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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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mr. spurloin. we are a nonprofit volunteer organizations, we have been playing bridge in the castro for 30 years and we provide social outlets and a brain sharpener to all kinds of people from senior citizens to high-school students, gay, straight, anyone who wants to come can come play bridge. i met him when he took beginner lessons and he very quickly integrated himself in to our club. as i said, it is a volunteer organization. if someone does not make coffee and set the tables, we do not play. he was always someone who could be counted on to do what was needed. he became such an important part of our club that five years ago he was given our good will award for his exemplary service and contributions to the club. on a personal note as i was leaving the bridge club a couple weeks ago, i found i had blocked
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my keys in my car. 11:00 p.m. that night, running, we both had to go to work the next morning and stayed with me until 12:30 p.m. when aaa came and let me back in. you will have someone who was not only interested in the entertainment coindustry but who is also qualified and committed. >> supervisor kim: we have chris isaacson, michael nolte, ivan vera, davliid lewis, and jason smart. mr. whittaker, we have a list of speakers ahead. >> i am jamie whittaker --
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>> supervisor kim: i am sorry, i [inaudible] >> good afternoon. i am chris isaacson. i know gil spurloin as a neighbor. he will weigh competing interests. what is important that there is an neighborhood representative. i am in favor of more entered him in, not less. they can help with collaboration and i have seen him do that and some of the other issues we have been dealing with for our neighborhood. i urge you to support his nomination. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> hello, supervisors. i am a small business owner,
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small-business advocate and someone who promotes events in the city. i am here in very strong support of glendon hyde for the commission seat. in the past year and a half, events i have done have raised over $20 million and that pales in comparison to the numbers that glendon hyde has raised. when i grow up i would like to be like anna conda and serve the community through night life in ways that glendon hyde has. there is a unique in it -- opportunity to marry entertainment with someone who gives voice to the community. it is important to remember that there are a lot of different types of neighbors here in san francisco and i think that
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glendon hyde has a long history of being a vocal supporter of and giving voice to the many types of neighbors we have here which is why i urge you to appoint glendon hyde to the entertainment commission. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here to speak about glendon hyde. organizations is how i got to know him. he works tirelessly with the entertainment access -- aspect. this is not about clubs vs. bars. it is about , reduction. bringing solutions. the board could use some fresh air. i was surprised to see gil who is a good friend of mine and a good qualifier. everyone goes to glendon hyde
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for help. he is a bit of a st. jude. he finds solutions and he is tireless. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> thank you for allowing us the opportunity to voice our opinions in support of this candidate. i am the executive director of the art museum. i have known glendon hyde for more than 24 years and he has been an incredible person to support communities and has been dedicating much of his time to help solve problems in his neighborhood and address issues which do not necessarily get addressed or necessarily popular. and show his concern for the neighborhood. he would be a great representation for the neighborhood on the commission
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and i hope that you will consider him. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am an independent filmmaker and produced a film about the glendon hyde story. people got to see the enormous passion he has for san francisco. this is what san francisco has brought to him and his ability and determination to do the right thing. we followed him around for nine months and got to question him and discuss many of the issues that were facing him as a district 6 candidate. i remember sitting up lighting in his loft and saw the stacks of paper he was reading to become educated on the issues and that is something he brings
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to it, his ability to be objective and to read and understand what the issues are and to listen. if you need someone who is going to talk to a coffee shop owner at 6:00 a.m., he will be there. i have footage that shows his enormous passion. finally, michael fox, a film critic who has never met glendon hyde, glendon is a person of gravitas and resolve. they are the most inspiring fighters to graced the screen. that is a testimony to his ability to go the extra mile. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> hello, i am jason smart. i have known glendon hyde for many years. i have known him to be a very caring person. he cares about all the people and is able to talk to
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everybody on their level in a nonjudgmental and caring way and to listen to them and i just think there would not be a better person you can select to glendon hyde then -- select than glendon hyde. >> hello, everyone. i serve on the milk board. i met anna conda two years ago at a pub crawl. at hemlock. i do not remember if she was in drag. this was a person i wanted to know and work with and made sure that she was included in the first debate that we sponsor. anna conda is awesome. we served together in the
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political and entertainment trenches. she will put out her neck for issues and it is rare to get a marriage of both. i would like to talk about this industry stuff. j-lo is an industry and anna conda is an entertainment -- entertainer. >> good evening. i am on several boards and also on the commission of the mental health board of our city. i am here to speak for to the real candidates. on behalf of both glendon hyde and jim meko. i got to know them both well. i volunteered for their campaigns and walked precincts with them, and gathered signatures with them. did campaign photography, helped them with writing. i watched them interact with
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constituents and watched them solve problems. they are both good people. they're both good choices. maybe for slightly different reasons. consider this. they both care about neighborhoods. anna conda or glendon hyde is a performer. i have seen her work with the reds. jim has helped clubs and neighborhoods work together. he has more experience and is an up-and-coming candid it. there is a balance here between my life on the one hand which is a vibrant culture, at culture -- nigel life on the one hand which is a vibrant culture. -- night life on the one hand, which is a vibrant culture. there is a need and protection
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for people's right to quiet enjoyment of their neighborhood and those two are sometimes in conflict and there are no perfect solutions to try to maximize one is to err on the other. in summary if i'm going to consider glendon hyde vs. jim meko, i will look at these things. a beginner's enthusiasm versus seasoned experience. i will stop there. >> supervisor kim: thank you. commissioner, thank you for joining us. >> commissioner maufas: thank you. i am speaking on behalf of glendon hyde. the speaker did bring up some
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good points but let me let you know that for jim meko's experience, we can be grateful. i do see glendon hyde as someone who has a serious community experience. when you hear the community goes to glendon hyde, that is for reason. he is trusted and i have seen him in a room, very contentious meetings, being the calm in the room and being a member of the board of education in many contentious meetings, that is what i am looking for. someone who can speak reason and give logic to the discussion would also be the calm in the room so folks can hear each other and over and over again, i have witnessed glendon hyde being that person. i am grateful he has applied for the seat and i rarely come out to speak on someone's behalf but absolutely a want to be supportive of him and supportive of you and supporter of in that
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choice. thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you, commissioner. >> could you also turn on the overhead? i am may 30--- i am a 35-year organizer. i want to correct the multiple qualifications. several claims, the alliance for better district 6 endorses glendon hyde.
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they are a 501c3 and cannot endorse. he has not raised a penny for the alliance for a better district 6. during my run for district 6, the supervisor has endorsed -- has an endorsement from the days of district 6. there is no such organization. you will see that there is a letter in there that says the actual name is the district six days. and -- six gays. hthe cooperative organizational structure does not have any board positions. there is a letter referencing to that. lastly, glendon hyde promotes himself on the community seat on facebook which again, this is for the city neighborhoods,
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associations, or groups. lastly, in closing, i feel that glendon hyde has potential as a community leader, but maybe not right now. thank you. >> supervisor kim: olive, christine sampson, scott oswald, judy b., kevin hoskins, ron merritt, jr., and barry sinaground. >> hello, i'm here to support
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gil. i represent a neighborhood association on corona heights. we were having a problem on the ground of the museum. i called san francisco park and rec. two men walked up and a spokesperson said we heard you had a problem. we are here to offer whatever help we can do. that was gill sperlin. how often does that happen? he is a very dedicated person that the people of san francisco are very important to him and he wants to do everything for them to the best of his ability. i found him to be honest, sincere, a wonderful person and the thing i like most as he cares. i hope that he will get the
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seat. i can think of no one better. thank you. >> i am here to speak in support of gill sperlin for entertainment commission. he is a neighbor of mine and my experience with him is he has been active in our never heard in various capacities. most recently around corona heights park. getting the neighborhood to get together to support some improvements for the park. i have also seen him take leadership roles with the traffic calming measure in the city and go out of his way to help with things that need to be done in the park, even just little things like helping with, we have a new system for bringing the garbage in and out. he just takes it on his own to help with that, too. he would be great at
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representing the neighborhoods and i know also he supports a very diverse and vibrant entertainment committecommunity. thank you. >> i am part of the tenderloin futures collaborative and a board member of the north of market cbd. i am here to speak on behalf of glendon hyde. one thing that speaks greatly to his integrity is the example of when we had the healthy kids day event, kids like to get ready and they like to have amped up music. a we have some neighbors said jason from the property who are not so thrilled about that. -- neighbors adjacent from the property who are not so thrilled about that. we're figuring out how we can
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have our offense go on. their director was not budging with our directors and glendon was able to pull the other nonprofit aside and media for us and since then we have not had any conflict with our neighbors. that is what you need in an entertainment commission. someone who can bring both parties together and talk and figure out to -- how to work things out. thank you. >> good afternoon. i am christine samson and i am resident of and work in district 6 and i am here to show my support for fil gill sperlein. he has the ability to work towards solutions that would be amenable to all parties involved in this would be an asset to the entertainment commission. thank you.
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>> hello. i am a resident of district 6. i worked at a bar, i am a performer, somewhat difficult performer. i have had a lot of experience working with anna conda, glendon hyde. two things. one of the speaker wros were talking about making the city someone that sylvester could come up in. but more importantly, there is another point, which is that a lot of talk has gone on about the residents. it seems like it is a coded term for homeowners and the majority
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are not homeowners. i am a resident of san francisco and i support glendon hyde. >> i am a resident of district 5. i do not know jim meko, but i get an e-mail from him almost every week. i am very impressed by the work he has been doing. when i heard that there was a chance he would not be reappointed, i thought it would come and speak on his behalf. everyone else has said very good things about him so i do not think i should repeat myself. everybody who has been supporting the other candidates who are from the entertainment world, they say how much he has done in the entertainment world also speaks for jim meko because
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he has made the committee work so that entertainers have done a good job and have made money and made money for their various organizations. i hope you would reappoint him. thank you. >> good afternoon. i work -- have worked with several community organizations and i had the opportunity to work with glendon hyde on a benefit for tenants together. i would not have pulled off the party without his help and input. people have talked about his expertise which is fast. i would like to talk about his professionalism. if he says he will do something, it will be done and it will be done well and before you expected it to be done. if you have a situation where something, a project -- or something, a project you need to
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get off the ground, finding a community organization to be part of the benefit, glendon hyde will no five people to point to end those people will give you what he said they will give you. he makes things easy, efficient, and enjoyable. in san francisco politics, that is a difficult find. i encourage you to bring him on to the entertainment commission. thank you. >> hello. you have a tough choice ahead of you. there are several great candidates who have come and spoken. jim meko is an expert in planning and gill has connections and glendon hyde is heavily involved in the community and works on everybody's behalf to make
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things happen. i support the entertainment commission and it is tireless work in regulating and enhancing the entertainment community and the cultural fabric of san francisco. as an arts based coroneart spaci have been participating in the western soma planning process. i have sat in on many meetings and i know that glendon hyde is committed to bringing a variety of perspectives, hearing the mouth, and acting in the best interest of a balanced sacrifices 0 -- san francisco community. he has tireless commitment. all the organizations he has
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been involved in are solid and i would stand behind him tirelessly. thank you. ques>> i am asking that you plee appoint jim meko to the entertainment commission. i have known him for more than a decade. although we always do not -- cannot always agree, i have found him to be fair and balanced. many people have said many good things about jim today. in the interest of time, i would like to say dedeaux. an entertainer for the entertainment commission and that is that of -- a fantastic idea. we should do two. maybe one you a point and maybe it's one that the mayor
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appoints. having too many people with ties to the entertainment commission has created problems and i hope we can avoid those problems again. thank you. >> supervisor kim: these are the latest speakers. if you have not signed a card, you can line up behind them. >> good afternoon. i am resident of the rincon hill never heard. -- neighborhood. i will also -- i am supporting jim meko and i hope that you will as you consider today's appointment. the city charter spells out in article four, section 4.117. representing the -- the
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neighborhood associations are easy to define. it is a geographic area. folks that live within our part of the neighborhood association. to my knowledge, jim meko is the only one running and sits on the neighborhood networks. each of you have been guests at the neighborhood network on a friday afternoon. jim meko' is secretary in that association. there is no doubt he meets the charter's criteria for being a neighborhood association representative. i think as a business case, you have someone with eight years of experience. 80 years of institutional knowledge. he knows the police code. he does not have to learn it. -- eight years of institutional
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knowledge. it speaks of his interest. and other business interests can coexist and thrive. i do hope that you will reappoint jim meko. he has done a good job representing neighborhood associations and he has good work to do with the approval process and i hope you support him. thank you. [bell] >> i am been on the executive board of the milk club and i am supporting glendon hyde for this appointment. when i looked at his qualifications and the board that he actually does sit on, i see that his work parallels and dovetails with the work that we're doing in the excelsior.
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there is a community beyond district 6 for the central city or the entertainment community. and i would like to echo in the south end, we would like to see someone like glendon hyde. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here to support my good friend, lolita sweet. i am born and raised in san francisco, a resident of district 10 and grew up -- i am a resident of district 6 but growing in district 10. i have been involved in entertainment all my life. i've run a company in san francisco and i am here to support lolita