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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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applications by only one permit issued. and the way the legislation is s set up people haare supposed to engage if n the program to make sure this is a legal unit and then they'll able to come to our technical staff and talk about what does this mean in terms of making those changes and even getting a ball park idea of costs. so it kcould be that we're stil very much in the information gathering stage it has not been out there 2 months at this point so i don't know if titit's beca people are not that focused on t it right now or again as we get into the fall towards the end of the year we'll see an uptick in actually movement >> i have a question on that
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have we been receiving any calls on the illegal units. >> we've keeping a log san as d said and i meant actual complaints. >> no, i'm not aware of us receiving any complaints t traditionally over the course of the typical year we get about a hundred i don't know we've had a any recently. >> i suppose if there rwere recently complaints i pt to wan know how we handle them. >> the way the ordinance tries to orient this we pamake it cle to people who are interested in looking at this if uyou are flur a notice of violation that l wi be suspend while our pursuing legalization you have woone yea
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to actually legalize in i don't legalize you're going to have to pay the fees and actually in sm kazsome cases eliminate the uni but if i do legalize we'll fo forgive the fees. >> probably would like to know. >> sure ie'll check. >> prayer by the chaplain. >> on p that. >> superhat. >> commissioner mar. this is another legislation on supervisor tang's on the vacant store front a lot of legislation gives the property owner a larger length of time than the noahn nova's to roespond to the issuei think the vacant commercial space stance in the months we issue a 90 days notice the property owner knows they have
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89 months it subvert our novas we're trying to clean up it's pabl the problem in the department we're cleaning nova's there's a lot of pieces of legislation in the kcase of th i illegal nchlonprofi in-laws it' our posting an nova ovn the property means almost nothing we give them 60 days to resolve the prosperiblem they know it's 9 m or l11 months yes, i think so i we pull proprietiedicaments itte that amount of time by other property owners know they have0o no intention of doing anything so i want to know how does that
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effect our nova process that's thirty 050 day to 60 days we dis that with the supervisor there's a lot of push coming from the small business community to give people more time for marked forces to swork our ascertaicon this mrparticular piece of legislation it's given more by market force than incentives as much as r such as you're going to pay a larger bill for whae whatever reason and some of the reasons have to do with the oerwners being difficult to loce even the mairzyor's office of economic workforce development has told everybody involved in this discussion it's like a deputy hunt too often find where
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the owner maybe. much less actually get a respond from those code enforcement postings so you make a good p point it will once again cloud our effort to try and cleanlnd a lot of nova's that need to be posted a >> thank you. >> thank you. i guess at the 6 months we'll take a look at it and see how successful it is working. i guess is there an end if those programs are not working what do we do i mean, if they're not recessed nationally the types of results, you know, as a department we're spending money on this; right? >> maybe second step we're going to warning those of the nova on those illegal in law and
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encourage them to come in to remind them maybe a next step we're going to do. >> so another kind of advertising candidampaign. >> right now, i'm concentrating on the soft story. >> okay. >> okay. next 5 c update open the tracking system. >> good morning, commissioners i am the project manager of dbi with the yuptd of the tracking system through the month of july round 3 we've identified plenty of gaps so the vendor is co correcting the gaps and we will be seeing all the fixed in round four due the entire month of
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august. at the same time, we have a particular particularly process where the project manager is cross training their folks and we're trying to get familiar with the configuration and they're get getting united stats the subje a and data. there's another end to end testing we're planning towards t the end of august we're going pretty much most the projects will be ready to go for about two weeks. 2 weeks. some of you may have heard we've had massive connective issues since the mid of june to the first week of july. this was subsequential for dbi for this project alone this fwa a citywide network agency that w we experienced we had e-mail
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outages and it impacted our project timelines because the project was talking aboto the product inthrough the internet we'll escalated to the intersect confecti confessi confessi connectivity to get this resolved in july but it put us behind three weeks.3 weeks. with that said, the project is pushed out if the middle of september which is a 14 goal update. we're planning for the specialized training started the middle of september for #2 naan half weeks followed by the hands on for staff and the go live on the long weekend that's another
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reason it's going to be hadnndy for us the 3 weekend. if tlhere's questions i pt twan talk about the network decreequs it's raised flags for both departments this excavation oscs is something that kcould happen meanti amy time we have to mraplan fors so the director and our deputy director has retained meetings with our technology department to trie y to mitigate this as solutions of sometime when we go forward with the planning on t this had >> this side >> what's the problem network what are they trooig ying to do
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>> when we tried to connect to the two environments on the new eme system the connection for constantly when you click on the website it was taking 3 minutes to post of the first page that's completely unacceptable. >> workplace from dbi or was it trying to get into the planning permit that. . >> this was from dbi and the planning sdrekt trying to get into the internet. >> so if an outside person wanted to get if how long. >> if seconds. every department had similar issues trial court trying to get to anything it on the internet as y
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>> has it anything to do with t the tying in . >> that's wone fof the rumors the word custodilprit arrest oc now. >> october 14 after th after th weekend. >> okay. because i nthink it bwill be discussions latter we h had goals around the september now, it's october. are we sure that's enough time >> we're planning for this is something we didn't expect to - >> i know trust me i ndunderstd the world it's tuff. is there any more questions. thank you very much. >> item 5 b update on jmajor projects. >> good morning, commissioners i'm sure you're aware of from
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the roeport the major project fr 4 million dollars i$4 million h the contributed to the new comb energy coal starting july first that's1st that's why there's roughly 6 percent increasing for compared to last month. i expect maybe for one or years we'll are leveling off after the housing project, you know, those coming in. more projects still coming from last month any questions on it >> seeing none,. thank you. okay >> item 5 e update on code enforcement. >> good morning, commissioners
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i'm here to give a kocod update and coming mostnthly update building inspections performed for the last most was 4 thousand 8 hundred and 7 we've had one hundred percent respons100 percent response within 48 hours complaints received 2 hundred e and 63. complaints response within twenty-four hour 24-hour to 48u 2 9 so as of the complaints 55 percent were responder to within twenty-four hour and 24-hour a22 housing and 13 percent after 72 hours it get twenty-four hours to ge24 hours to get a complaint on the schedule so there are rapid responses. complaints for the first notice
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of violations were 7 8 and c complaints received and abated were 4 hundred and 40. updated were 4 6. the second visitolations was 3 for the housing inspections performed were 10 to 23 and complaints received were 366. complaints responses within twenty-four hours 24 hours to 48 is 3 hundred and of of complaints with violations issued 2 hundred and 2 #1 and number of cases sent to director is 39 public utilities routine inspectors were 2 hundred and 5 55. for code enforcement the nubmbe of cases sent to the director was 7 8 and number of abatement issues 24 and number of cases under a.dvisement were 16.
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and the gravelhe gravelcombrafz give you a pictorial of what's happening. we've looked did last 5 years of the backlog of the complaints for building we having had over 2 hundred thousand backlog complaints we've reduced those to less than 4 hundred we've b been looking at the backlog complaint and also staff is addressing those to get resolution on them thank you. thank you >> thank you is there any public comment on the director's report 5 a through e. seeing none, item 6 update on s the joint inspectors and the planning inspection meeting.
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okay outstandingly we have a new date and madam secretary we had an original date in september >> it's october second 2nd at o'clock a.m. >> it was move forward because of the goal utlight. >> something about rancho hash that week. >> okay. so all right. so we had a date of september now to october second2nd. i'm hoping autopsying all the commissioners will be here we'll have an agenda going out before that and at this point if tlr there's any questions but the good news the planning department is accommodating to d do that and we'll have the first meeting that hant dn't been hein many years and commissioner mar >> yeah. i'm happy that this
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joint meeting was on the docket. i'd like to propose that i understand the thing about the mooeeting being postponed but a case postponed again, i think we should have a meeting a d discussion wiby a what we hope accomplish with the tracking system so that the public gets a better idea about what we hope to have in the system because i think it's been a long time before we had the decision here so when the public logs on and we go live whether in october or maybe longer hopefully, they'll expect to find out about their permit or the permits of thaeir neighbors or things like that that lwill be a frustratitful discussion whether or not we're one hundred percent liv100 perc.
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>> okay. if there's no more comment this is an update. next titem >> any public comment on titem 6 seeing none,. item 78 will discussion about goib options for new office s space. thank you. >> obviously this was based on an article came out in the san francisco chronicle on the tenth of this month. i had a chance to talk to the director about that and obvi obviously he was aware of the potential plans in the work he koucouldn't disc it publicly but i felt okay to let me in a little bit further once this article was print i was very, very happy to see this in the commission point of view we've had a personnel problem by
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getting enough staff but we had the real problem of where to put cthem. we can build on and look to the future and see how we'll grow. i have a few questions if the director can answer cthem >> i think everybody on the commission in all our previous discussions felt we needed new offices we're all concerned ab about the cost and location. i think the ootther thing is we aa all feel and hopefully, we'll shape it it involves oother cit departmen departments we need the conne connectivity with the oother vie presidents especially planning and the fire to make sure things are easier four our customers s
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when they come in they don't h v have to run to the center to deal with one major project >. just a few quick questions and director if you don't have the queries or answeqhe answers it's about 4 add and 60 square feet how much dbi b lwil be of the commercial space we'll be looking at. to swanswer - a >> i nunderstand. >> we've negotiated with our tsa is the agency to arrange we're still talking about space study and how much the inspectors should occupy their space and playing checkers for furth future i need to have a bigger
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space because maybe t10 years o from now we need to have more space. that's why, you know, it's hard toard to discuss it what kind of a spaces and the folks are negotiating with me right now i have whyhave no idea >> the good news is the mrplan for the future of the growth. >> that would b moe more trainn the woonwoone stop and leaving austin trim and vacation and also some things in there. >> to its been introduced by the board of supervisors for the mayor. >> it said in the nuewspaper i was going to be introduced by the - i wi was wondering if ti or not the board of supervisors
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to trintroduce it the potentialo build it. is there any questions on p ath >> this part of the commission this is the game of the future. >> i was surprised when the announcer mentioned that a. any public comment on titem #ti public utilities item 8 for the dbi construction cost after the crown terrace incident >> commissioner mar did you want to lead off. >> not to go into the so what details was more interested in clarifying some policy changes p that we made based on the what c
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could have been mistakes on that project so in particular, the costs evaluations because they change over over metime so i ju wanted to ng wknow what the may hear from the director or anyone else on staff what are the new policies we've implemented on s the process estimates for different construction projects. >> frankly commissioner mar for this i want, you know, relief leader you we've learned with the help of donor deputy director from plan check side the deputy director deve developed an information sheet how to deal with the construction costs and that's a procedure step bi sty step for f to go through you evaluate the
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construction costs and also spot check that u, you know, with th staff if they have a complaint by the customer how to handle it that's in our information sheet and then should be lots of improvement there on the construction costs. and also my deputy director also complemented those procedures and policy how to send an inspector out. i think we after the incident we l already implemented those p procedures and policies already arrest actually that d 15 on the we canhe website everybody created. also learn if the thing this ki kind of incident we'll pay attention that's an oversight in our staff
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>> so thank you dosirector hue for addressing some of the changes we're trying to do to improve. on the cost issue besides having more management oversight at the kruconstruction costs are the construction costs posted for example, when the cellular goes live and people are interested n in a project going up can wthey get into aosceola and is there' 14 stories going up and zsee th construction costs >> commissioner mar you can see in our tracking system you can see how much it costs and the scope of work from the site and the externally we'll v mohave m details into it, too that's why we want more transparency. >> that's great.
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thank you >> any other questions? commissioner mar. >> i think to the directors point there's a learning curve i'm happy the director walked through the inspectors how so someone cowalls through the cha of chaineof command that follow been addressed and the cost i'm convinced has been addressed and the staff is up to speed anticipa and on the same page. preponderance of evidenc that said i think when we have those situations again that our check our box list will be done to make sure that everything was followed the procedure with everything in mraplace it will e reinforce everyone is looking at
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the same abatement and the transparency is throughere i've heard any complaints and the real relief for the rank and file they have a program if place it identifies how things should be processed, et etc. so i think it's all good news so hats off to the staff for dealing with this and, of course, if manybody has any questions to common carrieissis point that they can answer every question >> yeah. i pt want to say i ag i pt want to thank director hue for giving this roeport the reason it is on the agenda i know we pt want to improve management oversight on that's it things to likeness but we
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have public oversight the public s can see the costs of different construction prongs if they're interested so if you keep in mind. thank you is there any public comment on item 8 seeing none,. item 9 commissioners, comments or questions and 9 a inquires of staff at this time, the commissioners may ska ask about the policies and procedures of interest to the commission >> i see none. >> thank you. item 9 b future meetings and agenda at this time the commi commission may take action to set the date of a special meetimpecial meeting and mrplace the agenda r other future meetings of brb building inspection the next date is august 20th you
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>> if uyou have anything sendit to the madam secretary and i'll call you and decide k discuss whether he need to put anything on the agenda. thank you any public comment on those items. item 10 approval the regular meeting minutes >> move to prove. >> we have a mogtion and secon all commissioners in favor. any opposed. any public comme. thank you the minutes are approved. and item 11 adjournment. is tl a moghere a motion to sco >o adjourn >> so moved. >> all commissioners in favor
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thank you we're notiw adjourned it's 10 fooe15 a.m.. /* (clapping) >> everybody welcome it's amazing everyone this is the reason for the first time i'm rart in an event it's great to see see it really work this actually works (clapping) and so we are thrilled to be opening our doors to our neighbors