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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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complain about multiple things and we'll give it a new case number. with in one case, there can be several allegations, several charges of misconduct, or duty. there are statistics that can be a little bit confusing. when you look at the allegations and there are several pages of them, but there are only 500 officers. that explains that number. >> i am trying to sort out some of the numbers. it is 10%, they are cases in the
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category of those few officers that have three or more complaints filed against them. i have to go back to the chart, but maybe five officers that have had five complaints against them over a one-you're hot and? >> when you say 50 cases, we're talking about sustained cases. there are many more sustained cases than 50 cases. >> officers that have three or more complaints against them, i am referring to page 25, and you go down the charts, had what pops out his some officers have 3, 4, 5 complaint against them in one year.
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in my reading that correctly? >> you are reading that correctly. >commissioner kingsley: each one is treated separately, but it raises the issue around a handful of officers. i am not sure that it translates into this commission, and maybe it shouldn't, we are still taking one case at a time. if that is a question to kind of address to the department, what happens when you have these three people. they have maybe three, four, five complaints against them in a 12-month period. >> i have a question. a sustained complaint is a
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complaint. >> how we are speaking of complaints, and the last year, there were nearly 800 complaints filed against the members of the san francisco police department. the officers that received multiple complaints are identified in the department of's early intervention system. there is a whole process by which those complaints are vetted and given points and determined whether or not an officer her will become part of that program. and it is non-disciplinary. the commander might wish to speak more particularly about
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it, but that is how officers with multiple complaints are addressed by the department. >> we have the intervention system, we meet quarterly. it identifies officers not only based on the sec complaint, but on use of force -- occ complaints, but use of force and a whole list of categories that might trigger documentation. it is not punitive, but we do look at those, perhaps. where we can correct an issue. we also look to be positive as well. we can tell the officers that you have no eis issues and you're doing a good job. it looks at both of them and the
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things that need to be addressed and corrected. >> the only other question i have here is something -- to the work of mr. taylor that there was a $17,000 of expenditures, that this kind of -- it wasn't budgeted. >> we had a massive document request last year, and we had hired an individual to come and help us hockey -- copy and index those documents. we only keep three years worth of complaint files in our office.
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the rest of them which we maintained in perpetuity we maintain in an off site storage facility. we pay monthly for them to be stored and we pay for those documents to be delivered to us. when i say not reimbursed, we cannot charge other government agencies for the documents we produce. we told the commission before that the occ's budget is costing driven by about 90%. another 60% of the remaining discretionary money is used for rent. we have very little
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discretionary money to spend on training, document retrieval, buying equipment. from computers to scanners and the like. >> it is a big deal, $17,000. thank you very much, will appreciate your report. commission chan: thank you for your very thorough presentation and thank you to your staff. the fifth lowest cases, those
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people that are either satisfied or very satisfied. in terms of the next steps, those are definitely the correct goals in my own talk. i will say all of my questions at once to go through them quickly. the slightly lower number of sustained rates, it is like 6.97% last year and an average of 8.6%. i am wondering your thoughts on why it is slightly lower sustained rates. and i wanted ask about the pro bono mediators, and that these are lawyers, it is for the public to know that it is a televised hearing. i wanted to ask your expert here about if there are any free online applications the you can use to address the on line complaint need or if that is
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security. this might be a long discussion. in terms of the 19 policy recommendations, if there are any that stand out as your first, second, third top priorities of accomplishing them in the next year? and that is it for questions, if you can't answer all of them, don't worry about it. >> i will attempt to tackle the first two, commissioner chan. the lower number of sustained cases, it depends. the complaints that we receive, and the evidence we have an before us. we have a sustained finding, and
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one argument that i do make for having more staff and additional investigators, the lower the caseload, the more focused time and investigator can spend on a case. 61% of findings on allegations were not sustained. i do wonder if the case loads were lower if the investigators would be able to spend more focused time getting evidence to make the definitive finding of proper conduct, sustained, or unfounded. it can mean a number of things, and they are all speculation. it could mean that the officers are better trained. community policing is effective
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with the officers and the public having an improved relationship with the public. it can contribute to a lower complaint filing, generally. those are all just my thoughts. with regard to the mediation program, our pro bono mediators -- the rule says one will be an attorney and one will be a non- attorney. if they are trained, and it is a sought after activity by attorneys and mediators wanting to gain experience. i am going to turn over the microphone a i the -- for the
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i.t. discussion. >> commissioner chan, yes, we do explore open source and web apps to the extent possible. in of lot of cases, cloud-based storage is not for us because of the confidentiality of our documents, but we do have some open source implementations in the office that includes a fax server that we rely on every day for document requests. we are using google calendar embedded in our web site to inform the public of commission meetings, average events, so on and so forth. commissioner chan: you answered my question, we always
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ask because we have google in our backyard, i have always wondered why we can't use these free apps. >> a custodian of investigations of police misconduct and the police officers' bill of rights, that is always a concern. and maintaining the public trust in regard to confidentiality. >> in terms of the top three priorities are would say no. one would be the vehicle pursuit policy. gardnewe made recommendations i. vehicle pursuits are one of the most dangerous activities. we were anxious to get those stages before you, so that
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would be number one. no. 2, we recently made an amendment. we have had a number of complaints were if they have not had an internal injury they will make their complaint known. there are other police department where it includes a plaintiff's injury because i have a broken arm or something visible, but others will include complaints of pain as well, so that would be higher on our lives t -- on our list. we have been working with the manager. we would like to see a department bulletin as well as
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some roll-call training based on a series of events that demonstrate to officers this is an individual who need an interpreter, and this is the next level of training we are hoping to see the department under grow, and we are interested in seeing that as well. >> now that we know these top three priorities, i think we need to keep that in mind. good >> dr marshall. >> i would like to say thank you see you for a dressing of three
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recommendations. it was read to us in 2007. it was ugly. it was not a happy day. you had to do it within the budgetary constraints, so i want to say a great job. >> thank you for a much, dr. marshall. she put a lot of time into this. you are a consummate trial lawyer, so thank you for your presentation. >> you are welcome. thank you. >> line item #3c, commissioner
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reports. >> i have one quick items to report. actually two. furs are what to say dr. marshall followed up on our meeting, and i watched it on line. i was one of 14 people watching. these kids saw the camera, and they took off. and we have all new personalities. it was great. you have to be proud of these great young men and women. my second announcement is i want to thank the mayor and his
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staff. the secretary was confirmed for another four-year term on the commission. i also want to thank supervisors. goowe have to be confirmed by the board of supervisors, so it is a great experience to talk to all the members of the board of supervisors. >> they are very intelligent people who really care about our community. i enjoy sitting one on one with supervisor kim and wiener. it is a great experience. i have to tell you this is an honor, and i want to thank my fellow commissioners who came to the rules committee. thank you for your support, and
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i have to tell you i am honored to serve on the commission. you are not just associates. you have become good friends, and i have learned a lot from those who served with. it is an honor to serve the city, and i am humbled by the experience, so thank you. >> commissioners? if i could add one more about our youth commissioners, they were wonderful. at our joint meeting it was all business. i thought they did a great job of explaining. a surly explain the youth
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commission, what is is for and what it does. in particular, the last segment was about the work we have done together and the recommendations put forward that were affected by the chief, and by what other jurisdictions -- i wanted other jurisdictions to know about. it was a great program. we ought to get some future supervisors from the group somewhere. those kids really like what they do, so it was great to be able to showcase them, so for all to listen, thank you. i am cold air the program will be broadcast on television -- i am told the program will
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broadcast on television at 9:00. we will be on 29. >> you can watch and see the program, because we are doing great. >> further want to congratulate you for getting reappointed. you spend a lot of time going to a lot of community meetings. you put in so much service, and you deserve to get reappointed, so i am glad that happened. i listened in. i detected to let him know i heard, and you specifically talk about high school dropout
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issues, what their experiences are and what would keep students in school, and i particularly enjoyed talking about what brings out leadership, and several of them said they do want to get into politics. thanks for that. >> that young man will probably be the next president of the united states, and the young woman will be on the board of supervisors in no time flat. good >> for him to turn his life for round completely and be on the youth commission, you cannot ask for more than that. >> i want to join in congratulating you on your reappointment. i was glad to be there.
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i also want to thank commissioner marshall for your engagement with the youth commission, providing another opportunity, and i certainly want to say the rules committee. i was impressed by our newest commissioner. goowe are hearing your backgrou. we are so lucky to work with you. thank you. >> we can move to line item 3d, scheduled announcements for future meetings. good >> just as a reminder, next
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wednesday night we will not have a meeting, and on may 30, 2012 of 6:00 p.m. we will hold a medal of valor awards ceremony at mission bay campus at 0 in st.. the public is welcome to attend. >> thank you, and items for future consideration, following up on my meetings, supervisor jim had an item she is working on, and it is a joint project where we work with the school district and have all high school program for the students train while in high school to become police officers. it is an rotc program supervisor came is very interested in, and i talked to the chief about it, too, so i would like to schedule for us to have an exploratory
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conversation, going into high schools and encouraging her students to graduate and getting them to the next level. it would be a good thing. a lot of you talk about local hiring, and i would like to see the ranks come from men and women who understand the city and how special it is. somewhere down the road i would like to schedule that and give maybe a month, may be the first week of june. how does that sound? also, i would like to reschedule a date for line item 4, the discharge review board. when you think we would have everybody in line for that discussion? >> any time. there are only a couple of things we need altering, and we
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have accomplished that tonight. >> the week after next, how does that look? >> we have a couple of items a. >> we do not have a community meeting that day. good >> the ceremony takes place. >> in lieu of that, the medal of valor. price and last but not least, we need to schedule election of officers by the end of may, so if you want, we could schedule the for the 23rd. it does not have to be by the end of may. we could do that by june if you want your good -- if you want your good now we have a new commissioner -- if you want.
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we have a new commissioner. is everybody pasquale, so you tell me what sounds best for you. >> how about the 23rd? >> i am fine with the 23rd. i am in no rush. >> i think the first week of june. >> thank you for reminding costus. that is all i have to live. >> i want to follow up on policy changes, and i want to ask about the use of force change, if there is a way for us to calendar that, even if it is pretty far ahead, just so we have an action response to these changes.
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do you need some time to report back to us to? >> i need some time. i know they are in the process. >> could you let us know on may 16 of three of them, since they were all recommended? >> yes. >> thank you. >> just a reminder, i think april is a month we do the chief's review, so we have heard the annual report, and perhaps we should schedule the review. >> when you want to do the chief of review? by flow through the on the 23rd, since the election is -- >> let's do that on the 23rd, since the election is in june.
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i think april is the anniversary date we are supposed to be doing it. gerd >> i think it was april 28. >> there is no sense of urgency. i think you will get a good report card. >> that is a good opportunity. good >> are we set for may 23? >> sure. that is fine. >> anything else commissioners would like to add to the calendar? hearing none, it is now time for public comment. no public comment? public comment is now closed. lead item #4 is off calendar. the one disciplinary matter that was