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tv   [untitled]    January 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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. >> good morning. welcome welcome to the sfovrdz, mrufks i'm supervisor wiener the chairman of the committee to my right is supervisor jane kim our committee vice chair and supervisor cowen will be joining us shortly our clerk is is filling in andrea ashbury and electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk.
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items acted upon today will appear on the january 27th board of supervisors agenda otherwise stated. >> we're joined by supervisor president tang the second item on the agenda item one. >> a resolution authorizing the real property from bridge way for the nominal cost of one dollars and supervisor cowen is the author of item one. >> this is a good today, i'm excited colleagues thanks for hearing this this gives the city to inquire raymond avenue as the visitacion valley community center for over washington, d.c. years the city is an important asset to the community especially the seniors we unfortunately lost the building to foreclosure over a years ago
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and it's been a tremendous long road for the last two years the committee has participated in that any he meetings i want to thank all the committee members dedicated to thirty this vision and this is not about reclaiming a building but reclaiming a symbolic place that hold the community total and the city's ownership of the building means you are resident burglary have a safe and healthy place to gather it means we'll be able to have our families and children to thrive in the community a big thank you to john updyke and the mayor's office for this property this is been difficult i want to knowledge your hard work i'd like to go ahead and answer questions if the colleagues have
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questions. >> mr. updyke. >> oh, forgive me i thought we heard a lot about that. >> thank you chair weiner and supervisor cowen for your rashes john updyke i don't have a lot to add we're receiving the property for one dollars gift from the currency owners that acquired it through a trees sale we place a plaque on the property in honor of family members that gift is made in their honor, and, secondly to invest in the property capital improvements that is equivalent to their cost we thought that was more than fair and reviewing the issues the property we've certainly identified 2 hundred and 34 thirty thousand of improvements that are needed we're putting that program
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together and have identified the funds so i don't see that as problematic we simply want to t that up immediately after gaining position of the property and supervisor thank you and the mayor's staff in helping with the arm wrestling this seat back where it belongs to the community for their assets and it is adjacent to raymond we're doing fantastic things to the family support services just makes sense to broaden that service to this valley. >> great. >> thank you, mr. updyke so this point in time sorry supervisor kim. >> no problem. >> actually to supervisor cowen or mr. updyke i don't know the back story but i know that probably you're familiar with the story i was reading it is great we were able to get that at a numerical cost i was
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curious what the story was and how we convinced the ownership to provide this back to the community i think it's a huge achievement and i can briefing go over the asset was identified and was in foreclosing we had lee age over a - with wells fargo the property was lost to foreclosing foreclosing and went to the owner the asset and i explained how important this property was to the community and the works around about rebuilding visitacion valley and how the
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community center was a treasure and through several meetings convinced him to give out it back to the city so, i mean there was really no - all i had was you know the power of persuasion i was he grateful he had a benefit haven't heart and the worse case scenario it was purchased and developed into a condo that was my concern the overall vision of what we're looking at was an anchor that will serve the go diverse ethnic community of the visitacion valley neighborhood by more generational so we've been in constant conversation and figuring out what dementia little program was going to look like and will we have tenants inside the building we have a lot of things on and up in the air getting the ownership and
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title we have to do a lot of work structurally the building is old but we're extremely optimistic i don't know if galileo's recall there were instances that seniors were required to bring their own toilet paper and pg&e to keep their lights on the heat was shut off it's been hard it's exciting to bring this exciting news in the last year so for now all of 2015 john updyke and myself we're going to be figuring out the next step in terms of services that are being provided so i just want to say congratulations that's amazing not only you're able to get it at a 234078al cost and they didn't ask you for what he
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or she paid for it i want to acknowledge my staff thank you. >> at this point we'll on item one up for public comment any public comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed and supervisor cowen would i have a motion to forward item one to the full board as a committee report with a positive recommendation. >> yes. with a positive ones that will be the order madam clerk item 2. >> o'connor's the conditional use authorization for the established or establishment for 18 months. >> supervisor president tang is the author of item 2. >> thank you through the chair.
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>> thank you land use commission for considering the land use control i've spoken on this but said again why we have this before us today several years ago our state legislation passed the b.a. bill it essential it created a new oversight called the massage therapy council it will have uniform regulations for massage throughout the california a huge shortfall it took away our control of the establishments that were one hundred percent certified so if all workers were certified through what we call cam tech they could bypass our health codes we've seen problems and our inability to regulate
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many of the establishments so we had the advocacy and partnering with the department of public health and other advocates we were able to successfully get the ab 1147 passed in 2014 through state legislator to beagles roam the pole and allow us to enforce the establishments whether or not their one hundred percent certificate so this is huge not only for san francisco but many other jurisdictions and our ability to effectively regulate so currently without the interim controls that will be folded by permanent controls in the that establishment are certified through our public health they have to go through a conditional use process if you're hedge fund percent you're able to bypass the neighborhood
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notification and also the reck skit we've introduced the follow-up legislation the trailing legislation and this essentially does what all massage has to go through a conditional use whether to dp or cam pack so i'm happy to answer questions is the colleagues may happen i'd like to bring up cindy she's a wonderful helper back in 2007 a change through the board of supervisors to transfer the regulation of massage from the sfpd to dpw to dpw despite they're small staff has been crucial to our ability to again properly address the
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issues we see in the establishments which cindy will highlight some of which we're very worried about including the human trafficking with that i'm going to turn it over to cindy. >> thank you how do i switch. >> sfgovtv please. >> there you go i'm cindy work in the environmental health branch of the health department i manage planning and policy today, i'm going to give you a brief official of the magazine angles particulars in san francisco i want to emphasize why the department supports the package of the internal controls this first slide shows all the magazine ages location in san francisco currently, we have 2 hundred and 36 in san francisco one hundred and 46 are permanent
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and regulated by dpw and the other 90 are cam pack xmentsd meaning one hundred percent of their practitioners are certified by the state and have minimal regulation by them over from the city i gave this presentation in front of the state officials had 62 establishment so over the last year we've seen 28 new cam pack establishments on in san francisco and about 15 of those establishments used to be regulated by dpw and about trirdz of the establishment had a high number of violations as you can see many of the massage establishment are treated and in several neighborhood but approximately 70 percent of the establishment are in separate neighborhood like the sunset and
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the civic center and richmond and chinatown and the western edition when i did this presentation the last neighborhood was south of market now there's more moving into the geary corridor. >> so about the 90 establishment that are the cam pack examined are unregulated so what i mean by that this slide will give an outline of the dpw regulated and the cam tech exempted the dpw we issue permits and we're able to enforce violations and revoke permits this is not true of the cam pack issued by the state or dpw we charge a fee for our licenses and all the environmental health are cost recovery we're able to get the fees not true for the overlay sites and the one that
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supervisor katie tang spoke about we're subject to the land use controls and lastly dpw were compliant to the state trafficking and we do a lot of training for our folks and when we give the certifications around the human trafficking part so i want to quickly talk about the consequences we've seen over the last couple of years sb 3189 of the permit sites are now win one thousand feet of the cam sites those sites have going under gotten new permits so we don't go and do any plan check of the establishments proximity active state law creates the concentration of the
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establishments therefore the city hat that not been able to make the choices since a lot of the establishments doesn't go through a public conditional use process and really the surplus has implemented the regulatory authority we've not been able to do protective safety or do the inspections for the ones that are permanent it creates a two-tier system one site regulated by cam and the other by the state one of the problems we see when we specialist the massage establishment this isn't about cam tech but it's been a difficult job for the health department we've made a lot of progress although we have a long
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way to go we're headed in the right direction we see businesses that have illegal cameras on the outside and blocked doors and planning code violations and often see people prohibited living within the establishments which is usually they're a sideline for people being trafficked and a lot of times we see restored practitioners really wouldn't be able under the conditions and unsanitary conditions not safe for people to be working or living there. >> so we looked at the different types of violation over 50 percent of the establishments in san francisco have at least one violation 14 percentage have more than 10 we've revoked 80 but


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