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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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from all the neighborhood associations in our area we all feel this will have a negative impact on our neighborhood. i've handed you the hill paper on what will happen. we're concerned about the damage that our properties my sustain secondary to the construction. we've had previous builters in the past but they have evaluated avoided the project. down below us have had to build a retaining wall. you're familiar with the
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landslide on to warren drive which is on the other side of the hill. and on 7 upper terrace i've designate with the owner who sustained $750,000 when there was construction next to his home and his how many split in half. we'd like the commission to force a liability bond to protect the homeowners from their homes are damaged as a result of the construction. also on the handout you you can see the profile of 505 crestmont how the building adjacent to that home blocks not only light and shade which are important to
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see nothing of the views that are block. thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker >> commissioners. my name is mike and i'm one of unit 505 crestmont drive. you heard the previous speaker told about smart street. which will be built. i don't know how smart is it because from my house of the wall of my house is built a few inches even they will not have sidewalks between crestmont drive and first unit of the development 3r it means that
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cars will drive by a few inches from my house i don't think it's a smart street. secondly they heard that this development will shatter sound light. i know that city grove doesn't prevent shadows only public spaces but i don't think it's ready - really helpful for us which will be prevented from sun half a day. and i think if you will approve it you need to take into account how this street will effect our building and how it will - how
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construction will effect slide of near our houses because my house and building 507 the nearest of the development and the way - we're afraid that construction effect stable it of our hill. >> thank you paul gorman and linda and herb. we'll do it this way in you want to line up if i've called your name and you time to line up on this side please do. good afternoon >> good afternoon i'm the chair of the architectural
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association. i'll try to cover such as i can the broadview. ten years ago, i i was president of the association and there was a previous parole to build on this land. i called one of the commissioners and he advised me that there was very little hope of completely preventing a project like this but perhaps we could downsize what they were proposing to a level that would be acceptable. let me read something you're already aware of. 7 members appointed by the mayor and board of supervisors to help plan for growth and development
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in san francisco and provided an invaluable service to the people. and they - the commissioner has responsibility to the statuteship to the plan. i'm here to address the issue of the san francisco general plan. according to the general plan any permit must contribute to the quality of the neighborhood. we feel that this project will degrade the neighborhood and there's a one hundred percent resistance within the association and i'll say virtually a hundred percent
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within a mile of the project. we do like alternative b and that alternative could be approved by the architectural control committee. there this will reduce the number of buildings to 16 that would be 32. let me show you what that would mean. may have the - there. there is the plan b and the yellow stripe is the existing common area road. the proposed road by the developer is really a stairway there's no road there. should they come into combines they would be given assess
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>> thank you sir your time is up. >> next speaker please and. good morning my name is d is jeff. in the late generations of my family have been west of twin peeks. i'm involved quite a bit with the kids on the west side of town whether it be through mentoring. we have dismissal scholarships of families for children k through 12. one of the things we're missing in west san francisco is families. 70 percent of the families are
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in the twin peaks areas. there's a much greater change of stopping the slide of families moving out of san francisco san francisco. this is the thoughts of with they wanted to do is overall those people a little bit of different kind of living a place where you could go out in front of your house and play ball. this project should be approved. some of the schools have been detracked in san francisco and that's a direct effect from families we're losing.
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what happens on the east see of the town we have buses that go down to the peninsula and that's not the situation here. the demographic you're going to have here is the same people 40 years ago that didn't want it today. i've been here 90 for 5 generations. we need this opportunity to take the 34 housing units to keep people here. we're not going to have many opportunities. we need to pickup whatever we can pickup and something that's identical to what's there. you're looking for something that's capable with the neighborhood. my in-laws grew up on crestmont.
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there's nothing that the new development and the old development doesn't have. please approve this development. and hi i'm a real estate economist based on here in san francisco. i was hired to perform a financial analysis on the eir alternative. specifically looking at the 16 dwelling unit alternative. our findings are that this is not financial feasible. as it's been talked about there extensive site construction we need to stabilize the hill and the parking lot and other improvements that are needed in order to make this development
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happen. next there's a long term carrying costs on the land. in summary of our analysis shows the total development cost per unit are $1.8 million. i want you to know we have - in addition, the applicant had a market analysis we did on the project. as was just mentioned by prior speaker there's very little new development that's occurred in the area. and i should mention i live in the area. we did research that have
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occurred in the area and came to a similar conclusion that the price would be $1.8 million for single attached homes. there is just not enough room once you add in the cost including government fees to be feasible. i'd like to answer any questions you have. thank you >> as said earlier i live on the block to crestmont and i have pictures you're welcome to keep. >> would you like to oh, your name for the record. >> i'm linda.
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i strongly oppose this building because as far as the transportation muni has stopped any bus lines and my son has had to wait long periods of time because they cut back on the lines it come up to the hill. and the safety vehicles you'll see in the picture there was a fire next terror deceased the two fir trucks had a lot of difficulty trying to get the two trucks side by side. the narrowness of the road to crestmont is very, very difficult. as far as children there's hardly anyone able to run around
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there because cars are running the stop signs and backing up into just the street alone i've almost had near accidents alone because people are running the stop signs. to see an ambulance and a fire truck coming up they've had to take turns coming up the hillary and the narrowness of the roads i can have lots of fire hydrants on the side it doesn't help if you're fire trucks cannot get up there. if there was a gift of wind on that hill all it takes is one house to go out and the rest of the block will be fixed. i'd like the commission to at
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least take a ride up to that area and see for yourself how narrow the road is. thank you. >> i'll call a couple of names. please come up. (calling names) >> my name is herbie live at 435 warren drive. i'm not directly near the project but i'm in the neighborhood. my purpose is to support the neighborhoods their quality of life is the issue.
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i don't think they bought their homes with the anticipation that this would occur to them. i'd like to alert the commissioners through a bit of history. i live across the street on warren drive from where the house flew down the hillside in 1979. i was one of the first neighbors to wit it. the fire marshall couldn't believe what was happening to that house. that was quite an evening. it was a year later that the city sent a notice out to the homeowners rigging paying for the quarter of a million dollars for the construction of a retaining wall.
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let me just say there was a lot of neighbors there. suddenly the city attorney postponed the meeting and we didn't hear another word of it. if this project precedes i alert you to the fact that we the neighbors don't intend to get a notice from the city to pay for any retaining wall that might occur as a result of this development. i would like you to be on the alert to that. it wasn't a very pleasant experience for me and my neighbors. that hillside shouldn't have been developed on wiener drive. thank you >> next speaker please. hello i'm a resident of san francisco and i've been here for
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about 15 years. i am a supporter of this project. i believe it's a opportunity to - the families can live close to public awe meningitis. it's centerly located in the city and around other residents who have lived there for a long time and appreciate that area. it's a great opportunity for families like myself who work and live in the city and also for future - for those growing children to contribute back to the economy of san francisco as well instead of moving out to
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the west bank and giving back to san francisco. i also think this is a great project because it has embraced green principles i think it has come up with a great water management solution that's incorporated into the project. so, anyway i'm a supporter for this project and i think the main talking point is how can we keep families centerly located in san francisco and not having to move out into the east neighbors and having them being pushed out to the peninsula. thank you very much a >> my name is a - i live on
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denver insure way is only two streets we live towards this new development. one thing i want to say i know the development head by the developer consistent represents to the city. the neighborhood that is monthly effected is not the 16 houses at the end of the cresting land street the forest development is some 2 hundred and some homes and their detached homes. you can expand and do thing and live there at peace. what the developer - if you look
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at history of all the kind of developments in the city that's for that mostly for single people. the developer had a lot of presentation and talked to the neighbors many, many times. we're concerned. there's one main certain which is density. all the other things that the developer is proposing is changes to the project modifications to the project. it's a beverage it's a little vegetable gardens those are meaningless to the neighbors. when you look at the zoning map we did a zoning map that was
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established for this particular area it's not the zoning for our neighborhood. it's down toward golden gate park this is assessed from the university. which is a totally different area and different project. so when the developer is saying it's 16 units. so i'm not against the project i think it's a we have project it will help the city but for that you have to have family housing. the way the project is presenting right now is it's depends upon the commission to accept it. when you do it then it's not
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going to be family housing anymore. thank you very much. >> next speaker please and good morning my name is reed i live on crestmont drive. i raised my kids there. it's not a good place to play. we are supposed to get 34 homes at the a long time kill did he sack in the city. the building site is steep i know that. it has been prone to sliding in the past. assess and egress is a big certain of mine the street is in
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their. it's impossible for too cars to pass each other going in two different directions. you've heard the story about a car being damaged by an emergency vehicle. pedestrian escape is not impossible but you have to go through the bushes and down the hillside. i'm concerned about the traffic, pedestrian safety, and one more item that i wanted to mention is that the project is not in compliance where the homeowners association architectural control guidelines. so we would be in favor i think most of the people for a reduced
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smaller scale project. thanks >> thank you. >> hello i'm lou. i'd like to state i'm not antidevelopment i'm for all responsible development. this project will harm the neighborhood. the traffic situation is bad and there's no bus service to the area where the project is going. there's buses blocks and blocks away. below our street they built one house at the end of that the court will tell you did he sack and all the trucks had to back down the street everyday because
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there was insufficient turn around space. so i can't imagine how all those construction vehicles can be up there and other traffic that will result from 34 i'm not sure. mostly from the down right construction people will suffer there the projects. this far corner of the neighborhood they showed you the apartment buildings in this area there's none. so there's a lot of blind curves windy potholes.
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there's sinkholes it's extremely foggy. we have bad sidewalks that are unevery they're not up to code and there's no room for this kind of center traffic. so my husband was involved in an accident in a typical situation on our streets to cars parking on both sides caused cars to funnel into this area. you have all kinds of blind hills and somebody was speeding around and he had to crash into a parked car and thank you ma'am, your time t is up >> good morning commissioners i'm christen and i'm a 40 year
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resident of the forest knolls association and a second generation. my secondary father can attest to the drama elements of the slide. i was a witness to that actually his wife made us popcorn and talk about a dramatic introduction to ownership watching mr. dunn anywhere on the street watching the building slip from its forensics. it was a very large impression to an 8-year-old. as i made mention the heights below has done that retaining