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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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property. and if i am out voted, that is fine but i wanted to express that that is the reason. i support the general direction that the commissions are going in. i think it is the right direction. i see more tweaking than just the language that addresses clarification of the resolutions that are here. i would propose we get some further tweaking of this in line with our comments and see it in writing, look at it in writing once again to vote on it. >> in terms of a time line, do you mean you would suggest adding a time limit for the resolve clause come returning to the police commission if an
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appropriate tenet is not found? are you -- if they are not to found within six months or year, do you have specific language in mind? >> that is the idea. that it come back to us. that the proper rate not just to rest some place else for two years and nothing happened to it. that it be put out, a request for proposal. the whole process take place and it does not happen, the department decided to do something else with this acid. asset is a bit loaded. as it stands it is a liability. we need to be aggressive and do something so that is not a liability and turn it into an asset for the community and the department. >> with regard to the funding stream having the money come back to us, it seems it is not possible. i will give you an analogy.
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i wanted to any money i brought in to go to my program area but i was informed that it goes to the general fund of the organization. i have accepted that and it does help the program, regardless. commissioner kingsley: ok. i hear that but i hear that we're not the only commission that has requested to do that. it has been worked around. there is possibilities there. and i would like to explore that further and at this meeting it may not be appropriate. it may be something that is better discussed and brought back to the commission with mr. updike and myself, commissioner chan, if she chooses. there maybe more to this than in spending -- then spending the entire time at the commission tonight and i would like to get more input from the city
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attorney and other folks around that particular aspect of it. if our budget is bearing the liability, the flip side should be true, too. i would like to get an expanded vision on that aspect of this. >> my hope is we could tie this up tonight. let me ask you, would you be willing to withdraw or do you want to vote with the resolution and the three of you get together and bring it back. >> can i ask one question? would it be appropriate or has this been done to have a request that the board allocate some or all of the revenue from the police department. that is a request to the board and it would not be binding on
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the board. >> it has been requested that if -- the fire commission comes to mind. public health has made a request similar in nature. they were somewhat unsuccessful. it is a request. it is anticipated. from any commission looking out for the assets of the department they represent. i do not want to give false hope as to the results. president mazzucco: we had a motion and a second. where are we at? >> this is the second time this has been before us. i think -- your concerns are well laid out and perhaps the only reason i would call for this is with the addition of coming to us for final approval
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before the recommendation, it might be a place where we could provide further input. this is not the last time it will be here before us. commissioner kingsley: what is the urgency around voting tonight? commissioner chan: so we can get this done. president mazzucco: we can get this done. >> can we restate the motion? vice-president marshall, aye. commissioner dejesus, aye. commissioner chan, aye. commissioner kingsley, no. commissioner determined, -- terman, no. the ayes have it, 4-2.
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president mazzucco: please call out line item #4. >> public comment on all items pertaining to item 6 below, closed session. including public comment on vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session. president mazzucco: this involves litigation. please call item no. 5. >> vote on whether to hold item 6 in closed session, including on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege with regard to item 6a. president mazzucco: so moved. all in favor? we're moving to close session. -- closed session.
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