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you
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very much. alexandra, i do not know if you want to add anything. >> thanks to the funding, we are looking to offer services to this community that is already underserved, and i personally feel awful but i was there that evening and saw the attack on mia. my obligation to respond to this community and demonstrate that we are going to say no to hate, no to violence, especially in the city in san francisco, the
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mission district, and this attack occurred one block away from my agency where we serve anywhere from 10 to 20 girls. i felt personally obligated to respond, and things to you and thanks to the city of san francisco helping us to continue the services that we offer, we will call on the community to come and demonstrate period the people in the human rights of transgendered and immigrants. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. note president -- president chu: it is now 4:00.
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madam clerk, could you please call the special items? 15 through 18? madam clerk: item number 15, a hearing of persons interested in objecting to the decision of the planning commission's purview 17, 2011, conditional use authorization. item number 16, a motion approving the decision by the planning commission. item number 17, emotion disapproving the decision of the planning commission, and item number 18, a motion directing the clerk of the board to prepare findings. president chu: these will be continued.
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madam clerk: today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of supervisor chu for -- on behalf of supervisor cohen -- on behalf of supervisor farrell -- on behalf of supervisor of a los -- -- supervisor avalos -- on behalf of president chu, supervisor mar, and supervisor weiner. president chu: madam clerk, is there any more business for today? madam clerk: no.
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president chu: we are adjourned for today. [gavel] >> hey, everybody. welcome to portsmouth square. i am director of sustainable streets with the sfmta. once again, we are very pleased to be the lead agency in sponsoring the sunday streets program for 2011. it is one of a series of very healthy and family-friendly
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events to take place in san francisco to promote walking, biking, and just generally taking advantage of the streets that are open and car-free, but it is more than that. i think it is also a chance for the residents of san francisco to reconnect not only with themselves, but the rich, diverse neighborhoods that connect our community. we have been very fortunate to have this program embraced by both residents and merchants, and the rapid spread of the program is a testimony of how popular it has become. this program would not have been possible without the cooperation from our fellow city agencies as well as the mayor's office and all of the private partners we have the i will get into a in a little bit. speaking of the mayor's office,
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i would like to introduce mr. edwin lee, mayor of san francisco. mayor lee: good morning. i'm happy to be here, joining our supervisor from district 3 and president of the board, david chiu. sunday streets has been around for about three years. in 2008, we began with a couple of events. we were learning from some great cities throughout the world, particularly bogota, colombia, where we have learned from that mayor and from international leaders how wonderful that event was, in terms of not only taking over the streets, but connecting up with our neighborhoods. if you know anything about me, having been a former dpw director and city administrator and now mayor, you know i have a passion for linking up all of the neighborhoods in the city as
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much as possible. and i will talk about that later because it becomes invaluable to events like what we have seen in japan to really have strong neighborhoods. but what i want to announce today is next sunday, march 20, is the first of eight planned sunday streets kickoffs. next sunday, we began in the embarcadero. it will be linking up fisherman's wharf, and it will have links to all over from france wobble of are all the way up to our first, and we will have one every single month for the beginning of winter. i want to thank our sponsors this year. bank of america is a big sponsor of wall with our traditional sponsors. at&t, the bay area quality district, which will streets -- they have all been great sponsors. this year, i want to announce
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that we have a brand new route. in addition to 7, which we will do all over the city, we are going to add chinatown and north beach to our city streets -- to our sunday streets. that is going to be wonderful. it is one i have been trying to oversee as city administrator, working with our liveable streets and our chinatown chamber of commerce, our chinatown merchants association -- they are all very excited, and we will be looking at the way we have been using grant avenue, all the way through north beach, from california, across broadway, so we will have more details about that, but we do not have a date announced for that. we are working out the details, and we will listen carefully to all of the needs and concerns of our merchants along the area, residents, to make sure it is successful. the nice part of sunday streets -- it is not just the physical
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closing of the streets. it is really the way we work with all elements of our community to make sure we bring out things that are great for kids, for families, and the merchants will have an opportunity to read prioritize the way they welcome their traditional visitors and buyers. we are not selling this as another street fair, if you will. it is very different. its emphasis will be on the use of the streets and the use of our alleyways, particularly in chinatown, and how they can be opened up for different, creative uses. we will be creatively working with our school districts, with our public health departments, our social service departments, and rethinking how we can use the streets to do everything from exercising, for introducing new ways of playing on our streets, and to make sure that they are safe, that there are new people that want to look not solely at traffic and react to it, but look at new ways of
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using our streets. that is what we are trying to do. i know the people behind me are committed. they are excited about working with the city. this is an official sponsorship that we do with our neighborhoods. i said earlier, what i'm all about in terms of my year being a mayor here is i want to make sure that we have even slight sunday streets, have events like our clean teams that we do on saturdays, where members of the community come out and work with all of us together to kind of know who they call on 311 every day. it is people that really want to connect with the neighborhood. if you have strong neighborhoods, if you have our mta working with public health, public works, fire and police officers, working together with president associations, the associations, the environmental groups that have sprung up over many years of concern about our
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environment and our climate change and the use of our oceans -- when you have us working together to celebrate things like different uses of our streets, you start building a stronger connection, so that when even do challenge us, we are stronger for that very purpose, that we are already working together, that we are no stranger to breaking down bureaucratic walls, whether it is our libraries, our police departments, our fire departments. we are used to doing all of that, and that makes us a stronger, more connected city, and ultimately, it is about making a city connected all the way. i'm excited that our bicycle coalition has been working with me on opening up even more of our streets as we introduce companies whose workers want to ride to work every single day. that is exciting. i want to announce today that the kickoff for our sunday streets, announcing additional ones, that we are having them every single month. there will be a sunday
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designated. dates will be set, and we will be adding more, so we will have a total of eight this year. we are not beating 2009. i think they have nine events. in 2008, we had, i think, six events. we are actually building upon all of our experiences, getting more people involved, different people, people of all walks of life, so thank you very much. [applause] >> as mayor lee mentioned earlier, the first event is going to be march 20, next sunday, and the venue is the central and northeast waterfront. it's communities are represented by our president of the board of supervisors, david chiu. he would like to say a few words. supervisor chiu: thank you. good morning, everyone.
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i would like to echo how excited i am about the event we are about to kick off. in particular, i want to talk about the very special neighborhoods that will be included in sunday streets this year. most of you know that the neighborhoods of san francisco are the densest neighborhoods west of the mississippi, and the two neighborhoods being added to sunday streets today, north beach and chinatown, are the densest neighborhoods within the densest neighborhoods west of the mississippi. chinatown and north beach are not just the most historic and oldest and some of the most important neighborhoods that we have here in san francisco, but these are neighborhoods that have very little open space, and both north beach and chinatown, we do not have front porches. we do not have backyards. we do not have many places for people to play, for young people to run around, and was on the streets is going to mean for the residents of chinatown and north beach will be an opportunity for all of our generations to join
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the rest of the city and plate. for our young people, our families, and seniors, and this is why it is so wonderful to be here as part of this kickoff announcement, but also, for this new announcement about the inclusion of chinatown and north beach. these are two neighborhoods that have been in recent years working in close partnership, and i want to thank the neighborhood association, the resident groups, and the merchant groups who have come here today to partner with our city government, our city agencies represented here, as well as our wonderful nonprofits -- livable city, walk sf, the bicycle coalition, that have had this vision for many years, and i want to thank our corporate sponsors, without a home this event would not happen. i want to see all of you playing on the streets. in coming months, i will be riding on my bicycle, and i expect to see you guys enjoying the sun or enjoying the occasional cloud. thank you for being here. [applause]
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>> the supervisor mentioned the importance of partnership. one of the major partners we have in this effort is livable cities, especially susan king, who handles the day-to-day operations of this program. without her, things would be a lot more difficult to manage, so i appreciate all the help she has given us. susan, would you like to say a few words? >> thank you. i would like to introduce myself as the man behind the curtain. obviously not a man, but there's a lot that goes on to make sunday streets happen. it is a wonderful collaboration between city agencies, nonprofits, social service agencies, and it is a truly wonderful collaboration, and livable city is proud to be at the center of that, helping to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. we try to address any concerns. we are not responsible for the
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weather. i put in a call, but i have not heard back. we will have to see how that goes. nonetheless, this is an exciting opportunity for people to get out and explore new neighborhoods, explore their own city, meet their neighbors. we mentioned a few of our partners, and i really wanted to give a shout out to some of the groups that have played a really important part by providing resources that make this free event really possible. one big change this year is the event is going from 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. this change was precipitated by people who wanted more -- the event to go longer in the day, but also, because we are reaching out to religious institutions and churches, and for many of them, sunday is a day of worship. by moving it back an hour, this gives those people an opportunity to carry about with their morning worship and still have time to come out and enjoy the day. this evolution is really going
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to help reach more people than we have been. a couple of our major sponsors. this year, bank of america is our lead partner, and we thank them for their leadership. at&t, another strong sponsor, both of whom are really pitching in. the bay area air quality management district is one of our long responses from going out to 2008. the department of rec and park. all of the park's that the events take place on our rec and park property. shape up, san francisco. the california pacific medical center. the american red cross provides all of our emergency medical. the san francisco bicycle coalition runs our volunteer program. california outdoor roller sports association provides the fund on eight wheels and also a lot of the sound equipment that we use at these events. city car share, bike and roll, blazing saddles, they city bikes
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all provide necessary resources. the port, san francisco federal credit union. the exploratorium. you will hear later about the fisherman's wharf looks joining us march 20. thank you. [applause] ms sunday streets is all about biking, walking, and getting there by transit, so these are all very healthy activities. speaking of health the activities, we are pleased to have the department of public health as one of our major partners. i would like to introduce christine from the health department. [applause] >> good afternoon. shape up san francisco is so excited that we are once again doing sunday streets. it is the perfect epitome of what shape of san francisco is about, creating environments
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that make it easy and fun for people to get out there and play, be physically active. liveable streets is incredibly important to this. i'm grateful to the city as a whole for offering this fun, safe places for people to get out and play. that is all i have to say. thank you. [applause] >> as susan mentioned earlier, one of our major partners and nonprofits is the bicycle coalition. they are responsible for helping us organize all of the volunteers, and we are totally indebted to them. we would not have happened without their support. i would like to introduce the executive director of the bicycle coalition. [applause] >> good morning. thank you, first of all, to all our friends in chinatown for welcoming us back. my first sunday streets started out back here. was it three years ago? it is amazing it has been that long and we have grown so much. i want to echo and really recognize what mayor lee said.
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this really is about connecting our neighborhoods. when do we see folks from neighborhoods across the city coming out on their bicycles, their skateboards, their strollers, on their two feet, and walking, enjoying linking neighborhood to neighborhood. i love to come here and sample some of the amazing food, to go to fisherman's wharf and the they're not as a tourist, but as a local, go to the mission and check out the flavor of 24th street, to connect to ocean beach at golden gate park. this event is about displaying the best of san francisco, for those of us who live here. it is not only healthy and great for the environment. not only a great way to give the family activity at a low cost, but it is a great way to increased -- to appreciate our city, and that is what i love. i want to share also that we are really thrilled that we are seeing the spirit and lessons learned in sunday streets come home every day to regular lives. i know several families whose children learn to ride their
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bikes during sunday streets. sunday streets was their back yard, their front yard, a place that their kids could learn to ride their own two wheels, and those kids are writing to school some days, to golden gate park, in joining the city on their own. it really is an event that keeps giving on regular life, too, not just on event days. and it would not happen, of course, without all of the amazing city leadership, the amazing general sponsors -- generous sponsors. it also would not happen without hundreds of volunteers. i'm going to ask right now, everyone threes' spread the word. we still need hundreds of volunteers. jack l. -- check out. join us and enjoy what is i think one of the best activities in all of san francisco. thank you all so much. [applause]
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>> as you know, this year's lead sponsor is bank of america. we are very pleased to have them on board and would like to introduce michele from the b of a. >> thank you very much. we are looking forward to coming down to sunday streets and taking advantage of all the help become a wonderful outdoor activities that this event will have to offer. we know that private sector support is critical in bringing these events to the community, and we are happy to be able to support these events this year. neighborhood excellence is very much a philanthropic focus for the bank, our support of these activities makes a lot of sense for us, so if you want to find out about more of our neighborhood activities, i invite you to visit our web site and find out more about neighborhood excellence initiatives. thank you. >> another major sponsor is at&t, and we are very glad that they are on board for the last
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several years. >> good morning. on behalf of a native san franciscan and resident raising my family here, i can say that my five year-old learn how to ride his bicycle during our sunday streets last year. this is -- i want to thank the leadership of san francisco, our organizations, our nonprofits, our public and private sector, and i do have to thank president chiu because it was a day i was sitting in his office when tom walked in, and we started walking -- talking about sunday streets, and a couple of days later, he secured the sponsorship. certification it is about working together and connecting, and it is a great opportunity. so thank you for bringing all of us together for this wonderful event and to help us celebrate the beauty of san francisco. thank you. [applause]
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>> we have both new and old partners, and one of the oldest we have in the program is the fisherman's wharf community benefit district. representing them here today is kevin carroll, the executive director. the first event is in his back yard, so he would like to say a few words. >> thank you very much. i grew up playing on fisherman's wharf, so to have an event in our back yard as exciting. fisherman's wharf wants to thank the mayor and president chiu for their support and our partnership. we started with sunday streets when it began, and we are pleased to welcome san franciscans and people from the bay area back down to fisherman's wharf this sunday. it will be nice out, and we will host a great family event. all sorts of activities for people andfa


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