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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> from more information, visit presidt mazzucco: please rise for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] [roll call]
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>> dr. marshall is headed up to the podium. >> also joyce hicks from occ and chief ser from the police apartment. president mazzucco: we have to police commissioner secretaries here tonight. sgt jacino will be the backup if needed. anyway, i would like to welcome you to the wednesday, august 22,
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2012 police commission meeting. of war we had the line-item number one, i will ask that we move to line items #5, 6, 7 and 4. they are separate items regarding whether or not the police commission can recommend the higher of the system control specialist for the patrol specials here tonight. i have spoken to one other commissioner and the police commission secretary. we have had a brief conference from the city attorney and ask that these go off-caliber tonight. the commission would like to see the entire background package for each of the proposed assistant patrol special officers that will require that they sign a waiver for us to see their package. not all of them have signed a waiver.
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however, under the charter, it is not the police department that hires a control specialist. they have the outside background investigator do the work. this is the soul appointing authority for assistant patrol specials. i think it would be negligent if not ridiculous for us not to see the entire background hackett for somebody we are about to appoint to wear a uniform similar to the police department uniforms. i will ask that those matters go off-calendar to get the appropriate documentation. had >> i wanted to clarify items 4-6. president mazzucco: that's right. i will ask that those go off- calendar until we get the upper. documentation. is there any objection?
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>> not at all, i think it is a great idea. >> please call line item #one. >> consent calendar to accept gifts of a giveaway, a photo and a swiss army knife from the business recovery managers association at approximately $30. the police commission's report of disciplinary actions and the police department's second quarter status report on general orders and policy proposals. >> we will take these items separately even though they are separate. we will start with line item #one. it the $30 swiss army knife. and there is a memo from the
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captain in your files. any objection to him taking the swiss army knife and the photo? any public comment regarding this? holland favor? let's go to the next item which is behalf police commission report of disciplinary action for third quarter of 2012. the second quarter status report on general orders and policy proposals. these are sort of aggregated in your files, are there any questions or concerns? is there any public comment regarding this? >> i move that we adopt. we are done with the consent calendar. >> general public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission on items
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that cannot appear on tonight's agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. hail address remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual people. the rules of order during public comment, and neither police nor other personnel or commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. they should refrain from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. >> please step forward. it is difficult to hear you. it would you like a chair? >> i am ok. my name is on a park.
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in january of 2012, i was detained. after the officer have abramson deliver a lot of the police report and got away with lying on the police report. please take this to the grand jury. it is a misdemeanor or felony to lie on a police report. the officer told me to go home. the last sentence says something that means the same thing as i would not leave the second time. the light here to justify the 5150. he lied -- he told me something pretty close to, i am going to 5150 you because you came back.
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the second time he would not let me leave. the second time he didn't -- and the one that reads the police report gets the message that i would not leave the second time. the officer should be fired. they should not investigate lies in police reports. internal affairs would have seen this on the police report and handle it correctly. thank you. >> next speaker. >> for the record, i am emile lawrence. yesterday, we had a meeting between the taxi drivers, the taxi companies, the live data
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that i believe on the new cameras which not only report conversations tell live stream directly to the computer. this was, i believe, to be shared with the police department. is it legal and exactly what kind of data does the police department wants from passengers and taxi drivers? this is real time data but goes straight into the computer. they can hear on the monitor is exactly what is going on. i bring it up and because this is very cheap technology. it also can be applied to a policeman. while he is talking to a suspect, you can see exactly what is going on. this stuff is only $200-$400.
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i bring it to your attention has something to possibly replace teasers, guns, whatever they happen to be. i agree with the technology and not being and of the times and i can state that emphatically with my experience with the detectives in the city. they don't have anything close to what the fbi has or various other investigative bodies in the united states to hunt down suspects. we know there are 1000 unsolved murders in this city. based on a reading, the new york times, the top chinese automobile co. in china that competes with general motors in china only hires college graduates. i bring that to your attention because with the pay that they are getting today, maybe you can
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solve a lot of your problems with college graduates instead of people off of the street or out of high school. a lot of your problems are based on a lack of diplomacy and psychology. i know my encounter with policemen were that they could not talk to me in english. they did not want to talk. hey there -- and there was no discussion as they attempted to abuse me and beat me up. one of the gentleman that spoke against hazers from the department of mental health, they are in the process of training not only users of the training them in terms of the art of discussion with the actual suspect. hankie for your time. >> public comment is now closed. the light item three.
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>> reports and announcements. review of recent activities, presentation of the second quarter 2012 findings and recommendations. the presentation of the investigative summary. >> of 4 we go on to have the recommendations and findings, very quickly, as far as the crime report, violent crime continues to be down. height of that is hard to believe, especially with the uptick in homicides. not coincidentally shooting victims are down 15%. we appear to be for the moment, with regard to -- the officers
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of have been deployed to focus on those most likely, too. we spoke a little bit about the race reporting to the department of justice and the director to look at this. she came out with some interesting information and we will have a formal presentation on to november 12. the traditional reporting program lets race into four categories. a white, black, asian, pacific islander. people of hispanic origin may be of any race or so they are found in each of the categories as hispanic is a ethnicity and not a race. we have been correctly reporting for the guidelines as far as race reporting lead to our data
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collection and have a category for hispanics. we are able to capture through the booking system at the jail. to extract ethnicity information, depending on what the commission would like to see, reporting information to those bodies, it would remain the same as we give them what they asked for. internally, to the police department and the pleasure of the commission, if you like to see any ethnicity broken out, the new world system has 19 different ethnicities on top of the four races with about known. and you'll be able to do that for you. the one thing about the cable system, for whatever reason they used a sea to report asia and
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pacific islanders. when we contact, we merely informed them to just -- that indicates occasion. the director is going to work to change its going forward of and about how difficult that is. i did not want anyone to think that we are under reporting are misrepresenting. we are reporting what we are being asked for and we will go a step further the pentagon what the commission would have. commissioner turman: breaking out hispanics because they are ethnicity, with that also include them both into account for ethnicity as well as a race? >> we would continue to report -- there is white hispanic,
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black and hispanic, asian and hispanic and other known. they are subsets of the other groups as a ethnicity just as there is a cambodian, chinese, filipino, hawaiian, vietnamese, korean, laotian that are ethnicities. we can break out any particular ethnicity further via the computer system at the jail or the claim -- crime data warehouse. >> they all fall under the category of latino? ha >> i don't know that. >> 5 that out. >> the question is if latino and his pecker said atoms?
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>> no, the black and latino or seven them so that we understand how the hispanic members. >> latino would not go with black. >> that is exactly the point. >> if you want to change what gets reported for the region to the fbi, they would have to make that change. we are reporting on what everybody else reports. >> i understand that we are reporting what everyone else reports. that will have to be changed. it will have to be taken on someplace else. but we need to ascertain, and sentences go, what the different " andquote-unqute racs are.
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i don't believe people of hispanic backgrounds whether we categorize them as white hispanics or any other kind of hispanics see themselves in that way. it also has a fact in measuring their numbers and the rest against other groups numbers. it is important for us to understand the larger battle. >> i agree and i just want to find out how you would like me to have that broken out. thankfully are computers can do that. commissioner chan: i agree with all the questions, and regardless of what is required, it is good that we know this
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information. in the director's report, i would like to have her compare our reporting to other counties to make sure that we are consistent. if they are all reporting it that way, then they are all reporting it that way. i was told that we were being inconsistent, so i want to make sure i know what side is correct. >> we have continued to meet with the community at faith based leaders regarding violence. we are appreciative of the progress and the ground gained in august. school started on monday. the kids have a safe week. we have backpack giveaway in the bayview. more kids that i can count. the public defender was there,
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over 3000 backpacks largely provided by wells fargo. we appreciate that. but there will be another giveaway this saturday. there will be a ping-pong tournament as part of city streets in chinatown and the department is fielding a team. i am told we have a ringer. we think -- or we thank walgreen's for patronizing that event. and on august 29, at the and, there is a memorial for surgeon john on the anniversary of his death. in closing, i would like to call on your attention to one of our officers. at the tenderloins station, he got some real nice press for the department. he has taken community policing
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to a higher level. he and his brother have created a new approach working with the use in conjunction with the boys and girls club. it is a development program that includes monthly visits to downtown restaurants were the kids are taught about healthy diets by preparing the meals. additionally, his brother has a program called empower the kids, because the name of the gm is called empowered. they teach the kids have to deal with bullying issues to give them confidence from those that might be physically bigger or stronger verbally. in realize article. the magazine calling attention, the officers are getting it. it is about us connecting with kids and communities.
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that may not be considered the traditional police work, but he gets it and he dragged his brother into the gutter,. that concludes my report and i invite of the firearms discharge review board. >> commissioners, the internal affairs -- to the internal
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affairs division. i am here to talk about items 2 and 3. the 2012 findings and recommendations. the presentation of the investigative summary. since the last report which was given march 20 of 2012, we have had status changes and officer involved shooting investigations to bring to your attention. it is completed now with the admission of the summary report. we opened up for new cases,
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those are all new investigations currently active in the administrative side. in addition, we have had three officer involved in the discharge cases that come to our team. those are also currently active. with regard to the open investigations, at this time, there are 11 open investigations. at the last, we are completed. those cases were heard, the letters were submitted and the case is closed. since that time, others remain
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open. in those cases, those investigations are open and they are still with homicide. hong homicide is awaiting a un declaration letters for those cases. we are sort of like the airplane on the runway. we are waiting for that final go-ahead to close the homicide investigation and we can get those things presented. and again, we just opened additional cases since the last one. we have the one case that has closed since the last jdr --
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fdrb. there are three open investigations, all added since the last report. the fire discharge review board was scheduled to convene and did not for the reasons we just presented. three-point 10, we can't present those cases until the investigations are completed. we don't have the declination letter from the d.a.'s office, so we have not been able to complete the homicide investigation, so currently, the third quarter is scheduled to
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meet and we will have been cases that we have completed to present. the locally we will get some of the other cases ready in time for that. >> thank you, sergeant. commissioner turman: [inaudible] >> i don't think we have assigned to anybody yet. it will probably be my turn. >> i think that date was just finalized. >> i have a question that is related. we have more than one commissioner attending as long as it doesn't. >> we looked at the rules apply
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not mistaken. maybe we should wait for ms. porter, but my understanding that it is just one commissioner. it is just the makeup of the discharge review board. my plan is to rotate through of the commission and i have not done and for a while so i thought i would take the next one. commissioner loftus: i just have a question here. i certainly understand if there is a pending investigation, he but the oldest case you have this 14 months old and you're waiting for a declination letter. are these all within department policy as well as the initial findings? >> it is preliminary. we need to find out what they say and they appear to be -- >> as the d.a.'s office
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suggested that justice delayed was justice denied? is there anything we can do? she stole a. is anything we can do with the district attorney's office? >> and the homicide investigator has spoken with folks. they changed the format of the declamation letters. now it is a pretty involved and then ducked letter where they really go into the penal code and justifications.


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