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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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drugged up so we don't -- at the nighttime we deal with more issues as far as intoxication, you know, of depressants such as alcohol, not as much as the stimulants and other things people are using to get by to be able to party into the miles an houring. ing morning.
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now, when i've contacted bennett, we've kind of gone back and forth. some of the things he feels that the club has done, some of the things he doesn't think they have done. he wants me to go over video with him so we're trying to set up a time that works with the schedules to be able to sit down. in the meantime, we need to get this action taken care of. >> so is bennett the sole owner of that? >> i don't know. he's the one that i completely -- i deal with all the time. >> does staff know? i'm just curious. i don't believe he is the sole owner of that.
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>> i think we should look into a place on broadway where patrons can be dropped off and there's more control because it just seems that even though there have all the restrictions that are being placed there, and i don't see a huge change
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so that's one of my concerns is we're not allowed to have anymore type 48? 47's are all right, but no 48's. obviously i think that the problem is control over party buses and not being allowed to have cabs drop off people who want to go out there who are visiting our city as well. i just wanted to reiterate that again. >> commissioner akers. >> thank you. in the beginning of the report you said you forwarded the report along to us. who'd you forward that to? >> the entertainment staff. >> can we get that forwarded? >> yeah, i'll get those to you. >> okay. . >> commissioner lee. so the fight with the officers
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-- do you think that came from a party bus. >> they might have three or four in a night, but it's just one that happens, one's enough, that's why we're looking -- if we can't do it safely where it's going to be a headache and a problem, we're not going to be able to allow this. >> even though i applaud effort of the police and communication of knowing when the buses are coming, there's a lot of renegade buses that drop off, and with all the confusion it's hard to watch them all. >> that's one thing i have spoken to bennett about and he said there's oftentimes the renegade bus that he turns
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away. that's something we really can't control. >> right. >> other than having a no stopping zone. several times they'll go all the way down to sam son, take a left, drop off there and say hey, we'll pick up at 2:00 or 2:30 and there's nothing the police can do about that because it's not illegal. >> yeah, that's a problem right now. it's a very hard situation. >> and then i just want -- i forgot to ask about the guy loitering out front of monroe. he was arrested for loitering -- >> actually by the time the police got there, i believe he left. if the club calls and says we've got this intoxicated
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person that won't leave, that's what we want. we want them calling us. we'd much rather go out there -- oh, he's got, great. if he's not, we can deal with it, rather than -- it's very hard to deal with a drunk and they're going to sit there and concentrate completely on that doorman and there'll probably be a fight or something like that. a lot of times clubs think you can't call or it'll be a strike against you. obviously not because i'm sitting here saying this particular establishment did the right thing by calling us. >> again, it's, like, he was loitering, there's no loitering within 100 feet so basically that whole two blocks, there's no loitering. he can't loiter in front of the club. i'd have to look at 100 feet. >> yeah. and you'd have to look at the times as well. >> what do these party buses do? obviously they're outside loitering outside the bus.
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>> when they drop off oftentimes they made arrangements where they are able to go in because the club knows they have to clear the sidewalks. that's one thing we spoke about as far as corrective action, you might need to have two security guards that do nothing but go back and forth and as, you know, almost like a, you know, cheese grater or something, just shave off the top and move people over so they're either against the wall in an orderly fashion or on the curb line, but we have to have that side open so somebody that's not going to the club or going to another place can get by on the sidewalk and won't have to go in the street. >> when you have 200 people latering around waiting for the party bus to open up, that's already breaking laws in front of a business that has an entertainment purpose. >> if they're getting dropped off -- >> why aren't they waiting
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inside atmosphere instead of having their fights on the sidewalk? >> it might be that the bus is here or going to be here. that's something we can work on as far as what the management has specific times. we kind of compare to the muni bus coming up and getting going. >> it sounds like that one instance is at 1:57. >> it all depends. at another club across the street there was a terrible time because the last bus didn't pick up 'til 2:30. so we have a bunch of people that have been drinking all night and are on the sidewalk and getting irritated and that creates problems as well. >> right. commissioner campagnoli. >> do you guys site for over serving. >> when you experience it, but it takes it to the next level as far as what waitress did i see to give the alcohol to the person.
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now, if we have a whole bunch of people that are coming out of clubs that are completely intoxicated we're going to document that and maybe we could go with a disorderly house, but as far as to get the elements of a crime as far as over serving, you have to be able to say yeah, i saw that person serve this person and give the objective symptoms of how intoxicated they were and think the person, the host should have known they were intoxicated and served them anyway. the other way, as far as getting documentation as far as people coming out on a regular, chronic issue as far as being drunk, that would be -- it would help to support a disorderly house charge rather than serving intoxicated individual. >> yeah. >> commissioner akers. >> sounds like the problem isn't so much dropping off at
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the party bus as it is picking up. >> other than if they're intoxicated when they get there, and sometimes that's the case. when someone's not registered, but if somebody's coming out for an hour or hour-and-a-half away, oftentimes they can legally drink on that bus all the way up to that location. >> are patrons notified by a text message or something that their bus has arrived? >> i don't know how they do the communication. i know some of the clubs will make announcements, and this bus is here. a: okay. >> okay. what about atmosphere? do you know? >> i don't know. >> seems like some kind of announcement or requiring party buses to notify everyone via text like cabs do that their party bus is here. >> yeah, yeah. >> just to clarify, there's not a registry of party buses.
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>> basically a notification of the police department so we know this club can expect this many. >> if we have a promoter registry, i don't know why we couldn't have a party bus registry, these are the companies that are good, will behave, will get the roads and streets cleared when we want them, /srer /susz versus ones that are unauthorized. all right, i think that covers all our comments. i'll open up to public comment. thank you very much. any public comment on this? >> just some clarity on broadway. supervisor chiu has table that item. he's tweaking it and it will be represented before the planning commission and later to the board of supervisors so it'll be vetted and under
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consideration so it's off the table right now, but we anticipate it coming back soon. >> thanks for that update. any other public comment on the police report? don't see any so public comment is closed. we'll now move on to our next agenda item, item number 5, hearing an possible action on our permits. i'll hand it over to deputy blackstone. >> we just have two tonight. the first one is doing business as region 139 stewart street, has applied for a place of entertainment permit. he does have a place of enter at tainment at another location, unicorn. he would like the about to have entertainment here at this location here at /raoe regent to serve the hotel guests and sales force employees, which is nearby. you will find a list of conditions in your binder and i
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believe we do have officer chan here from souther as well to discuss them with you. mr. tron, come on up. >> go into that mike. mic. >> good evening commissioners. >> good evening. >> i'm the owner of regent restaurant. >> you want to say anything more? >> i want to thank the commissioners for approving unicorn last year. it has helped the restaurant a lot. this license will help us planning more corporate parties and events for the evening. >> great. and what kind of entertainment are you planning to provide? you say corporate parties, but is there live music, dj's, what is it? >> live music, happy hours, wedding events, birthday events where we can extends it, but a
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lot of dj's. >> all right, commissioners, are there any questions for mr. strong? >> have you had any issues at unicorn since? >> no. we have never had any issues? >> and then your neighborhood outreach -- you went to the community leadership alliance? >> yes, and i also went to the rincon, the apartment building across. both managers and the previous have written letters in support. >> yeah, they should be in your binder. >> and i have also gotten 30 signatures to support as well and the front desk manager from the hotel next door. >> i didn't see them there. thanks. >> commissioners, other questions? why don't you go ahead and
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have a seat? actually, one last question. have you looked at the police conditions? >> i have, and i accepted them? >> so you're okay with them. thank you. officer chan. >> good evening commissioners. as mr. strong mentioned, i furnished a copy of the proposed conditions to him. i have one minor revision to number one for the hours. so the hours we propose are 11:00 am to 2:00 am, thursday, friday and saturday, and on the other nights, sunday through wednesday, 11:00 to 12:30 am. >> can you say that again? >> sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, 11:00 am to 12:30 am
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and on specific nights where mr. strong wants to run a special event, we only ask that he advise us a week in advance. >> okay. so can you just explain why you'd like to limit it to just weekends, up to 2:00 am rather than throughout the week? ? >> i discussed it with mr. strong, he normally runs his operation 'til 12:00 am. >> he closes, okay. any questions for officer chan or comments? >> well, in the permit it says the hours of operation are 'til 1:30. i guess that's sunday to saturday. >> commissioner hyde, do you have -- >> yeah, i just have some questions about some of the such as, like, the permit holder shall retain control of the venue operations and all staff at all times and events.
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i'm just wondering why that is a condition. i mean, in the good neighbor policy we're already kind of requiring that their staff be there to answer the phone and work the door and serve the patrons so i'm just wondering -- >> okay, well, that is pretty much pertaining to outside promotors. >> okay. so in other words, don't just turn over the club to outside promotors. >> right. >> and then the permit holder shall provide during hours of entertainment a minimum of two security staff. is there a -- 'cause we do have in the good neighbor policy the certain number of people per security. is it because you -- i mean, 'cause it seems like a small space, correct? >> correct. i believe the maximum occupancy is around approximately 90.
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>> okay. >> i guess one of the questions i'm just curious -- because sometimes it seems like the police conditions we get are redundant to where our conditions are so i'm kind of curious as to what -- what the motivation is. do you think that the police -- the officers feel that the police conditions would be more enforceable somehow or be do you just want a lot of writing or -- i mean, you know, just, like, why is there this redundancy? >> well, if it's covered in the good neighbor policy, i don't have a problem with it being stricken from -- >> i will say there's a couple -- probably, like, three or four . >> yeah, that's why i was kind of asking. >> okay. >> they're worded differently in the police conditions and each
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week at each meeting they are worded differently even from condition to condition so they're worded differently from our condition and i think that type of redundancy with different wording could be confusing for somebody holding a license. they might not know which one am i supposed to be looking at. i think we might want to discourage that confusion. i know i would be confused. >> so we can go ahead and choose to strike some that we feel are redundant. i think in the future, if you could try to understand the intent of them and make sure we're really lining up for what you're going for. >> may i say something? >> yeah, absolutely. >> i think when the captain or permit officer sits down with the applicant, they go in depth and they agree to certain situations, certain
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stipulations and i think that they could find them be beholding to them regardless. doesn't need to be on their permit from us. it could be an agreement that they have. >> i mean, i think we don't have a lawyer here. we can ask the city attorney, but technically as the right of that permit, that's what we can hold them to. there's fire regulations that aren't in here, there's things like that that are still enforceable, but based on other permits so there's not a police permit. >> no, i know that. >> right, but i think you come with verbal agreements, but i think the letter of the law really comes from our commission as it pertains to entertainment, not really anything beyond entertainment. >> do we want to revise?
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think about that. no other comments? thank you officer chan. is there any public comment on this permit? i do see one. >> good evening again. my -- i did catch something. i think the conditions are very reasonable and customary in great cooperation with the police department. i might add if the police and commission could consider -- say if it falls on a monday or tuesday or any major holiday, that it could go 'til 2:00 am, but other than that i think everything is great.
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>> all right, any other public comment? i don't see any, so public comment is now closed. the matters with the commission. commissioners, i know there are probably a couple conditions recommended by the police that we may want to strike or amend. they have requested to amend the hours of operation to 12:30 from sundays to thursdays. and then keeping the 11:00 to 2:00 am fridays and saturdays. >> okay. so i would like to move to approve this, however, i'd like to go through the conditions. >> what are your conditions. >> i'm happy to keep the hours.
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i would like the strike number two, i would like to strike number six, number eight, number ten, 11, 12, 13, and change the wording in 14 to the last sentence be saying recording shall be kept for at least 30 days. >> period. >> period. and if the police ask for it with a -- he'll probably turn it over. if he doesn't, they can get a warrant. >> there's also public comment suggestion made to say that the hours could be until 2:00 am on holidays. is that -- >> that's fine. >> would you like to include that. >> excuse me, i believe officer chan said if he wanted to stay open later, within one week's notice he could do that on the regular nights. >> later with one week? >> yes. >> one week's notice to the police and entertainment commission. all right, did everyone get
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those? >> i think i do. >> is there a second for that motion? >> second. >> all right, second from commissioner akers. >> on the motion to approve the permit with the police conditions, amending condition number 1 to thursday, friday, saturday until 2:00 am sunday through wednesday 11:00 am to 12:30, with the ability to extend those hours with one week's notice to the sfpd. striking number two, six, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and amending number 14, amending the last sentence, recording shall be kept for at least 30 days, period. on that motion, commissioner perez. >> i. >> akers,. >> i. >> hyde. >> i. >> lee. >> i. >> campagnoli
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. >> i. >> and president tan. >> i. >> so moved. >> so moved, we'll move on to our next agenda, which is 5b, origin restaurant. >> this is lily doing business as origin restaurant and lounge. she's applied for both a place of entertainment and extended hours premises permit. the applicant says that the extended hours is not requested for after hours entertainment as much as it is for a more time re'sed exit after 2:00 am of the patrons. there's no opposition to this permit and said that the security plan combined with the good neighbor policy covers that are concerns, but i know alu is here to represent
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northern station, may have some comment. >> before we start, i want to recuse myself from this because i helped with their life safety and their health department issues so i'm taking a bow down. >> all right, we'll see you later . >> president tan, commissioners, i'm representing origin restaurant. i have with us the managing general partner, lily wynn and we also have rodney death ridge, who is going to be the general manager of the premises. this is -- for those folks that know, and i think the entertainment commission may have had a party there, but this is the old restaurant as part of the redevelopment of the
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fillmore. they went into bankruptcy. they are the landlord.


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