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tv   [untitled]    August 14, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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attraction in that area, with that, let's take a vote. >> all right on the motion, to approve with the good neighbor policy, and the police conditions changing the hours from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and striking the second sentence in condition number two, and adding the third party promoters shall register on the entertainment promoter list. >> striking the third sentence. >> third sentence. >> thank you. >> all right, commissioner lee. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> okay. >> the motion passes. congratulations and good luck. >> we are going to move on to our third permit application. >> this is michael johnson doing business as yoshi's 1330 fillmore and applied for a place of entertainment and operating under the former yoshi conditions on a temporary permit as they make the transition and the plan is to provide live entertainment in the performance venue and to
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program in-house, and we did receive two letters from neighbors expressing concern and those are included in your binder and also northern station has no, and did you have the northern station, recommendations? >> okay. >> and so, has it changed hands is that it? >> yes, there was a change of ownership. >> okay. >> and nobody from yoshi's? >> they are not here. >> okay. >> and they will be public comment, not to worry. >> you want to put it at the end of the agenda. >> he wants to continue it so they can actually appear. >> yeah, we can continue it, but we have to take the public comment on it today as well.
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the applicant is absent but we will open it for public comment, ace on the case washington. >> i am on the case and i have been born and raised in the fillmore, and in the hill, no more. and the issue here that i am coming here to speak on and i was coming to say, i am not objective, but i need, and we need to know what the hell they think that they are doing. and now, here they are coming back again, in our community and the audacity to show up here, to shows the competence here or shows some cockiness in which we need ace on the case i am very disappointed. and yes, i will come back, to find out what they plan on doing. i don't know what the procedures of the entertainment commission, but the audacity of michael johnson and his partners which i know some of them, and some of their new
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partners i know them too. and i can't even speak to michael johnson obviously, and he thinks that it is for the entertainment commission and so we marked that. and right now, i am going through the redevelopment agency and trying to sit down with whoever they are for the out reach. and we can't even speak to them. and so, right now, it is a bad mark, but it can, and there is room for improvement. but you make it loud and clear, and in his ear, that ace is on the case. and now, the other thing is, i mean that i don't know how your commissioners are here and the conversation that i have here i can't get from your secretary, she said confidential. and now, i don't know if you just like the rest of the commissioners read the housing authority and all of those, you get those packages and i mean if you have a personal that you want to know, block it out. but i am appalled. and taken my time coming down here, and although, i am down here at city hall, and i call it silly hall, but the deal is right now, the issue is my name
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is ace, ♪ and i have been on this case. some of those people out there, did not want me on in that place. but it is no mystery, just check my history, i have been working on that case, because it has got a lot of conspiracy. listen, i did that because it is an entertainment thing and i know that, and i just had to, i just had to. but, the real deal is if you go back to the seriousness, and you go back and tell michael johnson and whoever they are and i got the list of some of their new investors and i plan on some of them and i am not going to name them. it is just appalling and it doesn't look good and there is room for improvement and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and any additional public comment? >> do you want to come up?
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>> good evening commissioners and i feel like i am the opening act and you just saw the headliner. i am a consultant and i just would like to say, yoshi's was a previously licensed venue, and i love the entertainment and i go there for the r&b acts. it is a very, historical place that needs to have music, and it is almost like having florida without sunshine and so we need to preserve the culture there and the people and the music and the vibe in the fillmore and it is my personal taste, and i would like to see the project sponsor come out and maybe layout the details, but, we can't take the music out of the fillmore. >> any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners? i think that there is a desire
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to continue this. >> yes, i would like to move to continue this to our next meeting. >> second. >> and same house same call? >> all right. >> let's move on to the final applicant for this evening, the yerbabuena community benefit district. and do you remember what we did the hub and there was programming for 30 days and this will be a similar program, but this is annie alley and ambrose bierce and mission. and they worked to make it more and so we have them here, and so if he is with a lot of support letters and a ton of out reach and just establishing this area. and he can tell you more about it. >> okay. >> president tan and commissioners, thank you for our proposal, and the annie alley plaza is part of the larger street wise plan with the development through a community design initiative two years ago and one of the goals what in the ways in the neighborhood, which has a lot
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of super blocks that are busy, but the alleys tend to be under utilized but in this case, a small section of the alley seemed to fit the criteria to try some of our street light plans and goals and there was a lot of community interest from the friends of annie alley and rick smith is here and i think that he will comment on that. and so this is the first alley that we have focused on but we are really interested in creating an active pedestrian an plaza that has two to three events a week and we think that it will probably be two daytime and one evening and that is sort of a maximum that we are looking at and we are talking about the lunchtime music and dance and evening and occasionally a screening of a movie or a football game and a fair amount of interest in our community meetings and we have tested the alley in various ways and we did a week of programming with spur where we did the events and they did
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events and they have the regular party in the alley and novela which is a long next to it and has done a fund-raiser that is very successful and in terms of the community out reach and we have done to do this specific project we did two community meetings, and a meeting of the friends of annie alley and we have a public space and assuming for the streets, and it is opened to the public and we get that distributed to the list, every month, and thank you to rick smith, and we have been working with the california historical society and the paramount apartments nearby and the condos adjacent to the alley and we have generally really good support and there are some concerns about the noise early on and we during some of our tests the feedback from the one individual in particular, was really positive. and i thought that he might actually complain, but he said that he appreciate ated the music and so, we were pleased with that, and we have met with
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supervisor kim's office and we have done the numerous with the ones in the neighborhood >> i was looking it up on the map it seems like a really small block. >> it is about 80 feet long. >> it is a really small block. >> yes. >> and it is only, curb to curb and 16 feet wide. >> it is a really tiny place and so doing the jazz trio and discussions and lunchtime band, and all of the music, and so
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you are doing small compact things. >> and there are a few events that would be able to show at a specific time and participate in the events but in general, the lunchtime events are sort of circle in and out as you have your lunch. >> and is it free. >> open to the public. >> everything that is there, i believe on what i have shown you open to the public. >> the private events would get a different permit and do that on their own. >> and you are not serving anything. >> no. >> no alcohol. >> good for you. >> i mean, i think that this is a really interesting experiment. and i wish you well with it for sure. >> thank you very much. >> and so have you, and i see may and june, is it proposed or already happened. >> there was an updated one and we are actually and i could have a copy here of september and october. >> did anything happen in may and june. >> no, so we were basically
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through what we thought was the entire permitting process and had a little hiccup with the fire department and so we have now received their approval again and changing the design elements to the plaza and hoping to go forward in september. >> do you have any storage facility for seating we have removal table and chairs, and also, the community has community guides and clean and safe and we have a ten b officer ten hours a day and storage for the chairs and stables will be in the spur going out and in every day. and chs is helping us with other aspects of the storage. >> okay, great. >> and i know, that at the hub they have like a shipping containers. >> right. >> any other questions for staff, how are you planning to assess this fee? is it... because i forget how we did it. >> so with mccopen we did do a one fee for the things that
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covered the entire month. >> okay. >> we are doing a similar thing with this one. >> would it be the one p for the offering. >> for this entire program. >> got it. >> and i do plan on serving alcohol at these events? >> no. >> okay. >> and any events that did alcohol, would be on their own and outside of us. i mean it is a community space and we want to make it available to the spur party that does give it out and the california historic society, but they go through their own permitting for that. >> okay. >> does that answer your question. >> yeah. and then also, i know that you said that you had a neighbor who was much happier than you expected to be. does he have a number that he could contact should he... >> i emailed him last week that we will be here and i have not heard back from him. >> okay, great, thank you. >> any other commission comments, if not, why don't you have a seat. >> comments or questions, and i know that officer chan said and
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captain, and they are finding with the ybcd and the alley program. okay and we will go to the public comment then. and i have two people here who would like to speak to this. first i have rick smith, do you want to come up and then second i have... (inaudible). >> and president tan and commissioners, my name is rick smith and i leave next to the alley and i am a resident involved with the alley which is a separate organization from the ced that was built up to engage all of the businesses and residents with the part around the alley to this project to keep the information flowing, for me personally, if there is any sound in the alley i hear t a skateboard i hear it. and a key thing about it, is, that this experiment is done, with the community partner, where it is not like a business, seeking a profit and they are there to serve the
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community and so i trust as we go through the experiment, the whole point is to find out what issues are and what levels are and so i really trust and look forward to the ability to realize and have the good feedback with them to dial it in and create a actual space. thank you. >> could i just ask you one question as a point of information >> who was the alley named after? >> if you go to annie alley and there is a book in the library that talks about all of the naming of the streets. and i copied from the book, i don't recall, i can go and look it up. i was just curious. thank you. >> all right. robin abed? >> commissioners, president, tan, and the appointment process and i am here representing the san francisco department and i am the staffer there that was brought to the managers and supporting them in
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this really framework experiment. and with my endorsement of the outdoor amplified sound permit submitted by the district. and they are a boosting community partner with the long time initiatives for public safety and now, free public programming, in this vibrant neighborhood. and in this in the parks program, it is very effective and the ybcd has been diligent with the neighborhood out reach and i think that it happens and that you have at least 9 letters of support and of course, we are here before you, at the end of a process, you know, this is proceeding by literally a year and a half of community engagement on the part of the cbd and so it is a pleasure for the planning department to partner with such a strong agency. we all know that a public space is our most successful when they are active and so, this
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new experimenting that you are, and this new experiment that you are helping us facilitate will be critical to the success of the new plaza and so thank you for your consideration. >> thank you and i apologize that i should have brought you up beforehand since you are from the city. >> one clarifying question. should we as a commission, be expecting more of these as the program gets up and running. >> thank you for asking, yes. i think that the pavement to parks program which is an interagency program coordinated by planning and in partnership with public works and mta we have created a few other spaces before and i think that we are familiar with the jane warner plaza and the park at the intersection in the mission and these spaces are really embraced in and loved by the community and neighbors and they actually emerge out of the neighborhood initiatives and so, the one big piece that is missing, though and i think that it has been missing,
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allowing for the stewards like the ybcbd to do programming, and to you know put the musicians out there during the lunch hour to have the evening talks or the art classes or activities for children, and so, we had a wonderful time working with the staff to provide the guidance to the planning department and the district about how we could try to make this work and so we are really encouraged about the future, and if this project but the pavement to the parks in general and the way that we can hold it and create better spaces for san franciscos and native and tourist and other folks, so thank you. >> great. >> appreciate that, look forward to more applicants coming in. is there any other public comment on this? >> i don't see any. so we will move on to commissioner? >> i would like to make a motion on this, i just want to
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say that i am totally for activating it for the city, and as a venue, for music and art. and i think to make a city vibrant you have to have the people working on the streets and you have to have the people utilizing the city, and you know, being really, really quiet all of the time, and if that is why they call them bedroom communities and they are in the suburbs. but urban communities should be alive. and this program, and the other programs not long ago, and in the hob, and the san jose, and the little parklet is not activated, or not that i have ever seen, other than the people, you know, going from the ice cream shop over there to hang out. but, i mean, i would just love to see more of it. i would love for you to come here with a lots of permit applications for this stuff and having said that i would like to move to approve.
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>> second. >> same house same call. >> yes. >> the motion passes. >> okay. >> we are going to move on to agenda item number 6, and our second to last item, commissioner comments and questions? commissioners any and >> i want to say that i went to the campos office and they will be coming here to present something about 10 b that the office is working on to the commission. and for the community, and housing partnership. >> any other commissioner
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comments and questions? >> is there public comment to commissioner hyde's comments? >> in pennsylvania, and yeah, >> and in california, and there is. but, no, and so she came to us through the shadow and we had some and a cool meeting up in my district and it was, for them, and the folks from all over the country, and so she is here today and she will be down in santa cruise tomorrow and she was observing and hopefully
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it was ininstructive, i don't know we will see. welcome. >> how is the nighttime economy in pittsburgh? >> any other public comments? >> i don't see any. public comment is closed. the final item is the new items for the agenda, and for the next meeting? >> you can ask for that. >> i have a couple. >> yes. >> go for it. >> so, i believe that club malibu, i would like to have them come in and meet, us, when possible, there is continuing noise complaints over there. and i had a thought about the police comments and questions portion of our thing and i think that one of the things that we were hearing is a lot about one area, and i was wondering if we could not do something like out reach to see if we could not get different types of officers to come in
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such as like permit officers, to come in and meet, us, or and so the people that get to know us and we can hear what they are doing and so it might be a good way to mix up the police and comments and questions and if it is what the knowledge has been. >> so. and then, i would like to see, if maybe i would just like to put this out there and maybe form the neighborhood meeting, and i would like to kind of form a small working group and just put it out there in case any commissioners were to do so or join us so that we could kind of maybe approach the neighborhood groups that the supervisors would recommend to us to hear what they would like to hear as well and sort of put the word out there that we are going to be doing this in like february, i think.
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>> so, you are not... >> and you would like, a commission... >> oh, for the meeting. >> no a working group to kind of get everything together and do the out reach and figure it out. >> and do we need to formalize that in like a... in... >> is there... e >> if there is the intention to have commissioners come together, in a group that requires like,... and you have to form a subcommittee. if that is not the case, and then you don't, and so it just depends on what the commissioners... >> i mean, it will be interested in doing this with me and then i would just do it on my own and so we would not have to have a group. but i just thought that if there were. >> and let me check in with you and sort of take a poll of the commissioners, since they are not all here. >> all right. >> all right. any public comment to the additional items? and public comment is close and that actually wraps up our
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meeting this meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> i think we've all recognized it is an absolutely exhaustible goal everyone of the 34 death was predictable and we're committed to come together as a city family to make sure that pattern doesn't continue into the future we need the entire city family and community all of san francisco to come together to achieve that important vile important goal and make investments and the leader to bring this community together as well as identifying the dollars that are going to enable the investment we need in order to
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make our streets satisfactory is mayor ed lee please welcome him. >> (clapping) >> thank you for your leadership at sfmta it's teacher that we are having to face an unprecedented number of accidents fatality and serious injures about one hundred a year has been the average we want to curtail that and seriously do something about that we've joined together the supervisors along with our office and the sfmta police department and others to suggest that we can end it we have to that r that goal of vision zero in 200240 to make sure we're serious today is another effort here anothers e.r. by a street has been a tragic we hoped not to have happened but also in you ride
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along the sunset boulevard you can feel that some individuals that are not going to pay attention will view and use this as a freeway it's not a freeway a major pedestrian and traffic thoroughfare that must be right handed for all the modes of transportation and consider people kwhor walking and riding as well as the speedometer so today, we're here on the establishment of a traffic signal but we know that no traffic signal in and of itself nor stop sign will ever create the level of safety we all want to have happy. so it is to be complimented by other things we do including the reduction of speed here on the sunset boulevard that's been at 35 mile-per-hour historically and is now we are reducing it to
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thirty mile-per-hour and at the same time, we have two additional streets where is it will be merry rag and marion by the end of next year. those combined with the reduction of speed here but with a constant education from not only our supervisors and sfmta our walk sf first and police department but also the entire city has to pay attention to this whether it's a street if district 6, in selma or downtown in the tenderloin or in the sunset we're committed to get this done and make sure that everyone that used our street particularly those who are walking their dogs and families are feeling safe in the street we have to educate everyone who goes and utilizes the author fair and sunset boulevard to
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cyclone not only because there are multiple schools ever other block but people using it more and more and as we invite people to live in san francisco to increase our population we must take care of streets like this this is not the only street or boulevard we have plans that include a major transportation bond to november i'll ask you all to peengs to that bond because it requires 2/3rd's vote it will not raise our takes but consistent with the general obligation bonds we've passed with the leadership of all our supervisors we've passed bonds for libraries and parks for other institutions including the latest one this past june where we increased our gener


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